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NFL schedule - Yahoo News Search Results

Guest commentary: How the NFL can fix the NBA

The NBA has a problem. Because of the way the schedule is made, the Eastern Conference teams have an advantage, especially...

Posted on 8 April 2015

NFL hires Sarah Thomas, 1st female official

NEW YORK (AP) — Sarah Thomas saw the New York City area code pop up on her phone and started praying it was the NFL calling to say she'd been hired as a full-time game official.

Posted on 8 April 2015

NFL Draft Needs: Bengals

Josh Norris and Evan Silva look at the Bengals' biggest needs and project each of their 2015 NFL Draft selections.

Posted on 8 April 2015

NFL Draft Needs: Browns

Josh Norris and Evan Silva look at the Browns' biggest needs and project each of their 2015 NFL Draft selections.

Posted on 8 April 2015

NFL Draft Needs: Schedule

Josh Norris and Evan Silva break down every team�s needs and which players fit those needs. Check out the weekly schedule.

Posted on 7 April 2015

NFL Draft Needs: Packers

Josh Norris and Evan Silva look at the Packers' biggest needs and project each of their 2015 NFL Draft selections.

Posted on 7 April 2015

Adrian Peterson meeting with NFL on reinstatement

Adrian Peterson is meeting with the NFL this week to discuss his reinstatement, reports Judy Battista. The Minnesota Vikings running back was scheduled to be eligible for reinstatement on April 15.

Posted on 7 April 2015

NFL Draft Needs: Vikings

Josh Norris and Evan Silva look at the Vikings' biggest needs and project each of their 2015 NFL Draft selections.

Posted on 7 April 2015

NFL Draft Needs: Bears

Josh Norris and Evan Silva look at the Bears' biggest needs and project each of their 2015 NFL Draft selections.

Posted on 7 April 2015

NFL Draft Needs: Lions

Josh Norris and Evan Silva look at the Lions' biggest needs and project each of their 2015 NFL Draft selections.

Posted on 6 April 2015


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Falcons Vs. Giants, NFL Playoffs 2012: Game Schedule And More

Posted on 7 January 2012 search results

Animated 2015 NFL Schedule

tldr; imgur gif

I wanted to see what teams' schedules looked like from a traveling perspective, so I made this visualization. Each week shows all of the different matchups in their host city (or the middle of the Atlantic for London games). The gif is a little bit fast/lower quality because of issues I was running into with Firefox, but for better quality you can check out this interactive version. That version also allows you to just show an individual team's schedule using the dropdown in the top left corner, which makes it a lot easier to track one team in the sea of circles.

Also, for anyone that wants to see how it works or play around with it yourself, the code is right here.

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Posted on 27 April 2015

Busting NFL Schedule Myths

With yesterday's release of the 2015 NFL schedule, I've seen a lot of the same myths thrown about both on Reddit and elsewhere. I thought it would be a good opportunity to discuss them, link to actual data about how strong the effects are, and maybe introduce a little sanity into this portion of the offseason.

Myth 1: Teams have an advantage coming off of their bye week.

One thing about all of these myths -- they all make sense intuitively. If you have a week to prepare for every game, and then suddenly you have two weeks to prepare for one (not to mention an extra weak of healing), it stands to reason that you'd expect to win slightly more often. This myth is true, although the effect is weak. From 1990-2008, teams playing after a bye were 309-276-1 or 52.7% win percentage. For a point of reference, compare this to home field advantage: roughly 57%. An average post-bye-week team visiting a non-post-bye-week team would only make up for about one third of the advantage.

And there's also some evidence that this advantage is stronger for teams that go on the road. Road teams perform about 3 points better than expected after a bye week, but there's no such bump for home teams.

Myth 2: Late bye weeks are better than early bye weeks.

Like the previous myth, it makes sense that a later bye would help. Later byes are closer to the middle of the season, and the latest byes (week 11) allow you to only have six straight games before the playoffs instead of more than twice that many (13 if your bye is week 4). But this myth is false. There appears to be no correlation at all between bye week and team performance.

