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NFL schedule - Yahoo News Search Results

NFL Week 3 TV Schedule Map: Seahawks-Broncos Rematch Highlights Slate

There’s a Super Bowl rematch in the NFL’s Week 3, and much of the country...

Posted on 18 September 2014

NFL TV Schedule 2014: Week 3 Coverage Map Listings for Every Game

Do you enjoy watching all 32 teams fighting for supremacy in a five-day span? Well, this is the final week to feast your eyes on every franchise  before the bye weeks begin. Elite teams like the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos—who face off this week—have Week 4 off to rest. The Cincinnati Bengals and Arizona Cardinals will join them, with a total of six teams doing anything other than ...

Posted on 18 September 2014

NFL Schedule Week 3: Game Times, TV Coverage and Prime-Time Info

The 2014 NFL season is still young, but Week 3 in particular will prove pivotal for many teams as they try to set the tone for how their seasons will go. Six teams will enter into byes after Week 3 concludes, so capturing momentum before going idle will be critical. Two of those six include last year's Super Bowl participants, the champion Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos. Fancy this ...

Posted on 18 September 2014

NFL Week 3 TV Schedule, Online Stream Odds, Start Time and more

Here is the TV schedule and odds for every NFL Week 3 matchup.

Posted on 17 September 2014

Norfolk man led design behind Zynga's new NFL mobile app

“NFL Showdown,” which can be obtained free from Apple’s App Store and Google Play for Android, lets players who download the app acquire actual NFL players and build their franchise, using NFL logos a

Posted on 17 September 2014

American football back in London with extra game

By Keith Weir LONDON (Reuters) - The NFL roadshow rolls into London again next week for the first of three games designed to build its international fan base and lay the foundations for a team in the British capital. The Oakland Raiders face the Miami Dolphins at Wembley Stadium on Sept. 28 and the home of English soccer will stage a further two NFL clashes over the autumn. The NFL has been ...

Posted on 17 September 2014

INTERVIEW-NFL-American football back in London with extra game

By Keith Weir LONDON, Sept 17 (Reuters) - The NFL roadshow rolls into London again next week for the first of three games designed to build its international fan base and lay the foundations for a team in the British capital. The Oakland Raiders face the Miami Dolphins at Wembley Stadium on Sept. 28 and the home of English soccer will stage a further two NFL clashes over the autumn. The NFL has ...

Posted on 17 September 2014

Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks links for Tuesday

It was a rough Sunday in the NFL, with stars like RG3, Ryan Mathews and others getting hurt. SAN DIEGO: Hurry-up jolts mostly idled Seahawks’ offense to (brief) life; Will the Seattle Seahawks make next week’s Super Bowl rematch be almost completely huddle-free?

Posted on 16 September 2014

NFL Week 2 Late Games: TV Schedule

Late games, NFL Week 2, 2014.

Posted on 14 September 2014

49ers vs. Cowboys: Game time, TV schedule, online streaming, odds, and more

The San Francisco 49ers open their 2014 NFL schedule at home against the Green Bay Packers, in a rematch of last season's division round matchup, as well as the season opener in Green Bay. The 49ers are 4.5-point favorites over Green Bay. Read on for all the nuts and bolts of the game from the odds to the TV schedule to the announcers, odds, radio online streaming and more.

Posted on 7 September 2014


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New York Giants vs New England Patriots Live Streaming NFL Playoffs - Super Bowl

Posted on 19 February 2012

Top Notch NFL Shop | NFL Teams

Posted on 15 December 2011 search results

Game Thread: Arizona Cardinals (1-0) at New York Giants (0-1)

Arizona Cardinals at New York Giants

  • MetLife Stadium
  • East Rutherford, New Jersey

First Second Third Fourth Final
Cardinals 10 0 0 15 25
Giants 0 7 7 0 14

  • General information

Coverage Game Insight Odds
FOX Statmilk New York -2 O/U 41
68°F/Wind 2mph/Partly cloudy/0% chance of rain

Headlines Communities
Report: Carson Palmer won’t play today /r/nygiants
Cardinals not using difficult travel schedule as excuse /r/azcardinals

  • Game Stats

Passing Cmp/Att Yds Ints Tds
E.Manning 26/39 277 2 2
D.Stanton 14/29 167 0 0
Rushing Car Yds Lng Tds
R.Jennings 18 64 13 0
A.Ellington 15 91 22 0
Receiving Rec Yds Lng Tds
L.Donnell 7 81 23 0
L.Fitzgerald 6 51 17 0

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Posted on 14 September 2014

NFL Week 2 Prediction Thread

What's up, /r/NFL! How did your Week 1 predictions turn out? I went 11-5, bringing me to 0.688 for the season so far. I am also in still alive in my survival pool, no thanks to the Eagles. Time to ramp up and predict Week 2 and my survival pick for this week.

Here we go!

Week 2 Schedule

Winner Loser Comments
Steelers over Ravens I didn't get to see much of either team in Week 1 and I'm a little concerned to see the Steelers not be able to hold on to a huge lead after the half. But the Ravens apparently played like garbage, so I'm just picking last week's winner for this matchup.
Dolphins over Bills I have Miami to win the division and this will be a good test, getting back-to-back division wins. Still too early to tell how Buffalo will turn out.
Redskins over Jaguars I don't think the Redskins will go 0-2, but Jacksonville will give them a good scare if both teams played like they did last week.
Titans over Cowboys The Titans were the unspoken dominators last week and I think they'll continue the trend this week. The Cowboys are a very uncertain team.
Cardinals over Giants Arizona pulled off a good win last week at home and I think they'll have a good chance to increase their lead on the road in New York.
Patriots over Vikings Tom Brady won't let this team go 0-2. It's really hard to gauge how well Minnesota is by playing against the Rams.
Saints over Browns The Saints lost a close division game, but they put 34 points on the board on the road. Look for another high-scoring Saints offense in their second road game this season, and hopefully the defense will show up in Cleveland this week.
Bengals over Falcons This should be a good game. I think the Bengals will hold the division title, but the Falcons have a high-flying offense. Home team is the winner in this close game.
Lions over Panthers Will Cam be back this week? I have no clue. But Megatron will be on the field and if he pulls off any more amazing catches then it'll be hard for Carolina to cover him.
Buccaneers over Rams I think the Bucs will spring back against an uncertain Rams team and pull of a comfortable win.
Seahawks over Chargers Seattle will continue its domination, but look for the Chargers to put up a good fight.
Texans over Raiders The Texans are without Clowney this week, but fortunately they're playing Oakland... sorry Raiders fans.
Packers over Jets Survival Pick - I think the Packers will bounce back with a vengeance at their first home game.
Broncos over Chiefs Chiefs played horribly against the Titans, so I don't think they stand a chance against the Broncos on the road.
49ers over Bears After the domination in Dallas, the 49ers will have a good home opener against a Bears team that I'm not sure about yet.
Colts over Eagles I can't really tell what the Eagles look like. Are they the no-scoring Eagles in the first half of last week, or the high-scoring team that pulled off a win? They're playing in Indy so I'm giving it to the home team this week.

Those are my predictions, let's hear yours. Keep it civil and fun and please don't downvote because you didn't like what I had to say, just argue your point. Best of luck to in your survival pools and fantasy teams!

Update: Ugh, 7-9. Not a good week.

