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Djokovic eases into 3rd round at Monte Carlo Masters

Even when it comes to foreign languages skills, Novak Djokovic wants to be the best. Djokovic's next big goal is to win the French Open, the only Grand Slam tournament missing from his already impressive collection. ''French is a very global language, I wanted to know it,'' Djokovic said Tuesday - in English - during his post-match news conference. At 27, the eight-time major champion already ...

Djokovic off to winning start in clay season opener

Novak Djokovic got away to a 6-1, 6-4 winning start to the clay season on Tuesday, with the locally based world number one pleased with a second-round defeat of Albert Ramos-Vinolas. Djokovic, who lives a few hundred metres from Court Central at the seaside Country Club, was happy to bring home the straight-set win in less than 90 minutes.

Djokovic slides smoothly through in Monte Carlo

(Reuters) - World number one Novak Djokovic eased into the European claycourt season with a comfortable win over Spanish qualifier Albert Ramos-Vinolas at the Monte Carlo Masters on Tuesday. Clad in an orange shirt roughly the same colour as the scenic Centre Court overlooking the Mediterranean, the 2013 champion got straight down to business, winning 6-1 6-4. Under clear blue skies Djokovic ...

Novak Djokovic's Facebook Wall

Novak Djokovic's Facebook Wall

Posted on 22 June 2015

What a nice feeling to be back on grass court! My brother is my hitting partner...

What a nice feeling to be back on grass court! My brother is my hitting partner these days. So lucky that I can spend quality time with him while working too :)

Ponovo na "zelenom tepihu"! Dosao je i taj deo godine, sezona trave je uveliko pocela a i moje pripreme. S obzirom na to da su mi oba brata teniseri, imam srece sto mogu da spojim lepo sa korisnim pa pored toga sto se druzimo van terena, vredno radimo zajedno i na terenu. Ovih dana mi je Marko sparing partner.

Posted on 19 June 2015

I'm always looking for inspiration and wisdom. Always learning. Here is somethin...

I'm always looking for inspiration and wisdom. Always learning. Here is something I truly believe and try to live by every day…
"For each of us eventually, whether we are ready or not some day it will come to an end. There will be no more sunrises, no minutes, hours or days. All the things you collected whether treasured or forgotten will pass to someone else. Your wealth,fame and world power will shrivel to irrelevance. It won’t matter what you owned or owed. Your grudges, resentments, frustrations and jealousies will finally disappear. So too your hopes, ambitions, plans and to do lists will expire. The wins and losses that once seemed so important will fade away. It won’t matter where you came from, or on what side of the tracks you once lived. It wont’ matter if you are beautiful or brilliant. Even your gender or skin color will be irrelevant.
So what will matter? How will the values of your days be measured?
What will matter is not what you bought but what you built. Not what you got but what you gave. What will matter is not your success but your significance. What will matter is not what you learned but what you taught. What will matter is every active integrity, compassion, courage or sacrifice that enriched, empowered or encouraged others to follow your example. What will matter is not your competence but your character. What will matter is not how many people you knew but how many will feel the lasting loss when you are gone. What will matter is not your memories but the memories that live in those who loved you. What will matter is how long you will be remembered by whom and for what.

Posted on 15 June 2015

You cannot win them all. I have heard it so many times. Also today, it wasn't me...

You cannot win them all. I have heard it so many times. Also today, it wasn't meant to be I guess. But that won't stop me from trying. I will come back again. Thank you for believing in me and cheering for me! Stan was unstoppable today. Amazing performance and well deserved victory. Congrats!

Kazu mi sada svi "ne mozes bas uvek da pobedjujes". Izgleda da nije bilo sudjeno danas. Ali to me nece spreciti da nastavim da pokusavam. Hvala vam svima na podrsci i hvala sto verujete u mene. Stan je stvarno bio neverovatan danas i zasluzeno je pobedio. Cestitam mu od srca!

Posted on 7 June 2015

So happy to have won today! Rafa and I have a great rivalry and it is always a g...

So happy to have won today! Rafa and I have a great rivalry and it is always a great challenge to play against him. But I still have to be with both feet on the ground and keep calm. Thank you all for the encouragement and support! Ideeemooo

Presrećan sam zbog današnje pobede! Rafa i ja smo veliki rivali i ogroman je izazov svaki meč koji odigramo. Sada moram da udahnem duboko i da nastavim dalje hladne glave. A vama ljudi hvala do neba na ovolikoj podršci! Idemoooo

Posted on 3 June 2015

Dear All, Ahead of one of the most anticipated quarterfinals, I'd like to use a...

Dear All,
Ahead of one of the most anticipated quarterfinals, I'd like to use all the attention that is on me to remind you of something more important. At least to me. I am beyond happy and proud of the level of support you showed when my country and the kids in Serbia needed you the most. Together we raised $1.4 million for the reconstruction of schools destroyed in floods. But more importantly, thanks to your generous donations, 1,400 children are now back in their classes, with 98% of the money raised - used in the reconstruction efforts. That is what I am most proud of! I want to personally thank everyone who helped to make this happen. The future of these 1,400 kids is brighter now because of you.

Dragi Prijatelji,
Uoči jednog od najiščekivanijih četvrtfinala, kada je sva pažnja medija i javnosti usmerena na mene i mog rivala, želeo bih da iskoristim priliku i podsetim vas na nešto mnogo bitnije. Barem meni. Presrećan sam i zahvalan na vašoj ogromnoj podršci koju ste nam pružili kada je mailišanima u Srbiji pomoc bila najpotrebnija. Zajedno smo prikupili 1,4 miliona dolara za obnovu škola i obdaništa uništenih u prošlogodišnjim katastrofalnim poplavama. Zahvaljujući vašoj velikodušnosti 1.400 mališana je ponovo u školskim klupama, a 98% novca koji smo prikupili uz vašu pomoc uložili smo bas u njihovo obnavljanje. Želim lično da se zahvalim svima vama koji ste to omogućili i dali svoj doprinos ostvarenju ovog plemenitog cilja! Budućnost tih mališana je lepša zbog ovoga što ste baš vi uradili. Hvala!

Flood Relief Fund Rebuilds Schools in Serbia

Posted on 2 June 2015

Another quarterfinal! Really happy and excited! Ideeemoooo! #RG15 Trying to kee...

Another quarterfinal! Really happy and excited! Ideeemoooo! #RG15

Trying to keep up with reading all your messages of support #NoleFam. There are so many...Thank you!

Još jedno četvrtfinale! Baš sam srećan! Idemoooo #NoleFam Trudim se da pratim sve što mi šaljete, neverovatni ste :D Hvala!!!

Posted on 1 June 2015



Novak Djokovic et les ramasseurs de balles, une histoire d'amour qui dure. Le numéro 1 mondial a participé à leur échauffement ce matin.Novak Djokovic and the Roland Garros ballkids: an enduring love story. The World Number 1 participated in their warm-up this morning.

Posted on 30 May 2015

Posted on 29 May 2015

Hello Everyone! I just wanted to thank you all for the amazing birthday wishes....

Hello Everyone! I just wanted to thank you all for the amazing birthday wishes. Im truly lucky for the all support you guys showed me today especially #Nolefam. Thank you so much! #28

Hvala vam svima na fenomenalnim željama! Posebno hvala mom #NoleFam timu na podršci, porukama, čestitkama! Divan dan za mene uz sve vas divne ljude :D

Posted on 22 May 2015

Always a joy meeting & greeting #NoleFam Uniqlo France store! Today was a specia...

Always a joy meeting & greeting #NoleFam Uniqlo France store! Today was a special gathering: we launched the Mickey Plays UT T-shirt collection. So let's all welcome Mickey Mouse to #NoleFam. From now on he plays tennis with us :)

Ne znam za vas, ali ja nikako da prerastem Miki Mausa :) Velika mi je cast sto je i on postao deo #NoleFam-a. Od danas i on igra tenis! Hvala puno UNIQLO-u na odlicno organizovanom druzenju sa mojim novim drugarima!

Posted on 20 May 2015

I want to thank everyone who joined me in Milan today for the launch of #Djokoli...

I want to thank everyone who joined me in Milan today for the launch of #Djokolife. As you all know I take my health very seriously. And as I travel the world I have to find a way to meet the dietary demands of an ever-shifting environment. So in looking to maintain that clean, high quality balanced diet I founded #Djokolife. I hope you all will join me on this quest to discover the right foods and the right products to fit our lifestyles. #Djokolife #Healthydiet #Glutenfree 󾌵

Zeleo bih da se zahvalim svima koji su danas prisustvovali lansiranju #DjokoLife koncepta u Milanu. Verujem da je vecina vas primetila koliko paznje posvecujem zdravlju svog tela, a i uma. Zdravlje je u svakoj profesiji odlucujuci faktor uspeha, pa tako i u mojoj. Zbog cestih promena vremenskih zona, klime, i kontinenata jako je tesko odrzati konstantnost u ishrani. #DjokoLife je rezultat mog visegodisnjeg traganja za najboljim resenjem. Vrhunski tim nutricionista je radio sa mnom na ovom projektu vise od godinu dana i sa ponosom vam danas predstavljam proizvode - bez glutena i laktoze :)

Posted on 18 May 2015


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1 Sport Star: È Novak Djokovic lo sportivo dell'anno

Posted on 7 February 2012

Top Answers About Novak Djokovic on Quora

Top Answers About Novak Djokovic

What odds would you give me on Djokovic winning all the grand slams this calendar year?

Just slightly worse than the Vegas lines of multiplying all four odds.

I see that he is in the neighborhood of 2:1 for Wimbledon. He's probably slightly worse for French Open and then maybe around 2:1 again for US Open. Even if we just did 2*2*3*2 and got 24:1, I'd probably be fine laying a better price for you because of injury and other factors. However, in practice, I'd probably only lay worse because, well, because equity.

Also, Federer's been doing well this year. Dimitrov is emerging. Even Isner is doing really well. There's a lot more parity now than a couple years ago when any two of the Big Four comprised the championship match of every major. Keep in mind that last year's US Open was Cilic vs. Nishikori in the finals. Nadal has lost a few times recently. Djokovic too is not invincible, having lost quite handily to Federer in Abu Dhabi (Dubai? I forget).

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Posted on 3 April 2015

Who would you rather have play for your life: Nadal on clay, Sampras on grass, or Federer on indoor carpet?

Nadal.  I like statistics, so here are a few that support my position:

  • Sampras was 101–20 (83%) on grass.
  • Federer is 198-51, (79.5%) on indoor courts (he actually has a better record on grass... 96-14 or 87.3%).
  • Nadal is, no joke, 300-21 (93.4%)  on clay courts.  Since 2005, he's 275-11 (96.1%).  275-11!  That's insane.