Prefer an anecdote over data? Last season (2014), six teams had week 4 byes. Four of them made the playoffs (two with first-round byes: Denver and Seattle).

Myth 3: Teams have a disadvantage on a short week.

Since the NFL re-instituted Thursday Night Football in 2006, road teams have lost more games than expected. Unfortunately, since it's a small sample size, there's not yet enough data to be statistically significant.

It also seems like road teams perform best against the spread on 6 days rest. But the last bar chart on that page makes it hard to see a clear pattern.

This myth is inconclusive. I haven't been able to find strong enough data one way or the other. I'm open to data that would support or refute this myth.

Myth 4: Predicting NFL standings in April is possible.

This isn't really about the schedule so much as a general off-season myth. You see things about team X having a tough schedule based on their opponents' performance the previous year. But this myth is false -- those SOS predictions are effectively meaningless. Too many teams improve or decline year-to-year and those improvements are incredibly difficult to predict.

How difficult? Even Vegas lines and advanced predictions like Football Outsiders are wronger than if you just predicted everyone would go 8-8. Regressions are a little better but still pretty terrible.

Myth 5: "My team's opponents are too hard, and our rival's opponents are too easy. The NFL is out to get us."

This myth is simple, and it's completely false. Since the last realignment (in 2002 when the league went to 32 teams in 8 divisions), team opponents have been completely determined by a formula:

  • Each team plays each of the three other teams in its division twice each (one at home and one away).
  • Each division is matched with one division in the same conference, and plays each of those teams once. Two of these games will be on the road and two at home. The paired divisions rotate on a 3-year schedule.
  • Each team plays one game each against the two teams that finished in the same place as them and are members of the other two divisions in their conference.
  • Each division is paired with one division in the opposite conference, and plays each of those teams once. Two of these games will be on the road and two at home. The paired divisions rotate on a 4-year schedule.

Because the matchups are completely formulaic, it's often easy to determine the opponents far in advance. In fact, today, all but two of your team's 2016 opponents are already set. And, barring another realignment or a shift to an 18-game schedule, their 2030 opponents, too.

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Posted on 22 April 2015

2015 NFL Schedule Leaks Thread


This is where all rumors and leaks will be posted, I will update this as soon as new leaks come in.


  • Bold means the source is trusted and 99.9% certain, or confirmed.
    • Unbold source means not trusted but favorable.
  • A * indicates heavily rumored, or heavily likely based on rotation, but not confirmed by trusted source.

Change log can be viewed here

Week 1

Date Away @ Home Time TV Source
9/10 PIT @ NE 8:20p ET NBC Source
9/13 GB @ CHI 1p ET FOX Source
9/13 CLE @ NYJ Source
9/13 NYG @ DAL 8:20p ET NBC Source
9/13 TEN @ TB - - Source
9/13 BAL @ DEN 4:25p ET CBS Source
9/13 SEA @ - - Source
9/14 PHI @ ATL 7:00p ET ESPN Source
9/14 TBD @ SF 10:15p ET ESPN

Week 2

Date Away @ Home Time TV Source
9/20 SEA @ GB 8:20p ET NBC Source
9/20 ATL @ NYG - - Source
9/20 ARI @ CHI - - Source
9/20 NO @ PHI - - Source

Week 3

Date Away @ Home Time TV Source
9/24 WSH @ NYG 8:30p ET CBS/NFLN NY Daily News
9/27 CHI @ SEA - - Source
9/28 KC @ GB 8:20p ET ESPN Source

Week 4

Date Away @ Home Time TV Source
10/1 BAL @ PIT 8:30p ET CBS/NFLN
10/4 NYJ @ MIA 9:30a ET London
10/4 OAK @ CHI - - Source
10/4 GB @ SF - - -

Week 5

Date Away @ Home Time TV Source
10/11 JAX @ TB - - Source
10/11 CHI @ KC - - Source

Week 6

Date Away @ Home Time TV Source
10/18 CHI @ DET - - Source
10/18 JAC @ NE - - Source

