Powerball Winning Numbers

Powerball Winning Numbers - Yahoo News Search Results

Powerball Winning Numbers - Yahoo News Search Results

Powerball Ticket Worth $2 Million Sold in Lehigh County

MIDDLETOWN, Pa., April 13, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- One Powerball® ticket worth $2 million was sold in Lehigh County for the Saturday, April 11, drawing. The ticket matched all five white balls drawn, 01-12-32-42-58, but not the red Powerball 12, to win a prize of $2 million,...

Posted on 13 April 2015

Winning numbers drawn in 'Powerball' game

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Posted on 11 April 2015

Powerball Winning Numbers April 11: Do You Have The $80 Million Winning Ticket?

Do you have the winning Powerball numbers for April 11? If so, you will become the lottery’s newest mega-millionaire — Saturday night’s jackpot is worth a cool $80 million. The drawing takes place at 11 p.m. ET, so get your ticket ready. You’ll need to match all five numbers and the Powerball to win the Powerball Winning Numbers April 11: Do You Have The $80 Million Winning Ticket? is an article ...

Posted on 11 April 2015


The winning numbers drawn Wednesday night in Powerball: 1-19-45-46-58

Posted on 9 April 2015

Powerball winning numbers drawn; Ohio Lottery results for Wednesday

The jackpot for the Rolling Cash 5 has reached $396,000.

Posted on 8 April 2015

3 $1M Maryland Lottery prizes remain unclaimed

Three $1 million Powerball prizes remain unclaimed in Maryland since February.

Posted on 8 April 2015

Powerball Winning Numbers April 4: Watch $60 Million Jackpot Drawing Live Online

The Powerball jackpot for April 4 is worth $60 million. If you are lucky enough to match all six winning numbers and become an instant multi-millionaire, you will have plenty to talk about at the Easter dinner table on Sunday. Watch the drawing live online at 11 p.m. ET on Powerball Live, or watch on Powerball Winning Numbers April 4: Watch $60 Million Jackpot Drawing Live Online is an article ...

Posted on 4 April 2015

Powerball Winning Numbers April 1: $50 Million Jackpot Is Real, But This Winner Got Pranked

Do you have the winning Powerball numbers for April 1? It won’t be a joke if you match all six numbers on your ticket on Wednesday night, but make sure a prankster doesn’t trick you into thinking you won $50 million — it’s a classic April Fools’ Day joke. The Powerball results will be revealed Powerball Winning Numbers April 1: $50 Million Jackpot Is Real, But This Winner Got Pranked is an ...

Posted on 1 April 2015

Powerball Winning Numbers March 28: The Lottery’s Newest Multi-Millionaire Could Be You

Do you have the winning Powerball numbers for Saturday night’s drawing? The $40 million jackpot will make someone an instant multi-millionaire if they match all six numbers drawn on March 28. See the winning numbers below. One lucky ticket holder won the last jackpot drawn on March 25, with Philly.com reporting that the winning ticket Powerball Winning Numbers March 28: The Lottery’s Newest ...

Posted on 28 March 2015

Powerball Winning Numbers March 25: $40 Million Up For Grabs, Do You Have The Winning Ticket?

The Powerball jackpot for March 25 is worth a cool $40 million. While it’s not the biggest jackpot in the history of the multi-state lottery game, it’s certainly enough to pay off some bills and make life a lot more comfortable. M Live reports that there hasn’t been a substantial jackpot since the $564 million Powerball Winning Numbers March 25: $40 Million Up For Grabs, Do You Have The Winning ...

Posted on 25 March 2015


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Posted on 14 January 2016

[LOF] Feeling lucky? Test your odds in the LOF Powerball for discounts on Secret Admirer!

The chances of winning $1.5 billion in Powerball are, like, 1 in 292,201,338. The chances of winning in LOF Powerball, however, are way greater!

Send in your lucky numbers for a chance to score a discount on our Secret Admirer raffle. Here's how it works:

  1. Fill out the form to enter Secret Admirer

  2. Enter your combination of numbers in the coupon code field, kind of like choosing winning numbers for Powerball. Guess three numbers and hit "Apply" to see if that's a winning combination. For example, you could try "01 02 03". Pick any three numbers from 1-15! Add a 0 to numbers 1-9 (e.g. 01, 02, 03, etc).

  3. If your numbers make a winning combination, you'll see your order total update and get a success message. If your numbers don't match one of our winning combinations, keep trying!

  4. LOF Powerball isn't for the faint of heart, so if you give up, you can still submit an order for only $50! :D


  • 10 lucky people will get $5 off their Secret Admirer,

  • 3 lucky winners will score $10 off, and

  • 1 lucky user will win a free entry into Secret Admirer (a $50 value)!

