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Neverwinter - Yahoo News Search Results

New Releases This Week: March 29 Through April 4

We're getting a breather this week, after a flurry of new releases. Of course, if you happen to be a baseball fan, you'd best start warming up. MLB 15 The Show headlines the major releases this week, but given our review for Axiom Verge , you might want to consider it. This week also brings the release of Neverwinter on Xbox One. Here's everything to which you can look forward: Dead or Alive 5 ...

Posted on 30 March 2015

Neverwinter Available For Pre-Download On Xbox One

The MMORPG Neverwinter, from the Dungeons & Dragons franchise, is currently available for pre-download on the Xbox One.   The full, free-to-play game will be launching on March 31 for members of Xbox Live Gold.  (Please visit the site to view this media) The game will take advantage of certain console features, such as the friends list integration and optimized controls to help players move ...

Posted on 26 March 2015

[Xbox One] Neverwinter en pré-téléchargement

Neverwinter disponible sur PC, débarque le 31 mars sur Xbox One après avoir fait ses armes en Chine sur la console de Microsoft. Ce MMO Free To Play vous...

Posted on 26 March 2015

Upcoming video games: 'Neverwinter,' 'Toukiden: Kiwami,' 'Story of Seasons'

"Neverwinter" mines Dungeons & Dragons lore as it arrives on Xbox One, "Story of Seasons" aims to please fans of the "Harvest Moon" series on 3DS, and monster battling "Toukiden: Kiwami" gets an appreciable upgrade upon rerelease for PlayStation 4, Vita and PSP.

Posted on 26 March 2015

Neverwinter Developer Perfect World Experiences Layoffs

Reports suggest several people were recently let go .

Posted on 20 March 2015

Star Trek Online Dev Suffers Layoffs

Round of layoffs affect both Cryptic Studios and Perfect World's office in Redwood Shores, according to insiders.

Posted on 19 March 2015

Upcoming video games: 'Bloodborne,' 'Pillars of Eternity'

The PlayStation 4 nets its own exclusive "Demon's Souls" in "Bloodborne," Kickstarter giant "Pillars of Eternity" reaches release, two "Borderlands" games plus DLC are crammed into "The Handsome Collection," and "Forza Horizon 2" gets all fast and furious.

Posted on 19 March 2015

Neverwinter’s Elemental Evil fans have to wait till early April for the expansion

Neverwinter's Elemental Evil fans have to wait till early April for the expansion

Posted on 15 March 2015

Neverwinter:Elemental Evil launch date set

The launch date for Neverwinter: Elemental Evil has been set. Great new additions are going to make for an exciting launch. The post Neverwinter:Elemental Evil launch date set appeared first on oprainfall .

Posted on 8 March 2015

Neverwinter Online given March release date on Xbox One

The massively-multiplayer online game will be free-to-play for Xbox One.

Posted on 28 February 2015


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Posted on 27 March 2015

Posted on 24 March 2015

HUNTER RANGER SKILLS SHOWCASE! Pt3 ENCOUNTER! Neverwinter Shadowmantle Gameplay 11, LightItUp! - YouTube

Posted on 17 March 2015

Neverwinter: Elemental Evil Module Delayed

Posted on 16 March 2015

Neverwinter: Набор Хранитель Невервинтера

Posted on 14 March 2015

Астральные Бриллианты

Posted on 14 March 2015

How does one make Astral Diamonds? : Neverwinter

Posted on 25 February 2015

Neverwinter Hits Xbox One March 31

Posted on 24 February 2015

[Updated] Lazalia’s High Crit build for PvE GWF Destroyer Mod 5 | NeverWinter Best Build and Strategy Guides

Posted on 20 February 2015

Perfect World Europe и Cryptic Studios анонсировали шестое дополнение к Neverwinter

Posted on 23 January 2015

Top Answers About Neverwinter on Quora

Top Answers About Neverwinter search results

How is Neverwinter right now?

I played Neverwinter like a year or even two ago, back when it was first launched (or maybe it was open beta?). I remember enjoying it, but if I recall correctly there was almost nothing to do at the level cap and something about P2W horses in PvP arenas? It was long time ago, I may remember things incorrectly.

So I wanted to ask how fun is game right now? Is community still active? And last (but not least) have there been any performance patches? Back then for the most parts I could play NW quite well, but it did lag a bit in cities due to all the people there.

