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Rellena los siguientes campos para enviar esta información a otras personas. Rellene todos los campos con sus datos. Malaga players react to Griezmann’s controversial goal as the referee removes a thrown bottle from the pitch.

Malaga 2-2 Atletico Madrid

Antoine Griezmann scores twice to salvage a draw for Atletico Madrid against Malaga in La Liga.

Fernando Torres Scores an Unfortunate Own Goal Against Malaga

Fernando Torres has scored a goal!  For Malaga .  The always-talked-about Atletico Madrid frontman was part of an unfortunate sequence for Atletico Madrid against Malaga , as the Chelsea bust attempted to deal with a Malaga corner kick, and his attempted clearance went back toward his own goal.  It was far more unlucky than a horrible bit of play from the Spaniard, but because it's Torres, the ...

LIVE: Malaga vs Atletico Madrid

The Rojiblancos know only a win will do if they want to retain any hope of holding on to their Liga title to keep pace on leaders Barcelona

Malaga vs. Atletico Madrid: Team News, Predicted Lineups, Live Stream, TV Info

Malaga will welcome Atletico Madrid to the  Rosaleda on Saturday, concluding a busy week for both teams in La Liga following midweek action.  For the hosts, the visit from the defending champions comes at an important time, with  Javi Gracia's men currently in the midst of a five-game slump in which they've claimed only a sole victory over last-placed Cordoba.  Indeed, on Tuesday, the ...


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Top Answers About Málaga, Spain on Quora

Top Answers About Málaga, Spain on Quora

What are your three best things about Malaga, Spain?

Let me give you an answer that I consider away from the topics.

Nights out in Málaga are amazing. It's not only cheap, but the places are really unique, and I haven't been able to find anywhere so authentic in any other european cities. One of my favourite places is called "Drunkorama". Cold beers ("caña") for 1 euro, and real garage music like you were in the wildest 60s. The owner even has a band, not the kind that plays "nice", but the kind of band that makes you want to kick and jump. It is called "puño americano y sus puñetes". I am pretty sure some of the bartenders are in the band as well. That is underground malaga indie culture. Also the place is crowded with locals so you will not be alone. After a million beers you might end up in "Onda Pasadena", the last bar to close in Málaga, which sometimes is 8 in the morning. It's impossible not to have fun.

Los baños del Carmen
People call this place "el Balneario". It's a small beach (really really small) that has a special charm about it, I don't know why. There used to be a spa ("Balneario" in spanish) decades ago that is no longer working but you can still see the ruins. Given the shape of Málaga coast in this place you can see all the city, from the east to the west. It is just amazing to sit there with friends and smoke a cigarette with the sunset. Again, there are many locals, maybe playing some music or just chilling out. The place is amazing.

El Cañuelo

Málaga is close to some of the most beautiful places I've been. I would specially recomend the relatively unexplored beaches to the east of Málaga. One of those is called "el Cañuelo" (see the picture above). The water is completely transparent, I have not seen so many sealife anywhere else. Instead of sand there are rocks, which some people complain about but I love, because it feels cleaner and less messy than actual sand. This, and other beaches in the area, are quite hard to reach, because they are surrounded by mountains. This one specifically you have to drive for 30 minutes and then walk (you can't really go by car) another 15. It's hard but it pays off. There is only one "chiringito" (beach restaurant) and even though many people goes, the beach is so big that you don't feel crowded at all. You can see the mountains, swim to near beaches, jump from cliffs... From my personal, subjective and "malageño" perspective: the most beautiful place in the world.

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Posted on 1 August 2015

Is there an active startup scene in Malaga?

There is, for instance one big English speaking community of entrepreneurs and creative professionals in MalagaMakers that just hit 500 members. You can find more info at and see all there meetups at
To keep up with what is happening, follow the #omgmalaga hashtag. Also explained here and finally if you want to know what startups we have in Malaga and other useful info check out

I'm one of the startup entrepreneurs in Malaga involved in these initiatives, all these initiatives are community driven and are non-profit and no institutional affiliations.

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Posted on 12 July 2015

What is the cheapest way to rent a car in Malaga, Spain?

The cheapest way is to rent an Avis or Hertz through a British travel web site. On arrival in Malaga have all your documentation, do not believe anything they say about the model you reserved not being available or about how their "insurance" is obligatory.

The car will be in a dark underground garage so check and photograph the whole car. Do not leave the garage before becoming familiar with the car and checking the fuel level.

While for over 30 years they have tried every trick in the book at least in the case of Avis and Hertz once you get home you can have things corrected.

This area of the world is one of the few where a GPS is worth the extra. The roads around Malaga grew like Topsy without any plan.

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Posted on 6 June 2015

What city in Spain has the most English speaking people per capita?

Since Enrique Pareja posted his answer a year ago the number of registered British residents in San Fulgencio has gone down from 6364 to 3980.
Padrón de San Fulgencio. This seems to be a general trend in Spain, where the number of British residents has declined by 22% The British still make up 43% of the population of San Fulgencio, but another town in Alicante, Lliber, can now boast a higher proportion of Brits (46%) Padrón de Lliber. When looking at these statistics we need to keep in mind that we are talking about registered residents, the number of actual Brits living in these municipalities for at least a part of the year could be higher. Apart from Alicante there are large British populations in Tenerife (e.g. in Santiago del Teide) and Almería (e.g. in Bédar and Mojácar). This could be especially significant in tomorrow's municipal elections as can be seen in this article from Diario de Almería El voto de los extranjeros será decisivo en diecinueve municipios

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Posted on 23 May 2015

What southern region in Spain would be most suited for a group of English speakers in their mid-twenties to live?

Definetly would go for Sevilla/Granada, not just for the close beach that you can enjoy with short travel (45/60 minutes respectivelly), but for the opportunities.

Sure, you could decide going on Malaga/Cadiz, which are fabulous cities, but you'll definetly have more partying and activities options in Sevilla/Granada than in any other.

Asking me, I would definetly point Sevilla, for having the best ratio of all of the points you mentioned.

However, anything between those 2 mentioned cities should be a perfect choice for a group of mid-twenties.

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Posted on 4 May 2015

What southern region in Spain would be most suited for a group of English speakers in their mid-twenties to live?

The weather in Andalucia is pretty good everywhere (though it gets very hot in the summer), and it's all fairly cheap. 

Malaga and Costa del Sol have a lot of British transplants living there, so you'll get along best if you don't speak spanish, and that is on the beach.

But, I think Granda and Sevilla are by far more beautiful and interesting cities.  There's a lot more to do and see there.  (and Sevilla is only about an hour from the beach!  If you're moving and have a car, that'll be no problem).  I lived in Sevilla for three years, so I'm biased, but it's a beautiful, vibrant, amazing city.

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Posted on 3 May 2015

What southern region in Spain would be most suited for a group of English speakers in their mid-twenties to live?

Not easy question. I think about three candidates: Cadiz, Málaga and Almería.

Them all have fine weather, very friendly people, astoning night life and lots of beaches.

Cádiz is the smaller one, beautiful city. The cheaper one and near a natural park (Doñana). Málaga is the bigger and most touristic city, has lots of smaller villages all through the coast (Costa del Sol) boiling life (lots of night life), museums, best weather... And Almería is a bit more quiet, paradisiac beaches that made lots of young and hippies go and live there.

Let me know if you need more detailed info.


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Posted on 2 May 2015

What are the pros and cons of staying in each neighborhood in Seville, Spain?

Hi, as a local I think I can help you. I think you're going to enjoy your visit very much, as Andalusia has much to see. First, this is the best time (for me) to come to Andalusia because of the wonderful weather.

In Cordoba you'll find the 'patios', yards with colour-exploding plants and a historical neighborhood. In Malaga, colourful beaches and in Seville an overwhelming history, colours, sounds...

In all these places you'll find great gastronomy too.

In Seville, the touristic quarter is Santa Cruz (historical jewish quarter) and the center. Triana is another quarter you'll have to see, quite touristic though. You can stay at Macarena, not touristic (it's growing as a kind of Soho quarter) and near of popular places.

I'd choose bnb if you don't like touristic situations and prefer native contact.


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Posted on 30 April 2015

What are the top 10 best Spanish schools in Spain for young-adult foreigners?

I studied at the Instituto Picasso in Malaga and it was very good, not the cheapest, but I was satisfied with all areas of the course.

I think it's impossible to rate all schools and then provide a top 10, simply because different schools are geared towards offering different types of experiences, and are aimed at students with differing levels of Spanish.

90% of schools are very similar in my opinion. The other 10% are made up of universities offering summer classes (which may or may not appeal to you, you might want a recognised name like the University of Salamanca on your CV perhaps), and some schools are specifically aimed at business/professional students who need specific qualifications (for working for governments for example).

If those special cases don't apply to you...

1) If you want to get a decent sun tan, choose between Malaga, Alicante, Valencia
2) If you don't care for sun, and want a city experience go to either Salamanca or Madrid.

Then, visit the website of each school in your chosen location, narrow them down by price/location/suitability of courses offered

The finally..... come back here and ask which is best out of 2 or 3 schools... your initial question is too general to be able to answer.

However, being biased, I'd recommend coming to Malaga!

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Posted on 27 April 2015

Where can I rent an apartment in Malaga for around 6 months that not expesive and close to a grocery store and the beach?

There are several real estate websites, that have many possibilities to find and filter search results for any needed query:For a shorter period of time I personally recommend AirBNB service, there are plenty of cheap offers (we rented a room through it to live in Malaga for about a month to search and find long-term apartment).

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Posted on 27 March 2015

What is the culture of Málaga, Spain like?

Malaga and the rest of Andalucia is one of the nicest places in Spain to spend time. The people are genuinely friendly and generous.
They are mostly devoutly Roman Catholic, something quite evident during Semana Santa.