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Posted on 10 September 2014

NFL Week 1 Prediction Thread

Alright /r/NFL, its time once again to post who you think will win each matchup in the coming week of football. As with previous years, I will tell you who I think will win each game, with a little reasoning as to why I made the pick. Some may agree, some may not. My picks are more or less biased, so just take it for what it is. Please post in the comments your pick for the matchups as well. I'll also include my survival pick of the week, along with a running tally of my wins/losses throughout the season.

Here we go!

Week 1 Schedule

Winner Loser Comments
Seahawks over Packers Both teams have gone through some significant changes in the offseason, but with this being in Seattle the noise will play a factor. The Packers will want some justice for the Fail Mary game a couple seasons back, so this could end up being an upset.
Saints over Falcons The Saints are 13-3 against the Falcons since 2006 and that trend will continue this week. It's hard to say how Atlanta's defense, offensive line, and racked up injuries will affect their performance on Sunday. But on paper, the Saints are the better team, ranked #3 overall in many power rankings and with very few issues on offense and defense. Division games are always close, but I'm pretty confident the Saints will go marching into Atlanta and will come out victorious.
Vikings over Rams The QB situation in St. Louis is really what made my decision for me. This is a tough thing to deal with, grabbing a new QB after your franchise QB got taken out during the end of the preseason, leaving you with a person inexperienced on plays and having to develop themselves around their new team. I feel for the Rams, but the Vikings will show no mercy.
Steelers over Browns Hoyer the Destroyer better bring his A-game to Heinz Field on Sunday. Without Josh Gordon, they'll be relying on Jordan Cameron for the air game. I haven't heard too much from Steelers camp all offseason, so I'm just factoring in playing in Pittsburgh as a rough place to start the season off for the Browns.
Eagles over Jaguars Survival Pick! This has to be one of the safest bets you can make this week. Chip Kelly's offense will be back in full swing, and the Jags just happen to be their first target. My boy Sproles will hopefully see a lot of action and put some points on the board.
Raiders over Jets Probably my crazy pick this week, but I think the transition of Carr to starting QB will be a great decision that will give Oakland the edge it needs to compete in the AFC West. They will have a tough time against Sexy Rexy's defense, but I think they'll have a close win.
Ravens over Bengals Both teams look good, the Bengals slightly better. However, they're playing in Baltimore, which can be a pretty intimidating place. Ravens win by less than a touchdown.
Bears over Bills Buffalo's drama with its in-fighting and team captains won't matter on the field Sunday. But that Bears team will. Bears win comfortably at home by more than one touchdown.
Texans over Redskins It's really tough to say how well RGIII will perform in his third season. Add to that the new head coach in Jay Gruden, and it's really hard to say if they'll go the route of Chip Kelly and Andy Reid or not. One thing that is certain is that Clowney will be on the field alongside Watt, so watch out!
Chiefs over Titans Arrowhead will be just as loud as CenturyLink on Sunday. They just got a long-term deal for Alex Smith and they're poised to have a similar run as last year.
Dolphins over Patriots The Dolphins have been putting together a great team very quietly this offseason. That, coupled with a hot Miami stadium in September, along with losing Mankins, will make things rough for the Patriots. It will be a close game, though.
Panthers over Buccaneers It's really hard to tell what kind of team Lovie Smith has transformed the Bucs into. Will they be just as bad as they were last year, or make a huge turnaround and be strong competitors in the NFC South? We'll see a taste of what they'll look like in this game.
49ers over Cowboys Suspensions are plaguing San Francisco. Injuries plague Dallas. Despite these issues, or maybe because of them, I think the 49ers will come out on top in a high-scoring game, because neither team has much of a defense right now.
Broncos over Colts Both teams looked good in the offseason, so I think it'll be a good game. I wouldn't worry too much about Welker being out, Manning will get the job done at home.
Lions over Giants Haven't heard too much out of either team, but I do think that the Lions will be right in the mix for division champion and they'll start it off with a home win.
Cardinals over Chargers The Cardinals were that team that couldn't make the playoffs last year, even though they won 10 games. They'll continue being successful and will give their division opponents something to fear by taking home the win this week.

Those are my predictions, let's hear yours. Keep it civil and fun and please don't downvote because you didn't like what I had to say, just argue your point. Best of luck to all the people putting money on this week and to those in survival pools and whatnot.

Update: 11-5 and still in the survival pool.

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Posted on 3 September 2014

Official Week 0 /r/NFL Power Rankings

With another season of NFL football comes another season of /r/NFL Power Rankings! Join us as we rank, mock, cheer, and all around have a good time discussing our favorite sport every week. 32/32 Rankings in, 2 guest rankings used (see blurbs for credit, thanks guys). Some new faces as well, feel free to look in the link for the names of our team. Thanks for the support and hop on for a wild ride through the NFL Season.