Feel free to ask any questions below. Good luck!

Click here to enter Secret Admirer and to play LOF Powerball!

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Posted on 13 January 2016

Lottery Megathread #2

The Powerball™ is a lottery offered by a total of 44 states (and a few other places) in the US. Recently, the jackpot for Powerball™ grew to a record USD $1.3 Billion*. The odds of winning this jackpot are 1 in 292,201,338. To put it in perspective, you are more likely to be elected president, or struck by lightning while drowning than you are to win the Powerball™ Jackpot.

The next drawing for the Powerball™ will be tonight at 10:59PM EST. The Multi-State Lottery Association will query their records, and if it finds no winning numbers purchased, the next drawing will be on Saturday. A list of all possible ways to win can be found here.

Please post top level comments as questions. To respond, reply to that comment as you would if it were a thread. This post will be in suggested sort: new so that new questions have equal exposure. We will be removing other posts about the Powerball™ lottery (and lotteries in general) since the purpose of these megathreads is to put everything into one place.

*Other currencies (for your convenience):

Currency Value
Euros €1.19 Billion
Canadian Dollar CAD $1.84 Billion
Chinese Yuan ¥8.53 Billion
Indian Rupee ₹86.96 Billion
British Pound £895.29 Million
Bitcoin BTC 2.92 Million
Dogecoin Ð7.937 Billion
Yams 657,894,737 Cans

Officials are expecting that this number will climb to over $1.5 Billion USD, so these numbers will be a little off. Additionally, the amount won will depend on the number of winning tickets sold, and whether the purchaser chooses to take the annuity or the lump sum.

Edit: The winning numbers are 08-27-34-04-19 Powerball: 10

Edit 2: A jackpot winning ticket was sold in Chino Hills, California

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Posted on 13 January 2016

What is the best way to play the lottery, scientifically?

As we all know, the drawing tonight is the biggest in history. I'm not an avid player by any means, as I typically only plan when it gets hyped up in the media.

I typically just buy a few quick picks, but just realizing today that I don't even know what method of random selection quick pick uses. Does it base it on other numbers it has chosen for other quick pick buyers?

Digging in further, I see that Powerball lists past winning numbers, so we can get some sort of idea on winning number frequency. (Also, you can just get them all in 1 text file here).

Now, if I were to stop using the quick pick method, what would scientifically be the best way to choose my numbers to create the best odds of winning? By choosing numbers that have been drawn the most? By choosing numbers that have been drawn the least? By some sort of other formula?

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Posted on 13 January 2016

Fun Numbers: Things in the NBA that have about the same odds as winning the Powerball lottery

The odds of winning tonight's Powerball lottery is about 1:292 million. What are some things in the NBA that have the same odds?

  • Stephen Curry hitting his next 23 three pointers (1:393 million)
  • Kevin Durant hitting his next 187 free throws (1:292 million)
  • The New York Knicks winning their next 29 games (1:537 million)
  • DeAndre Jordan making his next 22 free throws (1:297 million)
  • Andrew Wiggins making his next 14 three pointers (1:423 million)
  • The Golden State Warriors losing their next 14 games (1:268 million)
  • The "Last Team Out" in the draft lottery (#14) wins the next four draft lotteries (1:1600 million)
  • The worst team in the league losing the draft lottery the next 68 seasons (1:313 million)
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Posted on 13 January 2016

[Off-topic]/r/wet_shavers Powerball pool - $2.

So right now, the Powerball jackpot is up to $1.5 billion, the largest jackpot in history. In former employments, I was always a big fan of the workplace lotto pools, but since I'm self-employed at the moment, a lotto pool of one is not nearly as much fun.

So, in the interests of a probably pointless but still mildly entertaining group endeavor, and to give the option to those of you that don't live in states / countries where Powerball is available, I thought I'd set up an /r/wet_shavers Powerball pool.

(Yes, I know it's a regressive tax on those who are bad at math, etc., etc., etc., but there's not much else you can spend $2 on and have a chance at ridiculous life-changing wealth, so I want everyone to have the option if they felt so inclined.)

If you're interested, here are the rules:

  1. To participate, send $2 (no more, no less) via paypal to EDIT: CLOSED! by 4pm Pacific Coast Time Wednesday January 13, 2016.

  2. Once I've obtained the tickets, I'll take pictures of them and email them to all the participants.

  3. Any winnings that come to less than $100/person will be reinvested in a future drawing. Anything more than that but short of the big jackpot will be sent your way.