Also I have nothing against spending money on the game, but being forced to spend money in order to progress is a no go for me.

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Posted on 15 February 2015

/r/Games Game Discussion - Neverwinter Nights

Neverwinter Nights

  • Release Date: June 18, 2002
  • Developer / Publisher: Bioware / Infogrames/Atari MacSoft
  • Genre: Role-playing
  • Platform: PC
  • Metacritic: 91 User: 8.2


A hideous evil has awoken in the Forgotten Realms. Now, in order to save the inhabitants of the town of Neverwinter you must uncover a sinister conspiracy, unmask your mysterious betrayer and complete an epic struggle to defeat the powerful forces that look to halt your quest and unleash an evil your people would surely never survive.


  • What impact did NN have on gaming?

  • Was the story of NN well told?

  • Does NN still hold up today?

"We can work it night by night"

Infogrames rocks my world

View all game discussions and suggest new topics

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Posted on 5 March 2014

Is Neverwinter still pay to win?

As I said in the title, is Neverwinter still a pay to win game? The pay to win aspect of Neverwinter was what originally put me off the game despite enjoying the combat and atmosphere thoroughly. If the devs woke up at some point and fixed their model then I would be interested in playing again.

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Posted on 6 January 2014

Neverwinter technical support is horrible

I have read the numerous tech support horrors concerning responses for critical issues in Neverwinter...or mainly PW. I always believed that the truth was somewhat lacking. Now, I am a firm is the worst support I have ever seen in a game. I should explain --- I just started playing NW a few days ago. After spending approx $150 on ZEN from the PW server, my account was BANNED. I never received an email or message stating the reason why. Furthermore, I have yet to get a response to the message I sent to tech support. I have little faith that it will ever be resolved. My advice is to anything form these crooks. Play the game for free and don't get to attached to your characters. Sorry for the mini rant.

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Posted on 7 August 2013

Is Neverwinter worth playing?

As a person with limited time I have to ask: is Neverwinter worth putting a bunch of time into(MMOs require time)? I have read a lot of gripes and horror stories, swam in a churning sea of speculation, faced the nameless hordes in the city zone channel, been baffled by a myriad of visuals, offered many opportunities to spend money and I still can't get a sense of if Neverwinter is a good game.

So, for those that have played and still are playing, in it worth getting into or should I just go back to SW:TOR and WoW?

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Posted on 18 May 2013

A Guide to Neverwinter Wikis

I like Wikis and have been checking out the various Neverwinter wikis, so I figured I'd share what I found out

Gamepedia: This is the official wiki, so probably the most reliable source for information.

Orcz: Unofficial, Appears to be the biggest one (Most pages). Worth having as a bookmark

Wikia: Unofficial, but very detailed and with an active community This used to be my favorite, but looks like it is inactive now. Still, one might find good information there

IGN: Looks more like a series of guides than a wiki, still might be worth checking out

Wikia #2: Run by some guild and smaller than the other Wikia, but has some stuff that's not in the other one.

If you know of any more, feel free to put in comments

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Posted on 11 May 2013

Use an XBOX 360 controller to play Neverwinter

This is a very easy way to map your controller to send the keystrokes and mouse movements necessary to play Neverwinter.

You will need to download GlovePIE and run the application. (there is no install, so I suggest extracting the contents and making a shortcut on the desktop) This is a great free and open source alternative to the keymapping apps you are probably used to, and the programing language gives us control over more parameters.

Here is the script I made that works quite well for me(you may find that you want to make changes to the keybinds, but that is a pretty simple process of replacing the keyboard.x entries with the x being the key you wish to change it too.