# Team 2013 Comment
1. Seahawks 13-3 The reigning champs are set to begin their title defense after an off-season that saw old names move to Florida, young names get rich, and new names get hyped. Repeating as Super Bowl Champions is difficult with the Madden Curse, holdouts, new contracts, and controversy all lined up at their doorstep, but Seattle is trusting the strongest jaw in the world to lead them back to the promised land.
2. Broncos 13-3 The Broncos are all-in this year with the addition of high priced play-makers on the defense. The offense looks to be just as dominant this year as the record breaking team last year. Of course it all rests on the health of the team. Stay healthy, win the division, hopefully don't get your doors blown off in the SB.
3. Patriots 12-4 The Patriots return this year with a revamped secondary and a (hopefully) healthy core ready to make another title run. While Belichick will always slide in a head-scractcher like the cut-day trade of All-Pro Logan Mankins, the team that had their season derailed in 2013 enters Week 1 better and with its sights set just as high as ever.
4. Saints 11-5 The Saints enter 2014 with a lot of expectation on their shoulders. With an always impressive offense and improvements made to what was an unexpectedly stout defense, there is a renewed fervor among a fan-base which has spent the last two seasons feeling downtrodden and holding a huge grudge. But before any thoughts of revenge take hold remember: plenty of "off-season champs" have fallen on their face.
5. 49ers 12-4 Through the first two preseason games, 49ers fans were most likely to say to themselves, "Thank god these games don't count." Absolutely nothing went right. Offense looked stagnant, defense (albeit without six starters) looked weak, and even the brand new, billion-dollar stadium needed an emergency sodding. The final two games alleviated some of these concerns, but there are still more questions than answers at this point. As hard as it is to believe, off the field, the team is doing even worse. Aldon is gone for 9 games and the Niners' very own Ray MacDonald has volunteered to be the guinea pig for Goodell's new domestic violence policy. Week 1 cannot come soon enough for player and fan alike.
6. Packers 8-7-1 The Packers are clearly contenders this year, but they also look a lot like the team they were last year, which was good but not good enough to advance in the playoffs. So is good health, Julius Peppers, and a guy called "Ha Ha" enough to push this team past the Seattles and San Franciscos of the world? Is there enough depth and experience on the O-line to keep Rodgers safe? These questions will be answered in part on Thursday, when the Packers travel to face the reigning champs in one of the league's most hostile environments -- CenturyLink Field.
7. Eagles 10-6 Philadelphia holds its breath to see if the successes of last year were a fluke, or if the Chip Kelly system, along with Nick Foles outstanding efficiency will continue to confound defenses and produce results. Only time will tell. Luckily for Philly fans, the Eagles host the Jaguars to start the season off.
8. Bengals 11-5 Three straight playoff appearances with no playoff wins to show for it. Unfortunately, Bengals fans will have to wait until week 18 to see if this season is a bust or not, but the Bengals definitely have the talent to make the playoffs for a fourth straight year.
9. Colts 11-5 Year three with Pagano and Luck offers both excitement and reservations for Colts fans. While off-season acquisitions like Hakeem Nicks and D'Qwell Jackson look to inspire their respective units, questions remain about the Colts' own pass rush as well as their ability to stop opposing fronts from battering the quarterback.
10. Panthers 12-4 The dust has settled on one of the most tumultuous off-seasons in Panthers history, and a lot of questions are about to crystallize into answers for better or worse. Glimmers of hope exist in the stellar preseason of 1st round WR Kelvin Benjamin and emergence of young talent at other positions, while worries persist at offensive tackle, particularly with Cam Newton dinged up.
11. Chargers 9-7 If the Chargers preseason could be summed up in one word, it would be vanilla. Playing 3 teams from the preseason during the regular season, 2 of which happen the first 2 games, has not inspired anything other than basic drills. With one of the toughest schedules in the NFL, the already thin depth of this team will be stretched, as The Chargers are in the middle of a 5 game run against the NFC West.
12. Bears 8-8 The Bears return every starter from last year's 2nd highest scoring offense (unless you count McCown) and look to score even more in their second year in Trestman's system. If the revamped defensive line can get enough pressure to hide the huge holes in the secondary, the Bears will easily reach double-digit wins this season.
13. Chiefs 11-5 Alex Smith has been signed to long term deal. Jamaal Charles is still one of the best running backs in the league as well as a legitimate receiving threat. The defensive line is still intact but the secondary is worrying. All of that aside, a lot of the Chiefs success this season will hinge on an uncertain offensive line.
14. Cardinals 10-6 The Cardinals had a very up and down off-season and preseason. Carson Palmer will be under heavy scrutiny with the new offensive additions. We saw both good and bad from him in the preseason much like last season. The defense is a big question mark as there were too many losses to even fit here, but Antonio Cromartie may be able to provide relief if he can return to form. A lot of things will need to go right for this team to dethrone one of the two NFC West darlings.
15. Ravens 8-8 The Ravens' preseason couldn't have started off better. Flacco and the running game played like they did in 2012, not like they did in 2013, and the defense held the 49ers to 3 points. Last year's main problem, the OL, looked to be fixed. Since that first game however, the defense and run game looked shaky against the Cowboys (30 points allowed) and Redskins (failed to convert on 4th and short twice) respectively. One thing did remain constant this preseason- Joe Flacco looks on track to rebound from an ugly 2013.
16. Lions 7-9 Some of the new names in Motor City this season: Jim Caldwell, Joe Lombardi, Teryl Austin, Golden Tate, Eric Ebron, and Jim Bob Cooter. Forget what you knew about the Lions, this is a different team. Expect a cerebral offense and swarming defense. Versatility and deception will be used to outsmart opponents rather than using Calvin and Suh as blunt trauma instruments. Honolulu Blue is best blue.
17. Steelers 8-8 Steelers fans were intensely hopeful that last year's momentum would be carried into the next season with a clean slate, but the contradictions continue. Will Ben progress calling his own plays? Will it matter if his teammates are not serious about winning? Additions in coaching and defense leave room for optimism, although last year's issue was people being serious and playing as a unit. On paper, this team is better than the realistic pessimism demands them to be seen at the moment.
18. Dolphins 8-8 Lazor Beams! That's what Dolphins fans hope to see this year from Tannethrill as new OC Bill Lazor looks to kickstart an offense that was abusive to Tannehill in 2013. Lazor is aided by an improvement to the line that makes them merely opposed to God Awful! That said, not all is hopeful as the LB play that hurt the team last year seems to be the same old crap this year, the secondary past Grimes is questionable at best, and the running back situation is nothing special. No matter what, fans are in for a wild ride as always.
19. Falcons 4-12 Trenches, trenches, trenches. Healthy lines on both sides make the playoffs a much stronger possibility for the Falcons. The acquisitions of Jake Matthews, Jon Asamoah, and Paul Soliai give Atlanta hope, while the early loss of Baker hopefully isn't a bad omen. Like it or not, a week one test against New Orleans could set the tone for the season.
20. Cowboys 8-8 Many believe this is a make or break it year for Jason Garrett, but with a roster decimated by injuries, a defense consisting of no name starters, and a back injury haunting Romo, it will be difficult to judge exactly how much responsibility the head coach should bear. Opening at home versus the 49ers will be a good gauge to see if the offense can outpace the points the defense will allow.
21. Giants 7-9 Nothing has Giants fans jumping out of their drawers than knowing longtime OC Kevin Gilbride is out of town, and the Ben McAdoo era has begun by him not showing much of his hand at all in the preseason. The Giants may be much like they were last season: great on defense and especially in the secondary, but erratic on offense, especially on the O-line.
22. Jets 8-8 Let's talk about Rex, baaaaby. This off-season was a bit of a twist for Jets fans who had less to worry about in a seemingly competent offense than they did from the dumpster fire secondary. The d-line getting home on quarterbacks will make or break this defense early in the season.
23. Buccaneers 4-12 The Bucs are pretty much performing as expected to this point. The stars on defense are shining and at times individuals are playing well on the offense. Time is on the Bucs' side as they are breaking in a new QB, a completely revamped offensive line (now with more Mankins and much less Oneil Cousins), and a few new skill position players for McCown to throw to. It's time for the Lovie era to begin.
24. Redskins 3-13 After a tumultuous off-season The Redskins will kickoff the Gruden era on the road in Houston and they've got some proving themselves to do. The Redskins seemingly have a lot of things in place with an improved defense, revamped special teams and absolutely loaded offense. With good QB play this team can contend for the division, if they get what they got last year at the position however.... things could get very ugly very fast in DC.
25. Rams 7-9 Looking at another tough schedule, combined with losing Bradford in such fashion as the Rams have this year, is nothing easy to rebound from. The attention has thus shifted to Zac Stacy's running game and new defensive coordinator Gregg Williams' historically stifling defense, leaving Rams fans with much to remain optimistic about this season. Will they rally around Shaun Hill and play good football? Guest rankings provided by /u/nhuff90 and guest blurb provided by /u/daedalus000.
26. Titans 7-9 The 2014 Titans are unknown. For the first time since the franchise left Houston the Titans have a coach that isn't from the Jeff Fisher coaching tree. Ken Whisenhunt brings a new offense and a switch to a 3-4 defense lead by Ray Horton. Can the defense adapt to the 3-4 quickly? Will Jake Locker stay healthy? Can Justin Hunter play to his potential? The answer to these questions (and more) will dictate whether the Titans can make a playoff run in the weak AFC South.
27. Texans 2-14 There are officially no quarterbacks returning on the 53-man roster. This is Bill O'Brien's offense now. And with the money truck backing up to Watt's house, the other side of the ball will be the Clowney and Watt show for the foreseeable future. Guest rankings provided by /u/Wham_Bam_Smash.
28. Vikings 5-10-1 Hot insider stock tip: invest in Kraft Foods (KRFT). Unprecedented sales figures of purple Kool-aid across the Upper Midwest will certainly be boosting profits. The bad men - Frazier and Musgrave - are gone, and every little thing gonna be alright. The biggest things Sköldiers will be looking for is improvement from last year's embarrassment of a defense and if/when Teddy Icewater gets his first start.
29. Bills 6-10 The Bills' off-season saw them lose their HOF owner, stud defensive coordinator, all-pro FS and young play-making linebacker. These are the type of things that happen when you build your stadium on an ancient Indian burial ground. Overall the Bills' project similarly to how they did at the start of last year, as they boast a potentially strong defense but their offense has the looks of one of the worst in the league. While their overall roster talent may be better than their low ranking would suggest, a big question mark at the most important position on the field relegates the Bills to the bottom of the rankings yet again.
30. Browns 4-12 Another year of QB controversy headlines the season before it even starts. Focus has been put on a rookie who might have the arm but may not have the maturity to take the helm. Fans are hopeful while the rest of the league sits back and waits to see what changes await them after the bye in week four.
31. Jaguars 4-12 A young team, with a hunger for improvement. Several steps taken in the off-season should help keep the compass pointing up, but with a rookie QB that isn't starting yet and a defense that hasn't had time to gel, "unproven" is all that can really be said at this point about the Jags.
32. Raiders 4-12 The Raiders, the oldest team in the league, are a vintage Camaro. We haven't really seen whats under the hood on the defense as the coaching staff doesn't take it out of first gear in the preseason. The RB's have shown some great horsepower, though at times the WR's have shown the need for a tune up. The O-Line thus far has looked like upgrading from a Pinto to a Suburban. Overall though, the hope of the fans and the outcome season may rest on the start of the Carr.
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Posted on 2 September 2014