  4. If we hit the big jackpot, all funds will be divided equally by the number of participants, less expenses / professional fees. (The fees are NOT going to yours truly, but if we win, we will be taking the lump sum, and I will be retaining a tax / trust / estate firm to figure out how to ensure that we get this on an inconspicuous and tax advantaged method, so I have at least a fighting chance of getting our ducks in a row before things degenerate into a total shitshow as addicted cousins and crazy exes come out of the woodwork.)

Have a great day!

EDIT: I will be sending out an email later with the ticket info, etc. If you need to confirm payment or anything, please let me know your email so I don't have to check each paypal note. Thanks! We're at 75 tickets so far.

EDIT 2: Off to buy tickets.

EDIT 3: DO NOT PAYPAL ME $2.00 if you haven't done so already. The pool is closed and the tickets are purchased.

EDIT 4: Participants, check your email, you've got a picture of the tickets.

EDIT 5: The Powerball winning numbers are in! The numbers are: 8, 27, 34, 4, 19 The Powerball is: 10 (We did not win the jackpot. We may have won a dollar or two.)

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Posted on 12 January 2016

Powerball Lottery Pool ($1.5 Billion and counting!!)

NUMBERS ARE: 4 - 8 - 19 - 27 - 34 AND POWERBALL 10 !!!!

Total winnings: $54 (2x 3 white balls, $7 each and 10x Powerball but less than 2 white balls, $4 each) CORRECT ME IF I AM WRONG!

Shares worth 15.25 cents each. :(

PM me with your Bitcoin wallet so I can send you your portion of the winnings.

Future pools will be held in my new sub /r/PowerballPool but probably only if the jackpot is at least 700 million...UNLESS you guys message me and want me to start a pool on a smaller jackpot! If you want me to start a pool, let me know as soon as you can BEFORE the drawing and we can see if there's any hype!

I've started a Powerball pool right here in the Midwest United States of America and anyone with Bitcoin (or cash that's local to Southeast Missouri/Northeast Arkansas) can join, for as little as $1!

The legality of it is simple: anybody, anywhere can win the lottery, but the tickets must actually be purchased in a Powerball state. I purchase mine in Missouri through the Missouri Lottery.

If any tickets in the group win for $600 or less, I can cash them without paying taxes and divide them among the group according to how much you contributed. I'll take no rake whatsoever and pay for my share of the tickets. If you want to pitch in for gas or Taco Bell while I'm out, that's up to you!

If the prize is higher than $600 but less than the $50,000 I can cash it myself, pay the taxes, and distribute the winnings without any further taxation. We can gift up to $14,000 per person per year without a gift tax.

If the prize is the $1,000,000 or jackpot, THEN everyone WILL have to come to the United States to the state where they were purchased. I get the feeling that nobody would be mad about that, though. Then, I would turn in the ticket with everyone else present and give the Missouri Lottery Commission the exact portion everyone is entitled to. Everyone would pay their own taxes and get their own profits. If you live outside the USA, you will probably get all those taxes back but may have to pay taxes in your own country of residence. Some countries don't tax lottery winnings so you may just get the full share.

You can view my extensive trading and purchasing reputation here: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/CSGOREPorts/discussions/5/627456486412764083/

I've bought and sold well over $100,000 in cash value goods and never screwed a single person even once. I don't intend to now.

If you live in Southeast Missouri/Northeast Arkansas we can meet up in person, but Bitcoin is probably how I'll have to accept payment. If you are interested, message me on here and I'll give you my Bitcoin wallet address. You can enter in any $1 increment, and you will get one equal share per $1 you contribute. I'll be more than happy to sign contracts with anyone that would like one. I'd be happy to win 1/100th of the jackpot. $8 million cash? Yes, please!

All tickets will be scanned and posted here publicly before the drawing! There will be no shenanigans or doubts as to what numbers we have! I will also post them in a comment that will not be edited as proof of what time the tickets were published!

I am going to use the Quick Pick to get all the ticket numbers - HOWEVER, if you put at least $2 into the pool (the price of a ticket) you can select a set of numbers of your choice for each $2 and I'll get those for a ticket. Keep in mind that common patterns and such are more likely to split the pot and reduce the winnings!