I plan to retire there after I'm through working in Catalonia.
It will be a welcome breath of fresh air.

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Posted on 13 March 2015

What are your three best things about Malaga, Spain?

Warm weather all the year (since March you can go to the beach), the food (cheap and delicious: fried fish or pescaito frito, porra, gazpacho, paella, coquinas, gambas, ensalada de pipirrana, etc) and the nice things to see (Alcazaba, Picasso House, villages like Mijas, Marbella, Nerja, Torremolinos, Benalmádena, Ronda or Frigiliana)

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Posted on 16 February 2015

Is it better to live in an economically strong place without great weather and have a condo in an economically weaker place with great weather or to live in an economically weaker place with great weather all year round?

If I may, let me rephrase your question: Where would you rather live IF YOU WERE LOOKING FOR A JOB...

The economy matters if you can't find a decent job. If you can find one that you love in either place, live where you have the best quality of life.

So yes, move to Barcelona :)

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Posted on 8 February 2015

What are some recommendations for interesting places to visit in Malaga, Spain in February?

Grab an afternoon beer or wine on the Malagueta
via La Malagueta

Have a coffee on the AC Hotel Balcony
via Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Catch a Málaga football (soccer) match

Catch a flamenco show at vino mio or a tango show at el Jardin, by the cathedral.

Take a trip out to El Chorro and hike Sierra de la Huma

A day trip to Morocco is within reason, or a little closer you find Gibraltar

If you have a car you could do a beach bbq at the pits at Peñon del Cuervo, I've heard that you need to reserve those pits ahead of time, but there are some open pits up in Parque Los Lagrillos that have a beautiful view of the city.

Arte y Sana, Cerveza con Arte and Rincon Cervecero are all recommendable craft beer establishments and if wine is more your thing, Vinoteca in Calle Beatas 43 is your stop (a bit pricy but totally worth it).

Take a trip up to Mijas, it's a pretty unique place. And/or visit the carmen Thyssen museum, it supposed to be very good.

Something I intend to do very soon is check out the MicroTeatroMálaga, a theatre experience where each show is just 15 minutes long (in my opinion the max enjoyable duration of theatre), they have a website and a different show every month.

Lastly don't forget to make a stop for churros at casa aranda and check out Málaga's oldest bar on Alemeda Principal where they serve malaga sweet wine straight from the barrel.

I would have gotten some more pictures but my internet is painfully slow right now.

Disclaimer: I live in Málaga, Casa Aranda is my landlord, I don't eat there, but it seems like everyone does. I don't recommend it because of any kickbacks, but because people seem to like deep-fried doughy stuff.

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Posted on 4 February 2015

When will the "Caminito del Rey" trail near Malaga, Spain reopen to the general public?

At the launch of the new guidebook for el Chorro last Saturday 17th Jan 2015 it was mentioned that the opening could be as late as April...

As mentioned already there has been no official announcement of a date for the reopening.

There are 2 websites about the area with uptodate information. In English, El Caminito del Rey - The Kings Path - El Chorro- The Guadalhorce Reservoirs and in Spanish Page on

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Posted on 19 January 2015

What city in Spain has the most English speaking people per capita?

The whole Costa del Sol (Malaga province) has a high concentration of English speaking residents and tourists (not only Marbella). You can easily spend your whole life here without speaking one word of Spanish. In fact, in many bars and restaurants on the coast, you'll probably be better understood in English than in Spanish, as many waiters do not even speak Spanish. What possibly differs Marbella from other towns on the coast is that Marbella is more "city-like" and slightly bigger, and has attracted more expat workers and entrepreneurs, whereas in Fuengirola, Benalmadena, Torremolinos, Mijas and other smaller towns, you get the impression that the foreigners are dominantly tourists or elderly pensioners. Nonetheless, proportionally it is probably Mijas that has the biggest number of foreigners (almost 50%), of which almost one half are British.

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Posted on 28 December 2014

What are the best hotels in Malaga, Spain?

There are in fact several quality, and luxurious hotels in Malaga and surrounding Costa del Sol. If you want the very best, I would recommend the following 5 star luxury hotels:
Puente Romano Hotel
Hotel Villa Padierna
Las Dunas Beach Hotel and Spa
Finca Cortesin Hotel, Golf and Spa

You want even more luxury and 5 start resorts and spas, discover Marbella, Puerto Banus and the Golden Mile. Or, live a little and rent your very own villa on the Costa del Sol - make sure you are close to the beach though!

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Posted on 13 September 2014

What songs do people sing on the streets of Malaga during Feria de Malaga?

If you mean popular/traditional music, people sing (and, more than that, dance) "sevillanas". Originally from Seville (obviously) but they have extended throughout Andalusia (and, partly, through Spain) as one of the most popular varieties of flamenco. Children in Andalusia learn to dance "sevillanas" at school.

Less formal flamenco "rumbas" are also popular.

The traditional flamenco variety of Málaga (specially of the mountain areas) are the very peculiar "verdiales" (and, of course, the "malagueñas"). You can also see them in the Feria, but (overall) they are quite minoritarian.


Rumba flamenca:

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Posted on 18 August 2014

Is it better to live in an economically strong place without great weather and have a condo in an economically weaker place with great weather or to live in an economically weaker place with great weather all year round?

I live in a place where the culture and economics are better.. by choice.
I live in Portland, OR. The weather is nice now, not so in the last month, or so. It rains all the time.

I could live in California.. in a number of cities. and I'll have to put up with the absence of trees, with hours of my life gone just commuting to get to work, or to school..  They have better economies and higher rates. More densely populated and crazy and sometimes violent people around..

I could also choose to live in Chicago, the big city.. with the worst wind and weather.. both in the summer and worst in winter. I lived there. Chose to live in California. Now I live here.  I like the trees, I like the wildlife, I like to be close to the beach and to the mountain..but the Oregon's economic development?

I think you should think just a bit more about lifestyle and YOUR values, other than just getting a condo.. A mini-condo with a bunch of people you can't stand.. it's not a way of thinking about life.. long term.. 5 years?

Or knowing that you'll have your condo, and better making comfortable, airy and spacious.. for you won't be able to go out that much..'s always a game.. It's you and your own fortune..  Placing yourself well is very important, but more important is to match, your life's plan and being open for opportunity..


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Posted on 5 July 2014

What are 4-6 mainstream/popular news magazines in Spain? How do you rank them?

Popular and news magazines aren't compatible terms in Spain. I'm spanish and I can barely think of anything similar to Time. Most of the magazine market is occupied by gossip, fashion and life-style mags. Sports newspapers also have a little of advantage over general press. Flick through the last EBM's research, which lists the most consumed media, and you'll understand what I'm talking about.

Datos EGM. Resumen General

Anyway, "El jueves" and "Mongolia" are two satiric news journals quite popular here. If you're looking for a "serious" mag I would say Tiempo. · La web de la revista que sale los miércoles
Bienvenido a Mongolia | Mongolia
TIEMPO. Información general y análisis de la actualidad: política, economía, reportajes...

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Posted on 28 May 2014

What's it like to hike El Camino del Rey?

Are you an experienced climber? Have you done via Ferratas? Then you should already know what you will need, if you answered no, your logistics should be to find an experienced person to take you.

I've done the Camino several times, and the gear doesn't need to be a big deal, I did it with a homemade rig that cost me €25 at the local Decathlon, but I wouldn't bring someone who had never done any climbing, there are great and fearsome heights involved that scare many people.

The hike, one end to the other and back is only a two hours walk, the place is an hours drive from Málaga, and your gear shopping list should be a harness and a ferrata kit (~€100). Or a 6m length of webbing, and 6m length of rope, and two screw gates.

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Posted on 11 November 2012

How do you get tickets for a Málaga C.F. match?

As of today, the only place you can buy tickets for a Malaga CF match is at the La Rosaleda stadium in Malaga. Unfortunately there is still no way to buy them online.

Typical prices for a La Liga game range from 35 to 90 euros.

Prices for a Champions League game range from 70 to 225 euros, for those not holders of season passes.

You can always get updated info about Malaga CF ticketing at or

Edit: apparently Malaga CF sells tickets online at

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Posted on 17 September 2012 search results

Match Thread: FC Barcelona vs Malaga CF

La Liga BBVA - Match Day 2

Barcelona 1 vs 0 Malaga

Referee: Santiago Jaime Latre

Venue: Camp Nou, Barcelona


Temperature 84° F / 29C
Humidity 69%
Wind 19 mph


Barcelona Malaga
Bravo Kameni
Sergi Roberto Rosales
Mascherano Weligton
Vermaelen Angeleri
Alba Torres
Rakitic Horta
Busquets Recio
Iniesta Tissone
Messi Juankar
Suarez Amrabat
Neymar Cop

Barcelona bench: Ter Stegen, Bartra, Mathieu, Gumbau, Rafinha, Sandro, Munir.

Malaga bench: Ochoa, Boka, Albentosa, Fabio Espinho, Juanpi, Duda, Charles.

Form Guide

Barcelona Malaga

Teams Subreddits



Match events

First Half

0' Kickoff

3' Suarez slots the ball in after Barcelonas first corner. The ref calls a foul though right before because Suarez pushed a defender on his jump up.

15' Nothing really has happened in this match so far. Barcelona is piling on the pressure and Malaga is parking the bus trying to get a counter whenever they can.

19' After a bad pass from Busquets to Mascherano, One of Malagas players sees Bravo is too far up in the field and takes a shot on goal. Luckily for Barcelona the shot was a little bit too high, or else we would be seeing Malagas first goal.

25' A wonderful cross finds Mascherano all alone in Malagas goalbox. His header hits the post probably causing some hearts to stop in Malaga. Barcelonas getting closer to scoring their first every minute.