Start of script

//Set right stick inversion preference (0 = Normal, 1 = Inverted) var.Inverted = 0 //Set dead zones (Values between 0 and 1) var.LdeadX = 0.25 var.LdeadY = 0.25 var.RdeadX = 0.25 var.RdeadY = 0.25 //Left Stick – Movement keyboard.W = XInput1.Joy1Y > var.LdeadY keyboard.S = XInput1.Joy1Y < -var.LdeadY keyboard.A = XInput1.Joy1X < -var.LdeadX keyboard.D = XInput1.Joy1X > var.LdeadX // Right Stick – Mouse Pointer // To change the lookspeed, increase or decrease the number preceding the deadzone - default is 20 if Xinput1.Joy2X < -var.RdeadX or Xinput1.Joy2X > var.RdeadX then Mouse.DirectInputX = Mouse.DirectInputX + 20*deadzone(XInput1.Joy2X) if var.Inverted = 1 then{ if Xinput1.Joy2Y < -var.RdeadY or Xinput1.Joy2Y > var.RdeadY then Mouse.DirectInputY = Mouse.DirectInputY + 20*deadzone(XInput1.Joy2Y) }else{ if Xinput1.Joy2Y < -var.RdeadY or Xinput1.Joy2Y > var.RdeadY then Mouse.DirectInputY = Mouse.DirectInputY - 20*deadzone(XInput1.Joy2Y) } // 360 Bumpers keyboard.1 = XInput1.LeftShoulder keyboard.2 = XInput1.RightShoulder //360 Triggers mouse.LeftButton = XInput1.LeftTrigger mouse.RightButton = XInput1.RightTrigger //360 Buttons ABXY = XInput1.A keyboard.q = XInput1.X keyboard.e = XInput1.Y keyboard.r = XInput1.B //360 dPad keyboard.6 = Xinput1.Up keyboard.5 = Xinput1.Right keyboard.4 = Xinput1.Down keyboard.3 = Xinput1.Left //360 Start and Select keyboard.f = XInput1.start keyboard.esc = XInput1.back //360 Stick Clicks keyboard.shift = XInput1.LeftThumb keyboard.Tab = XInput1.RightThumb 

End of script

Default key maps as follows:

Lstick - WASD (move) Rstick - Mouse X + Y (look) Dpad - 3,4,5,6 (Potions and mount) A - space (jump) B - R (third encounter power) X - Q (first encounter power) Y - E (second encounter power) Ltrigger - Mouse Left click (primary at-will power) Rtrigger - Mouse Right click (secondary at-will power) Lbumper - 1 (first daily power) Rbumper - 2 (second daily power) Lclick - Shift (class mobility ability - run, dodge, shield, etc) Rclick - Tab (class activated ability - Unstoppable, Mark, etc) Back - esc (clear menus, exit dialogue) Start - F (interact, autoloot) 

NOTE: To add controller key combinations that execute a single keyboard keystroke use the following code

//Custom Multi-Button Combinations = Xinput1.LeftShoulder and Xinput1.RightShoulder 

You can add as many lines in here as you wish, just follow the structure given. This is not included in my code as I don't use any key combos, but many people will want to.

Thanks to Killadelphia for the deadzone and inversion variables.

Thanks to hematic101 for the and statement for controller keys.

Thanks to JohanessBlock for suggesting triggers for at-wills to aid aiming while attacking.

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Posted on 10 May 2013

The Document is ready for review! (Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Neverwinter: Part II)

---Original Post ---

It's done and a bit long at 9 pages (there is plenty of white space on the page, don't worry). I took from the responses to my original post, as well as from the top posts for the last week or so. If you look through the document, you'll find quoted Redditors. I did not use any names.

My standard when assembling this was to be as objective and rational as possible. I tried to address as many reasonable claims as I could in the best manner I thought possible. If anyone has objections, corrections, etc. please post or PM me and I will change it before I post it on their forums tonight or tomorrow morning.

Thank you to everyone for the positive support and fantastic solutions!

I have uploaded the PDF via DropCanvas. If anyone has a better suggestion for mass display, please mention it.

UPDATE: I have sent the file over to Cryptic/Perfect World, and we've talked back and forth a few times. They like it so far (and the idea, I believe). I've been getting some questions about where people can post their issues/bugs/suggestions for the next one. I will be taking the suggestions from this post, the top posts of the last week (and their comments), as well as posting my own thread on Monday or Tuesday. And you can always PM me. Thanks!

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Posted on 8 May 2013

A better approach to our complaints (or "How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Neverwinter")

I'm not trying to be the party pooper, but I just want to put it out there that for a free MMO in less than a week out of it's opening beta, I think it's pretty good. I'm not saying it's flawless, there are certainly issues to fix, but I do think that posting machismo ultimatums like "THIS GAME IS ONLY GOING TO KEEP ME IF" and "GOD I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA"... or "IF THEY KEEP PULLING THIS CRAP, I'M GONE!"

I'm not trying to say that that there are no problems, I'm just trying to say that the effort we put into these posts should be more constructive; should lead to actual progress and results.