Week 7

Date Away @ Home Time TV Source
10/25 BUF @ JAC 9:30a ET London
10/25 TB @ WSH - - Source

Week 8

Date Away @ Home Time TV Source
11/1 DET @ KC 9:30a ET London
11/1 MIN @ CHI - - Source
11/1 NYG @ NO - - Source

Week 9

Date Away @ Home Time TV Source
11/5 CLE @ CIN 8:20p ET NFLN Source
11/9 CHI @ SD 8:20p ET ESPN Source

Week 10

Date Away @ Home Time TV Source
11/12 BUF @ NYJ
11/15 CHI @ STL - - Source
11/15 DET @ SD - - Source

Week 11

Date Away @ Home Time TV Source
11/22 DEN @ CHI - - Source
11/22 PHI @ NE - - Source

Week 12

Date Away @ Home Time TV Source
11/26 PHI @ DET 12:30p ET Source
11/26 CAR @ DAL 4:30p ET Source
11/26 CHI @ GB 8:30p ET NBC Source

Week 13

Date Away @ Home Time TV Source
12/3 GB @ DET - - Source
12/6 NYJ @ NYG - - Source
12/6 SF @ CHI

Week 14

Date Away @ Home Time TV Source
12/13 NE @ HOU 1:00p ET CBS Source
12/13 [](WAS)WSH @ CHI
12/14 NYG @ MIA 8:20p ET ESPN Source

Week 15

Date Away @ Home Time TV Source
12/20 CHI @ MIN - - Source

Week 16

Date Away @ Home Time TV Source
12/24 SD @ OAK - - [Source]()
12/26 PHI @ WSH - NFLN [Source]()
12/27 [](NYG)NYG @ MIN - FOX Source
12/27 CHI @ TB - - Source
12/27 PIT @ BAL 8:30p ET NBC

Week 17

Date Away @ Home Time TV Source
1/3 DET @ CHI Rotation
1/3 NYJ @ BUF Source
1/3 NE @ MIA Source
1/3 MIN @ GB
1/3 PHI @ NYG Source
1/3 DAL @ WSH Source
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Posted on 21 April 2015

NFL Week 11 Prediction Thread

Happy November /r/NFL! Here's your weekly installment of my shitty predictions! How did your Week 10 predictions turn out? I improved to 9-4 last week, bringing me to 0.670 for the season so far. I lost my survival pool too, thanks to the shitty playing by the Steelers. I'll still post my pick each week. Time to predict the Week 11 matchups along with my survival pick for this week (survival pick may change later in the week due to injury reports and whatnot). Remember, these picks are totally biased and not based on any common sense whatsoever. This week has the byes for four teams, so there will be two less games to watch. A lot of these games are going to be tough calls, so don't be mad if I don't pick your team.

Let's do this!

Week 11 Schedule

Winner Loser Comments
Dolphins over Bills At home coming off a pounding of the Chargers, I'm not sure what the Dolphins are doing, but it's working.
Browns over Texans Survival Pick! Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I'd be picking the Browns as often as I have this year. Do we know if Clowney will be playing now?
Bears over Vikings Sorry I forgot about this pick. Bears will get a rare win at home.
Chiefs over Seahawks Upset Pick! The Seahawks are not dominating as much as they did last year, getting uncomfortably close against the Raiders at home and letting the Giants score on them as often as they did. Makes it difficult to pick them outside of C-Link.
Panthers over Falcons Battle for second place in the shittiest division in the NFL!
Saints over Bengals After that heartbreaking loss at home, the Saints are now in desperation mode. They cannot afford to lose this game and still maintain the lead in the NFC South. We'll see if the Bengals play like they did last week, or if they step up and play like they have early in the season.
Redskins over Buccaneers It'll be interesting to see how the QB position plays out in Washington. Unfortunately, I don't think the Bucs have anythng left to salvage and are in damage control.
Broncos over Rams The Broncos continue their dominance in their schedule by putting the Rams on the menu. I would love to see an upset here, though.
49ers over Giants The 49ers seem to have their confidence back, so I don't think the Giants will be too much of a problem.
Chargers over Raiders Are we ever going to see the powerhouse Chargers we saw early in the season? This week would be a good time for them to show up.
Packers over Eagles Tough pick. Sanchez is doing quite well under Chip Kelly's offense. However, they are going into Lambeau and the Packers are looking great after that pounding of the Bears.
Lions over Cardinals A great matchup. It'll be interesting to see if the Cardinals can keep up the tempo with Carson Palmer out the rest of the year. I think the Lions will take advantage of this and pull out a win.
Patriots over Colts Patriots off a bye on Sunday Night Football, mark down another win. Hoping for a good fight from the Colts.
Titans over Steelers I can't pick the Steelers this week because I'm still pissed at them for shitting the bed against the Jets. That's all the logic you're going to get out of me for this one.