I don't think there's ever been a player in history more dominant on a single surface than Rafa is on clay.

The numbers don't look much different if we go head to head with Djokovic, as the question details suggest.

  • Federer leads Djokovic 20-17 overall, they're tied 1-1 on grass, and Djokovic leads 4-3 on indoor hard courts.
  • Nadal leads Djokovic 23-19 overall, and 14-4 on clay.
  • Sampras, of course, was a bit before Djokovic's time.

I think the numbers speak for themselves.  I'd take Nadal any day.

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Posted on 17 March 2015

What is it specifically about Novak Djokovic's game right now that allows him to consistently beat Rafa Nadal? It's interesting because it seems like Federer gives him more a challenge.

There are many facets to Nole's game give him a clear advantage over Rafa.  Nole's  superb athleticism and stamina  and his amazing BH have already been mentioned by Alberto Galimberti . IMO another factor is that Nole always steps in and takes the ball early.  This gives him the advantage of neutralizing Rafa's huge spin.  This specifically  applies to serve returns. Just note where Nole's returns land off Rafa's serves.  Always deep if not close to Rafa's feet.

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Posted on 6 March 2015

What make of suit is Novak Djokavic wearing in his TV commercial for Seiko?

Thanks for the nudge :)

I can't tell the brand for certain, however I suspect it to be Tom Ford, or someone very similar.

The suit is a dinner suit, or a tuxedo. You can tell by the silk lapels, and what seem to be covered buttons. In terms of style it is a single breasted, peak labeled & double vented. Having peak lapels with single breasted suits is not traditional, but is quite common in fashion suits. Traditionally Dinner Jackets are not vented, but this could be a concession to fitting an athlete, who will have a more defined seat.

The fabric is clearly very soft, and not very structured, as you can see from the rounding of the shoulders. It has an italian style natural shoulder, but seems too lumpy to be the work of a Neopolitan tailor. It is influenced by them however, and is generally early 2010's in cut and appearance.

It is slightly long on the sleeves, which leads me to suspect it is not bespoke. However this could be an allowance for the amount the sleeves will ride up, given how tight they are. I'd have expected them to be a shade higher, given this is an advert for a watch.

The suit is quite tight, too tight for my taste, and doesn't wear especially elegantly. The trousers look good, but the jacket is too short and too tight to be really comfortable. It's not at Daniel Craig levels and still looks very good, especially since the chap wearing it is in such good shape.

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Posted on 30 December 2014

What are two professional lawn tennis players thinking when they shake hands at the end of a match?

Thanks for the A2A!

Well, here are several possibilities:
  • "Damn that net cord in the fourth game!"
  • "Sigh, losing in a tiebreaker again..."
  • "I will never forgive the linesman."
  • "I'll get back at you at the earliest opportunity, Bro..."
  • "So hungry, so glad this match is finally over..."
  • "Do not cry, do not cry, do not cry..." Mayer almost cried at 5:51. He squandered 5 match points in a match against Roger Federer.
  • "Gotta come up with something nice to say right now, quick, before the camera catches up to me!"
  • "Maybe I have enough time to catch a flight outta here tonight."
  • In the case of Isner–Mahut match at the 2010 Wimbledon Championship, Mahut was probably thinking, "After 183 games, 11 hours and 5 minutes over 3 days, it REALLY sucks to be the loser..."
As you can see, Mahut didn't seem too happy.

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Posted on 16 October 2014

How did Rafael Nadal beat Novak Djokovic in the 2013 US Open Final?

Attack under pressure to disrupt opponent's momentum -- definitely the strategy to win!
 Interestingly, I also published an article on the "Makings of a Champion:  What it Takes,"  focussing on the finals between Nadal and Djokovic and Charlie Rose's interview of Nadal.  I would love to hear from all of you on the article and the subject as a whole.  Here is the URL:

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Posted on 1 October 2013

How did Rafael Nadal beat Novak Djokovic in the 2013 US Open Final?

Something which puzzles me is that Djokovic wasn't flat in the AO 12 final against Rafa after a marathon 5 set semis win against Andy Murray. Yet, there was something really wrong with Djokovic in this years Wimbledon final against Murray. Yes, Murray played brilliantly and is more natural on the grass, I even favoured him to win that match, but in 5 sets. What I didnt expect was what actually ended up happening. Djokovic seemed to be struggling physically and mentally. He looked rattled. Many put that down to his epic 5 set semis with Del Potro, but if it was, he simply can't be as fit as he was. Again, this doesn't make sense since he is one of, if not the fittest player on tour. Rafa had no problems mopping up Ferrer after an epic 5 set semis win over djokovic in this years French open. If Rafa was in Djokers shoes at Wimbledon, I'd bet money on it that Rafa wouldn't have been mentally and physically suffering on the court (unless it had something to do with knees...)

Look ahead to this years US Open, same thing happens. Djokovic has an epic semis 5 set win over Stan,  he then goes on to lose the final to Rafa. When watching it as it happened it was all down to Rafa and his will.

Anyone can have a mental lapse, and I expected as much, even from Djokovic after he 'should' have broken Rafa when 40-0 up on his serve, whenever a player should have broken, to me, there's always a good chance they will take that rain cloud into the next game and get broken themselves. So, up to the 3rd set, its simple for me.

Rafa played sensational tennis in set 1, but Djokovic wasn't at his best. In set 2 Djokovic played up to his 2011 level, Rafa wasn't playing bad but was being pushed back too far behind the baseline due to djokovic's power and angles, making Rafa's shots fall short in the court. In set 3, Djokovic carried on from where he left off in set 2. That was until the persistent Rafa, hanging on for his life at 4-4, came back from 0-40 on his serve. I think that game swung the momentum. Rafa was on a high after saving practically 3 set points, and Djokovic was on a low, likely trying to fight away the nagging voice in his head saying 'how the hell did i lose that game?'. His errors at 4-5 down in the third set, serving to stay in the set, where purely mental from where I'm standing. He couldn't have 'just gotten tired all of a sudden' since he was playing superb up to this point, he didn't even lose the previous game, Rafa won those points back to hold on to his serve fair and square. So, Rafa wins set 3. There's nothing wrong with djokovic up to this point, at least not physically. For me it was just his mind that let him down in those final minutes of the set.

But, set 4 is a different story. I don't know what happened in set 4. Djokovic was a beaten man in this set. For someone so mentally tough, it doesn't make sense. Unless, at this point he really was struggling physically, maybe he was thinking that it was a long road to winning this match, knowing he had to win the next two sets. Even still, we are talking about Djokovic. I personally don't think its fair to  take even a fraction of the first 3 sets away from Nadal, he went 2-1 up because he played better when it mattered, he played his very best tennis when it mattered. Djokovic didn't physically buckle in any way up till the end of the first 3 sets. The way he was playing in that third set (Djokovic), he was the better man, he just wasn't better when it really counted. That's it really.

Perhaps he just chose a bad time to play a bad set in the 4th leg. He played bad sets against Rafa even in 2011. I mean, didn't he lose the 3rd set 6-1 against Rafa in Wimbledon 2011 finals? I don't know what happened to djokovic in that 4th set at this years US Open, but, that set and all 3 sets against Murray at Wimbledon leaves a lot of questions, doubts even for Djokovic. Nadal has been under similar circumstances himself, perhaps 2011 in the best example. Nadal has always been praised for his mental strength, his willpower. After all, its for those reasons that he beat Federer in the 2008 wimby final. However, Djokovic was all of a sudden back then better than Nadal in those departments. Supposedly the greatest player of all time in the mind was not as strong in the mind as someone in his own era. But, Nadal fired back to prove that isn't the case in the following seasons 2012 and 13. So, I'm curious as to how Djokovic will go back to the drawing board to try and overcome his present obstacles in the next season.

The 2014 tennis season is going to be an interesting one for sure.

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Posted on 25 September 2013

How did Rafael Nadal beat Novak Djokovic in the 2013 US Open Final?

The key to understand the differences is to watch the highlights of their two US Open matches, 2013 first and 2011 later.

Depth: He was not hitting with good depth during 2011. Many of his shots were landing inside the service line. Novak takes the ball very early anyway, so playing him is difficult even when one hits with consistent depth, but its a recipe of disaster when one allows Djoker that extra split-second to unleash his ground strokes.

Down the Line (mixing things up): In 2011, Nadal was using his bread-n-butter strategy (cross court forehand to opponent's backhand, serving exclusively to the opponent's backhand) without any variety. This works not only against one handers but also most players with two handers. But Djoker has such a phenomenal backhand that he can not only counter Nadal's forehand but return with interest. And since Nadal was not mixing it up, Djoker had essentially set up a camp on his backhand side and mixing things up nicely by using his devastating down the line backhand. In 2013, Nadal used his forehand DTL a LOT more, not allowing Djoker a predictable pattern of play, and keeping Djoker off balance by moving him around (which also partly explains the ineffectiveness of his BH-DTL this year).

Serve: Even in 2011 breaking Djoker was not a problem for Rafa. It was holding his serve. His improved serve (not necessarily speed but accuracy) helped a lot. Consider this: Nadal was broken just once in the last 80+ games before  the USO final. In the final itself, he got broken 3 times! That shows how great Djoker's return game is. If one is not serving at your best...

Courage: Nadal has now gone on to hold from being down 0-40 against Djoker in three important matches: AO '12, Montreal '13 and USO -- all at important moments. In USO, he saved them with a half-volley forehand down the line winner and by hitting his first -- and the only -- ace of his match. That can deflate the best of players, even Djoker. After magically winning the third set, McEnroe said, "how did he win that set? This is stealing." Indeed it was. Even in AO '12, he should have won the fifth set (was a break up) after magically winning the fourth in a similar way. He just didn't have enough confidence -- and conversely Djoker had a lot of it -- that time.

and last but not the least

Djoker's level of play: Even when Djoker was beating Nadal time after time in 2011, he was playing at his absolute best. He was redlining his game crazily and absolutely going for his shots without any inhibition. Nadal himself said that this was superhuman level of play which had to drop sometime. Despite Djoker's obvious match up advantage against Rafa, nothing less than his best does it against Rafa. He was not at his best this year, and it showed. Simply putting it:

Djoker's best > Nadal's best
Nadal's day-to-day play > Djoker's day-to-day play

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Posted on 22 September 2013

How did Rafael Nadal beat Novak Djokovic in the 2013 US Open Final?

I think it was due to the fact that Nadal was in such tremendous form during and before New York that led him to the title....he was a bit flat in the second set but take away nothing from Djokovic playing some magical shots..... But I think the semi final took away the steam from Djokovic as it did to him at Wimbledon...and after the second set it was all Nadal...brilliant shots and even to save a few break points at crucial times was instrumental to his victory at Flushing Meadows....