35' Barcelona calls for a penalty when the ball is caught by one of malagas defenders arm as they slid. The ref has none of it and does not call the penalty

40' Again Barcelona calls for a penalty as suarez is kicked in the goalbox after a through ball puts him in a good position to score. The ref again has none of it and does not call a penalty

42' Recio


The Table

Barcelona- Malaga
Possession 50%50%
Shots 00
Corners 00
Offsides 00
Fouls 00

Second Half

45' Kickoff

51' After some amazing 1 - 2 passing from Messi and Neymar, Neymar wants to give the goal to Messi as the last pass is crossed into the center of the goalbox. Messi places a low shot to the bottom right corner but Malaga's goalkeeper does a stupendous save and sends the ball to the corner.

59' Messi cuts in from the right side of the goal box and place a superb shot but Malagas goalkeeper is feeling inspired tonight and makes the save to send it to a corner kick.

62' Rakitic Rafinha

69' Kameni again makes a wonderful save as Messi blasts the ball from outside of the goalbox. Suarez tried to get the rebound but blasted it over the goalbox.

73' GOOOOOOALLL BARCELONA!!! After a cross by Suarez from the left hand side is deflected by Malagas goalkeeper, the ball lands straight in front of Vermaelen who all he has to do is kick the ball in. Barcelona 1 Malaga 0

89' Vermaelen Matthieu

89' Tissone

91' Charles misses the chance of a lifetime. All he had to do is connect with a cross, but unfortunately for him the ball was slightly behind him and the ball goes wide.

FULL TIME Barcelona 1 vs 0 Malaga

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Posted on 29 August 2015

Match Thread: FC Barcelona vs Málaga CF [Liga]

Venue: Camp Nou (Barcelona)

Kickoff: 20:30 CEST / 14:30 EDT

Referee: Santiago Jaime Latre (Aragón)

Line-up Barça: Bravo - Sergi, Mascherano, Vermaelen, Alba - Rakitic, Busquets, Iniesta - Messi, Suarez, Neymar

Bench Barça: Ter Stegen, Bartra, Mathieu, Gumbau, Rafinha, Munir, Sandro

Line-up Malaga: Kameni - Rosales, Angeleri, Weligton, Torres - Horta, Recio, Tissone, Juankar - Amrabat - Cop

Bench Malaga: Ochoa, Charles, Albentosa, Espinho, Duda, Boka, Juanpi

Match Events

0' - Kick off!

1' - Messi sent forward straight away, but ball is too long to reach.

3' - Messi finds Suarez, but his cross to Neymar is cleared for a corner.

4' - Suarez scored from a header after Rakitic's corner, but he fouled Angeleri before.

6' - Rakitic trying to send Messi with a through ball, but Malaga's defence gets a foot in.

7' - Messi with a ball in to Iniesta who sends Suarez right away, but Kameni came out quickly.

8' - Weligton with a clearance now, this time to deny Neymar's pass to Messi.

10' - Huge chance after Kameni looks horrible on Iniesta's shot, but SUarez can't make anything off the chance.

14' - Messi with his trademark dribble parallel to the goal, wins a corner from his deflected shot.

17' - Sergi with a good cross, but no one came over the other wing.

19' - First chance for Malaga as Bravo can't catch a corner, but he quickly gets the ball from the bounce.

19' - And an even bigger chance as Juankar takes aim from way out seeing Bravo is too far away from goal, barely goes over the bar.

22' - Amrabat on the counter with lots of space, but his ball into the area is quite off target and an easy catch for Bravo.

24' - Messi into the area after a beautiful through ball, wins another corner.

25' - Albentosa on for Weligton (1/3).

26' - Mascherano with a huge chance for his first ever Barça goal, but his header hits the crossbar.

35' - Sergi with a header on target, Kameni again with some problems.

35' - Mascherano misses a cross in, but Bravo with no problems.

36' - Iniesta to Suarez, Kameni the winner again.

38' - Sergi to Neymar in the area and Torres with a clear handball, no call.

40' - Suarez gets chopped down in the area after a great long ball, again no call.

43' - yellow Recio, after a foul on Messi.

45' - Messi with a beautiful long ball to Alba, but his ball back gets cleared for yet another corner.

HALFTIME Barça has the game in the hand but created too few chances, especially since Kameni showed a lot of problems today. Referee also ignored two clear penalties.

46' - No changes at half-time.

50' - Huge chance for Messi, but he slips away in the area.

52' - Neymar into the area, sets up Messi who finds the opening, but Kameni with a huge save.

54' - Charles on for Amrabat (2/3).

56' - Busquets is brought down hard, referee with no call again.

58' - Malaga on the counter, gets blocked and Barça themselves on the counter, Messi with a shot.

60' - Neymar with a good run into the area, finds Messi, but he tries to give the ball back instead of shooting.

62' - Mascherano with a diving header, in the own area.

63' - Rafinha on for Rakitic (1/3).

64' - Ball out to Sergi who brings in a dangerous cross, Angeleri there with a last second clearance.

65' - Messi with a chance from a corner, Kameni again the winner.

70' - Messi with a strike from distance and Kameni there again. Suarez completely bottles the rebound.

71' - Rafinha also from distance, Kameni catches it.

73' - GOOOOOL!!! VERMAELEN!!! Suarez with a cross into the area that Kameni clears to the middle and Vermaelen hammers it in!

Vermaelen scores his 1st goal since 11 December 2012. Then in English league cup game Arsenal vs Bradford .

75' - Junapi on for Horta (3/3).

84' - Neymar trippes in the area but gets the ball back to Messi, Kameni saves again.

85' - Messi and Suarez with the one-two in the area, but the ball gets cleared out.

86' - Sandro on for Neymar (2/3).

88' - Sergi with a ball to Suarez, but he's offside.

89' - yellow Tissone, for a tactical foul on Suarez.

90' - Mathieu on for Vermaelen (3/3).

90+2' - yellow Torres, for a hard tackle on Suarez.

90+3' - Huge chance for Malaga in the dying seconds, but Charles stumbles over the ball.

FULL TIME Barça with a really hard time to beat Kameni or even get a shot off, but in the end another win and clean sheet!


Barça Malaga
Attempts 22 3
On target 5 2
Offsides 4 3
Corners 15 2
Fouls 4 21
Cards 0 3
Possession 73 27
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Posted on 29 August 2015

Match Thread: Real Madrid vs Málaga CF

Real Madrid 3-1 Málaga CF

Competition: La Liga

Stadium: Santiago Bernabéu

Kick off: 20:00 CET (18:00 GMT)

Referee: Iñaki Vicandi Garrido

TV: Find your channel

Streams: /r/soccerstreams, StreamSports, Beba


: D W W W L

: D L D L W

Last time they met:

Málaga CF 1-2 Real Madrid
R. Santa Cruz 90’ 18’ Benzema
83’ G. Bale

Carlo Ancelotti Javi Gracia


Info Real Madrid Vs. Málaga CF Info
I. Casillas C. Kameni
Marcelo A. Boka
S. Ramos M. Angeleri
Pepe S. Sánchez
76' Á. Arbeloa R. Rosales
Isco Recio 75'
T. Kroos S. Darder 87'
61' L. Modrić S. García
James N. Amrabat
C. Ronaldo S. Castillejo 81'
4' G. Bale Juanmi


Info Real Madrid Vs. Málaga CF Info
K. Navas G. Ochoa
Jesé E. Filipenko
76' D. Carvajal M. Torres
Nacho Duda 87'
L. Silva F. Tissone 75'
61' A. Illarramendi J. Guerra
4' Chicharito R. Horta 81'


Real Madrid FT Málaga CF
66% Possession 34%
6 Shots 2
4 Corners 3
11 Fouls 25

Match Highlights:


0' The game is underway, both teams with their traditional kits.

3' Gareth Bale seems to be injured and is coming off.

4’ Chicharito for Bale

13' Amrabat tests Casillas, but Madrid's captain sends it to the corner.

15' Samu has another chance for Málaga and Ramos saves it.

17' James with a great pass to Chicharito, who almost scores if it hadn't been for Kameni.

23’ GOOOAAALLL! Sergio Ramos takes advantage of Málaga’s distracted defense and scores. AAcredit:/u/skrzypek08

24' Ramos may be offside

28' James with a great volley and Kameni saves it again.

30' Madrid is starting to pick up the pace. Another chance for Chicharito, who perhaps should've left it for James who was better positioned.

32' Cristiano's nutmegcredit:/u/skrzypek08

34' Disallowed goal for Madrid due to an offside trap by Málaga.

36' Another disallowed goal for Madrid, again due to offside.

37' Great opportunity for Málaga, but Dardel misses it.

42' Recio stamps Cristiano, and the ref lets it slide.


51' Isco to James, James centers the ball looking for Ramos, but Kameni gets it before anything happened.

53' Kroos centers the ball to Cristiano, but the header goes over the goal.

55' Málaga came very close to tying the game with Amrabat, tha ball grazed the post.

57' Recio with a nasty kick to Modrić, who seems to be going off the field.

61’ Illarramendi for Modrić.

63' Arbeloa is booked.

65' Strategic play for Málaga which almost pays off.

66' Bad pass from Cristiano, but James takes a rabbit out of his hat and creates a clear penalty.

67’ Cristiano misses the penalty, sends the ball to the post.

68' GOOOAAALLL! James can't be bothered by the missed penalty, and decides to score!credit:/u/skrzypek08

70' GOOOAAALLL! Juanmi doesn't want to make things comfortable for

75' Tissone for Recio

76’ Carvajal for Arbeloa

77’ Sánchez is booked.

81’ Kroos is booked.

81’ Horta for Castillejo.