/u/xpygmy - 48 paid

/u/highzenburg - 42 paid

/u/jevans102 - 40 gave it to me

/u/is_pissed_off - 28 paid

/u/gjk_ - 20 paid

/u/taubut - 20

/u/JaykePC - 13 gave it to me

/u/HereForBasketball - 12 paid

/u/WilliamBott - 12 paid

/u/PabloJ82 - 10 gave it to me

/u/MontaukMagellan - 10

/u/rdkw - 10 paid

/u/kousi - 10 gave it to me

/u/bnelo12 - 10 paid

/u/haley_joel_osteen - 10 paid

/u/JmGx - 9 paid

/u/radebus - 9 paid

/u/ScottyE38 - 9 paid

/u/CodeBender - 5 gave it to me

My uncle - 5 paid

/u/Rawrdinosaurmoo - 4 paid

/u/sve9mark - 4 paid

/u/oddjob003 - 3 paid

/u/dontaskaboutjack - 3 gave it to me

/u/GutteralStoke - 2 paid

/u/hermeslyre - 2 gave it to me

/u/synaesthesisx - 2 paid

/u/-Exquisite- - 1 gave it to me

Anonymous IRL friend - 1 gave it to me

Total pool: $354 (177 tickets)

If you don't believe me or want to participate, that's up to you. I want to have fun and root for the Powerball jackpot alongside my reddit friends so we can win or lose together! :)

You can join via Bitcoin OR ChangeTip right here on reddit! PM for details.

Here are all 177 tickets in the pool!



All tickets go in the same pool, so any tickets bought tomorrow with late entries will go along with these!!

Entries into the pool close at 4pm Central time, January 13 (today!). That will give me time to pick up the final tickets and upload them a few hours before the drawing so we can sweat our money.


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Posted on 12 January 2016

Powerball Megathread

Powerball Lotto Megathread

Pick up a ticket? Waiting for the results? Chat about the Powerball Lotto here!


relevant links:

official info: http://www.powerball.com/pb_home.asp

Jump to a great comment by /u/ashowofhands that walks through what to do when buying a Powerball ticket for those who have rarely (or never) played before →

edit 2

And we have a winner!!

ayoo ;)


Megathreads are used to help keep the sub from flooding whenever we have an influx of the same topic.
Further submissions on the topic of Powerball will be redirected here.
Read how they work and when they’re posted→


Feedback? Message the mods or head to our metareddit /r/IdeasforCC Made with

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Posted on 11 January 2016

Powerball: a lottery simulator.

It plays Powerball games pretty fast. About 100,000 per second on my desktop. Just run it from the command line and it outpus spent, winnings, net and your biggest win. After seeing how often I can blow through a hundred million and not win, I will not be buying a lotto ticket.

Feel free to modify/improve/make suck less.


import random stop_on_jackpot = False print_every = 1000000 prizes = {(0, False):0, (1, False):0, (2, False):0, (3, False):7, (4, False):100, (5, False):1000000, (0, True):4, (1, True):4, (2, True):7, (3, True):100, (4, True):50000, (5, True):1300000000} ticket_numbers = set(range(5)) ticket_powerball = 0 balls = tuple(range(69)) powerballs = tuple(range(26)) winnings = 0 spent = 0 max_prize = 0 jackpot = False while not jackpot or not stop_on_jackpot: chosen_balls = random.sample(balls, 5) chosen_powerball = random.choice(powerballs) numbers_hit = sum(1 for x in chosen_balls if x in ticket_numbers) powerball_hit = chosen_powerball == ticket_powerball matches = (numbers_hit, powerball_hit) jackpot = matches == (5, True) prize = prizes[matches] winnings += prize max_prize = max(prize, max_prize) spent += 2 if spent % print_every == 0 or jackpot: stats = 'spent:{:,}, winnings:{:,}, net:{:,} max_win:{:,}'.format( spent, winnings, winnings-spent, max_prize ) print(stats) 
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Posted on 10 January 2016

powerball algorithm

I made a script that will print N quick picks for the powerball. In the name of education, who wants to make it faster? Print 100,000 tickets.

#!/usr/bin/env python3 import random import sys def get_numbers(): whites = [n for n in range(1,70)] reds = [n for n in range(1,27)] winning_numbers = [] powerball_number = [] random.shuffle(whites) random.shuffle(reds) for i in range(5): ball = whites.pop() winning_numbers.append(ball) powerball_number.append(reds.pop()) return winning_numbers + powerball_number def main(): for number in range(int(sys.argv[1])): print(get_numbers()) if __name__ == '__main__': main() 

I timed it using linux time at 7.916s.

time ./powerball.py 100000 ... large output of printed tickets ... real 0m7.916s user 0m7.396s sys 0m0.268s 
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Posted on 9 January 2016

[PSA/Article] Introducing Grams Bitball: Darknet Lottery

Hello everyone,

ever since Operation Onymous, I have been working on an idea to get the tor project more donations. There was lots of rumors that Tor had been hacked and de-anonimized. Even though these rumors have turned out to be false and Tor is still secure, I think the Tor Project needs as much money as possible to help keep it that way. So I created my new site to give incentive to the people who use tor the most to donate their extra bitcoins.