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Posted on 13 September 2013

How did Rafael Nadal beat Novak Djokovic in the 2013 US Open Final?

This is an interesting question and a difficult one to answer but I'll do my best.

However, I'm not going to talk about obvious stuff like their passion, confidence, talent or fighting ability as we all know they are both incredible at all those things.

Instead I'm going to give you some of my thoughts then I'm going to tell you what Rafael Nadal told me himself after the match.

Not 30 minutes after I finished commentating on the men’s final for the BBC I walked into the dressing room and to my surprise Rafael Nadal was in his corner with his team. Rafa was still in his shorts, sitting on the floor with his shirt off. He had an ice pack on his left knee and foot and was enjoying a relaxed chat with his loved ones.

I didn’t want to disturb his quiet celebrations but I couldn’t help but congratulate him and ask a question that was on my mind about the great match he had just played.

My Thoughts

As I watched the US Open final unfold from the commenting booth I noticed, like everyone else, the unforced errors coming from Novak Djokovic. Particularly his forehand seemed off. But in the flash of a moment everything started going well for him. Winner after winner he fought his way back after losing the first set and seemed unstoppable. Then suddenly, as quickly as it came, Novak’s form went off again.

Was it bad play from Novak Djokovic or was it good play from Rafael Nadal or perhaps a bit of both?

My impression was that Djokovic was a little ‘flat’ after his long and tough semi final match v Stanislas Wawrinka. A tired player can very rarely maintain long bouts of intense pressure without a lapse and it seemed like Novak’s footwork just fell off when it mattered most – during the many break points that he squandered.

Nadal has a tendency to drop the ball short when he’s not in form or nervous. To make up for this he normally relies on his incredible speed. This is normally fine and works against most players. However, against someone as good as Djokovic with his power and accuracy this becomes a problem.

So what exactly happened? How did Rafa stop Novak’s momentum and manage to come out on top?

The Question

Rather than speculate further I couldn’t help myself so I asked Rafa himself:

“what happened in the second set? You seemed to drop the ball too short but then you seemed to hit harder in the 3rd set, is this what you were trying to do?”

What he said in response startled and even surprised me, but it also showed me the tactical knowledge and respect he has for the game. Unfortunately as this was a private conversation I can’t tell you everything but I can give you a key insight into one of the special tactics Nadal used to come out on top.

Rafa Explains

Here is what Rafa said:

“I was too far at the back and his power when he has angles frightens me. He played very good I cannot beat him like this so I came up closer”

Rafa frightened? Really?

Essentially, Rafa is saying that he was playing too far back from the baseline and his shots were dropping short. This also gave Novak more angles to work with and allowing him to use his power to outmaneuver Nadal.

It became clear to me that when Rafa got “frightened” he started to attack. How did he do that? He got closer to the baseline in order to get the ball back quickly, cutting off angles and improving the depth of his shots. In effect he attacked back and puts the pressure on Novak to make the winning shot!

Old School

This made me think about my own game and my career. When I was nervous I tended to attack as well. For me it was attack the net at all costs try to frighten the opponent switching the pressure off in my head and on to theirs.

I’m sure McEnroe, Edberg and Rafter all did the same thing but this was Rafa’s way of attacking when frightened!


So there you have it, Rafael Nadal strategically attacked when he was under pressure in order to disrupt Novak Djokovic’s momentum to win the match.

Both clever, brave and effective. Coming from Rafael Nadal I suppose that’s not really a surprise though is it?

Thanks for the great insight Rafa! He was even kind enough to sign a ball for me… hey I’m a fan as well!

If you're interested you can read my blog post about this here: How I Beat Novak Djokovic: Rafael Nadal Shares His Tactic

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Posted on 11 September 2013

Besides tennis star Novak Djokovic, who else uses a CVAC pod and how well do these machines work?

There are many.  Here are a few stories about people who use CVAC:

One Kid's Personal Tennis Academy

Ascent CVAC

Session 1: Through the magical egg chamber and to reallms unknown

Pilot study: rapidly cycling hypobaric pressure improves pain after 5 days in adiposis dolorosa
    There are many.  Here are a few stories about people who use CVAC:

    One Kid's Personal Tennis Academy

    Ascent CVAC

    Session 1: Through the magical egg chamber and to reallms unknown

    Pilot study: rapidly cycling hypobaric pressure improves pain after 5 days in adiposis dolorosa
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      Posted on 13 August 2013

      Why is the ATP World Tour schedule so screwed up? 3/4 grand slams in a matter of 3 months. Vital ATP 1000 masters happening in bunches with hardly a week to separate them, case in point, Madrid & Rome open, Indian Wells & Miami, Montreal & Cincinnati. No grass court ATP 500 or 1000.

      A very high percentage of tennis players and viewers are from North american and  European countries. With only 4-5 good summer months to stuff the most of the calendar, two solid months for clay, one for grass and 2-3 for hard is the best they can come up with. I would personally like to see more grass events. I think, it would be more difficult for players as well to stay focused around the whole year if they distribute the calendar evenly

      See question on Quora

      Posted on 5 May 2013

      What special diet does Djokovic follow to maintain his trim, fit and athletic body?

      From what I know about Djokovic:
      He found out he had a gluten allergy(a protein found in wheat and grains) somewhere during his 2009-2010 seasons. A medical friend of his recommended him going gluten free. The switch worked wonders for him as his 2011 campaign proved to be his best. Since then he has not looked back.
      Now this is a small part of Djokovic's diet that has lead to his success on the court. I'm not sure what else he does with his diet but I know for sure he does not eat foods with gluten content which includes breads, pasta, and pizza. Although he could perhaps eat the gluten free versions of these foods.

      See question on Quora

      Posted on 3 May 2013

      Why did Novak Djokovic lose the 2012 US Open?

      The margins are so thin at that level anything can happen. It's very tough to beat anyone of the top 4, 3 sets in a row like Djokovic had to do.

      The level of tennis Djokovic was playing in the 3rd and 4th was tough for even him to keep up. That being said the 5th set could have just as easily gone Djokovic's way if it wasn't for 1 or 2 points. Like I said the margins are razor thin. One break a set and things are over.

      See question on Quora

      Posted on 22 September 2012

      What is causing the rapid turnover in ownership of the title: "Greatest men's tennis player of all time"?

      Dirty little secret about tennis' current golden age: surface parity is overselling this era vs. historical eras. 

      The fact that surfaces play roughly the same compared with 10 years ago means that surface specialists have largely been eliminated.  That makes it much easier for a top player to consistently do well in tournaments and dominate weaker (not big 4) opposition. 

      One way of looking at it, let's assume that players tend to do well on surfaces that match their playing styles.  That's pretty intuitive: Sampras does well on grass because he has an expert grass game, same for Kuerten on clay, etc. But that also used to mean that Sampras and Kuerten only had one major a year where their games were optimized for the surface (maybe 2 for Sampras if you count the USO). 

      Now let's assume that today's majors are roughly equivalent surfaces, such that any of the big 4 is expected to reach the semifinals of every slam (absolutely unprecedented in the modern era for 4 contemporaries).  Once you've risen to become the "best o the surface", you essentially have 4x as many chances to dominate. Plus, multi-surface dominance isn't nearly as special, examples:
      • 2 and almost a 3rd man completing the career grand slam in 3 years
      • making the x round for a dozens of straight slams
      • doing well at the French and Wimbledon

      Doesn't it seem fishy that so many people are accomplishing these goals?  Its because those goals are easier than ever to accomplish. 

      That said, there are some caveats, and I think Federer is still the GOAT.   Surfaces obviously still matter (see Nadal, red clay) and all the arguments regarding this era's excellent level of play, artistry, and mental toughness are definitely true.  Also valid are the numbers arguments that different nationalities and increased access to the sport means we are at a zenith of competitiveness. 

      Another counterargument to surface parity, why aren't women effortlessly competing on all surfaces?  Serena losing in the first round of the French and dominating the rest of the year makes me think what today's men are doing (and what Federer has been doing for years now) isn't so easy. 

      So, is today the golden era of men's tennis?  Probably yes, the big 4 are all worthy of being #1 and play like it.  But only Federer and Nadal are worthy of the GOAT discussion right now, and even Nadal is an iffy case when you consider how much surface parity helps the guys today. 

      Tangent: I do think that Bjorn Borg needs to be considered more from the modern era.  The cross era comparison is admittedly so hard its kinda stupid, but before Federer hit 15 and the recency effect took over, it used to be Laver, Sampras, and Federer were the only viable GOAT candidates from the open era.  But Bjorg never played Australia (like many of that time) and his domination on clay and grass back when it was a real challenge needs more appreciation.  I somewhat suspect Nadal's clay record is going to end up dwarfing Bjorg's strongest claim - his French Open dominance - so let me throw his name out there while there's still time.

      See question on Quora

      Posted on 18 September 2012

      What is it specifically about Novak Djokovic's game right now that allows him to consistently beat Rafa Nadal? It's interesting because it seems like Federer gives him more a challenge.

      Much simpler. Djoker can stand in and effectively take time away from Nadal, who needs time for his dramatic groundstrokes. Nole is nearly Nadal's equal as a defender, lacks an easily exploitable weakness. He returns Nadal's serve very effectively and Nadal doesn't seem to enjoy a lefties' serving advantage against Nole. As a result, Nadal is left a bit adrift tactically, and may lack the flexibility to find consistent answers vs. Djokovic.

      See question on Quora

      Posted on 20 March 2012

      What is causing the rapid turnover in ownership of the title: "Greatest men's tennis player of all time"?

      The real issue is that both Federer and Nadal have struggled to win against contemporaries that muddle their sterling all-time stats.

      By most objective metrics, it is hard to argue against Federer as one of the best tennis players of all time. He has won the most major tournaments of all time (16 in total, a career Grand Slam, and five straight at Wimbledon), which is the standard by which all great players are judged. He was also #1 for a dumbfounding  237 straight weeks, which is more than 4 years. There are a whole slew of other records that he holds outright or jointly, and it is not clear if and when any of those might be broken in the near future. There simply is no way to have a legitimate argument about the best male tennis player of all time and not include Federer, and based on these numbers alone it is hard to think of anyone more deserving of the title. 

      However, things became more complicated when Raphael Nadal rose to prominence, because Federer has struggled to defeat Nadal, especially on clay. Nadal is 17-8 all time in head-to-head match-ups. How can Federer be the best of all time if he cannot even consistently win against his best opponent? Keep in mind that Nadal was not able to play in the French Open the one year Federer won it. So since Nadal was able to beat the best tennis player in the world, it was argued that HE must be the best player in the world, even if his career stats are not quite as illustrious as Federer's.