87’ Duda for Darder

90' Málaga approaches Madrid’s goal, Casillas doesn’t come out and Amrabat comes a bit short.

90+2' GOOOAAALLL! Cristiano redeems himself for the missed

90+3' Cristiano misses a clear opportunity towards an empty goal.



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Match Thread: Barcelona vs. Malaga


8 min: Juanmi scores for Malaga. Poor play by Alves to allow the goal.

16 min: Barcelona 0-1 Malaga

17 min: Cross by Alves, Kameni catches.

19 min: Barcelona camping in Malaga half.

22 min: Malaga break down the left. Alves covers nicely drawing a foul.

29 min: Suarez is fouled in a dangerous area. Messi freekick to come.

30 min: Freekick is over the bar from Messi.

33 min: Dangerous counter by Malaga ends with Juanmi shot on target. Bravo saves. It goes for a corner.

36 min: Neymar glides past one and plays a one-two with Suarez before attempting a shot. Shot is properly blocked. Suarez concedes a foul in the follow-up.

44 min: Juanmi dribbles through Barca but is stopped by Rafinha inside the penalty box.

Half time score: Barcelona 0-1 Malaga

46 min: Second half kicks off.

48 min: Terrible offside call. Alves miles onside from the pass by Messi.

49 min: Suarez leaves Welligton for dead. Welligton trips him and goes in the book. Juanmi is down meanwhile injured. He's being subbed now.

51 min: Neymar dodges three before being tripped.

53 min: Messi hits the deck while on his dribble and bangs the deck in pure frustration.

54 min: Continous spell of pressure by Barcelona now.

55 min: Neymar almost played through by Iniesta. Questionable offside given.

56 min: Messi precision cross inches away from Iniesta's head. Goes for a goalkick.

59 min: Today is not barca's day. So many chances created but no end product. Rakitic warming up to come on now as Luis Enrique senses the urgency.

61 min: Messi wins back possession deep in his own half. He is fouled for a yellow card. Rakitic is now subbed on.

70 min: Messi dispossessed. This is an ominous sign for Barca.

72 min: Alves subbed off for Mascherano. This should have happened a long time back.

76 min: Messi dispossessed again as Barca looked to counter there!

78 min: Messi dances through the Malaga defense and passes to Suarez but offside! That was NOT offside. Poor call again!

79 min: Tempers flare and Pique goes in the book.

83 min: Best chance of the half! Neymar finds Pedro in space at the edge of the box but he can only blast it into the side netting.

87 min: Yellow for Neymar.

89 min: Ref takes advantage away from Barca for a foul! Refereeing has been very poor in this game.

92 min: Suarez with a dipping volley. Kameni catches it.

93 min: Brilliant ball from Messi but Pique takes it away from Neymar, it falls into Kameni's hands.

Full time score: Barcelona 0-1 Malaga

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Match Thread: FC Barcelona vs Málaga CF [Liga]

Venue: Camp Nou, Barcelona

Kickoff: 16:00 CET / 10:00 EST

Referee: Juan Martínez Munuera (Valencian Community)

Line-up Barça: Bravo - Alves, Pique, Mathieu, Alba - Iniesta, Busquets, Rafinha - Messi, Suarez, Neymar

Bench Barça: Ter Stegen, Bartra, Mascherano, Adriano, Rakitic, Xavi, Pedro

Line-up Málaga: Kameni - Rosales, Angeleri, Weligton, M. Torres - Samu, Recio, S. Darder, Horta - Juanmi, S. Castillejo

Bench Málaga: Ochoa, Javi Guerra, Tissone, Duda, Boka, Filipenko, Juanpi

Match Events

0' - Kick off!

3' - Neymar tries to set up Messi who is left alone, but the ball is unreachable.

7' - Suarez wins the header from a corner, Kameni with an easy catch.

7' - GOAL! JUANMI! Kameni with a long ball and Alves with a really bad pass back to Bravo.

10' - Rafinha with a huge chance shooting from distance, but Weligton saves it.

12' - yellow Rafinha, for a late tackle.

18' - Alves with a cross towards Neymar, but again Kameni there.

21' - Messi with a lovely ball to Neymar, but the Brazilian uses his hand for help.

22' - Another near chance after a dribble by Neymar and a cross by Iniesta, but the ball gets cleared.

27' - Suarez with good work in the area, but too many defenders only lead to yet another corner.

30' - Messi with a free-kick from a good position, his shot is too high.

31' - Alba with a run and cross gives Kameni only some trouble.

33' - Malaga with a beautifully executed counter-attack that Bravo saves for a corner.

36' - Horta with way too much space in the area, but goes for the acrobatic that give Bravo and easy save.

38' - Barca trying to go through either side and the middle time and again, but Malaga always shuts them down hard.

39' - Messi with a great ball over the defence, but Iniesta's header is way too weak to creat any danger.

40' - Alves with a good cross straight to Neymar, but he heads it way over target.

42' - Kameni with bad defending from a Alves cross, but no one can capitalise on it.

44' - Samu with some great pressing against Pique, wins a corner.

HALFTIME Malaga with an early lucky goal that enables them to park the bus hard every time Barca has the ball. Still creating a lot of danger on the counter. Barca with hardly any clear chances, having a hard time breaking down the defence.

46' - No changes at half-time.

47' - Suarez with a dummy in the area, but his cross is headed away.

48' - Alves called back for a wrong offside.

49' - yellow Welington, for a foul on Suarez.

50' - Juanpi on for Juanmi (1/3).

53' - Iniesta to Neymar, tries to find Messi but it's intercepted.

54' - Alba with a cross, again cleared for a corner.

55' - Malaga on a counter from a corner in a 3 against 4, but Horta goes on his own and shots way off target.

56' - Neymar in the area, plays the one-two with Iniesta and is brought down, referee calls offside though.

58' - A cross by Alba lands at Neymars feet, but he's too surprised that two Malaga players brought each other down.

60' - Suarez called back from an offside position, correct call for once.

62' - yellow Recio,for a foul on Messi.

63' - Rakitic on for Rafinha (1/3).

67' - Pedro on for Iniesta (2/3).

69' - Suarez in a great position on goal, is offside though.

72' - Another really close offside call, this time to stop Rakitic .

73' - Mascherano on for Alves (3/3).

77' - Another wrong offside call to call Suarez back.

78' - And another.

79' - Duda on for Horta (2/3).

79' - yellow Pique. He will miss the game against Granada.

81' - Neymar tripped, referee deems it a dive.

83' - Neymar with a chance, misses the ball.

84' - Pedro into the side netting after a great ball by Neymar.

85' - Boka on for Samu (3/3).

87' - yellow Neymar, for two fouls in a row.

88' - Huge chance for Malaga, but Duda's ball isn't reachable.

90+1 ' yellow Alba for complaining.

90+1' - yellow Duda, for time wasting.

90+4' - Kameni with another great save after an artistic chance from Pique.

FULL TIME Malaga with great defensive work to keep Barca away from the goal. Barca with no clear chances created in the whole second half. The referee with a horrible game and dozens of wrong calls against Barca.


Barça Málaga
Attempts 10 11
On target 4 3
Offsides 7 0
Corners 11 3
Fouls 8 11
Cards 4 3
Possession 71 29
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Match Thread: Málaga vs Real Madrid

FT: Málaga 1-2 Real Madrid

Málaga scorers: R. Santa Cruz 90'+

Real Madrid scorers: K. Benzema 18', G. Bale 83'

Venue: Estadio La Rosaleda, Málaga

Referee: Iñaki Bikandi Garrido


Video streams

Reddit comments stream



C. Kameni, Sergio Sánchez, R. Rosales, A. Boka, Weligton, Duda, Recio, Sergi Darder, Samu Castillejo, Samu, R. Santa Cruz.

Subs: G. Ochoa, Antunes, M. Angeleri, J. Añor, Luis Alberto, Ricardo Horta, E. Rescaldani.


Real Madrid

Casillas, Daniel Carvajal, Marcelo, Pepe, Sergio Ramos, T. Kroos, Isco, G. Bale, J. Rodríguez, K. Benzema, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Subs: K. Navas, Nacho, R. Varane, Fábio Coentrão, Marcos Llorente, Illarramendi, J. Hernández.


Note: The bot might be dead! I'm not at home and so can't check for a few days. Sorry!

18' Goal Karim Benzema 0-1

30' Yellow Card Sergi Darder

43' Yellow Card Toni Kroos

65' Substitution: Duda Ricardo Horta

67' Substitution: Sergio Sánchez Marcos Angeleri

71' Yellow Card Isco

73' Substitution: Karim Benzema Asier Illarramendi

78' Substitution: Recio J. Añor

80' Yellow Card Marcelo

83' Goal Gareth Bale 0-2

85' Substitution: Daniel Carvajal Raphaël Varane

86' Yellow/Red Isco

89' Substitution: Gareth Bale Javier Hernández

90' + 2' Goal Roque Santa Cruz 1-2

90' + 4' Yellow Card Weligton

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Match Thread: Málaga vs Barcelona

FT: Málaga 0-0 Barcelona

Venue: Estadio La Rosaleda, Málaga

Referee: Alejandro José Hernández Hernández


Video streams

Reddit comments stream



C. Kameni, Miguel Torres, R. Rosales, Sergio Sánchez, Weligton, Duda, Ignacio Camacho, Sergi Darder, J. Añor, Samu Castillejo, N. Amrabat.

Subs: G. Ochoa, M. Angeleri, Luis Alberto, Recio, Juanmi, R. Santa Cruz, Samu.



C. Bravo, Bartra, Piqué, Jordi Alba, Douglas Pereira, Busquets, I. Rakitić, Iniesta, L. Messi, Pedro, Neymar.

Subs: M. ter Stegen, Adriano Correia, J. Mascherano, Xavi, Sergi Roberto, Sandro Ramírez, Munir.