NFL Schedule leak mega thread


Here is where all leaks will be posted with sources:

NOTE: Away and home are switched, Away is first and Home is second, sorry about that

Week 1

Away Home Time Net Source
Packers Seahawks Thursday NBC Here
Bills Bears 1pm CBS
Saints Falcons
49ers Cowboys
Colts Broncos 8pm ET NBC
Giants Lions 8pm ET ESPN

Week 2

Away Home Time Net Source
Bears 49ers 4:25 ET FOX
Saints Browns
Lions Panthers Here
Jets Packers

Week 3

Away Home Time Net Source
Texans Giants
Vikings Saints
Bears Jets
Packers Lions Here

Week 4

Away Home Time Net Source
Giants Redskins THU. 8pm ET CBS
Saints Cowboys
Lions Jets Here
Packers Bears
Dolphins Raiders

Week 5

Away Home Time Net Source
Vikings Packers TNF CBS
Falcons Giants
Bills Lions Here

Week 6

Away Home Time Net Source
Giants Eagles
Lions Vikings Here

Week 7

Away Home Time Net Source
Giants Cowboys
Saints Lions Here
Panthers Packers

Week 8

Away Home Time Net Source
Lions Falcons 9:30a ET FOX Here

Week 9

Away Home Time Net Source
Colts Giants

Week 10

Away Home Time Net Source
Giants Seahawks
Dolphins Lions Here
Bears Packers

Week 11

Away Home Time Net Source
49ers Giants
Lions Cardinals Here
Vikings Bears

Week 12

Away Home Time Net Source
Cowboys Giants
Lions Patriots Here

Week 13

Away Home Time Net Source
Seahawks 49ers THU.
Bears Lions THU. 12:30p ET CBS Here
Giants Jaguars
Eagles Packers

Week 14

Away Home Time Net Source
Cowboys Bears Thursday
Giants Titans
Bucs Lions Here
Patriots Packers MNF ESPN

Week 15

Away Home Time Net Source
Redskins Giants
Vikings Lions Here
Saints Bears Monday ESPN

Week 16

Away Home Time Net Source
Giants Rams
Lions Bears Here

Week 17

Away Home Time Net Source
Eagles Giants
Redskins Cowboys
Bears Vikings
Lions Packers

NOTE: I am actively updating this list and please notice that some of these may be wrong as they are rumors at this point

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Posted on 23 April 2014

Here's the Complete Offseason Schedule Until the Preseason Begins

This list includes (as far as I know) every league-wide offseason event that is scheduled. I got the information from this article.

Date Event Location
February 8-9 NFL Regional Combine Houston, Texas
February 15-16 NFL Regional Combine Florham Park, New Jersey
February 17 Clubs able to designate Franchise or Transition Players
February 19-25 NFL Scouting Combine Indianapolis, Indiana
February 22 NFL Regional Combine Costa Mesa, California
March 1 NFL Regional Combine Tampa, Florida
March 3 4 p.m. EST deadline to designate Franchise or Transitional Players
March 8-9 NFL Regional Combine Flowery Branch, Georgia
March 8 Clubs permitted to contact players who will become UFAs after 4 p.m. EST
March 11 Start of 2014 League Year at 4 p.m. EST
March 11 Before 4 p.m. EST, clubs must submit Qualifying Offers to Restricted Free Agents to retain Right of First Refusal/Compensation
March 11 Before 4 p.m. EST, clubs must exercise options for 2014 on all players who have option clauses in their 2013 contracts
March 11 Before 4 p.m. EST, clubs must submit a Minimum Salary tender to keep exclusive negotiating rights to their players with expiring contracts who have fewer than three accrued seasons
March 11 Before 4 p.m. EST, all clubs must be under the 2014 salary cap for the combined salary cap hits of their top 51 players
March 11 At 4 p.m. EST, all expiring contracts expire
March 11 Free Agency Period Begins at 4 p.m. EST
March 15 NFL Regional Combine Lake Forest, Illinois
March 22 NFL Regional Combine Davie, Florida
March 22-23 NFL Regional Combine Renton, Washington
March 23-26 Annual Owners Meeting, Compensatory Selections Announced Orlando, FL
March 29 NFL Regional Combine Indianapolis, Indiana
March 29-30 NFL Regional Combine Owings Mills, Maryland
April 7 Offseason Workouts begin for teams with new head coaches
April 12-13 Super Regional Combine Detroit, Michigan
April 21 Offseason Workouts begin for teams with returning head coaches
May 1 Deadline for teams to decide if they want to exercise the fifth year team option for all 2011 first round draft picks
May 2 Deadline for Restricted Free Agents to sign Offer Sheets
May 7 Deadline for prior club to excercise Right of First Refusal to Restricted Free Agents
May 8-10 NFL Draft New York City, New York
May 19-21 NFL Spring League Meeting Atlanta, Georgia
June 2 Deadline for Prior Club to send "June 1 Tender" to its unsigned Unrestricted Free Agents. If the player has not signed a Player Contract with a Club by July 22 or the first scheduled day of the first NFL training camp, whichever is later, he may negotiate or sign a Player Contract from that date until the Tuesday following the 10th weekend of the regular season, at 4:00 p.m. EST only with his Prior Club.
June 2 Deadline for Prior Club to send "June 1 Tender" to its unsigned Restricted Free Agents who received a Qualifying Offer for a Right of First Refusal Only in order for such player to be subject to the CBA's "June 15 Tender" provision.
June 16 Deadline for club to withdraw Qualifying Offer to Restricted Free Agents and still retain exclusive negotiating rights by substituting "June 15 Tender" of one-year contract at 110 percent of the player's prior-year Paragraph 5 Salary (with all other terms of his prior-year contract carried forward unchanged).
June 22-28 Rookie Symposium Aurora, Ohio
Mid-July Training Camps open (explained further below)
July 22 Signing Period ends for Unrestricted Free Agents to whom a "June 1 Tender" was made by Prior Club. After this date and until 4:00 p.m., New York time, on the Tuesday following the 10th weekend of the regular season, Prior Club has exclusive negotiating rights.
July 22 Signing Period ends for Transition Players with outstanding tenders. After this date and until 4:00 p.m., New York time, on the Tuesday following the 10th weekend of the regular season, Prior Club has exclusive negotiating rights.
August 3 Hall of Fame Game Canton, OH

Bolded emphasis is mine

Here are the rules for opening training camp:

Clubs are permitted to open preseason training camp for Rookies and First-Year Players beginning seven days prior to the club's earliest permissible mandatory reporting date for veteran players.