I propose that every week we put up a blanket post for everyone to throw their issues and ideas on how to fix them into. Then we ship it off to Cryptic. If they listen, great! If they don't, ...

I'm sure this post won't go anywhere, but if it gets enough hits/support today, I'll go ahead and post the first "collection post" today. If it flops, then I'll crawl back into my cave.

TLDR: Instead of complaining, let's have a weekly post to organize all of our issues and ideas for fixes into, then send it to Cryptic.

EDIT/UPDATE: This is a great series of responses. Either tonight or tomorrow morning I'll write up a Google Doc with all of the awesome ideas here and post it for Reddit approval before emailing it to Cryptic.

EDIT 2: Also, if you bring up a specific post (i.e the $160 enchantment breakdown), please link it. If not for anything else than for me to source in the Document.

UPDATE It's about 10:45pm EST (May 7th). I'm going to begin jotting everything down that's in the post as of right now. Any further ideas, please PM them to me and I'll work them in. It will end up being broken down categorically (PvP, Foundry, Currency, etc...) and in short bullet points. I'll finish up the organization of the document, add a cover letter, and post it tomorrow for Reddit review before emailing it out (if anyone has a decent contact to send it to that isn't visible on their website, that would be much appreciated). Again, thank you all for the suggestions. It seems that a lot of their player base is here and makes me believe that they will lend us their ear. Goodnight!

LAST UPDATE: It's all done! I've put up a new post with a link to the document

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Posted on 7 May 2013

Neverwinter the bipolar game, Love it or Hate it?

I just need to get this out there, I've played my fair share of MMOs(WoW, CoH, LoTRO, SWTOR, CO, DDO, WHO:AR, Rift) and I've been on a kick to play another one recently, but I've got a budget. I tried downloading TERA but the damn game was too big for the space I had and I wasn't gonna clear more out to try something to see if it was good

Then I stumbled across Neverwinter, just came out, based on an IP I enjoy, different enough from what I've done to be entertaining. So I download and play. After 2-3 days I've got a 36 TR and am genuinely enjoying myself, I've got the spark and drive back to play an MMO and this is FUN, I'm trying to rope my friends in and I want to find people to play with

Then I come to this subreddit. I don't know how to feel, I come here and read things and I lose some of the drive to play the game. All the bad gets pointed out and I feel like I shouldn't be bringing more people let alone enjoying myself. All the F2P bull going around and the arguments for and against this being P2W make me wonder if i should stop and if all this time is wasted.

I know that Cryptic is decent, I know Perfect World drains the cash from it's playerbase like a insatiable vampire. I just wanna know whats the best choice.

TLDR; Game is Fun I like it, Subreddit makes me hate it, Not sure how to feel, Looking for advice.

Edit:Remembered more games I played and paid for.

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Posted on 6 May 2013

Neverwinter's F2P Model: What you need to know.

Just like in any other F2P MMORPG, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding Neverwinter's Zen shop. I will try to shed some light on the current state of Neverwinter's F2P model by assuming a neutral stance. I hope this helps when you formulate some of your own opinions about this game.

1. Introduction

There are three immediate currency types in Neverwinter: Gold, Astral Diamonds, and Zen. Gold is obatained through normal means and buys the general necessities to play this game such as potions, basic profession items, basic mounts, and basic companions. Astral Diamonds are obtained through special tasks such as special daily quests, skirmish events, invoking your deity, and the Leadership profession. It buys a wide variety items ranging from Identify Scrolls to rare companions to mid-level gear. It is also the only currency usable in the Auction House. Zen is obtained through paying money. It buys many luxuries that helps give paying players a better experience overall. It may also be traded for Astral Diamonds and vice versa. For simplicity's sake, I will list the price of items in terms of USD instead of Zen.

2. Mounts

As a non-paying player of Neverwinter, you get three tokens at level 20 for a standard 50% speed horse that lasts for 5 hours. These horses can also be bought for 5 gold which is entirely manageable. To get a faster mount, you can buy Mount Training which upgrades any horse you own to 80% for 768,000 Astral Diamonds and 110% for 2,064,000 Astral Diamonds. This is progressive so you must buy them in order.

If you decide to drop some Zen for some fancier mounts, a standard 50% mount goes for 5-8 dollars, a rare 80% mount goes for 20-30 dollars, and an epic 110% mount goes for 30-40 dollars. The more expensive mounts of their respective tier has a unique model, such as the Worg and the Howler.