64' Substitution: Pedro Sandro Ramírez

64' Substitution: Neymar Munir El Haddadi

67' Substitution: Duda Luis Alberto

70' Yellow Card Douglas

73' Yellow Card Roberto Rosales

73' Substitution: Douglas Adriano

77' Substitution: Samu Castillejo Juanmi

83' Yellow Card Piqué

83' Yellow Card Weligton

85' Substitution: J. Añor Recio

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Match Thread: Malaga CF vs. FC Barcelona

Your usual host, /u/svefnpurka is unavailable at the moment. I will not be as good at updating events, because I am not superhuman like he is. Nonetheless, here is your match thread.

Line-up Barcelona: Bravo - Douglas, Bartra, Pique, Alba - Rakitic, Busquets, Iniesta - Pedro, Messi, Neymar

Bench Barcelona: Ter Stegen, Masch, Adriano Xavi, Sergi Roberto, Munir, Sandro

Line-up Malaga: Kameni, Rosales, S.Sánchez, Weligton, M.Torres, Castillejo, Camacho, S.Darder, Juanpi, Duda & Amrabat

Bench Malaga: Ochoa, Angeleri, Recio, Luis Alberto, Samuel, Santa Cruz, Juanmi

My stream is a minute behind everybody else, so I will not be updating this thread as frequently for fear of spoilers. If someone wants to do it in a comment, feel free. I will update with goals and gifs as I can find them.

Match Events:

3' Pedro trips over his own feet.

7' Good cross by Rakitić, Sanchez clears.

8' Amrabat released, Alba tracks him down, Bravo smothers the eventual shot.


14' Rakitic fouled. Free kick from Messi not on target.

16' Neymar playing with Darder, fouled

26' Messi tries to chest a Jordi Alba cross in, just wide. Impressive control

28' The grass knocks down Neymar, who is doing his best to not stay healthy for more than 45 minutes at a time.

31' Weligton scythes down Pedro in the corner. No yellow.

38' Messi is called offside. He's not - tie goes to the runner, umpire.

41' Good chance as Alba cuts it back, neither Neymar nor Pedro can finish.

43' Again. Messi and Alba leads to low cross that nobody gets on the end of. Turbosquirrel has been great.

45' Half time. I have to write a review of this match for totalBarça. God help me.


49' Malaga pressing, Barcelona panicking. We cleared the ball twice. Twice, I tell you. Xavi is crying.

56' Neymar did a fancy pass. Like in FIFA when you're frustrated and you start doing tricks to make yourself look cool.

57' Rakitic with another good cross. Neymar can't quite get a hold of it under pressure.

61' Bartra heads from a corner, just wide.

63' Rakitic backheels it to his left foot, which wasn't ready for the pass.

69' Douglas allows the referee the privilege of giving him a yellow card.

70' Bravo's save from free kick keeps Douglas from being torn apart by angry cules.

72' Sandro the bull on counterattack, Rosales does his best Douglas impression and gets a yellow.

74' Ray Hudson just called Douglas' debut "nervous." That's generous.

74' Adriano on for Douglas.

78' Bartra cuts out counter with a good tackle

79' Adriano in 10 seconds does more than Douglas did in 60 minutes.

81' Weligton should get a red for hitting Messi, but instead gets a yellow, which should be his second. But hey, who's counting?

84' Bartra almost gets onto two corners. Not quite. Malaga defending is airtight tonight.

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Posted on 24 September 2014

Podemos Málaga Oeste

Bienvenido a Podemos Málaga Oeste, el lugar oficial de encuentro y debate de Podemos Málaga Oeste: comparte materiales, opiniones, ideas, proyectos, todo y mucho más. [link]

Posted on 8 August 2014

Luis Alberto season long loan to Malaga - done

Luis Alberto just passed his medical and will be presented by Malaga tonight!

What are your thoughts?

Picture of him at Malaga: (i know its just him infront of a building, but apparently its Malaga so ..)

Edit: another photo Was worried the first one was a fake so i dug deep.

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Posted on 26 June 2014

Match Thread: Málaga vs Real Madrid [La Liga] (Kick off at 20:00 CET)

Final score: Málaga 0 - 1 Real Madrid

La Liga BBVA - Game 28

Venue: Estadio La Rosaleda

Kick off: 12:00 PDT / 15:00 EDT / 18:00 GMT / 20:00 CET / 23:00 MSK

Referee: Juan Martínez


La Liga streak

Málaga - WDDLL

Real Mardid - WDWWW

Injured players

Málaga - Eliseu, Weligton

Real Madrid - Arbeloa, Khedira


Málaga - Sergi Darder, Jesús Gámez

Real Madrid - Ramos

Head to head

Real Madrid 2-0 Málaga
Real Madrid 6-2 Málaga
Málaga 3-2 Real Madrid
Real Madrid 1-1 Málaga
Málaga 0-1 Real Madrid
Real Madrid 3-2 Málaga
Málaga 0-4 Real Madrid



Caballero, Antunes , Flávio, Sergio Sánchez , Angeleri, Tissone, Ignacio Camacho, Duda , Amrabat, Santa Cruz, Samu

Subs: Kameni, El Hamdaoui, Portillo, Iakovenko, Pérez, Casado, Juanmi

Real Madrid

Diego López, Marcelo, Pepe, Varane, Carvajal, Alonso, Modrić, Isco, Ronaldo , Benzema, Bale

Subs: Casillas, Coentrão, Nacho, Jesé, Morata, di María, Illarramendi


HD (es, ustream)

see comments for more


0-1 Ronaldo

0-1 Ronalod (another angle)

Fantastic pass from di María

Another angle of same pass

di María run and Isco missed opportinity

Full di María run

credits to /u/ralavick1, /u/TomasRoncero


Minute of silence in memory of Antonio Torres

00' Kick off

06' Great pass to Gareth Bale,he gets attacked in penalty area and falls down. No penalty.

08' Powerful shot by Antunes, just above the bar.

19' Antunes booked after fouling Bale.

23' GOAL! After an awesome cross from Bale to Ronaldo, he dribbles to the centre of pentalty area and scores with a beautiful shot! 0-1!

29 Looks like Benzema has some problem/injury after clash with... Ronaldo. Seems like he will be changed.

31' Benzema di María

44' Great save from Caballero after a corner.

45' We will have 1 minute of additional time.

45'+1 Half time.

________________________________ Half-time ________________________________


Málaga 0-1 Real Madrid
49% Possession 51%
13 Shots 13
4 On target 6
7 Corners 6
10 Fouls 6
0 Offsides 2


45' Second half.

51' Fantastic counter attack run by di María but Isco unable to score a goal being 1 on 1 with goalkeeper.

54' Amrabat tried to score with a powerful long strike, directly into goalkeepers hands though.

61' Duda is really mad after referee did not give yellow for Pepe's attack on him. He argued with linesman and was booked for that.

63' Isco Jesé

75' Another powerful long shot try by Malaga player. Far above bar this time though.

86' Angeleri El Hamdaoui

90' Modrić Illarramendi

90' 3 extra minutes to the second half.

90'+3 Full time. Málaga 0-1 Real Madrid

_______________________________ Full-time _________________________________


Málaga 0-1 Real Madrid
46% Possession 54%
7 Shots 7
1 On target 3
3 Corners 3
3 Fouls 3
0 Offsides 1
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Posted on 15 March 2014

Match Thread: Barcelona vs Malága CF

La Liga BBVA

Kickoff: 3:00PM EST, Camp Nou, Barcelona

League Form

  • FC Barcelona: 2nd, 20GP, 16W, 3D, 1L

    Last Six Games: LWWWDD

  • Málaga CF: 16th, 20GP, 5W, 6D, 9L

    Last Six Games: DWWLLD

Related Subreddits



Previous Results

25.08.13 Málaga - Barça 0:1

01.06.13 Barça - Málaga 4:1

13.01.13 Málaga - Barça 1:3

Fun Facts

  • Malaga is the team against which Messi has the best record in the Spanish league: 10 games, 10 wins, 10 goals.

  • A win today would be Dani Alves' 200th win with Barcelona.

  • If Lionel Messi scores 4 goals today, he would tie Telmo Zarra of Athletic Bilbao for most goals for a spanish club, for 335.


FC Barcelona (4-3-3)

Valdés, Dani Alves, Piqué, Mascherano, Jordi Alba; Busquets, Xavi(captain), Cesc Fàbregas; Pedro, Messi, Alexis

Bench: Pinto, Adriano, Bartra, Sergi Roberto, Afellay, Tello, Dongou

Malaga CF (4-2-3-1)

Willy; Angeleri, S.Sánchez, Flávio, Antunes, Juanmi, Camacho, Tissone, Duda (captain); P.Pérez, Santa Cruz


FINAL SCORE: 3-0 Barcelona

Thanks to /u/rokobased for the gifs!

First Half

The teams come out to the Cant del Barca!

00' Kickoff!

03' First foul of the game, Tissone brings down Alves. Messi's freekick then nearly finds Busquets.

06' Alexis! The Chilean almost finds the goal on a beautiful ball from Busquets. Messi is then fouled outside the area. Pressure mounting on Malaga already.... Gfycat

08' Duda nearly scores on the freekick! Valdes with the fantastic save! Gfycat

21' Messi's chip goes just wide of the post!

25' Substitution Malaga Pawlowski Santa Cruz

26' Fabregas' cross finds Pedro, who has an open shot, and slips!

29' Pique fouls Pawlowski, who had beaten him with a nifty nutmeg! Gfycat

30' On the ensuing freekick, Valdes with a great save off a header!

31' Alba's laser goes straight to Willy, who deflects the ball over Messi's head. Gfycat

34' Pedro's shot goes just outside the post!