Veteran players (defined as a player with at least one pension-credited season) other than quarterbacks or "injured players" (as defined in CBA Article 21, Section 6) may report to a club's preseason training camp no earlier than 15 days prior to the club's first scheduled preseason game or July 15, whichever is later.

Veteran quarterbacks and injured players may be required to report to the club's preseason training camp no earlier than five days immediately prior to the mandatory reporting date for all other veteran players, provided the club has already opened (or simultaneously opens) its official preseason training camp for all Rookies and First-Year players.

A three-day acclimation period will apply to players who are on a club's roster up to and including the mandatory veteran reporting date. Players who join the roster after that date may practice (including wearing pads) and play immediately after passing a physical.

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Posted on 7 February 2014

How the NFL Schedule could work if it expands to 34 or 36 teams.

One of the many concerns about NFL expansion is the schedule. Bored at school today, I sorted out how the league could expand. When it goes to 34 teams, the new teams are LA and Virginia (VA). At 36, add on Portland (PTL) and San Antonio (SA).

34 Teams Here are the divisions. I used a lot of shorthand, for the sake of time.

AFC West (AW) AFC East (AE) AFC North (AN) AFC South (AS)
LA VA --- ---
NFC West (NW) NFC East (NE) NFC South (NS) NFC North (NN)

For the sake of this explanation, assume the final standings of the year were the order I posted them in. Sorry Cincinnati, Jacksonville, St. Louis, Washington, Atlanta, Detroit, Virginia, and LA fans.

Now, let's start with the AFC. Obviously, 2 divisions have 5 teams. Each of the 5 team divisions plays a 4 team AFC division, like such:

AW plays AN (I'm going to dub this technique a Scheduling Matrix (SMX), just because it's used a few times, and it needs a name)

PITT plays: DEN, KC, SD, OAK

BAL plays: KC, SD, OAK, LA

CLE plays: SD, OAK, LA, DEN

CIN plays: OAK, LA, DEN, SD

So, Each AW team plays 3 AN teams, except for OAK who plays 4. In the AE, they would all play 3 games against the AS, besides BUFF who plays 4.

To get to 16 games, the AW (Minus OAK) would face: Each AW team twice, the AE minus BUFF, the team in the AE that finished in the place as them last year again, and 3 teams in the AN.

So, DEN would play: OAK, SD, KC, LA, OAK, KC, SD, LA, PITT, CLE, CIN, NWE, NYJ, MIA, VA, NWE.

NWE, NYJ, MIA, and VA would have similar schedules, but they would be put in a SMX with the AS, and play the AE x2 and the AW mostly once.

OAK would play: AW x2, the entire AN, and the whole NW

Their schedule: OAK, SD, KC, LA, OAK, SD, KC, LA, PITT, BAL, CLE, CIN, SEA, SF, ARZ, STL.

BUFF would again be similar to OAK.

For the sake of variety, the divisions they play would be switched around. So next year the 4th place team in the AW would play the whole NE, then after that the NS, and so on. Next year the AW would be SMXed against the AS, and visa versa for the AE.

The AN schedule would work like this: AN teams x2, 4 teams in the AW, all the AS teams, and the team that finished in the same place as them in the NW and NE.


AS schedules would be similar. They would also play the top ranked teams in the NW and NE.

Whichever 2 divisions the 4th place AW and AE teams play would also face the same ranked AN and AS team.

So now, the NW.

They play: NW teams x2, all the NE, same ranked AN team, same ranked AS team, 4th place AW team, 2 teams similarly ranked in the NS, and the same ranked team in the NN.

By similarly ranked team, I mean the 1st and 2nd place NW team plays the 1st and 2nd place NS teams. 3rd and 4th NW team plays the 3rd and 4th place NS team.


The NE is similar. I feel this one is a little more confusing, so here's an example.


Phew. Almost there.

NS plays: NS teams 2x, NN teams once, similarly ranked NW teams, same ranked NE team, SMX against NN.

The NS and NN need a 4x 3 matrix.



The NN is very similar.

Pros of this system: Works for a 34 team league.

Cons: There is little AFC-NFC play. The NS and NN in this year play each other a lot. As I said earlier, the divisions the AN and AS face will rotate, so next year it might be the NN and NW who face each other a lot. The SMXs could be better balanced, the 2nd place team winds up with the easiest schedule. I didn't think of this until now, it's an easy fix but I'm too lazy to do that right now.

Any questions? Good.



36 teams there are 4 options I thought of.

3 of them use 6 divisions of 6 teams.

AFC West (AW) AFC South (AE) AFC North (AN) NFC West (NW) NFC East (NE) NFC North (NN)

Geography wise it's not perfect, but I tried to keep rivalries intact over geography.

The easiest, but probably worst: Play your division twice, play 1 other division once. 16 games, but a little too narrow IMO.

Option 2: Play your division twice, play similarly ranked teams in one other division (#1 and #2 play #1 and #2, #3 and #4 play #3 and #4, #5 and #6 play #5 and #6), play same ranked team in all other divisions. This is a little better as you play at least one team in each division.


Option 3: Play your division once, play one team in your division twice (Could be a locked rivalry, or you could play the similarly ranked team in your division), play similarly ranked teams in all other divisions. The issue is there aren't as many division games, but I like this one best.


The other option is 4 divisions of 9 teams.

AFC West (AW) AFC East (AE) NFC South (NS) NFC East (NE)

Here, similarly ranked teams means 1,2, and 3 play 1,2, and 3. As you can figure, 4,5,6 play 4,5,6 and 7,8,9 play 7,8,9.

Each team plays: Their division, the 2 other similarly ranked teams in their division, the similarly ranked teams in the other division in their conference, and the similarly ranked teams in one division in the other conference.


I hope you guys like this and it makes sense! Thought, comments, improvements?

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Posted on 16 January 2014

Week 11 NFL Predictions Thread

Hey /r/NFL, it's Tuesday so that means it's time for another prediction thread. Last week I went for 7-7 picking some teams I shouldn't have and being surprised by a few others, bringing me to 90-57 so far. Week 11 puts two more teams on a bye, bringing us closer to 16 games again. On to the predictions!