      Adding another wrench into the mix was Djokovic, who is now able to really give Nadal problems. Nadal is 16-13 against Djokivic all time but Djokivich has the advantage in Grand Slam match-ups. Again, we have to ask, "How can Nadal be the best of all time when he struggles with Djokovich?"

      Ultimately, the real cause of the rapid turnover is the brutal competitiveness of men's professional tennis, the short shelf life for the  players, and the rise of three truly outstanding talents a few years apart from one another. Like every other sport, the competition at the top is fiercer than ever and the differences between the #10 and #1 players are closer than ever, even when the players are as singularly talented as these three.

      No matter who ends up winning the most tournaments or Grand Slam titles of the three, the real winner are the fans, who have been witness to all-time talents facing each other time after time now for the past five years, and will continue to see these three battle it out for at least a few more years.

      See question on Quora

      Posted on 7 October 2011

      What is it specifically about Novak Djokovic's game right now that allows him to consistently beat Rafa Nadal? It's interesting because it seems like Federer gives him more a challenge.

      If you look at their matches, most of the exchanges are between Nadal's crosscourt forehand and Djokovic's crosscourt backhand, which are their respective bread-and-butter shots.
      Nadal hits the FH with tons of spin and the ball bounces very high which makes it tough to handle for most opponents (including Federer who notoriously struggles with that). 2011 Djokovic, amazingly, seems not too be bothered in the least by that shot, handles it with surprising ease and rips back equally powerful and deep BHs. Not only Djokovic is most consistent in those crosscourt exchanges (which must drive Nadal nuts) but he is also the one who's able to change the trajectory and redirect to ball down-the-line more successfully. Nadal down-the-line FH has been missing in action this year and that would be the key shot to change the trend in their current head-2-head.

      Quite as importantly, Nadal is used to wear opponents down physically and often prevails in tough matches thanks to his superior endurance and stamina. Once again 2011 Djokovic seems not to be bothered by that at all and has brought his physical conditioning at the same level as Nadal's.

      Mental game
      Finally, when an opponent beats you a few times in a row it inevitably gets in your head. 2011 Djokovic seems to be superior to Nadal also in the mental department.

      See question on Quora

      Posted on 24 September 2011

      What is it specifically about Novak Djokovic's game right now that allows him to consistently beat Rafa Nadal? It's interesting because it seems like Federer gives him more a challenge.

      There is a great pre-match analysis from Wimbledon here by Will Hamilton of Fuzzy Yellow Balls. See video below.

      To summarize, Novak is a right-hander. Rafa is a left-hander. For both of them, their forehand is a huge weapon - the way they hit winners and end points.

      Therefore a neutral rally will always be down the line, backhand to backhand. Neither man would voluntarily enter a cross-court rally of one's backhand to the other's forehand.  So they start with a backhand rally down the line.

      But Novak's backhand is stronger than Rafa's right now, so he can keep Rafa pinned behind the baseline and force a short reply by Rafa, at which point he can step into the court and hit a strong crosscourt that puts Rafa in a weak position.

      Also see this analysis of Rafa vs Novak for the French Open.

      See question on Quora

      Posted on 14 September 2011

      When and why did the tennis majors adopt a randomized draw, in which groups of seeds (3-4, 5-8, 9-16, etc.) are assigned randomly in the bracket?

      This method started back in 2001 when the Grand Slam tournaments (Australian Open, French Open, U.S. Open) expanded from 16 seeds to 32 seeds to protect the top -ranked players. The reason for expanding the seeds was so to protect the top-ranked players so the No. 1 ranked player to the 17th ranked player in the first round. This also provides top players a better chance to reach the second week of the tournament, which is good for sponsors and TV networks.

      The reason for bracketing seeds within a tier (i.e. 1-4, 5-8) is supposedly to avoid having redundancy in the same opponents playing each other in every Grand Slam tournament.

      See question on Quora

      Posted on 13 September 2011

      Are you excited about a potential Djokovic-Nadal final at the French Open?

      I'm excited about these 2 hopefully meeting in the final again. Everyone should remember something about Djokovic's recent clay victories over Nadal. Federer has beaten Nadal on Clay in a 3 set game. Beating Nadal on clay in 5 sets is another matter. If Djokovic could beat him over 5 then then he would be unquestionably the best tennis player on the planet.

      See question on Quora

      Posted on 29 May 2011 search results

      Post-match: Djokovic vs Federer (Final, 2015 Wimbledon Championships)

      2015 Wimbledon Championships - Final

      Djokovic d. Federer (7-6, 6-7, 6-4, 6-3)

      5.34PM: Novak Djokovic bounces back after losing at Roland-Garros, claiming his 9th Grand Slam and 3rd at Wimbledon.

      He is well clear at No. 1 by over 4k points, it's unlikely anyone will catch up to him before the indoor hard court season.

      5.40PM: Really fantastic match from both guys, classic stuff in the first two sets though it did seem to cool right before the rain break.

      Good run for Federer, couldn't win today but still playing some excellent ball a month before his 34th birthday.

      5.43PM: Delay in the ceremony, they're shutting the roof due to rain.

      5.56PM: Some tweets:

      @mzemek It is very, very hard to believe, but for the first time since his epic 2011 season, Novak Djokovic wins two majors in the same year.

      @delpotrojuan Thanks @DjokerNole and @rogerfederer for this unforgettable final. Nole, congrats on another @Wimbledon title!

      @darren_cahill 36/42 Majors have been won by Federer, Nadal & Djokovic. Murray-2 Wawrinka-2 DelPotro-1 Cilic-1. 44/45 Majors have been won by Europeans.

      @BenRothenberg Roddick recalls time when Djokovic's endurance was huge weakness. "Couldn't be further from the truth on the book on Novak now." #Wimbledon

      5.59PM: Congrats to the Bracket Contest winners: Piie (Men's) and HiFiGyri (Women's), both win 6 months of reddit gold!

      Thanks again to jkalderash and Reddit for arranging the contest and prizes.

      6.12PM: The US Open will be the next Slam up, starting on August 31st. That's it for today.

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      Posted on 12 July 2015

      Match Thread: Djokovic vs Federer (Final, 2015 Wimbledon Championships)

      2015 Wimbledon Championships - Final

      (1) Novak Djokovic vs (2) Roger Federer

      Some streams may require an install of Media Hint, Tunlr, or Unblock Us to view
      STREAMING BBC, StreamSports, Wimbledon Video, Drakulastream, pamjitv (ESPN),, Firstrowsports
      OTHER Wimbledon Radio, Schedule, Live scoreboard, Bracket Contest
      CHAT #reddit-tennis
      DAILY THREADS 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, MS, 7, 8

      • FIRST SET

      2.23PM: Both guys have started solidly, Federer holds to lead 3-2 on serve.

      2.26PM: Break! First game with pressure, Djokovic down 0-40 and he nets a low backhand to drop serve. Federer 4-2.

      2.30PM: Break! Federer is unable to consolidate, netting a volley for the immediate break back. Federer 4-3, on serve.

      2.49PM: Clutch serving from Novak to save two set points and hold, bringing up a tiebreak.

      2.54PM: Really tight set to open the final, but Djokovic dominated the tiebreak 7-1. Djokovic 7-6.

      • SECOND SET

      3.14PM: Djokovic holds off a couple of break points to hold, he leads 3-2 on serve.

      3.30PM: Federer saves a set point to hold and go 5-5.

      3.40PM: Long game for Djokovic, he saves a break point to hold go up 6-5 on serve.

      3.44PM: Federer holds to bring up another tiebreak.

      4.00PM: What an incredible tiebreaker! Djokovic had seven set points in the TB but Federer eventually takes it 12-10. Federer 6-7, 7-6.

      • THIRD SET

      4.06PM: Djokovic comes out blazing to start, creating two break points, but Fed holds to go 1-0.

      4.11PM: Novak saves a break point to hold for 1-1.

      4.16PM: Break! Forehand error is blasted long by Federer to drop serve early. Djokovic 2-1.

      4.21PM: Stoppage in play due to weather, the roof will be kept open after all. Djokovic 3-2, with the break.

      4.50PM: Federer holds, and now Djokovic is serving for a 2-1 sets lead at 5-4.

      4.53PM: Novak holds to go within a set from defending the title. Djokovic 7-6, 6-7, 6-4.

      • FOURTH SET

      5.09PM: Break! Good return from Djokovic forces Federer into a error and he gets the break. Djokovic 3-2.

      5.13PM: Djokovic holds to lead 4-2, hasn't been under pressure on his serve since early in the third.

      5.19PM: Federer saves two break points to hold, but Djokovic still has a break at 4-3.

      5.24PM: Djokovic holds to go within a game from the championship at 5-3.

      5.26PM: Federer service (3-5): 15-40, double championship point.

      5.26PM: Novak Djokovic is the 2015 Wimbledon champion (7-6, 6-7, 6-4, 6-3)

      5.26PM: Djokovic breaks to claim Wimbledon for the third time.

      5.28PM: Post-match Thread

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      Posted on 12 July 2015

      Match Thread: Djokovic vs Gasquet (Semifinal, 2015 Wimbledon Championships)

      2015 Wimbledon Championships - Semifinal

      (1) Novak Djokovic vs (21) Richard Gasquet

      Some streams may require an install of Media Hint, Tunlr, or Unblock Us to view
      STREAMING BBC, StreamSports, Wimbledon Video, Drakulastream, pamjitv (ESPN),, Firstrowsports
      OTHER Wimbledon Radio, Schedule, Live scoreboard, Bracket Contest
      CHAT #reddit-tennis
      DAILY THREADS 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, MS, 7, 8

      • FIRST SET

      1.19PM: Break! Djokovic breaks early to lead 2-0.

      1.24PM: Break! Novak saves a break point, but Richard fires a backhand winner to convert the next one. Djokovic 2-1, on serve.

      1.51PM: Gasquet on point with his backhand at the moment, he holds for 5-5.

      1.58PM: No break points since the 3rd game, now going into the first set tiebreak.

      2.04PM: It was a tight first set, but Djokovic took the breaker easily at 7-2. Djokovic 7-6.

      • SECOND SET

      2.12PM: Break! Djokovic hits a forehand pass to break early in the second. 1-0.

      2.20PM: Gasquet saves a break point to hold, Djokovic still with the break at 2-1.

      2.25PM: Djokovic saves two break back points to hold to go up 3-1.

      2.44PM: Gasquet holds, and now Djokovic will serve for 2-0 sets lead at 5-4.