39' Pique! 1-0 Barcelona Alexis with the glancing header to Pique who is wide open, controls it with his chest and strikes it into the lower corner! Gfycat

41' A beautiful chip from Messi finds Fabregas, who's ball across is cleared by Willy. 4 Barca shirts were waiting for the ball from Cesc.

45' The corner from Xavi falls to Messi, whos' volley deflects off of a Malaga defender and out for a corner!

45' Malaga's counterattack peters out with a poor pass, and that will do it for the first half!


Second Half

45' And we're back off! Barca will start with the ball.

46' Pedro appeals for the penalty, but the referee says the Malaga defender got the ball. On the ensuing corner, the ball sails just over Pique and Fabregas.

47' Alba with a fantastic clearance! Pawlowski was there for the rebound!

53' Willy! Beautiful play from Fabregas and Messi sees Fabregas' chip denied!

54' Pique's header hits the post, Busquets shot is deflected! Malaga enduring an offensive assault!

55' Pedro! 2-0 Barcelona Messi with a fantastic run and his ball finds Pedro, who gets around a Malaga defender and curls it into the opposite corner! Gfycat

56' Valdes with a good save off of an audacious shot from Duda!

58' Pedro appears to have picked up a knock.

59' Alexis! 3-0 Messi's run finds Pedro, who's cross across the face of the goal finds Alexis for the tap in! Gfycat

61' Substitution Barcelona Tello Pedro

65' Substitution Malaga Morales Perez

66' Messi's shot just over the bar!

71' Flavio fouls Messi just outside the box. Dangerous free kick for Barca.

71' Xavi's ensuing freekick goes just over the bar!

78' Substitution Barcelona Sergi Roberto Xavi

81' Final Substitution Malaga Darder Tissone

83' Pawlowski attempts the bicycle kick, but the ball just escapes his feet. Barca recycling possession as usual.

86' Final Substitution Barcelona Afellay Alexis

86' Afellay, after a year off the pitch, is back! He receives a standing ovation from the Camp Nou.

90' The referee announces three minutes of extra time.

90+2' Pawlowski is stopped by Alba again!

90+3' Barca dominate the majority of a game and cruise to a 3-0 win! Things could've been far worse had it been for a fantastic game from Willy, the Malaga goalkeeper. Ibrahim Afellay made his return to the pitch to applause from the Camp Nou.

FINAL SCORE: Barcelona 3 (Pique 39', Pedro 55', Alexis 59') - 0 Malaga

Final Statistics

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Match Thread: FC Barcelona vs Málaga CF [La Liga]

Venue: Camp Nou, Barcelona

Kickoff: 21:00 CET / 15:00 EST

Referee: Carlos Clos Gómez (Aragon)

Line-up Barcelona: Valdes - Alves, Pique, Mascherano, Alba - Xavi, Busquets, Cesc - Alexis, Messi, Pedro

Bench Barcelona: Pinto, Bartra, Adriano, Sergi Roberto, Afellay, Dongou, Tello

Line-up Málaga: Willy - Angeleri, S. Sánchez, Flávio, Antunes - Juanmi, Camacho, Tissone, Duda - P. Pérez - Santa Cruz

Bench Málaga: Kameni, Portillo, Pedro Morales, Eliseu, Pawlowski, Casado, Darder

Match Events (gifs thanks to /u/rokobased)

0' - Kick off!

4' - A Messi free-kick is headed away, but he fights to get the ball back until it goes out of bounds.

5' - Beautiful attack by Barca, in the end the post denies Alexis.

6' - Another free-kick, this time Xavi goes for the direct approach, but Willy can punch it away.

8' - Busquets with a perfect tackle, gets a foul against him though.

9' - Valdes with a great leap to clear the free-kick.

11' - Alexis with a great run over the flank, but he his pass into the middle gets blocked for a corner.

14' - Another great run by Alexis, but the Malaga defence blocks him off.

16' - yellow P. Pérez, for a rude foul on Busquets.

18' - Alba with a great run to stop a Malaga attack.

20' - Lovely ball control by Alves.

22' - Mascherano with a great long ball to Pique, wrong offside call.

22' - Messi! Flicks it over Willy, but the ball goes just wide.

24' - Santa Cruz walks off the pitch, Malaga playing with 10 now.

25' - Huge chance for Alves, who is free on goal, but Willy with a great save.

26' - Pawlowski on for Santa Cruz (1/3).

27' - Another dangerous attack, but Pedro slipped.

30' - yellow Pique, for a foul on Pawlowski.

31' - VALDES!! Amazing save to deny a huge chance for Malaga.

31' - yellow Duda, for a late challenge on Alexis.

32' - Chance for Alba, but Willy saves again.

35' - Good cross in by Alexis, but Pedro's header gets cleared.

39' - Another huge chance, but the flick by Alba gets cleared.

40' - GOOOOOOL!!! PIQUE!!! Alexis heads a Xavi corner and the ball falls right at Pique's feet.

45+1' - Counter attack by Malaga stopped by Albas quick feet.

HALFTIME Deserved lead, could have easily been more goals.

46' - No changes at half-time.

46' - S. Sánchez shoves down Pedro in the area, too little for Clos Gómez.

49' - ALBA!! Amazing defending to deny Malaga a goal.

52' - Alexis tries his luck, but again denied by Willy.

54' - Again Willy the winner, this time against Cesc.

54' - Pique nearly with his second goal from a corner, but his header hits the post.

55' - GOOOOOOL!!! PEDRO!!! Great pass by Messi and Pedro takes his time to hit the ball perfectly.

56' - VALDES! Again a great save to deny Malaga.

58' - Pedro down, grabbing his ankle.

59' - Alves with a run down his side, but his pass in the middle gets blocked.

61' - GOOOOOL!!! ALEXIS!! Amazing run by Messi and pass to Pedro, who puts it across to Alexis.

62' - Tello on for Pedro (1/3).

66' - Pedro Morales on for P. Pérez (2/3).

67' - Messi with a great free-kick that goes just over the cross bar.

71' - yellow Flávio, for a foul on Messi.

72' - Xavi takes the free-kick, but it goes too high.

76' - Malaga with a free-kick, goes right to Valdes.

78' - Sergi on for Xavi (2/3).

81' - Darder on for Tissone (3/3).

86' - Cesc with a volley, but Willy saves.

87' - Afellay on for Alexis (3/3).

90+1' - Tello with a shot, but it goes wide.

FULL TIME Deserved win, could have been more goals.


Barca Málaga
Attempts 23 4
On target 10 2
Offsides 4 2
Corners 15 2
Fouls 13 16
Cards 1 3
Possession 73 27
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Posted on 26 January 2014

Match Thread: FC Malaga vs FC Barcelona [La Liga]

Match Chat:

Venue: Estadio La Rosaleda, Malaga

Kickoff: 21:00 CEST / 15:00 EDT

Line-up Barcelona: Valdes - Adriano, Pique, Mascherano, Jordi Alba - Xavi, Song, Iniesta - Alexis, Cesc, Pedro

Bench Barcelona: Pinto, Alves, Bartra, Busquets, Sergi Roberto, Neymar, Tello

Line-up Malaga: Caballero - J. Gamez, Angeleri, Sergio Sanchez, Antunes - Darder, Camacho, Tissone - Pawlowski, Santa Cruz, Fabrice

Bench Malaga: Kameni, Portillo, Seba Fernández, Pedro Morales, Duda, Eliseu, Roberto Chen

Match Events

0' - Kick off!

2' - Malaga with somewhat of a chance after Barca's defence can't get the ball away.

4' - First Barca chance comes from a Song header after a Xavi corner.

5' - Valdes intercepts a cross after a quick attack by Malaga.

14' - Cesc beautifully on the left side, but the delivery into the middle and finish by Alexis weren't as good.

18' - Cesc with a header, but easy catch for Caballero.

19' - Great pass by Cesc to Pedro, but again Caballero who anticipates it correctly.

20' - And Caballero for the third clearance in as many minutes.

24' - Xavi with a surprising free-kick idea, so surprising not even a team mate expected it.

27' - Iniesta tries his luck, but no danger for Caballero.

28' - Valdes has to dive low to clear the free-kick Antunes.

35' - Mascherano intercepting a counter attack.

37' - Iniesta with a beautiful long ball to Cesc who heads it into the middle. Alexis with a diving header but Caballero once again the winner, with a lot of luck.

40' - Barca again displaying an interesting mix of man- and zone-marking when it comes to corners.

43' - Cesc with a run through the Malaga defence, Malaga clears to a corner.

43' - Corner finds Pique who heads it on goal, but Caballero saves again.

44' - GOOOOOOL!!! ADRIANO!! Out of no where Adriano just takes his luck and shoots from a good 20 meter out!

HALFTIME 1-0 ahead after another brilliant Adriano goal, else Barca with no real big chances so far.

46' - Alves on for Adriano (1/3). Adriano out because of thigh muscle discomfort.

50' - Xavi free-kick a very easy target for Caballero.

51' - Another header chance for Barca, Cesc again.

54' - Alves with a shot, but again no real danger.

57' - yellow J. Gamez, for a late challenge on Alexis.

58' - Crossbar! A back-header/back from Pique after a Xavi free-kick finds the crossbar.

61' - yellow Sergio Sanchez for a foul on Cesc.

62' - yellow Alexis for back-talking.

63' - Neymar on for Pedro (2/3).

63' - Eliseu on for Pawlowski (1/3).

68' - Fabrice with a huge chance, but in the end the post saves.

70' - Neymar offside after a good pass through the middle.

72' - yellow Darder, for a kick against Neymar.

76' - Seba Fernández on for Camacho (2/3)

76' - Pedro Morales on for Fabrice (3/3).