3. Inventory Space

You get a free bag at approximately level 10 and 30. They are 18 and 12 slots respectively. There are no craftable bags. For a free player, that means spending Astral Diamonds to buy extra inventory space. A 12 slot bag costs 6 dollars and a 24 slot bag costs 10 dollars.

A player starts out with 16 bank space. An extra 16 slots of bank space can be bought for 6 dollars.

4. Companions

Starting at level 16, a player is rewarded a free basic companion. These companions have two skills and have a rank cap of 15. An additional companion costs 2 gold each and may be switched anytime out of combat. All companions are disabled in PvP.

Zen buys a couple of companions which have a completely unique aesthetic. 15 dollars nets you an animal of your choice which have a rank cap of 15. 20 dollars hires a friend which has a rank cap of 20. 30-35 dollars gets you an epic quality pet that has a rank cap of 30 and three unique skills.

5. Professions

In Neverwinter, you gain Assets (workers) to do the work for you. Every profession starts you off with the most basic type of worker. You can have them do various amount of tasks on top of hiring more workers. Eventually you can combine 4 workers into an upgraded worker which allows you to tackle harder tasks. On top of these worker Assets, there are also tools Assets. These can be bought for 50s-1g each and have an 8% quality boost. Crafted items have a total of 4 slots for tools and 3 tiers for bonuses that is reached at 100% each.

In the Zen Shop, two different Profession packs exist: Professions Booster Pack and Professions Assets Pack. In the Booster Pack, there is 1 random (both quality and type) worker and random assortments of crafting items. In the Asset pack, there are 1 Purple or Blue Asset, 2 Purple Blue or Green Asset, 1 blue or green Asset and 1 green Asset (for a total of 5 guaranteed Assets). Any player may make any item, but paying customers will get an upwards of 20% stat increase on their crafted equipment.

6. Character

You can make up to 2 characters. Two additional character slots may be purchased for 5 dollars. You may also rename your character for 4 dollars.

Respeccing your skills costs 6 dollars. Respeccing your Feats costs Astral Diamonds determined by your current level.

7. Runes

If nothing else, please read this part. This is potentially their biggest cash grab scheme and everyone should know how it works.

Players are given the option to add additional stats/effects to their equipment in Neverwinter. These come in the forms of Runestones (pets) and Enchantments (Armor/Weapon). For pets, the Runestones are split into Offense and Defense. For Enchantments, they are split into Offense, Utility, and Defense. A single Runestone/Enchantment provides different bonuses depending on which slot there are equipped to. These also have ranks and start from 1 and ends at 9. Four of the same kind may also fuse to move up a tier. The chance of success starts at 95% at rank 1 and 10% at rank 8. You will lose a single Runestone/Enchantment upon failure.

There are two ways to circumvent failure: Preservation Ward and Coalescent Ward. Preservation Wards cost 10 cents each and prevent the loss of materials upon failure. They are also only consumed upon failure. Coalescent Wards cost 10 dollars and guarantees success of fusion. Both these wards may also be obtained on a weekly basis through Celestial Coins (the latter being rarer). Now you may be wondering why there's a huge discrepancy between the two Wards. I was wondering for a while too until I stepped my foot into endgame and found out there was an entirely different type of Enchantments: The Armor/Weapon Enchantments.

Armor/Weapon Enchantments are for specific slots in your weapon/chest and grant special effects. They come in shards and have a chance to drop from Epic Dungeon bosses. You must combine 4 shards to create a Lesser version of the Enchantment. However, the success chance of fusion is at a staggeringly low 1%. To compensate, they have very strong effects. An example would be the Thunderhead Enchantment. However, the real kicker here is that these "Lesser" versions may be fused again to gain a stronger version. Those may also be fused again to create the strongest version. Ultimately, the Greater Thunderhead Enchantment will have a 30% on crit to damage and stun foes. To create the strongest Enchantment possible, it will cost 160 dollars and 64 shards. Unlike companions, these can be used in PvP.