Byes: Cowboys, Jets, Jaguars, Ravens

Those are my predictions, let's hear yours. Keep it civil and fun and please don't downvote because you didn't like what I had to say, just argue your point. Best of luck to in your survival pools and fantasy teams!

Update: 7-7, shitty weekend for me.

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Posted on 12 November 2014


Searching For Watch NFL Live Streaming | NFL Online - Watch NFL Live: Streaming Options for NFL Football Games, NFL News, Videos, Scores, Teams, Standings, Stats, NFL Schedule Week TV Coverage Map, Start Times and Live Stream Info, Sports News Headlines - NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB..Live Stream Free: Watch NFL Game Online [TV Schedule, Roster News]

Posted on 9 November 2014

Game Thread: Arizona Cardinals (1-0) at New York Giants (0-1)

Arizona Cardinals at New York Giants

  • MetLife Stadium
  • East Rutherford, New Jersey

First Second Third Fourth Final
Cardinals 10 0 0 15 25
Giants 0 7 7 0 14

  • General information

Coverage Game Insight Odds
FOX Statmilk New York -2 O/U 41
68°F/Wind 2mph/Partly cloudy/0% chance of rain

Headlines Communities
Report: Carson Palmer won’t play today /r/nygiants
Cardinals not using difficult travel schedule as excuse /r/azcardinals

  • Game Stats

Passing Cmp/Att Yds Ints Tds
E.Manning 26/39 277 2 2
D.Stanton 14/29 167 0 0
Rushing Car Yds Lng Tds
R.Jennings 18 64 13 0
A.Ellington 15 91 22 0
Receiving Rec Yds Lng Tds
L.Donnell 7 81 23 0
L.Fitzgerald 6 51 17 0

Discuss whatever you wish. You can trash talk, but keep it civil.
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Posted on 14 September 2014

NFL Schedule leak mega thread


Here is where all leaks will be posted with sources:

NOTE: Away and home are switched, Away is first and Home is second, sorry about that

Week 1

Away Home Time Net Source
Packers Seahawks Thursday NBC Here
Bills Bears 1pm CBS
Saints Falcons
49ers Cowboys
Colts Broncos 8pm ET NBC
Giants Lions 8pm ET ESPN

Week 2

Away Home Time Net Source
Bears 49ers 4:25 ET FOX
Saints Browns
Lions Panthers Here
Jets Packers

Week 3

Away Home Time Net Source
Texans Giants
Vikings Saints
Bears Jets
Packers Lions Here

Week 4

Away Home Time Net Source
Giants Redskins THU. 8pm ET CBS
Saints Cowboys
Lions Jets Here
Packers Bears
Dolphins Raiders

Week 5

Away Home Time Net Source
Vikings Packers TNF CBS
Falcons Giants
Bills Lions Here