Week 11 Schedule

Winner Loser Comments
Colts Titans Both teams suffered stinging defeats last week and it's hard to say which team will bouce back first. Tough pick.
Jets Bills A tough division game for the New York rivals. Jets with a close win off their bye.
Bears Ravens Even though the Ravens won last week it was a tough win and they are not looking as strong as they were. I think Josh McCown will lead the Bears to victory at home.
Bengals Browns I think the Browns defense can make this a great game. Cincinnati at home by a narrow margin.
Raiders Texans Injuries and inconsistencies have plagued the Texans and it doesn't stop this week. Raiders by a touchdown, maybe more.
Cardinals Jaguars Jacksonville, congrats on your first win of the season. It may not be your last, but the second one won't come this week. Arizona's defense is very good and their offense is managing under Palmer.
Chargers Dolphins Although the long trip from San Diego to Miami is going to suck for the Chargers, after Monday night's performance the Dolphins have a lot of fixing to do.
Eagles Redskins Nick Foles is outperforming his position, which is why he was named the starter for the rest of the season. This may not be a blowout, but it'll be a great performance by the home team.
Lions Steelers Detroit is looking to solidify their playoff spot while the Steelers are just trying to not be last in their division.
Falcons Buccaneers Tampa Bay finally got a win! Let's be honest here, this game could very well be the least exciting game to watch this week.
Saints 49ers Should be a great battle. If the Saints were playing at Candlestick, this could very well go the other way. If the Saints can stop the run then Brees can put on a show at home and take a win from their once division rival.
Seahawks Vikings Look for the Seahawks to play down to their opponent and win by a field goal.
Giants Packers Just goes to show you how valuable Aaron Rodgers is. With Matt Flynn going full circle back to Green Bay, they may have a good shot to win, but don't put money on that.
Broncos Chiefs This'll be the Chiefs' first loss. Should be a great game, hence being flexed to Sunday night.
Panthers Patriots Holy hell, I never thought I'd pick the Panthers over New England. Their defense is scary good and playing at home makes Tom Brady have to work extra hard. Should be a great game.

Bye Teams - Cowboys, Rams

Current win/loss of teams coming off their bye: 13-9

Those are my predictions, let's hear yours. Keep it civil and fun. Best of luck!

Last Week's Predictions

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Posted on 12 November 2013

Week 10 NFL Predictions Thread

Hey /r/NFL, it's Tuesday so that means it's time for another prediction thread. Last week I went for 9-4 after a last minute switch, bringing me to 83-50 so far. Week 10 puts four more teams on a bye, bringing the total to 20. November games are underway, meaning playoff teams will start taking shape. Look for a lot of moves coming up. On to the predictions!

Week 10 Schedule

Winner Loser Comments
Vikings Redskins This game could go either way. Ponder and crew gave the Cowboys a run for their money last week. But the Redskins outplayed a good Chargers team. Slight homefield to the Vikings.
Falcons Seahawks My upset of the week! The battle of the bird teams continues with a rematch of last year's NFC Divisional Game. The Seahawks are playing down to the teams they face each week. With a near upset at home against a now 0-8 Bucs team we may be surprised to see Atlanta run away with this, especially at home.
Bengals Ravens Unless the Ravens can show me some of what brought them to the SuperBowl last year, I'm sticking with the current AFC North leader.
Lions Bears The Bears upset the Packers at home, now it's the Lions' turn to upset the Bears. Coming off a bye and an epic win before that, Detroit is pumped up.
Eagles Packers Not having Rodgers makes this pick much easier. After the Eagles torched the Raiders at home, look for another road victory since Discount Double-Check is out for three weeks.
Colts Rams The Rams love to play spoiler, so I wouldn't be surprised if this went the other way. Indy playing at home is a pretty comfortable pick though.
Giants Raiders It's getting much colder which could affect a warmer climate team like the Raiders. This Giants team is trying to break even before the season ends. New York will get their third win.
Bills Steelers EJ Manuel is back behind center and the Steelers just had one of their worst games ever. They could bounce back, but it doesn't look good.
Titans Jaguars It's a division game, which means it could be close but probably not.
49ers Panthers The 49ers off a bye and at home will slow down this hot Panthers team. This should be a great game.
Cardinals Texans Having Kubiak out hurts this Texans team a lot. Arizona is picking up speed and this is a great chance to get back into the fight.
Broncos Chargers This should be a great game. It will give us a glimpse as to how the Broncos will fare for the rest of the regular season without John Fox. Peyton Manning can hold the offense down, but what about the defense? The Chargers are a playoff team and this division game should be epic.
Saints Cowboys The Saints just came off their sloppiest game this season and still only lost by seven. The Saints hosting a night game at home are unstoppable and rarely does Payton let mistakes from the last game seep over into the next game. He'll right the ship and give us a great game. Also, it's Rob Ryan's revenge time against the team that shit-canned him.
Dolphins Buccaneers It's a battle of the drama teams. Performance and personnel puts the Dolphins in the win column.

Bye Teams - Browns, Chiefs, Jets, Patriots

Current win/loss of teams coming off their bye: 8-8

Those are my predictions, let's hear yours. Keep it civil and fun. Best of luck!

Last Week's Predictions

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Posted on 5 November 2013

Week 8 NFL Predictions Thread

Hey /r/NFL, it's Tuesday so that means it's time for another prediction thread. Last week I went for a horrible 6-9, bringing me to 63-44 so far. I know a lot of upsets happened so I'm not the only one here that went under .500. Post your scores so I don't feel like the only schmuck here. Week 8 is the last set of games of the first half of the season, and it's also one of the weeks with the least amount of games with six teams on their bye. Anyway, here we go!

Week 8 Schedule

Winner Loser Comments
Panthers Buccaneers Carolina had a decent game against the Rams and I think they'll continue the streak against the disorganized and MRSA-ridden Bucs.
Lions Cowboys This should be a good game. The Lions playing at home should give them a slight edge over the Cowboys who are finding ways to win even despite the Romo criticism.
Chiefs Browns KC is looking strong at home and the Browns are the next slab of meat on the BBQ pit.
Patriots Dolphins As with any AFC East division games, this could go either way. Hopefully, Belichick knows the new rules now and won't stack one player behind the other.
Saints Bills The Saints are off their bye with a fresh set of players and they're at home. Should be a slaughter, but the Saints have a way of playing close games that they should win by a large margin. We'll have to see.
Eagles Giants The Giants got their first win! So now they'll be 1-7 instead of 0-8.
49ers Jaguars British fans, I'm so sorry we keep giving you shitty games. At least you'll get to see some Kaepernicking. Yeah, apparently that's still a thing.
Bengals Jets Another surprisingly good game. I think homefield will help the Bengals win by a narrow margin.
Raiders Steelers Raiders are playing at home fresh off a bye. Should be a close game between two mediocre teams.
Broncos Redskins Denver is fuming that they lost last Sunday and Washington has the unfortunate privilege of being next on the hit list.
Falcons Cardinals Another game between two meh teams. The Falcons were able to pull off a win against a winless Bucs team, but how will they be against a Cardinals team that could pose some problems at home? This could go either way and I wouldn't be surprised if I'm wrong on my pick.
Packers Vikings Freeman should not be starting. I felt bad for him against the Giants because he needs more time with his new team before being put on the field. The Packers will destroy them.
Seahawks Rams This could shape up to be a defensive showdown. But now that Bradford is out, the Seahawks have an advantage on offense. But who knows, Kellen Clemens could be the Colin Kaepernick of the Rams offense.

Bye Teams - Bears, Chargers, Ravens, Colts, Titans, Texans

Those are my predictions, let's hear yours. Keep it civil and fun. Best of luck!

Last Week's Predictions

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Posted on 22 October 2013

Week 6 NFL Prediction Thread

Hey /r/NFL, I don't know about you guys but I'm slumming pretty bad in my picks so far. If you don't believe in parity in the NFL by now then something's wrong with you. I went a crappy 6-8, going 47-30 so far. If anyone went 14-0, please post in the comments because you are who I want to take to Vegas! So here we go!