79' - Valdes has to come out quick after a dangerous header back from Pique.

80' - Caballero has to stretch far after a good free-kick by Neymar.

81' - Alves lying down for a while after being hit by Eliseu's elbow.

83' - Sergi Roberto on for Iniesta (3/3).

84' - yellow Alves, for holding Eliseu.

87' - Barca with a counter attack, but the final pass is cleared before Neymar gets to it.

90' - Valdes with two great saves!

90+1' - Neymar with a great chance, but it gets deflected over the goal.

FULL TIME 1-0 win, some luck and wasted chances, but definitely deserved.


Barca Malaga
Attempts 15 9
On target 11 3
Offsides 2 1
Corners 11 2
Fouls 12 14
Cards 2 3
Possession 72 28
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Posted on 25 August 2013

Match Thread: Málaga CF vs. FC Barcelona [Local: 9.00pm | 8.00pm BST | 3.00pm EDT | 12.00pm PDT]

Málaga CF vs. FC Barcelona

Kick-off: Local: 9.00pm | 8.00pm BST | 3.00pm EDT | 12.00pm PDT

Venue: La Rosaleda, Málaga, Spain

Weather: 29°C, Partly cloudy


Recommended streams:


FC Barcelona

Coach: Gerardo Martino

Position Player Number
GK Valdés 1
DEF Adriano 21
DEF Piqué 3
DEF Mascherano 14
DEF Alba 18
MF Xavi (C) 6
MF Iniesta 8
MF Song 17
MF Pedro 7
MF Alexis 9
CF Fàbregas 4

Subs: Pinto (GK), Alves, Bartra, Busquets, Sergi Roberto, Neymar, Tello


Málaga CF

Coach: Bernd Schuster

Position Player Number
GK Caballero 13
DEF Gámez 2
DEF Angeleri 16
DEF Sergio Sánchez 21
DEF Antunes 5
MF Camacho 6
MF Tissone 12
MF Darder 30
MF Pawlowski 19
ST Fabrice 28
ST Santa Cruz 9

Subs: Kameni (GK), Portillo, Seba Fernández, Pedro Morales, Duda, Eliseu, Roberto Chen

Match Highlights (All GIFs are made during the game, remember to refresh to see them!)

1': Barcelona kick off.

11': Sanchez has a good opportunity to score but is ruled offside.

18': Fàbregas heads for goal but the save is comfortable for Caballero

19': Pedro has a great opportunity to score but his first touch lets him down.

27': Iniesta weaves his way past Malaga players but his shot is poor and collected with ease.

38': Caballero makes a great save to deny Barcelona going ahead.

43' GOAL! Adriano shoots from range to put Barelona ahead

Malaga 0 - 1 Barcelona

45': The referee blows for half time.


Substitutions: Alves Adriano


46': The second half is underway.

59': Pique's header hits the crossbar.

63': Neymar Pedro

67': 17-year-old Fabrice has a great chance to equalise but hits the post.

77': Morales Fabrice Fernandez Camacho

80': Neymar takes a wonderful free kick but is denied by the keeper.

82': Sergi Roberto Iniesta

90': Valdes makes a great save to deny Malaga.

92': Full time.

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Posted on 25 August 2013

Match Thread: FC Barcelona vs Málaga CF

Match Chat:

Venue: Camp Nou

Kickoff: 19:00 CET / 13:00 EST

Line-up Barcelona: Pinto - Montoya, Pique, Mascherano, Alba - Xavi, Busquets, Iniesta - Pedro, Cesc, Villa

Bench Barcelona: Valdes, Abidal, Song, Bartra, Thiago, Alexis, Tello

Line-up Malaga: Caballero - Jesus Gamez, Weligton, Lugano, Eliseu - Joaquin, Toulalan, Camacho, Isco - Baptista, Santa Cruz

Bench Malaga: Pol, Saviola, Seba Fernández, Morales, Portillo, Sergio Sánchez, Antunes

Match Events

0' - Kick off!

3' - GOOOOOAL!! VILLA!! Pedro lays the ball back beautifully and Villa scores!

9' - Malaga tries to calm the game and build it up slowly, but Barca presses early and wins the ball back quickly.

14' - GOOOAL!! CESC!! Beautiful play of Iniesta and Cesc, who then with a beautiful shot from the edge of the area.

15' - Villa with a great pass into Alba's run who puts it across to Iniesta, but he is stopped. enough.

16' - GOOOOAL!!! MONTOYA!!! Baptista wins the header against Pique after the corner, Montoya gets the ball and shoots.

Barcelona have now scored 114 Liga goals this season, equalling the club record from last season.

21' - Good attack by Malaga that ends with a rather week finish, blocked by Alba for a corner, which goes just wide.

25' - Cesc with beautiful a 1-2 with Pedro and run into the area, but Eliseu puts the arm out and hit Cesc in the face. Ref gives nothing.

30' - A great attack by Malaga that ends with a deflected shot from Baptista.

33' - Barca has slowed down the game now and enjoys playing rondos.

36' - Another beautiful play by Cesc and Villa. Shot gets blocked to a corner.

39' - Malaga defence once again overrun, this time by Alba who gets the next corner, which Pique nearly scores from.

45' - Alba with a great ball over the whole defence to Pedro.

HALFTIME 3-0 lead after 15 minutes, Barca slowed down but could have easily scored a few more.

46' - Morales comes on for Santa Cruz (1/3).

47' - Iniesta with a beautiful pass over half the pitch to Pedro, lays it back to Villa on to Cesc who loses it.

51' - Baptista with a huge chance, Pinto somehow clears.

52' - GOOOOOOAL!!!! INIESTA!!! Gets the ball, pulls a bit more towards the centre and curls in beautifully.

53' - And Pinto with a save on the other side. Fans are cheering his name.

55' - Thiago comes in for Iniesta (1/3).

57' - GOAL! Morales! Beautiful goal and fully deserved too.

58' - Beautiful sliding tackle by Mascherano.

60' - Abidal starts to warm up on the sidelines, the crowd gives the defender a standing ovation.

62' - Pedro over the goal after a beautiful pass by Cesc.

70' - Alba with another cross, Lugano clears it but nearly scores an own goal.

71' - Seba Fernández comes on for Joaquin (2/3).

75' - Referee Ayza Gámez falls on his arse and the audience cheers.

76'- ABIDAL!! on for Pique (2/3).

78' - Alexis comes on for Villa (3/3).

79' - Saviola on for Isco (3/3).

81' - Mascherano with another great tackling.

87' - Alexis with a great run and lucky to get the ball a second time, back to Pedro who slips away.

88' - Pedro with a great run but Willy quick enough.

FULL TIME 4-1 win! Fun game, 5 really beautiful goals, 100 points, new record goals. Many emotions!


Barca Malaga
Attempts 10 11
On target 6 5
Offsides 4 1
Corners 9 6
Fouls 5 5
Cards 0 0
Possession 61 39
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Posted on 1 June 2013

Match Thread: Dortmund - Malaga

No spoilers from the other match please!


First leg was 0-0.

Match Updates:

10' Sven Bender (Dortmund)

25' GOAL! 0-1 Joaquín (Malaga) GIF - Thanks to TomasRoncero.

40' GOAL! 1-1 Robert Lewandowski (Dortmund) GIF.

Half time: Dortmund 1-1 Malaga.

60' Marcel Schmelzer (Dortmund)

62' Jesús Gámez (Malaga)

72' Dortmund: Schieber in, Blaszczykowski out.

72' Dortmund: Sahin in, Bender out.

74' Malaga: Eliseu in, Duda out.

81' GOAL! 1-2 Eliseu (Malaga) GIF.

83' Malaga: Santa Cruz in, Baptista out.

86' Dortmund: Hummels in, Gundogan out.

87' Malaga: Portillo in, Joaquín out.

88' Jérémy Toulalan (Malaga)

90+1' GOAL! 2-2 Marco Reus (Dortmund) GIF - Thanks to mercurialsaliva.

90+3' GOAL! 3-2 Felipe Santana (Dortmund) GIF

Full Time: Dortmund 3-2 Malaga.

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Posted on 9 April 2013

Match Thread: Málaga vs Dortmund

Match Information

Competition: UEFA Champions League Quarter Final 1st Leg

Venue: Estadio La Rosaleda

Kick Off: Wednesday April 3rd, 19:45 GMT

Disclaimer: Please no spoilers of the other Champions League fixture tonight



Caballero, Demichelis, Weligton, Antunes, Jesús Gámez, Joaquín, Toulalan, Júlio Baptista ('76 ), Iturra, Isco ('87 ), Saviola ('68 )

Substitutes: Kameni, Lugano, Ignacio Camacho, Duda ('87 ), Sergio Sánchez, Santa Cruz ('76 ), Portillo ('68 )


Weidenfeller, Piszczek, Subotić, Schmelzer, Felipe Santana, Kehl ('80 ), Großkreutz, Gündogan, Götze ('92 ), Lewandowski, Reus ('69 )

Substitutes: Bender ('80 ), Leitner, Şahin, Langerak, Kirch ('92 ), Schieber ('69 ), Bittencourt

User-Submitted Streams:

Free German Stream

Match Events

00' Match kicks off

46' 1st Half Ends

46' 2nd Half Begins

68' Portillo (in) - Saviola (out)

69' Schieber (in) - Reus (out)

76' Santa Cruz (in) - Júlio Baptista (out)

80' Bender (in) - Kehl (out)

87' Duda (in) - Isco (out)

92' Kirch (in) - Götze (out)

93' Final whistle is blown


'17 Großkreutz

'19 Antunes

'31 Weligton

'77 Iturra


'68 Portillo Saviola

'69 Schieber Reus

'76 Santa Cruz Júlio Baptista

'80 Bender Kehl

'80 Duda Isco

'92 Kirch Götze

Live Stats

Malaga Dortmund
Score 0 0
Posession 50% 50%
Shots 10 13
Shots on Target 7 7
Offsides 0 2
Fouls 9 14

Score: Malaga 0-0 Dortmund

'39 This stream has smooth for me:

'49 I'll be upvoting your comments as they come in, unless of course you're a mackem

'93 This is devo signing off, good night.