Week 6

Away Home Time Net Source
Giants Eagles
Lions Vikings Here

Week 7

Away Home Time Net Source
Giants Cowboys
Saints Lions Here
Panthers Packers

Week 8

Away Home Time Net Source
Lions Falcons 9:30a ET FOX Here

Week 9

Away Home Time Net Source
Colts Giants

Week 10

Away Home Time Net Source
Giants Seahawks
Dolphins Lions Here
Bears Packers

Week 11

Away Home Time Net Source
49ers Giants
Lions Cardinals Here
Vikings Bears

Week 12

Away Home Time Net Source
Cowboys Giants
Lions Patriots Here

Week 13

Away Home Time Net Source
Seahawks 49ers THU.
Bears Lions THU. 12:30p ET CBS Here
Giants Jaguars
Eagles Packers

Week 14

Away Home Time Net Source
Cowboys Bears Thursday
Giants Titans
Bucs Lions Here
Patriots Packers MNF ESPN

Week 15

Away Home Time Net Source
Redskins Giants
Vikings Lions Here
Saints Bears Monday ESPN

Week 16

Away Home Time Net Source
Giants Rams
Lions Bears Here

Week 17

Away Home Time Net Source
Eagles Giants
Redskins Cowboys
Bears Vikings
Lions Packers

NOTE: I am actively updating this list and please notice that some of these may be wrong as they are rumors at this point

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Posted on 23 April 2014

How the NFL Schedule could work if it expands to 34 or 36 teams.

One of the many concerns about NFL expansion is the schedule. Bored at school today, I sorted out how the league could expand. When it goes to 34 teams, the new teams are LA and Virginia (VA). At 36, add on Portland (PTL) and San Antonio (SA).

34 Teams Here are the divisions. I used a lot of shorthand, for the sake of time.

AFC West (AW) AFC East (AE) AFC North (AN) AFC South (AS)
LA VA --- ---
NFC West (NW) NFC East (NE) NFC South (NS) NFC North (NN)

For the sake of this explanation, assume the final standings of the year were the order I posted them in. Sorry Cincinnati, Jacksonville, St. Louis, Washington, Atlanta, Detroit, Virginia, and LA fans.

Now, let's start with the AFC. Obviously, 2 divisions have 5 teams. Each of the 5 team divisions plays a 4 team AFC division, like such:

AW plays AN (I'm going to dub this technique a Scheduling Matrix (SMX), just because it's used a few times, and it needs a name)

PITT plays: DEN, KC, SD, OAK

BAL plays: KC, SD, OAK, LA

CLE plays: SD, OAK, LA, DEN

CIN plays: OAK, LA, DEN, SD

So, Each AW team plays 3 AN teams, except for OAK who plays 4. In the AE, they would all play 3 games against the AS, besides BUFF who plays 4.

To get to 16 games, the AW (Minus OAK) would face: Each AW team twice, the AE minus BUFF, the team in the AE that finished in the place as them last year again, and 3 teams in the AN.

So, DEN would play: OAK, SD, KC, LA, OAK, KC, SD, LA, PITT, CLE, CIN, NWE, NYJ, MIA, VA, NWE.

NWE, NYJ, MIA, and VA would have similar schedules, but they would be put in a SMX with the AS, and play the AE x2 and the AW mostly once.

OAK would play: AW x2, the entire AN, and the whole NW

Their schedule: OAK, SD, KC, LA, OAK, SD, KC, LA, PITT, BAL, CLE, CIN, SEA, SF, ARZ, STL.

BUFF would again be similar to OAK.

For the sake of variety, the divisions they play would be switched around. So next year the 4th place team in the AW would play the whole NE, then after that the NS, and so on. Next year the AW would be SMXed against the AS, and visa versa for the AE.

The AN schedule would work like this: AN teams x2, 4 teams in the AW, all the AS teams, and the team that finished in the same place as them in the NW and NE.


AS schedules would be similar. They would also play the top ranked teams in the NW and NE.

Whichever 2 divisions the 4th place AW and AE teams play would also face the same ranked AN and AS team.

So now, the NW.

They play: NW teams x2, all the NE, same ranked AN team, same ranked AS team, 4th place AW team, 2 teams similarly ranked in the NS, and the same ranked team in the NN.

By similarly ranked team, I mean the 1st and 2nd place NW team plays the 1st and 2nd place NS teams. 3rd and 4th NW team plays the 3rd and 4th place NS team.