      2.47PM: Novak holds to take the second set, closing in on another Slam final. Djokovic 7-6, 6-4.

      • THIRD SET

      3.06PM: Break! Gasquet saved a BP with a Hawkeye challenge, but soon after sends a BH wide to drop serve. Djokovic 2-1.

      3.15PM: Djokovic holds to lead 4-2.

      3.30PM: Gasquet saves two match points to hold, but now Djokovic is serving for the match at 5-4.

      3.32PM: Djokovic service (5-4): 40-0, triple match point.

      3.33PM: Djokovic wins (7-6, 6-4, 6-4)

      3.33PM: Too good from the defending champ, moves on to his 17th Grand Slam final (4th at Wimbledon).

      Roger vs Andy will be next.

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      Posted on 10 July 2015

      Match Thread: Djokovic vs Wawrinka (Final, 2015 French Open)

      Roland-Garros 2015 - Final

      (1) Novak Djokovic vs (8) Stan Wawrinka

      Some streams may require an install of Media Hint, Tunlr, or Unblock Us to view
      STREAMING ITV, FranceTVSport, Drakulastream,, Firstrowsports, WTA streaming
      OTHER Radio Roland Garros, Schedule, Live scoreboard
      CHAT #reddit-tennis

      • FIRST SET

      3.17PM: 39-shot rally in the opening game, with Wawrinka saving a break point to hold. 1-0.

      3.33PM: Stan saves another break point at 30-40, holding to lead 3-2 on serve.

      3.39PM: Break! Rough service game for Stan, double faults at 0-40 to give up the first break. Djokovic 4-3.

      3.56PM: Djokovic saves a break back point to take the opening set in 43 minutes. Djokovic 6-4.

      • SECOND SET

      4.02PM: Wawrinka saves a break point in the opening game to hold. 1-0.

      4.16PM: Djokovic saves two break points to hold for 2-2.

      4.27PM: Another break point saved by Djokovic to go 3-3.

      4.40PM: Djokovic has to save a break point for the third straight game, holding for 4-4.

      4.50PM: Break! Novak was up 30-0, but he goes long at 30-40 to give up the second set. Wawrinka 4-6, 6-4.

      Djokovic trashes his racquet after that last point, gets a code violation for it.

      • THIRD SET

      5.04PM: Big hold for Djokovic, saves three break points to hold for 1-1.

      5.20PM: Break! Phenomenal game from Stan, three winners in a row to break to love. Wawrinka 4-2.

      5.25PM: Wawrinka saves a break point to consolidate, he leads 5-2.

      5.32PM: Stan holds to take a 2-1 sets lead, now one set away from the title. Wawrinka 4-6, 6-4, 6-3.

      Djokovic was cruising in the first set, but Wawrinka has definitely been playing the better ball since the second.

      • FOURTH SET

      5.43PM: Break! Stan nets a backhand down the line at 30-40 to drop serve. Djokovic 2-0.

      5.55PM: Break! One of the best rallies of the day at 15-40, ending with Nole netting a forehand. Djokovic 3-2, on serve.

      6.05PM: Gigantic hold for Djokovic, saves double break point at 15-40 to lead 4-3, on serve.

      6.11PM: Stan down triple break point 0-40, saves them all to go 4-4.

      6.17PM: Break! Novak saves a BP at 30-40, but Stan strikes a glorious backhand down the line to convert on the next one.

      Wawrinka serving for the championship at 5-4...

      6.24PM: Wawrinka service (5-4): Adv. Wawrinka, saved a break point and now it's a second championship point.

      6.25PM: Stan Wawrinka is the 2015 Roland-Garros champion (4-6, 6-4, 6-3, 6-4)

      6.25PM: Wawrinka takes it with a trademark backhand winner down the line.

      6.26PM: Post-Match thread

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      Posted on 7 June 2015

      Match Thread: Djokovic vs Murray (Semifinal, 2015 French Open)

      Roland-Garros 2015 - Semifinal

      (1) Novak Djokovic vs (3) Andy Murray

      Some streams may require an install of Media Hint, Tunlr, or Unblock Us to view
      STREAMING ITV, FranceTVSport, Drakulastream,, Firstrowsports, WTA streaming
      OTHER Radio Roland Garros, Schedule, Live scoreboard
      CHAT #reddit-tennis

      12.13PM: Continues at 1PM with Djokovic leading 6-3, 6-3, 5-7, 3-3.

      • FOURTH SET

      1.24PM: Murray holds for 5-5.

      1.30PM: Break! Novak saves a break point, but sends a forehand long at 30-40 to drop serve. Murray is serving for the set at 6-5.

      1.36PM: Backhand is long from Novak, and Andy holds to square the match. Murray 3-6, 3-6, 7-5, 7-5.

      • FINAL SET

      1.49PM: Break! Loose service game from Murray, netting a forehand to drop serve early. Djokovic 2-0.

      2.02PM: Djokovic has taken it up a notch this set, he holds to lead 4-1.

      2.08PM: Break! Novak seals a double break with a crosscourt FH winner. Djokovic serving for the match at 5-1.

      2.10PM: Djokovic service (5-1): 40-0, triple match point.

      2.11PM: Djokovic wins (6-3, 6-3, 5-7, 5-7, 6-1)

      2.11PM: Djokovic seals it with an ace, and keeps the dream of his first French Open title alive.

      Tomorrow's final from 3PM: Djokovic vs Wawrinka.

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      Posted on 6 June 2015

      Match Thread: Djokovic vs Murray (Semifinal, 2015 French Open)

      Roland-Garros 2015 - Semifinal

      (1) Novak Djokovic vs (3) Andy Murray

      Some streams may require an install of Media Hint, Tunlr, or Unblock Us to view
      STREAMING ITV, FranceTVSport, Drakulastream,, Firstrowsports, WTA streaming
      OTHER Radio Roland Garros, Schedule, Live scoreboard
      CHAT #reddit-tennis

      • FIRST SET

      5.38PM: A couple of long games to start, it's 1-1.

      5.57PM: First break point of the match for Djokovic, but it's saved. Murray holds for 3-3.

      6.06PM: Break! In a flash, Murray is broken to love. Djokovic 5-3.

      6.09PM: Novak swiftly consolidates the break to take the opening set. Djokovic 6-3.

      • SECOND SET

      6.33PM: Break! Lots of errors from Murray in this game, saved a break point but broken off the next one. Djokovic 3-2.

      6.44PM: Murray saves a couple of break points, but Djokovic still has the break at 4-3.

      6.53PM: Break! Ghastly missed smash at net from Murray, broken to 15 to go down 0-2 sets. Djokovic 6-3, 6-3.

      • THIRD SET

      7.13PM: Djokovic has yet to face a break point today, he holds again to lead 3-2 on serve.

      7.21PM: Murray under pressure with double break point at 15-40, but he holds on for 3-3.

      7.43PM: Break! Andy plays his best return game of the day, converting his first BP. Murray serving for the set at 6-5.

      7.48PM: Eight points in a row for Murray to consolidate the break and take the 3rd set. Murray 3-6, 3-6, 7-5.

      Novak has lost his first set of the tournament, and is now going off-court for a medical time-out.

      Daylight is fading, it might not finish today if it goes five...

      • FOURTH SET

      8.06PM: Murray faced triple break point at 0-40, but wins five points in a row to hold. 1-1.

      8.09PM: Break! Djokovic is broken to love right after letting three BPs slip in the previous game. Murray 2-1.

      8.16PM: Break! Murray nets his forehand to hand back the break immediately. 2-2.

      8.33PM: Murray saves a couple of break points to hold for 3-3.

      Play has been suspended due to an approaching storm, it hasn't technically been called off yet but it looks done today.

      8.44PM: Yeah, it's done. Resuming tomorrow at 1PM.

      Djokovic v. Murray (6-3, 6-3, 5-7, 3-3 - suspended)

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      Posted on 5 June 2015

      Match Thread: Djokovic vs Nadal (Quarterfinal, 2015 French Open)

      Roland-Garros 2015 - Quarterfinal

      (1) Novak Djokovic vs (6) Rafael Nadal

      Some streams may require an install of Media Hint, Tunlr, or Unblock Us to view
      STREAMING ITV, FranceTVSport, Drakulastream,, Firstrowsports, WTA streaming
      OTHER Radio Roland Garros, Schedule, Live scoreboard
      CHAT #reddit-tennis

      • FIRST SET

      3.52PM: Break! Nadal is broken to 15 to trail early. Djokovic 2-0.

      4.03PM: Break! Great point from both guys on the 2nd break point, but Novak comes out on top to break again. Djokovic 4-0.

      4.07PM: Break! Rafa converts his first break point to keep in touch. Djokovic 4-1.

      4.21PM: Break! Djokovic saves three break points, but nets a sitter FH on the 4th. Amazing turnaround, Djokovic 4-3 on serve.

      4.41PM: Marathon 12-minute game for Rafa, saving three set points to hold for 5-5. Also got a time violation warning from Mourier.

      4.54PM: Break! Djokovic converts his 6th set point to take the opener in 67 minutes. Djokovic 7-5.

      • SECOND SET

      5.24PM: Both guys holding comfortably, no break points in this set thus far. Djokovic 4-3, on serve.

      5.32PM: Break! Forehand from Rafa is long for the break, Novak is now serving for the set at 5-3.

      5.40PM: Djokovic holds to go within a set from reaching the semifinals. Djokovic 7-5, 6-3.

      Rafa has never been down 0-2 sets at Roland-Garros...

      • THIRD SET

      5.48PM: Break! Rafa saves two break points but his forehand sails wide on the 3rd for an early break. Djokovic 1-0.

      5.57PM: Break! Djokovic with a net cord winner to break again, he leads 3-0.

      6.10PM: Djokovic holds to lead 5-1.

      6.12PM: Nadal service (1-5): 0-40, triple match point for Djokovic.

      6.13PM: Djokovic wins (7-5, 6-3, 6-1)

      6.14PM: Nadal doubles faults at 0-40 to suffer his second defeat at Roland-Garros.

      The odds-on title favorite Djokovic moves on to the semifinals.

      6.15PM: Post-match Discussion

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      Posted on 3 June 2015

      Match Thread: Djokovic vs Murray (Final, 2015 Miami Open)

      2015 Miami Open - Final

      (1) Novak Djokovic vs (3) Andy Murray

      STREAMING Drakulastream,, Firstrowsports
      OTHER Order of play, Live Scores
      CHAT #reddit-tennis

      • Head-to-head: Djokovic 17 : 8 Murray

      • Djokovic's 32nd Masters final (21 titles, 10 runner-ups)

      • Murray's 13th Masters final (9 titles, 3 runner-ups)

      • FIRST SET

      1.20PM: Djokovic saves a break point in the opening game to lead 1-0.