I present to you BitBall : Darknet Lotto on Tor


How it works

BitBall is a bitcoin lottery based on the US Powerball lottery. The winning numbers drawn twice a week for the normal US based lottery Powerball will be the same winning numbers for bitball. Since the jackpot for bitball is extremely less than powerball and we will sell fewer tickets, Bitball will only use the first four numbers drawn from the powerball numbers. If you match those numbers in any order players will win the Bitball jackpot. The game play works like this...

  • Players can buy tickets for .01 bitcoins
  • Each ticket has 4 numbers on it between 1 and 59. (either chosen by random or picked by the player)
  • If those 4 numbers match the first 4 numbers of the powerball drawing the player wins the Bitball jackpot.
  • The Jackpot will start at 15 bitcoins and go up 2 bitcoins every time there is no winner.
  • If a player matches 3 of the powerball number they will win .1 bitcoins.
  • If more than 1 player wins the jackpot it will be split amount the winners.
  • Drawings are every Wednesday and Saturday night at 10:59 p.m. Eastern Time.
  • Ticket buying will be suspended 1 hour before a drawing and resume 1 hour after.

You can also find these informations at this article on DeepDotWeb or our subreddit /r/grams

Winnings Claim

We made the winnings claim proccess easy. Winners can enter their ticket hashcode in the claim form and will be prompted for a bitcoin address. For the first couple of drawings I will be manually approving winnings payouts to check for fraud or bugs. During that time it could take up to 24 hours for winners to get their winnings. After that it will be an automatic process and winners will have their bitcoins within 20 minutes!

All the proceeds get donated to the TOR Project.

The donations will be given to the Tor Project once a week and displayed on the Bitball homepage. To prove the profits will be donated I already donated 2 BTC this week for the launch. You can verify the the transaction of the donation on the home page's donations section. I know a transaction hash doesn't prove I donated it, but anyone who doubts me can email the tor project and ask if they received it. I made this donation, and will make all donations, under the email grams@lelantos.org. I always see reddit and forum posts from users asking what to do with their extra bitcoins. I think this will be an incentive for user to donate their spare bitcoins to TOR and maybe win big.

Grams Connection

The site is separate from Grams but if it takes off, as I think it will, I will be adding support for Grams' users to buy tickets directly from the bitcoins in their Grams' account. This will mean instant tickets without having to wait for blockchain confirmations. This will also make it easy to spend the extra bitcoins a user's Grams account.

Adaptive Process

I just came up with the ticket prices, jackpot amounts , number of balls in play. These numbers may change depending on how many factors during the first few weeks. If a massive amount of tickets are sold and there is a couple jackpot winners every drawing I may need to use 5 balls instead of four. On the other hand if there are no winners for many drawings I may reduce the balls in play to 3. If changes like these are made it will be during the 2 hours of suspended ticket buying in between drawings. I will never change these factors after tickets for a drawing have been purchased.


Thanks for your time,





gramsupport@lelantos.org /r/grams

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Posted on 29 January 2015

Let's say there's a daily lottery. Person A buys 365 tickets for one drawing on one day. Person B buys one ticket each day for a year. Do they have different chances of winning?

Let's pretend it's like Powerball - the drawing is a string of 5 numbers plus 1 other number.

My brain says Person A has a higher chance. But it seems like Person B has "more" chances. Help me, mathematicians!

EDIT: Absolutely fascinating range of responses! Thanks r/askscience! You did not disappoint.

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Posted on 6 March 2014

[Contest] Powerball

Ok in honor of my cakeday, I want to gift you! My husband is an avid powerball player and always plays 5 strings of numbers. All you have to do is guess what the 5 power ball numbers on his most recent ticket are. Powerball numbers run 1-50, the person with the most correct numbers wins! To be clear, you have to pick 5 numbers 1-50 to enter the contest. Prize will be awarded 3/8/13 and will be around $20. You may only enter once, duplicate entries will void all entries. You also must have gifted at least 1 person. You can gift anyone up until the 8th, as long as you gifted someone. Price of the gift doesn't matter either, just the gifting itself.


  • The drawing for the ticket I have in front of me was 2/13/13, Montana powerball
  • This was a non-winning ticket so the powerball number on that day's drawing does NOT appear on the ticket.
  • Numbers may repeat

The Contest has ended and the winner has been gifted.

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Posted on 28 February 2013