The NE is similar. I feel this one is a little more confusing, so here's an example.


Phew. Almost there.

NS plays: NS teams 2x, NN teams once, similarly ranked NW teams, same ranked NE team, SMX against NN.

The NS and NN need a 4x 3 matrix.



The NN is very similar.

Pros of this system: Works for a 34 team league.

Cons: There is little AFC-NFC play. The NS and NN in this year play each other a lot. As I said earlier, the divisions the AN and AS face will rotate, so next year it might be the NN and NW who face each other a lot. The SMXs could be better balanced, the 2nd place team winds up with the easiest schedule. I didn't think of this until now, it's an easy fix but I'm too lazy to do that right now.

Any questions? Good.



36 teams there are 4 options I thought of.

3 of them use 6 divisions of 6 teams.

AFC West (AW) AFC South (AE) AFC North (AN) NFC West (NW) NFC East (NE) NFC North (NN)

Geography wise it's not perfect, but I tried to keep rivalries intact over geography.

The easiest, but probably worst: Play your division twice, play 1 other division once. 16 games, but a little too narrow IMO.

Option 2: Play your division twice, play similarly ranked teams in one other division (#1 and #2 play #1 and #2, #3 and #4 play #3 and #4, #5 and #6 play #5 and #6), play same ranked team in all other divisions. This is a little better as you play at least one team in each division.


Option 3: Play your division once, play one team in your division twice (Could be a locked rivalry, or you could play the similarly ranked team in your division), play similarly ranked teams in all other divisions. The issue is there aren't as many division games, but I like this one best.


The other option is 4 divisions of 9 teams.

AFC West (AW) AFC East (AE) NFC South (NS) NFC East (NE)

Here, similarly ranked teams means 1,2, and 3 play 1,2, and 3. As you can figure, 4,5,6 play 4,5,6 and 7,8,9 play 7,8,9.

Each team plays: Their division, the 2 other similarly ranked teams in their division, the similarly ranked teams in the other division in their conference, and the similarly ranked teams in one division in the other conference.


I hope you guys like this and it makes sense! Thought, comments, improvements?

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Posted on 16 January 2014

Week 11 NFL Predictions Thread

Hey /r/NFL, it's Tuesday so that means it's time for another prediction thread. Last week I went for 7-7 picking some teams I shouldn't have and being surprised by a few others, bringing me to 90-57 so far. Week 11 puts two more teams on a bye, bringing us closer to 16 games again. On to the predictions!

Week 11 Schedule

Winner Loser Comments
Colts Titans Both teams suffered stinging defeats last week and it's hard to say which team will bouce back first. Tough pick.
Jets Bills A tough division game for the New York rivals. Jets with a close win off their bye.
Bears Ravens Even though the Ravens won last week it was a tough win and they are not looking as strong as they were. I think Josh McCown will lead the Bears to victory at home.
Bengals Browns I think the Browns defense can make this a great game. Cincinnati at home by a narrow margin.
Raiders Texans Injuries and inconsistencies have plagued the Texans and it doesn't stop this week. Raiders by a touchdown, maybe more.
Cardinals Jaguars Jacksonville, congrats on your first win of the season. It may not be your last, but the second one won't come this week. Arizona's defense is very good and their offense is managing under Palmer.
Chargers Dolphins Although the long trip from San Diego to Miami is going to suck for the Chargers, after Monday night's performance the Dolphins have a lot of fixing to do.
Eagles Redskins Nick Foles is outperforming his position, which is why he was named the starter for the rest of the season. This may not be a blowout, but it'll be a great performance by the home team.
Lions Steelers Detroit is looking to solidify their playoff spot while the Steelers are just trying to not be last in their division.
Falcons Buccaneers Tampa Bay finally got a win! Let's be honest here, this game could very well be the least exciting game to watch this week.
Saints 49ers Should be a great battle. If the Saints were playing at Candlestick, this could very well go the other way. If the Saints can stop the run then Brees can put on a show at home and take a win from their once division rival.
Seahawks Vikings Look for the Seahawks to play down to their opponent and win by a field goal.
Giants Packers Just goes to show you how valuable Aaron Rodgers is. With Matt Flynn going full circle back to Green Bay, they may have a good shot to win, but don't put money on that.
Broncos Chiefs This'll be the Chiefs' first loss. Should be a great game, hence being flexed to Sunday night.
Panthers Patriots Holy hell, I never thought I'd pick the Panthers over New England. Their defense is scary good and playing at home makes Tom Brady have to work extra hard. Should be a great game.