      1.28PM: Break! Andy puts away the overhead to secure the first break. Murray 2-1.

      1.37PM: Break! Forehand error from Murray for the break back. 2-2.

      1.49PM: Break! Murray breaks to love, with a run of 8 consecutive points. Murray 4-3.

      1.54PM: Break! Djokovic breaks off a backhand error from Murray, back on serve. 4-4.

      2.13PM: Murray down 0-30, but holds to bring up the first set tiebreak.

      2.15PM: Tiebreak: Djokovic 4-0.

      2.20PM: Tiebreak: Djokovic 6-3, triple set point.

      2.21PM: Novak takes the opening set in 68 minutes, winning the tiebreak 7-3. Djokovic 7-6.

      • SECOND SET

      2.41PM: Huge service hold for Murray, saving four break points to lead 2-1.

      2.47PM: Djokovic saves a break point to go 2-2.

      3.13PM: Still no breaks in this set, Murray goes up 5-4 on serve.

      3.18PM: Break! Murray blasts a BH return winner to break to love and square the match. Murray 6-7, 6-4.

      • FINAL SET

      3.29PM: Break! Djokovic breaks to start the final set, 1-0.

      3.45PM: Break! Andy saves 5 break points, but nets on the 6th go down the double break. Djokovic 3-0.

      3.55PM: Break! Murray saves 2 break points, but sends it wide to drop serve again. Djokovic serving for the title now at 5-0.

      4.00PM: Djokovic service (5-0): Adv. Djokovic, first championship point.

      4.00PM: Novak Djokovic is the 2015 Miami Open champion (7-6, 4-6, 6-0)

      4.00PM: Djokovic wins his 22nd Masters title, his 5th in Miami, and his 10th consecutive Masters win when reaching the final.

      Shades of Melbourne in this final, competitive for most of it, but Djokovic really ran away with it in the end.

      The European clay season begins now, with the Monte Carlo Masters starting on the 12th.

      4.09PM: ATP Rankings:

      • Federer didn't defend his Miami QF points from last year, so Novak's lead increases to 4310 points

      • Murray is 3rd, and Nishikori is 4th again (both were at these ranks a few weeks ago)

      • Nadal is 5th, and is defending 3870 of his 5255 points (73.6%) in the European Clay season, will be tight for a Top 4 seed at RG

      • Berdych and Wawrinka switch at No. 8 and 9

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      Posted on 5 April 2015

      Match Thread: Djokovic vs Federer (Final, 2015 BNP Paribas Open)

      2015 BNP Paribas Open - Final

      (1) Novak Djokovic vs (2) Roger Federer

      STREAMING Drakulastream,, Firstrowsports
      RADIO BNP Paribas Open Radio
      OTHER Order of play, Live Scores
      CHAT #reddit-tennis

      • Head-to-head: Federer 20 : 17 Djokovic

      • Djokovic's 31st ATP Masters final (20 titles, 10 runner-ups)

      • Djokovic is on an 8-match win streak when making it to the finals of a Masters 1000

      • Federer's 40th ATP Masters final (23 titles, 16 runner-ups)

      • FIRST SET

      2.33PM: Djokovic earns the first break point, but Federer saves it and holds for 2-2.

      2.42PM: Break! Novak converts on his 4th break point of the game to lead 4-2.

      2.48PM: Federer holds, and now Djokovic is serving for the first set at 5-3.

      2.54PM: Excellent serving from the defending champ, he holds to take the first. Djokovic 6-3.

      • SECOND SET

      3.03PM: Djokovic saves a break point to hold, 1-1.

      3.05PM: Break! Federer nets a forehand to go down an early break. Djokovic 2-1.

      3.11PM: Two break back points for Rog but no conversion, Djokovic holds to lead 3-1.

      3.22PM: Federer saves a break point to keep in touch, Djokovic still has the break at 4-3.

      3.30PM: Break! Novak saved one break point, but nets on the second. On serve again, 4-4.

      3.51PM: Tiebreak: Djokovic 5-3.

      3.54PM: Tiebreak: Federer 6-5, first set point.

      3.55PM: Novak had his nose in front for most of the TB, but missed a sitter and DF'd twice to give Rog set point. Federer 3-6, 7-6.

      • FINAL SET

      4.05PM: Break! Djokovic breaks early to lead 2-0.

      4.17PM: Break! Marathon game for Novak, saved 4 break points but nets on the 5th. Djokovic 2-1, on serve.

      4.25PM: Djokovic 3-2, on serve.

      4.31PM: Break! Federer double faults on break point, Djokovic leads again at 4-2.

      4.33PM: Djokovic now a game away from defending his title at 5-2.

      4.36PM: Federer service (2-5): 15-40, double championship point for Djokovic.

      4.37PM: Novak Djokovic is the 2015 BNP Paribas Open champion (6-3, 6-7, 6-2)

      4.40PM: Djokovic defends his title, and is around 4000 points clear at the No. 1 ranking.

      I wonder if Federer was ailing physically in the end, looked flat in the last 3 games and the errors piled up very quickly.

      4.49PM: The Miami Open main draw starts on Tuesday, with Del Potro expected to make his return.

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      Posted on 22 March 2015

      Match Thread: Djokovic vs Murray (Final, 2015 Australian Open)

      2015 Australian Open - Final

      (1) Novak Djokovic vs (6) Andy Murray

      Some streams may require an install of Media Hint, Tunlr, Hola!, or Unblock Us to view.
      STREAMING HD stream, 7Sport (AU), Drakulastream,, EspnGO (US)
      RADIO AO Radio
      OTHER Pre-match thread, Schedule, Scores
      CHAT #reddit-tennis

      • FIRST SET

      7.58PM: Novak was down triple break point at 0-40, but saves them all to hold. Djokovic 2-1, on serve.

      8.02PM: Break! Djokovic strikes a return winner off the wide serve to break and lead 3-1.

      8.19PM: Break! Djokovic saves 2 break points, but on the 3rd he nets a backhand down the line. On serve again, Djokovic 4-3.

      8.25PM: Break! Unforced error from the Murray backhand to drop serve again. Djokovic now serving for the set at 5-3.

      Novak fell awkwardly on his hand in that game, looks to have hurt his thumb or knuckles.

      8.30PM: Break! Forced error from Djokovic floats the ball long for the break back. Djokovic 5-4, on serve.

      Djokovic is consulting with the doctor about that hand injury from the last game, no MTO taken yet.

      8.53PM: Tiebreak: Djokovic 6-5, set point after Andy sends a volley long.

      8.54PM: The 73-minute long opening set concludes with Novak winning the breaker 7-5. Djokovic 7-6.

      • SECOND SET

      9.05PM: Break! Nole hurt his foot/ankle in the last game, and is moving very strangely now. Murray breaks to lead 2-0.

      9.09PM: Break! Murray is broken back immediately. On serve again, Murray 2-1.

      9.16PM: Murray with a look at 0-30, but Djokovic holds for 2-2.

      9.19PM: Break! Djokovic breaks to love to lead 3-2.

      9.28PM: Djokovic 4-3, with the break. Intruding protestors caused a small 4-5 minute delay, play is resuming now.

      9.37PM: Break! Andy blasts a forehand winner out of Novak's range to break back. 4-4.

      9.52PM: Djokovic saves a set point in a marathon 10-minute game to go 5-5.

      10.01PM: Some ridiculously good tennis being played right now. Andy saves three break points to go lead 6-5, on serve.

      10.14PM: Andy wins the breaker 7-4 to make it one set all. Two and a half hours for two sets... Murray 6-7, 7-6.

      • THIRD SET

      10.21PM: Break! Djokovic looks very fatigued, he drops serve to open the set. Murray 1-0.

      10.32PM: Break! A few too many errors off the Murray racquet there... Djokovic breaks back to for 2-2.

      10.45PM: Break point for Murray at 30-40, but Djokovic holds to go ahead 4-3.

      10.50PM: Break! Oh man, Murray throws in a double fault at 15-40 to drop serve. Andy promptly takes it out on his racquet.

      Novak serving for the third set at 5-3.

      10.54PM: Novak holds to take a 2-1 sets lead. One set away from a 5th Australian Open championship... Djokovic 7-6, 6-7, 6-3.

      • FOURTH SET

      10.59PM: Break! Murray nets a forehand to drop serve in the opening game. Djokovic 1-0.

      11.07PM: Break! Djokovic punishes Murray's 2nd serve with a backhand return winner to break again. Djokovic 3-0.

      11.17PM: Break! Murray Hawkeye challenges a ball but it was in, point goes to Djokovic for the break.

      Novak has won 11 of the last 12 games... serving for the championship at 5-0.

      11.20PM: Djokovic service (5-0): 40-15, double championship point.

      11.21PM: Novak Djokovic is the 2015 Australian Open champion (7-6, 6-7, 6-3, 6-0)

      11.22PM: Super competitive in those first two sets, but Djokovic dominated the last 45 minutes.

      He wins his 8th major, and becomes the first man (in the Open Era) to win five Australian Opens.

      Post-match thread

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      Posted on 1 February 2015

      Match Thread: Djokovic vs Wawrinka (Semifinal, 2015 Australian Open)

      2015 Australian Open - Semifinal

      (1) Novak Djokovic vs (4) Stan Wawrinka

      Some streams may require an install of Media Hint, Tunlr, Hola!, or Unblock Us to view.
      STREAMING HD stream, 7Sport (AU), Drakulastream,,, Firstrowsports,, EspnGO (US)
      RADIO AO Radio
      OTHER Schedule, Scores
      CHAT #reddit-tennis

      • FIRST SET

      7.55PM: The first game where the server has been under pressure, but Stan holds from deuce to go 3-3.

      Wawrinka was vocal about his request for a doctor taking too long, he was looking to get some eye drops.

      7.58PM: Break! Stan earns the first break points at 15-40, and Novak sends the ball out long. Wawrinka 4-3.

      8.03PM: Break! Novak breaks back to love. On serve again, 4-4.

      8.11PM: Two set points for Novak against serve, but Stan saves them both. 5-5.

      8.21PM: Tiebreak: Djokovic 6-1, five set points.

      8.22PM: Not the most enthralling tiebreak, Djokovic takes it easily at 7-1. Djokovic 7-6.

      • SECOND SET

      8.29PM: Wawrinka saves two break points to hold, 1-0.

      8.46PM: Break! Djokovic up 30-0, but drops four points a row (ending with a double) for a break. Wawrinka 4-2.

      8.51PM: Stan taken to deuce, but he eventually consolidates to lead 5-2.