Week 6 Schedule

Winner Loser Comments
Bears Giants The Bears had a few slip-ups last week, but they are by no means out of the race. The Giants are, and they're under damage control right now.
Bengals Bills Tough game to call. The Bills playing at home can potentially be formidable, but the Bengals just took down the Pats and are feeling pretty confident.
Packers Ravens The Packers put on a clinic against the Lions and the Ravens do have homefield, but I don't think it'll be enough.
Lions Browns Not sure if Megatron will be back this week, but I could flip this at the last second if he's a no-show. Browns are finding ways to win.
Vikings Panthers Fresh off a vacation win and a bye, the Vikings will be well-rested against a Panthers team showing signs of weakness.
Texans Rams The Texans did not play like the Texans last week. They have an easier opponent this week, which will give Matt Schaub a chance to redeem himself.
Chiefs Raiders This one could go either way. The Chiefs are 5-0 and look solid, but the Raiders played a great game last week. Giving it to the home team.
Jets Steelers Who would have thought this starting the season. I feel bad for Steelers fans, but then I remember all those rings they have.
Eagles Buccaneers Glennon has an opportunity to salvage what is left of the Bucs horrible, drama-filled season. But I just can't quite pick them this week, regardless of who the Eagles' QB will be.
Broncos Jaguars 5-0 takes on 0-5. It could be an upset, but would you really place money on it? Who knows, this could be the trap game of the season.
Seahawks Titans If this was in Tennessee, I would lean towards the Titans. But it's not.
Saints Patriots Homer pick, obviously. This could be just as tough as last week's game for the Saints. Hopefully, Gronk is still out and Brady will be stuck with his rookie offense.
49ers Cardinals I'm not sure which 49ers team will show up this week. I'm only picking them because they're playing at home.
Cowboys Redskins After the great perfomance by Romo last week, he may be motivated to actually turn that type of play into a win. Then again, the Redskins are coming off a bye and they always play the Cowboys well.
Colts Chargers This is based off the great performance by the Colts and the shabby one by the Chargers last week. Another tough game to predict.

Bye Teams - Falcons, Dolphins

Those are my predictions, let's hear yours. Keep it civil and fun. Best of luck!

Last Week's Predictions

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Posted on 8 October 2013

Week 5 NFL Prediction Thread

Hey /r/NFL, Week 4 is over and it looks like this season will continue to be a little unpredictable and therefore fun. I was a little better than last week and went 8-7 this week, going 41-22 so far. I'm hoping to pick up the slack with this week's picks! So here we go!

Week 5 Schedule

Winner Loser Comments
Browns Bills Both teams won last week in games where they were the underdog. Homefield is the deciding factor for me.
Saints Bears Everyone gave me shit for picking the Bears to lose last week. Well, I'm doing it again. The Saints go marching in to Soldier Field and come out with a win.
Patriots Bengals The Patriots are barely winning games, but they're winning. That rookie offense is coming together and even though I think the Bengals will win their division, they won't win this game.
Lions Packers Really tough game to call. The Packers are coming off of a bye and playing at home, but the Lions are showing they have the ability to win the division.
Chiefs Titans Should be a good one. I think that Locker not being there will be the deciding factor in this game. Hopefully, Fitz-magic can make this an enjoyable game.
Seahawks Colts Another great game. Both teams are playing well and the Colts have a very good chance of breaking the Seahawk's unbeaten record. I am not confident in my pick and I would not be surprised if I missed this one.
Rams Jaguars Ugh, Rams by a touchdown. Sorry, this game will be close, but not interesting.
Dolphins Ravens Look, the Saints are the kings of MNF, especially in the Dome. I don't think you can base the rest of the Dolphins' season on that one game. They are a legitimate contender for the AFC East title and the Ravens are hobbling along, losing games they should win.
Giants Eagles I think we finally get to see a win for the Giants. I could be wrong, and I probably am.
Panthers Cardinals The Panthers are coming off a bye against a depleted Cardinals team. I really hope for a good game, but there's just no telling.
Broncos Cowboys Put another notch in the Broncos' belt. This should be an easy road game victory. Sorry Cowboys fans, but you know it's true.
49ers Texans I really can't tell what kind of teams I'm looking at here. Both teams are inconsistent, so I'm going with the home team on this one.
Chargers Raiders The battle between the bottom tier of the AFC West. If Oakland didn't have such a shitty O-Line, this would be a great matchup.
Falcons Jets This is the Falcons' last chance to get a win before their bye. Should be a good game.

Bye Teams - Buccaneers, Redskins, Steelers, Vikings

Those are my pridections, let's hear yours. Keep it civil and fun. Best of luck!

Last Week's Predictions

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Posted on 1 October 2013

NFL Week 4 Prediction Thread

Hey /r/NFL, Week 3 is over and I must say that if this keeps up then it's going to be hard predicting the winners from now on. I was wrong on the Bears/Steelers game, but right on the Falcons/Dolphins game. I went a sorry 8-8 last week, going 33-15 so far. But I will not let that bring me down! Also, I've changed to a table format because I've had some complaints about mobile devices, blah blah blah. So here we go!

Week 4 Schedule

Winner Loser Comments
Rams 49ers This matchup is always a close one and hard to choose. The 49ers are not the team of last year and with the absence of Aldon Smith, it will be a long road to the end of the season.
Ravens Bills EJ Manuel will be a great QB in the future. But now he has to face off against a Ravens team that put up a great show last week against a powerful Texans team. It'll be tough.
Bengals Browns Another close divisional game. I think the Browns have a good chance to win this one. But without Trent Richardson, it'll be rough.
Lions Bears The Bears are the first on my list to lose their unbeaten status. Divisional games are always tough, and these two teams are the frontrunners to win the NFC North.
Chiefs Giants 3-0, meet 0-3. Chiefs look great and will continue their dominance of the NFC East.
Buccaneers Cardinals If the Bucs ever have a chance to get back into the season, it's this game. This could go either way, but it's do or die time for Tampa Bay.
Colts Jaguars I hate to see a team go 0-4, but the Jags are facing a Colts team that will have a good shot at a Wild Card spot. Not looking good for them.
Texans Seahawks Houston will bounce back in a big way by toppling another 3-0 team. The Seahawks are fierce at home, but they struggle on the road.
Vikings Steelers The Vikings lost to the Browns. They will put on a performance against another AFC North team that will make us forget all about that loss.
Titans Jets The Titans are another Wild Card contender and while the Jets are eeking away at wins, they have yet to win by a comfortable margin against any of their opponents, good or bad.
Raiders Redskins Matt Flynn will probably start against a Redskins team on the road, battling 0-3 mentality. Should be a good game.
Broncos Eagles Chip Kelly is getting educated in the finer points of professional football by losing to every AFC West team. This won't stop until they play Oakland.
Chargers Cowboys Another good game. The NFC East leaders, if you can call them that, have a good chance at winning. But it is a road game against the revitalized Chargers team.
Falcons Patriots Yet another 3-0 team to fall. As much as I'd love to see the Falcons go 1-3, and it's still possible, a home game where they're backed against the wall will make this outcome unlikely. I will be cheering for the Pats though.
Saints Dolphins Obviously, we save the best for last. 3-0 against 3-0. The Dolphins look good and I have confidence that they'll be a huge threat to the Patriots to win the AFC East. Luckily, the Saints are playing them at home on MNF, where they dominate their opponents. Probably a close game, but not too close. My heart can't take much more of those.