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Posted on 3 April 2013

Match Thread: Málaga vs Porto [Champions League, 2nd Leg (1-0 aggregate to Porto)]

Málaga vs Porto

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Uefa Champions League, round of 16, second leg

Match Time: 14:45 EST | 20:45 CET | 11:45 PST

Referee: N. Rizzoli

Venue: Estadio La Rosaleda

Confirmed Starting Line-ups


# Pos. Name Club  
13 GK Caballero MCF
2 DF Gámez MCF 33'
3 DF Weligton MCF ©
5 DF Demichelis MCF 28'
25 DF Antunes MCF
7 MF Joaquín MCF 88' (Camacho)
8 MF Toulalan MCF 64'
10 MF Baptista MCF 74' (Cruz 77')
16 MF Iturra MCF
22 MF Isco MCF 43'
9 ST Saviola MCF 78' (Piazón)


# Pos. Name Club  
1 GK Helton FCP
2 DF Danilo FCP
22 DF Mangala FCP 83'
26 DF Sandro FCP 30' 70' (Atsu)
30 DF Otamendi FCP 17'
3 MF González FCP ©
8 MF Moutinho FCP 46' (Rodríguez)
25 MF Fernando FCP
35 MF Defour FCP 24' 49' ()
17 MF Varela FCP 58' (Maicon)
9 ST Martinez FCP

Did you know?

  • Malaga's 1-0 defeat in the previous leg at Estadio Dragao was the club's first-ever Champions League loss.

  • Manuel Pellegrini's side has managed just four wins in 14 outings in 2013.

  • The Spanish outfit has never before had to overturn a first-leg away defeat in European competition.

  • Porto, in the knockout rounds for the 10th time, was last at this stage in 2009-10, losing 5-0 at Arsenal having won 2-1 at home.

  • The Portuguese champion has a strong record when winning the first leg at home, though, going through 33 times.

  • Porto's 38 games against Spanish sides has given the club a record of W13 D5 L20. In Spain that record is W5 D2 L11, although the club has won on three of its last six visits, losing only once

Match Facts - First Half

1' First Half kicks off!

17' Otamendi (FCP) is shown the first yellow card of the night, following a late challenge.

24' Defour (FCP) is shown a yellow for high studs.

28' Demichellis (MCF) is shown a yellow for tackling from behind.

30' Sandro (FCP) is shown a yellow card. This game will not end 11vs11.

33' Gámez (MCF) is shown a yellow for bringing down Sandro after a great run.

40' Saviola (MCF) puts the ball in the net! But its called back, and deemed dangerous play by Málaga's Baptista.

43' GOOOOOOOOLOOOOO ISCO (MCF)!! On the edge of the area places a right-footed, curling effort over the top of Helton and into the top corner.

43' Málaga 1-0 Porto

45' The referee calls for an end to the first half: 1-0 to Málaga on the night, but tied 1-1 on aggregate!


Stats Málaga Porto
Goals 1 0
Shots 8 5
Offsides 4 1
Yellows 2 3
Reds 0 0
Possession 44% 56%

Match Facts - Second Half

46' Second Half kicks off!

46' Porto Substitution: Moutinho Rodríguez

49' RED CARD!! Defour (FCP) is sent off for his second yellow, which could have been a straight red card, after an extremely rash challenge.

58' Porto Substitution: Varela Maicon

64' Toulalan (MCF) goes into the book.

70' Porto Substitution: Sandro Atsu

74' Málaga Substitution: Baptista Cruz

77' GOOOOOOOOAAAAAAL Santa Cruz (MCF)!!!! With his first touch after coming off the bench, the Paraguayan rises high above Nicolás Otamendi to meet Isco's outswinging corner from the right, heading down to Helton's right and finding the back of the net. As it stands, Málaga are through.

77' Málaga 2-0 Porto

78' Málaga Substitution: Saviola Piazón

83' Mangala (FCP) is shown the yellow card.

88' Málaga Substitution: Joaquín Camacho

90'+4 The ref ends the game!

FT: Málaga 2-0 Porto

Malaga are through!

Full Time Stats:

Stats Málaga Porto
Goals 2 0
Shots 11 7
Saves 4 1
Yellows 3 5
Reds 0 1
Possession 48% 52%
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Posted on 13 March 2013

Match Thread: Porto vs. Malaga

Porto: Helton, Danilo, Mangala, Alex Sandro, Otamendi, Fernando, Lucho, Moutinho, Izmailov, Varela, Jackson Martinez

Malaga: Caballero, Weligton, Demichelis, Sergio Sanchez, Antunes, Toulalan, Iturra, Joaquin, Isco, Julio Baptista, Santa Cruz

Stream: Wiziwig

56' - Goal - Joao Moutinho

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Posted on 19 February 2013

Match Thread: Malaga FC vs. Barcelona (Quarter Final Copa del Rey)

Quarter Final of the Copa Del Rey Second leg.

Referee: Mateu Lahoz

Venue: Estadio La Rosaleda, Málaga, Spain


Barcelona: Pinto, Alves, Piqué , Cesc, Xavi (C), Iniesta, Messi, Mascherano, Sergio, Pedro and Jordi Alba

Subs: Víctor Valdés, Puyol, Villa, Alexis, Thiago, Adriano, Alex Song

Malaga's: Kameni; Jesús Gámez, Demichelis, Weligton (C), Eliseu; Seba, Camacho, Iturra, Duda; Joaquín and Santa Cruz

Subs: Saviola, Lucas Piazon, Willy Caballero, Portillo, Buonanotte, Sergio Sánchez, Onyewu


Lucas Piazon is already available on the bench after arriving from London to join Malaga on loan.


Barcelona win - Barcelona through

Malaga win - Malaga through

Any draw under 2 goals - Malaga through

2-2 Draw - Extra time and penalties

3-3 or higher draw - Barcelona through

Winner of the game will meet Real Madrid in the Semi-Final.

Thank you to /u/ThomasRoncero for the GIF's.

Match Events

0': The Match is underway. There is no doubt in my mind that this will be a good one.

8': GOAL! Pedro scores a header into an empty net after Dani Alves is slotted through. GIF


12': GOAL! Duda gives the ball to Joaquín at the edge of the box who turns and slots home.GIF


14': Iturra for using his hand to put down the ball. (Malaga)

19': 3rd strong tackle from Iturra. He is already booked. The ref seems to be loosing patience.

24': Demichelis gives the ball away to Messi who forces Kameni to make a great save

25': Eliseu for grabbing Fabregas. (Malaga)

32': Busquets for Indiscipline. (Barcelona)

36': Iniesta clacks the crossbar from just before the penalty spot.

38': Malaga nearly pouncing on a rebound

39': Jordi Alba for stepping on Duda. (Barcelona)

39': Weligton for stopping a Barcelona Counter-attack. (Malaga)

45': Fabregas for simulation (Barcelona) GIF


Half-Time: Reminding anyone who has forgotten, at the moment Malaga goes through as they have more away goals. to see all scenarios possible please see above.

46': Second half is underway

48': GOAL! Pique puts down a ball using his chest and pops a strikers finish into the bottom right-hand corner. GIF


62': Portillo Duda (1/3) (Malaga)

64': Barcelona slowly dominating the game. Malaga will need something extra to get back into this one.

68': GOAL! Roque Santa cruz receives the ball at the edge off the box, he shoots and the ball takes a touch off the post before going in. GIF


68': Mascherano for complaining.

76': GOAL! Iniesta plays a one-two with Fabregas and slides the ball under Kameni. GIF


Malaga now need a win if they want to go through.

79': GOAL! Messi nods in a header from a Dani Alves cross. GIF


82': Dani Alves for pushing.

82': Thiago Messi (1/3) (Barcelona)

83': Lucas Piazon Joaquín (2/3) (Malaga)

86': Alexis Sanchez Pedro (2/3) (Barcelona)

89': Adriano Jordi Alba (3/3) (Barcelona)


Real Madrid vs Barcelona, its gonna be epic.

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Posted on 24 January 2013

Match Thread: Malaga v. Real Madrid


Caballero; Gámez, S. Sánchez, Demichelis, Monreal; Isco, Camacho, Portillo, Eliseu; Joaquín and Saviola



Adán, Pepe, Ramos, Khedira, Cristiano Ronaldo, Benzema, Özil, Xabi Alonso, Arbeloa, Essien y Di María

Bench: Casillas, Kaká, Carvalho, Modric, Callejón, Nacho and Morata.


29' AMARILLA a Ramos

49' GOL Isco 1-0 Malaga

66' GOL Benzema? OG? 1-1

70' AMARILLA a Ronaldo

72' GOL Santa Cruz 2-1 Malaga

75' GOL Santa Cruz 3-1

81 GOL Benzema 3-2

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Posted on 22 December 2012


¡Todo el mundo de Málaga! ¡Unéte! [link]

Posted on 25 September 2012

Today is d-day for Málaga.

The current owners were apparently in talks with some Albanian oil tycoons to sell them the club, but they weren't interested. Today is the last day for Málaga to pay the debts it owes Villareal (for the transfer of Santi Cazorla) and Osasuna, as well as the unpaid wages. If they don't pay up in the next few hours, they will lose their Champions League spot and be relegated to Segunda División B (third division in Spain).

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Posted on 31 July 2012