      8.58PM: Wawrinka is the first man to take a set off Novak at this Open. All square, Wawrinka 6-7, 6-3.

      • THIRD SET

      9.10PM: 8-minute service game for Novak to start the third, he saves a break point to hold. 1-0.

      9.14PM: Break! Stan overshoots a forehand at 15-40 to drop serve. Djokovic 2-0.

      9.26PM: Break point saved by Wawrinka, he holds but Djokovic is still up 3-1.

      9.29PM: Break! Djokovic quickly down 0-40, and is broken when his BH volley misses the mark. Djokovic 3-2, on serve.

      9.43PM: Djokovic 5-4, on serve.

      9.49PM: Break! Stan was up 40-15, but got pushed to a break point where he nets a forehand. Djokovic 7-6, 3-6, 6-4.

      Weird moment: Novak was standing around because he didn't know the break had won him the set.

      • FOURTH SET

      10.01PM: Break! Djokovic breaks early to go up 2-0.

      10.04PM: Break! Clunky game from Novak, hands the break back with a bunch of errors. Djokovic 2-1, on serve.

      10.11PM: Waw, Stan down 0-40 right after breaking. He knocks out five points in a row to hold, 2-2.

      10.21PM: Break! Novak is looking really ragged right now, he gets broken again to love. Wawrinka 4-3.

      10.28PM: Djokovic holds, and now Wawrinka will be serving for the set at 5-4.

      10.33PM: The defending champ holds to force a decider, closing in on 3 hours played. Wawrinka 6-7, 6-3, 4-6, 6-4.

      • FINAL SET

      Part 2

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      Posted on 29 January 2015

      Match Thread: Novak Djokovic vs. Kei Nishikori (US Open Semifinal 1)

      Didn't see one so here we go.

      Enjoy the match folks! Its gonna be a good one.

      Set 1: Nishikori leads 6-4

      Set 2: Djokovic wins 6-1. We are tied at 1 set all.

      Set 3: Nishikori rallies hard to win in a tie break. Leads 2 sets to 1.

      Set 4: Nishikori breaks twice and takes the set 6-3

      Final: Nishikori beats Djokovic 6-4 1-6 7-6 6-3

      Incredible match.

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      Posted on 6 September 2014

      Match Thread: Djokovic vs Federer (Final, 2014 Wimbledon Championships)

      2014 Wimbledon Championships - Final

      (1) Novak Djokovic vs (4) Roger Federer

      Some streams may require an install of Media Hint, Tunlr, Hola!, or Unblock Us to view.
      STREAMING BBC, Wiziwig, Drakulastream,, Firstrowsports, ESPN
      RADIO Wimbledon Radio
      CHAT #reddit-tennis

      • Head-to-head: Federer 18 : 16 Djokovic

      • Djokovic will be ranked No. 1 if he wins today

      • Federer is attempting to win his 8th Wimbledon championship, and 18th Grand Slam overall

      • FIRST SET

      2.27PM: Both guys are playing aggressively early on, Federer holds for 3-3.

      2.44PM: Rog's serve under pressure in that game, but he holds for 5-5.

      2.52PM: I'd say Djokovic has started better, but things are pretty tight. Federer holds to bring up the tiebreak.

      2.59PM: Tiebreak: Djokovic 6-5, with mini-break and first set point.

      3.01PM: Tiebreak: Djokovic 7-6, on serve and second set point.

      3.02PM: Tiebreak: Federer 8-7, on serve and his first set point.

      3.03PM: Extremely tight breaker, Djokovic had two set points but couldn't close.

      Federer wins the tiebreak 9-7 on his first set point after Novak nets a backhand. Federer 7-6.

      • SECOND SET

      3.12PM: First break points of the match for Djokovic, both of them are saved. Federer holds for 1-0.

      3.18PM: Break! Facing another break point, Federer comes into net but gets burned by backhand pass. Djokovic 2-1.

      Novak is now getting some treatment from the trainer for the fall he took in the opening game of the set.

      3.40PM: Federer holds, and now Djokovic is serving to square the match at 5-4.

      3.45PM: Djokovic saves a break point to hold, and he levels the match. Djokovic 6-7, 6-4.

      • THIRD SET

      4.06PM: Both guys are holding serve with little trouble in this set so far. 3-3.

      4.13PM: Fed serves four aces in a row for a love hold, he's up 5-4 on serve. Two hours played.

      4.24PM: Nervy game for Federer, saving two break points to hold. He leads 6-5, on serve.

      4.30PM: Tiebreak: Djokovic 4-2.

      4.33PM: Tiebreak: Djokovic 6-4, double set point.

      4.34PM: Federer floats a backhand long, and Djokovic wins the tiebreak 7-4. Djokovic 6-7, 6-4, 7-6.

      It's a long way back for Roger, he has only created one break point in the whole match.

      • FOURTH SET

      4.49PM: Break! Federer down 0-40, saves three break points but his forehand when facing the 4th. Djokovic 3-1.

      4.52PM: Break! Rog with the crosscourt forehand winner to break back to 15. Djokovic 3-2, on serve.

      4.57PM: Break! Djokovic breaks again to regain the lead, he's up 4-2.

      5.06PM: Federer holds, and now Djokovic is serving for the title at 5-3.

      5.11PM: Break! Novak falls down and Rog chases the ball out wide, he hits it into the open court to break. Djokovic 5-4, on serve.

      5.17PM: Fed facing match point at 30-40, 1st serve is called out but Hawkeye shows it was an ace. He eventually holds for 5-5.

      5.20PM: Break! Novak down 0-40, saves 2 BPs but his forehand is long on the 3rd. Federer serving for the set at 6-5.

      5.24PM: Roger holds, it's goin' to five. Federer 7-6, 4-6, 6-7, 7-5.

      • FINAL SET

      5.34PM: Djokovic holds to lead 2-1, on serve. Novak is taking a MTO for treatment on his leg.

      5.53PM: Big save for Djokovic down 30-40, he holds to lead 4-3 on serve.

      6.00PM: Federer under immense pressure, saving 3 break points to hold. 4-4.

      6.03PM: Novak holds to 15, and now Rog has to hold his serve to stay in it. Djokovic 5-4, on serve.

      6.07PM: Federer service (4-5): 15-40, double championship point.

      6.07PM: Novak Djokovic is the 2014 Wimbledon champion (6-7, 6-4, 7-6, 5-7, 6-4)

      6.10PM: A shaky service game from Federer in the end, he nets at 15-40 and it's all over.

      Djokovic turns around his bad luck at the Majors to claim his 7th Grand Slam title.

      Post-match Discussion

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      Posted on 6 July 2014

      Match Thread: Roger Federer vs Novak Djokovic (Mens Final, BNP Paribas Open 2014)

      BNP Paribas Open 2014 - Final

      (7) Roger Federer vs (2) Novak Djokovic

      STREAMING EspnGO, Streamhunter, Firstrowsports, Drakula
      RADIO BNP Paribas Live Radio
      CHAT #reddit-tennis

      Federer Djokovic
      Head-to-head 17-15 15-17
      • Highlights of their previous meeting in Dubai this year

      • Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer go head-to-head for the 33rd time in the final of the 39th edition of the BNP Paribas Open.

      • Federer, who at 32 is trying to become the oldest ATP World Tour Masters 1000 titlist since Andre Agassi (34) in Cincinnati in 2004.

      • Federer is bidding for an unprecedented fifth title at Indian Wells. The Swiss leads the way in the desert with a tournament-high four titles to his name (2012, ‘06, ‘05, ‘04).

      • Djokovic is seeking a third BNP Paribas Open crown (2008, ‘11).

      • Djokovic will remain at No. 2 in the Emirates ATP Rankings no matter today’s result. Federer, on the other hand, will rise from No. 8 to No. 5 and to No. 4 if he wins the title. The last time Federer ranked in the top 4 was on June 24, 2013 when he came into Wimbledon at No. 3.

      • This will be the 33rd meeting between Federer and Djokovic, which will tie for sixth in the list of ‘Most Open Era Match-Ups’. The pair has met 32 times in total (17-15 Federer) - 25 times on hard courts (Federer 13-12); six times on clay (Tied 3-3); and once on grass (1-0 Federer).

      All times listed are GMT, unless otherwise stated

      9:11PM: Federer to serve.

      • FIRST SET

      9:14PM : Federer hits a nice backhand and follows up with some crisp forehands to get to game point. Novak fires a service return winner to get to 40-30, but Federer manages to hold. 1-0*.

      9:17PM : BREAK! A ball lands nicely on Novak's baseline, followed by a wayward forehand by Novak gives 0-30 to Federer. Federer sprays a point and nets two more to give Novak his first game point. A double fault by Novak brings his service game to a deuce. Djokovic commands the next point to get to advantage, but then proceeds to net a routine forehand to get to deuce 2. Novak squanders another game point with a double fault. Federer gets a break point with a good volley at the net. Federer takes it to break! *2-0

      9:23PM : Federer is hitting some sweet shots making Novak run off the court and gets to 40-15 easily. He holds with a nice serve volley and smash combination! 3-0*

      9:26PM : Novak serves another double fault at the dismay to tournament owner Larry Ellison. However Novak proceeds to hold quite comfortably. *3-1

      9:31PM : Federer holds serve easily with inch perfect ground strokes that Novak is forced to hit long. Even though Novak hits a brilliant return winner, Federer hits an amazing winner after showing his speed and flexibility. 4-1*

      9:34PM : Novak gets to 40-0 after hitting some nice strokes and a Federer error, followed by a Federror shank (r). *4-2

      9:37PM : Both players are hitting some amazing winners so far, and it's Novak's turn on Federer's first point. It gets to 30-30 when Federer double faults for the first time. That is followed by an ace and then another unreturnable first serve to get Federer through the game. 5-2*

      9:38PM : Novak is serving with new balls. Federer hits another winner off Novak's serve. Another Federer winner takes the game to 30-30, and then Federer misses a volley to give Novak game point. Novak takes it with a good first serve. *5-3.

      9:42PM : Federer races to 30-0 as stats show Federer's serve is above 70%. Triple set point is followed after another easy point, then Federer takes it! 6-3

      First set statistics.

      • SECOND SET

      9:48PM : Novak seems a little on edge, but he soon shows that he isn't when he hits a brilliant angled cross court winner. That is followed by another cross court angled forehand, which Federer can only hit long. Novak looking to make a strong start in the second set, but Federer fires a forehand winner to get the game to 40-30. Novak serves it out with a strong first serve. *0-1

      9:52PM : Federer seemingly looks like holding his serve with ease after a couple solid forehands, but Federer gifts Novak two points to 30-30. The game gets to deuce after Novak hits a long forehand followed by a netted stroke from Federer. Federer's serve looks all over the place compared to the 1st set, and he is gifted a game point at advantage when Novak's fires a backhand down the line long. Another wide backhand gives Federer the game. 1-1*

      Federer serve direction so far.