8. Conclusion

Cryptic wasn't lying when they said this game was 100% F2P. I have done all content on a GF and a DC without fancy Enchantments or Scrolls of Mass Life. However, I fear that a few weeks down the road, players who have paid vast amounts of money will have an incredibly unfair advantage in PvP, including the Gauntlgrym content they have yet to release. And while it is true that you can always buy Zen with Astral Diamonds, simply doing quests/professions/skirmishes is nowhere enough to realistically sustain yourself. I have tried and it is far too difficult to reach 24,000 rough astral diamonds on a daily basis. On Mindflayer, it currently costs 435,000 Astral Diamonds for 10 dollars worth of Zen. I'm sure the market will stabilize soon, but even then it will take non-paying players to take upwards of two weeks to upgrade a single Enchantment.

Any complaints/advice/death threats are welcome. Hope this helps.

Thanks to GreenSix, ziddy1232, fcalife, Kesshisan, and sneakycheeses for adding some information.

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Posted on 5 May 2013

[META] The boost of /r/Neverwinter

Hey guys,

Just a quick meta post about /r/Neverwinter. As we are rapidly approaching 5000 subscribers (sorry, Dragon Slayers) this may be an interesting moment to put a couple of things into perspective:

  • On the first 4 days of May we've already had more Unique Visitors and Pageview on the Subreddit than we had in all of April.
  • This is even more impressive considering that April was already a record month. It had more Uniques and Pageviews than ALL previous months combined.
  • We were at less than 2000 Dragon Slayers only a couple of weeks ago.

It's save to say then that Neverwinter is very hot right now and we are happy to see that so many of you have recently found this Subreddit!

But all of that is just numbers. What really matters is that with this sudden rise in attention the Subreddit hasn't lost its 'ways'. The community here is friendly and helpful and the active mods (Pretty much just Lawlta and SkumbagAce at the moment) are doing an amazing job! They're constantly fishing the good posts from the spam filter and they have set up the flairs etc.

I'll soon spend a bit more time looking at the look and feel of /r/Neverwinter but not right now, my dungeon-queue just popped!

Thanks all! <3

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Posted on 4 May 2013

Neverwinter maintenance with patch - 05/01/13


Maintenance is over! Servers are up! Happy gaming everyone!


Maintenance starts at following times and will last around 4 hours. For Europeans, especially us in Eastern Europe, this maintenance will be badly timed and pretty much covers whole prime time.


EDT: 10 AM


Patch Notes


  • Several major network issues have been found and addressed. We should now be able to support many more players with significantly less lag.


  • The Queue position indicator now has more information, as well as buttons that link to Neverwinter Gateway and the Neverwinter Wiki.

  • Fixed an issue where players displayed queue position would incorrectly jump to a higher number than the players actual place in line.

Daily Quests

  • Repeatable quests now have blue text in the Contact UI.

  • Repeatable quests that are on cooldown now properly look disabled, and they have a time displaying the remaining time until theyre available again.

  • Repeatable quests now have tooltips in the Contact UI.

  • Rhixs animations now work more consistently with the contact dialog close-up.

  • Rhix no longer displays a blue exclamation mark over his head when he has no quests available for the player.

  • Rhixs daily quests now properly inform the player to return to Rhix when they are complete.


  • Professions: Leadership: (Rare) Participate in a Tournament: Increased amount of time to complete this task to 6 hours, up from 4 hours.

Founders Agent

  • The Founders Agent now properly allows players to reclaim all of the promo items players qualify for.

Nightmare Lockbox

  • The @handle has been removed from Heavy Inferno Nightmare winner broadcasts.

User Interface

  • The Astral Diamond Claim button in the AD Exchange now shows a warning that any Astral Diamonds withdrawn belong to the character, not the account.

  • The confirmation window that pops up when trying to move out of an incomplete quest map has had a minor facelift.


  • The "Tipsy" achievement is now triggered when the player tips 500 Astral Diamonds, up from 100 Astral Diamonds. (The maximum tip was increased in a previous patch.)


  • Many updates have been made to French and German language translations.

Source 1

Source 2

Edit: They used GMT when BST was correct timezone to use. Corrected to the post.

Edit 2: From theirs Twitter, probably good news for us Europeans:

We don't plan for this to be the standard maintenance time. This is only to apply high-priority fixes ASAP.

Edit 3: I will quote theirs Twitter here about opening new servers during this maintenance because people will most likely ask without reading comments of thread. Thank you skrowl for finding this from theirs feed.

@ScottRFrost ASAP, though this update does not add more servers (in terms of picking one at login), rather, more transparent optimizations.


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Posted on 1 May 2013

Wondered what fans of NeverWinter would like to ask the exec. Producer, as I've been assigned a Q&A going directly to him.