Bye Teams - Packers, Panthers

Those are my pridections, let's hear yours. Keep it civil and fun. Best of luck!

Last Week's Predictions

Edit: Please post how you did last week. I really want to know how I'm standing up compared to the rest of you guys.

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Posted on 24 September 2013

NFL Week 3 Prediction Thread

Hey /r/NFL, Week 2 is over and it's that time again. Every Tuesday after the previous week's games have all ended, I submit my picks for the following week's matchups, along with my reasons for the picks I've made. What an insane week, with 10 games being decided by seven points or less. How did everyone do? I was able to go 12-4 surprisingly, which puts me at 25-7 so far. So let's get to it.

Week 3 Schedule

over - I think Chip Kelly still played great, he just needs better clock management. This will be a good game with an outcome that's hard to pick.

over - I'm pulling for the Bengals to win the AFC North, but this will be a tough game to pull out, even at home.

over - Are the Cowboys legit this year? Hard to say, but their first two games have them looking like they have their shit together.

over - This one is going to be hard to call. Both teams played great last week and could be seen as a legitimate threat to their division. I'll give this to the home team, but I wouldn't be surprised if I lose on this one.

over - Although the Browns were able to keep the Ravens to 14 points, their offense won't able to produce much. Look for AP to pound out at least two touchdowns at home.

over - With Goldson's suspension and the Bucs being on pace to break the record for most penalties in a season, the Patriots just have to play a clean game to win out.

over - The Saints offense spent the last two tough games shaking the rust off. Look for a high scoring game if Brees can keep the ball away from Patrick Peterson and the Honey Badger.

over - I love how the Lions are looking so far, but I don't think the Redskins are going to go 0-3. RGIII is about to man up and put his offense together for their first win.

over - Both teams are 0-2. Lucky for the Panthers they're playing at home. Rivera's job is on the line, so he'd better man up and get control of his team.

over - After the last two games, you can definitely tell this is not the same Ravens team that won the SuperBowl. I do think this will be a defensive battle, but the offense is tipping in the Texans' favor.

over - This is my crazy pick of the week. The Falcons have a knack for letting teams get points on them in the last half of the game and the Dolphins are looking like a legitimate threat to the AFC East. Should be a good game.

over - E.J. Manuel orchestrated a great comeback win for the Bills, so these two teams are going to have a great battle that's really hard to decide.

over - Now that the 49ers got their shitty game out of the way, they're going to destroy the Colts. I feel bad for the Lucky Horseshoes.

over - I don't really need to explain this, do I? At this point, the Jaguars need to appease the fans and hire Tebow in some capacity. Maybe as a cheerleader.

over - The Steelers haven't gone 0-2 since 2002. They're not going 0-3. But the Bears look much improved so we'll have to wait and see.

over - My heart goes out to Pryor as tries to lead the Raiders to wins. But he's going against the juggernaut that is Five-Head and the Devil Donkeys. Good luck bud.

Those are my pridections, let's hear yours. Keep it civil and fun. Best of luck!

Last Week's Predictions

Side note: Sorry fellow GLoG teams for picking against you guys. Nothing personal.

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Posted on 17 September 2013

NFL Week 2 Prediction Thread

Alright /r/NFL, Week 1 has come and gone and now Week 2 is upon us. How did everyone do? I was able to go 13-3, which is not too shabby. Every Tuesday after the previous week's games have all ended, I submit my picks for the following week's matchups, along with my reasons for the picks I've made. Anyway, let's get to it.

Week 2 Schedule

over - Although Geno Smith was able to pull out a win at the last minute, I don't think he'll be able to do that two weeks in a row. Especially against the Patriots.

over - As much as I'd love to see the Falcons go 0-2, they are playing at home and they're angry about the Week 1 loss. The Rams will be their first casualty of the season.

over - I think the Panthers will bounce back after that close Week 1 game, but the Bills looked surprisingly good as well.

over - Could go either way. Gotta go with the home team. Sorry AP fans.

over - RGIII got a taste of what a sophomore slump looks like and the Packers need to shake off that loss to the 49ers.

over - Although it was a close match with Oakland, the Colts will widen their scoring points in their second home game in a row.

over - Call it a minor upset. The Cowboys looked better than average, but the Chiefs dominated their Week 1 game and they're playing at home.

over - The Ravens need a good win this week to get over the funk of the opening game, and the Browns are just the team to give it to them.

over - When the Texans can come back from a 21-point deficit and win the game, I feel bad for the Titans.

over - I'm drinking the Chip Kelly kool-aid for now. Plus the Chargers totally biffed that huge lead they had last week.

over - I'm rooting for Bruce Arians to turn that Cardinals team around, but the Lions looked pretty good. Glad to see Reggie Bush getting some love.

over - Call it a homer pick, that's fine. But the Saints defense showed up against a tough Falcons team and the Bucs lost to a Jets team in chaos. Gonna be a one-sided game.

over - Pryor gave it his all in that close Week 1 game, so I don't think the Raiders will have too much trouble this week.

over - The Broncos looked on point against the Ravens and I don't really know what to make of the Giants yet. Look for the Manning Bowl to be a one-sided game.

over - The only reason I'm giving this to the Seahawks is because this is a home game for them. They looked out of character against the Panthers, but I'm expecting them to have the rust shaken off and play a great game this week.

over - In the downward spiral that is the Steelers' season, I think the Bengals are looking primed to take the division, with the Ravens as the only legitimate competition.

Those are my pridections, let's hear yours. Keep it civil and fun. Best of luck!

Last Week's Predictions

Edit: I still don't understand why people feel the need to downvote these types of posts. Oh well.

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Posted on 10 September 2013

Wild Card Game Thread: Indianapolis Colts at Baltimore Ravens

Wild Card Game

Indianapolis Colts (11-5) at Baltimore Ravens (10-6)


1:00 PM Eastern

12:00 PM Central

11:00 AM Mountain

10:00 AM Pacific


M&T Bank Stadium (Baltimore, MD)


~44°F, partly cloudy


TV Coverage: CBS

Stream: First Row | VipBox |

Radio: Sirius XM Radio Channel 88

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Spread: by 7

Over/Under: 46.5

Previous Season Record

2-14 [missed playoffs]

12-4 [lost AFCCG to (23-20)]

Headlines Gamecenter

Momentum for Colts, Ravens

Colts-Ravens Injury Report

Ray Lewis activated and ready to play

Reggie Wayne could be the difference-maker

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Posted on 6 January 2013

Ok r/nfl, now that the schedule has been released, what is your teams W/L prediction?

Try to be as honest as possible (no 16-0).

Here is the schedule that was announced yesterday

I see my Seahawks going 9-7 with the potential to hit 10-6.

Week 1 @ - W

Week 2 vs - L

Week 3 vs - L

Week 4 @ - W

Week 5 @ - W

Week 6 vs - L

Week 7 @ - L

Week 8 @ - L

Week 9 vs - W

Week 10 vs - W


Week 12 @ - W

Week 13 @ - L

Week 14 vs - W

Week 15 @ - W

Week 16 vs - L

Week 17 vs - W

The potential for hitting 10-6 is if we split with SF. The games between us and the 49ers are always tough close games. I also see us maybe squeaking out a win against DAL, GB, or NE at home in the first half of the season. That is a big maybe though.

So what say you r/nfl?

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Posted on 18 April 2012