      9:55PM : Novak is serving well so far this set, au contraire to Federer. Federer is gifting Novak points with some wayward strokes. Novak follows up with a good first serve to close the game. *1-2

      10:00PM : Federer has gone off the boil, as he visibly hitting the ball worse than ever for his current form. Novak is making Federer work for his points and gets to 15-30. A tremendous rally ends in a Novak netted backhand after he seemingly looked in control, luckily for Federer. Federer holds after a good first serve and a Novak return that flies out. 2-2*

      10:03PM : Federer wins the first point of Novak's service game, but Novak is quickly able to get to 40-15 after hitting some very accurate ground strokes. Novak holds after forcing Federer to mishit a backhand. *2-3

      10:06PM : Federer is looking to get his forehand back into form after finding some nice angles on his first point. Some mixed play from both players takes the game to 30-30. Federer arrives at a game point, but Novak is hitting some heavy accurate strokes, and that allows him to take the game to deuce. Some literally insane backhands allows him to hold including one particularly elegant masterpiece worth of Federer. 3-3*

      10:14PM : Federer gets first point of Novak's game, but hands Novak the next two as he is trying to force to issue. The match tickles over the 1 hour mark, with the game reaching 30-30. Novak is having none of it, as he hits some heavy forehands to Federer's backhand to get a game point. Novaks hits long to take the game to deuce. Federer returns the favor with a wide forehand service return. Novak proceeds to hold after Federer hits a short return. *3-4

      10:17PM : BREAK! Federer is serving with new balls. Novak is trying to show how he can up his levels, as he gets to 15-30 on a weak looking Federer serve. Novak is looking in control as he gets a chance at 2 break points. Federer saves one break point. But after some insane Novak defense, he somehow wins the rally to break! 3-5*

      10:23PM : Federer gets to 0-30 on Novak's serve as he looks to break back. A brilliant cross court Novak forehand creates an angle too good for Federer. Federer nets the next point, taking the game to 30-30. Novak comes up with an ace at a crucial time to give himself set point. Then he takes the set after some nice defense and a Federer error. 3-6

      2nd set statistics.

      • FINAL SET

      10:30PM : Federer looks to hold with ease after he finds a few first serves and forehands. Federer still has game point after netting after a long rally. Federer double faults to take the game to deuce. Rallies are starting to favor Novak after he is getting everything Federer has to offer back into play. The Novak pressure is seeminly getting to Federer as he nets yet another forehand. But Federer hits a forehand winner and manages to dodge a bullet by holding serve. 1-0*

      10:37PM : The level of tennis being played is starting to get ridiculous. Novak doesn't look like losing these long rallies, and after some good serving, he gets to two game points with ease. The game goes to deuce after Federer makes Novak net a forehand. Some strong hitting from Novak allows him to hold. *1-1

      10:42PM : BREAK! It quickly gets to 15-30 on Federer's serve as Novak anticipates Federer's movement and forehands. Federer double faults to give Novak 2 break points. He saves the second with a brilliant cross court forehand winner. Novak is playing like a man possessed, with some crazy defense. He conjurs up another break point, but Federer aces back to deuce. Some more amazing defense gives Novak a break point, and he takes it after an amazing return forces Federer to spray wide. 1-2*

      10:48PM : It gets to 30-30 on Novak's serve. Novak's great defense allows to him hold rather easily as Federer shanks a few points. *1-3

      10:50PM : Nothing to say here, except some exquisite points from Federer gives him a love service game! 2-3*

      10:55PM : Novak is serving well and is covering the base line surpremely, which gives him the game to love. *2-4

      10:57PM : The match intensity has lowered a bit as rallies are much shorter, but Novak and Federer are still both hitting the ball brutally. However, Federer manages to hold comfortably to 15. 3-4*

      11:03PM : Novak is reading Federer all too well, it seems. Pin point accuracy. A odd double fault in the game makes it 15-15. A massive forehand return from Federer takes it 15-30. A Federer chip just about lands wide to give Novak a point. The kick second serve is bothering Federer, giving Novak easy points in return. Then follows an amazing point by Novak to hold. *3-5

      11:05PM : Federer has found his first serves again, and he races to 40-0. Federer easily holds again after a sublime cross court half volley winner. 4-5*

      11:10PM : BREAK! So it's Novak to serve for the Championship then! But is he? Federer quickly gets to 0-30 after some crisp forehands, making Novak stretch. After some more sublime inventive shots, Federer gets to 0-40! Novak saves the first with a brilliant forehand. However, Federer screams in delight as he simply raises to another level with some brilliant returns. *5-5

      11:14PM : Federer suddenly can't miss! Some brilliant strokes here from Federer, getting him to 40-0. The crowd is absolutely loving the come back and the amazing tennis. Federer holds after Novak hits a forehand long! 6-5*

      11:15PM : It's all too calm, as the match inevitably heads into a final set tiebreaker! 6-6. Players receive an additional challenge.

      • TIE BREAK

      Novak gets a 3-1 lead, and then Federer nets another forehand to give Novak a 4-1 lead. Novak gets to 5-1 before spraying a forehand long to gift a mini break back to Fed, 5-2. Federer gifts Novak another point for 6-2, but then aces to 6-3. Federer nets and Novak wins Indian Wells 6-3, 3-6, 6-7

      Match statistics

      Cool 3D of Federer's forehand.

      PS: You can see when the match was getting tense! Thanks for reading.

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      Match Thread: Djokovic vs Murray (Men's Final, 2013 Australian Open)

      2013 Australian Open - Men's Singles, Final

      (1) Novak Djokovic vs (3) Andy Murray

      Video streaming: Firstrowsports, Streamhunter, ESPN

      Radio: AO Radio

      . Novak Djokovic Andy Murray
      Head-to-head 10 wins, 7 losses 7 wins, 10 losses
      Slam Finals 5 titles, 4 runner-ups 1 title, 4 runner-ups
      If they win... First man in Open Era to win 3 AOs consecutively First man in Open Era to win their first 2 Slams back-to-back
      Equal Becker and Edberg with 6 Slams His first Australian Open title out of 3 finals in Melbourne
      Equal Federer and Agassi with 4 AO titles First British man w/ 107 Slam wins (currently tied w/ Perry)
      • 14 out of their 17 meetings, the winner of the first set wins the match

      • Third year in a row that they've met at the Australian Open (Both Djokovic wins: 2011 final, 2012 semifinal)

      • Djokovic has now made it to 8 of the last 10 Men's Slam finals (4 won, 3 lost, 1 more to be determined tonight)

      Read user comments in this thread in real time using reddit-stream (thanks to FreakAndGeek)

      7:37PM: Murray won the toss and elected to receive, play to begin in about 10 minutes.

      • FIRST SET

      7:58PM: Murray holds to love for 2-2.

      8:03PM: Novak taken to deuce, but he plays a great point to hold. Djokovic 3-2, on serve.

      8:13PM: Murray saves 4 break points in a 9-minute game, the rallies getting a bit longer now. 3-3.

      8:19PM: Djokovic holds for 4-3, on serve. Good point where he fell over and recovered to win the rally.

      8:25PM: Break point saved by Andy, he holds for 4-4.

      8:29PM: Nole showing agitation with his shoes, and his leg is slightly bleeding from his fall. He holds, Djokovic 5-4.

      8:44PM: Service winner by Murray to bring up a first set tiebreak after an hour played.

      8:46PM: Tiebreak: Murray 3-0, the ball is sent long by Djokovic.

      8:51PM: Tiebreak: Murray 6-1, 5 set points.

      8:53PM: Ball is sent long and Andy takes the first set 7-2 in the breaker. 68 minutes played, Murray 7-6.

      • SECOND SET

      9:07PM: Huge hold for Djokovic, was 0-40 down but finishes with a 26-shot rally to hold. 1-1.

      9:20PM: Novak shows his frustration at the moment, kicks the ball up near the stands. Murray 3-2, on serve.

      9:28PM: Andy is winning 87% of points on his first serve. Murray 4-3, on serve.

      9:41PM: 5-5. Djokovic has won 21 out of 25 net approaches tonight so far.

      9:49PM: Backhand crosscourt winner by Novak brings up another breaker.

      9:53PM: Tiebreak: Djokovic 4-2, Andy's forehand down the line floats wide.

      9:57PM: Tiebreak: Djokovic 6-3, triple set point to square the final.

      9:58PM: The 2nd set tiebreak is taken out by Djokovic 7-3, total time played now is 2 hours and 13 minutes. Djokovic 6-7, 7-6.

      • THIRD SET

      10:01PM: 3-minute injury timeout for Andy Murray before the 3rd set begins, working on his foot.

      10:17PM: Murray's facial expressions telegraphing his pain, but he's still playing at a good level right now. He holds for 2-2.

      10:29PM: Djokovic holds for 4-3, on serve.

      10:34PM: Murray service (3-4): 0-40, triple break point.

      10:36PM: Andy's forehand hits the net tape, and that's the first service break of the final. Djokovic 5-3.

      10:39PM: Love service gives the Serb the 3rd set after almost 3 hours played. Djokovic 6-7, 7-6, 6-3.

      Murray giving central umpire John Blom a piece of his mind regarding the people in the crowd calling out.

      • FOURTH SET

      10:53PM: First break point chance for Murray in a while, but he can't get it into play. Djokovic holds for 1-1.

      10:56PM: Andy nets at 30-40 and is broken the for the 2nd time tonight. Djokovic 2-1.

      11:01PM: Djokovic 3-1.

      11:10PM: A ball fell out of Andy's pocket during play in that game, they had to replay the point.

      Murray goes on to get broken again, it's probably lights out on getting his 2nd Slam trophy now. Djokovic 4-1.

      11:20PM: Djokovic 5-2, now serving for the 2013 Australian Open. Yet to have his serve broken tonight.

      11:23PM: Djokovic service (5-2): 40-30, first championship point.

      11:25PM: Novak Djokovic is the 2013 Australian Open Champion (6-7, 7-6, 6-3, 6-2)

      11:28PM: Too good from Djokovic tonight, his serve was never broken and he looked like he could've played another set easily if it had gone to a fifth.

      Murray started strongly but wasn't moving as well later in the match, perhaps due to some fatigue and his blistered foot that had to be treated in the 3rd set.

      He wins his 6th career Slam and 4th Australian Open, and becomes the first man in the Open Era to win it 3 times consecutively.

      11:32PM: Post Match Discussion.

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      Posted on 27 January 2013