The title pretty much sums it up: I was given an assignment by my employer at, got access to the closed beta of NeverWinter and was given the task of thinking up some questions to ask the executive producer at Cryptic Studios Craig Zinkievich.

If anyone had anything they wanted to ask I'd be happy to put it in, as I only have around five questions right now. Maybe upvote so other fans of NeverWinter can see

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Posted on 28 April 2013

Alright, r/Neverwinter... Win me over.

I have little experience with Neverwinter Nights despite owning the Diamond collection (of which I only played a few hours). Some friends raved about it so I picked it up...and they stopped playing online. Oh well...

I've played other MMO's over the years (including D&D Online and currently playing GW2). What makes Neverwinter stand out from the rest? Based on the very little that I've seen, it doesn't really impress me. I'm open to your feedback and persuasion.

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Posted on 9 February 2013

Gaming, lets sack the negativity for a bit and rejoice at the great days of RPG'ing we are going to have ahead of us with Diablo 3, Neverwinter and Skyrim.

I cant wait to have a go at Neverwinter's mod creation tool, early reviews give it thumbs way up and this means a good year or two at least of some great user made stuff in what looks to be a great engine. Not to mention the Skyrim mods.. And D3 ladder climbing.. Gonna be a fun ride.

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Posted on 16 June 2011

Steam Holiday Sale Day 14 (Final): Neverwinter Nights 2, Hitman, L4D2, Plants vs Zombies, Killing Floor, Amnesia, NFS Hot Pursuit, Dead Space, more

 = Mac support


Name Reg. Price Reduction USD$ EUR€ GBP£ AU USD$ Metascore
Neverwinter Nights 2 Platinum $19.99 -50% $9.99 9,99 € £7.49 $9.99 82
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Bundle $39.98 -88% $4.99 4,99 € £3.00 $4.99 82, 80
Hitman Collection $29.97 -75% $7.49 7,49 € £4.49 $7.49 87, 82
Empire & Napoleon Total War GOTY $49.99 -50% $24.99 24,99 € £14.99 $44.99 90, 81
Left 4 Dead 2 $19.99 -66% $6.80 4,76 € £5.10 $6.80 89
Plants vs. Zombies GOTY $9.99 -60% $3.99 3,99 € £2.80 $3.99 87
Killing Floor $19.99 -75% $4.99 4,49 € £3.75 $4.99 72
Amnesia: The Dark Descent $19.99 -66% $6.80 5,10 € £4.42 $6.80 85
Grand Theft Auto IV Complete $39.99 -75% $9.99 8,75 € £6.25 $9.99 -
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit $49.99 -40% $29.99 29,99 € £17.99 $29.99 -
Dead Space $19.99 -66% $6.80 5,10 € £5.10 $5.10 86
Mafia II $49.99 -75% $12.49 9,99 € £4.99 $19.99 78

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Name Reg. Price Reduction USD$ EUR€ GBP£ AU USD$ Metascore
Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes $19.99 -85% $2.99 2,85 € £2.25 $2.99 -

INDIE PACKS (all for entire sale):

Name Reg. Price Reduction USD$ EUR€ GBP£ AU USD$
3 Indie Smarts Pack $39.95 -88% $4.99 4,49 € £3.99 $4.99
Indie Fright Pack $59.95 -92% $4.99 4,48 € £3.99 $4.99
2 Indie Flight Pack $54.95 -91% $4.99 4,49 € £3.99 $4.99
Indie Mix Pack $59.95 -92% $4.99 4,49 € £3.99 $4.99
3 Indie Kids Pack $59.95 -92% $4.99 4,49 € £3.99 $4.99
1 Indie Beat Pack $44.95 -89% $4.99 4,49 € £3.99 $4.99
1 Indie Future Pack $49.95 -90% $4.99 4,49 € £3.99 $4.99
2 Indie Adventure Pack $44.95 -89% $4.99 4,49 € £3.99 $4.99
2 Indie 2D Pack $27.95 -82% $4.99 4,49 € £3.99 $4.99
3 Indie Fantasy Pack $39.95 -88% $4.99 4,49 € £3.99 $4.99
4 Indie Brain Pack $37.95 -87% $4.99 4,49 € £3.99 $4.99
4 Indie Heavy Hitters Pack - 8 games $109.92 -82% $19.99 19,99 € £13.99 $19.99
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Posted on 2 January 2011