Bye Teams - Cowboys, Rams

Current win/loss of teams coming off their bye: 13-9

Those are my predictions, let's hear yours. Keep it civil and fun. Best of luck!

Last Week's Predictions

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Posted on 12 November 2013

Week 5 NFL Prediction Thread

Hey /r/NFL, Week 4 is over and it looks like this season will continue to be a little unpredictable and therefore fun. I was a little better than last week and went 8-7 this week, going 41-22 so far. I'm hoping to pick up the slack with this week's picks! So here we go!

Week 5 Schedule

Winner Loser Comments
Browns Bills Both teams won last week in games where they were the underdog. Homefield is the deciding factor for me.
Saints Bears Everyone gave me shit for picking the Bears to lose last week. Well, I'm doing it again. The Saints go marching in to Soldier Field and come out with a win.
Patriots Bengals The Patriots are barely winning games, but they're winning. That rookie offense is coming together and even though I think the Bengals will win their division, they won't win this game.
Lions Packers Really tough game to call. The Packers are coming off of a bye and playing at home, but the Lions are showing they have the ability to win the division.
Chiefs Titans Should be a good one. I think that Locker not being there will be the deciding factor in this game. Hopefully, Fitz-magic can make this an enjoyable game.
Seahawks Colts Another great game. Both teams are playing well and the Colts have a very good chance of breaking the Seahawk's unbeaten record. I am not confident in my pick and I would not be surprised if I missed this one.
Rams Jaguars Ugh, Rams by a touchdown. Sorry, this game will be close, but not interesting.
Dolphins Ravens Look, the Saints are the kings of MNF, especially in the Dome. I don't think you can base the rest of the Dolphins' season on that one game. They are a legitimate contender for the AFC East title and the Ravens are hobbling along, losing games they should win.
Giants Eagles I think we finally get to see a win for the Giants. I could be wrong, and I probably am.
Panthers Cardinals The Panthers are coming off a bye against a depleted Cardinals team. I really hope for a good game, but there's just no telling.
Broncos Cowboys Put another notch in the Broncos' belt. This should be an easy road game victory. Sorry Cowboys fans, but you know it's true.
49ers Texans I really can't tell what kind of teams I'm looking at here. Both teams are inconsistent, so I'm going with the home team on this one.
Chargers Raiders The battle between the bottom tier of the AFC West. If Oakland didn't have such a shitty O-Line, this would be a great matchup.
Falcons Jets This is the Falcons' last chance to get a win before their bye. Should be a good game.

Bye Teams - Buccaneers, Redskins, Steelers, Vikings

Those are my pridections, let's hear yours. Keep it civil and fun. Best of luck!

Last Week's Predictions

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Posted on 1 October 2013

NFL Week 4 Prediction Thread

Hey /r/NFL, Week 3 is over and I must say that if this keeps up then it's going to be hard predicting the winners from now on. I was wrong on the Bears/Steelers game, but right on the Falcons/Dolphins game. I went a sorry 8-8 last week, going 33-15 so far. But I will not let that bring me down! Also, I've changed to a table format because I've had some complaints about mobile devices, blah blah blah. So here we go!

Week 4 Schedule

Winner Loser Comments
Rams 49ers This matchup is always a close one and hard to choose. The 49ers are not the team of last year and with the absence of Aldon Smith, it will be a long road to the end of the season.
Ravens Bills EJ Manuel will be a great QB in the future. But now he has to face off against a Ravens team that put up a great show last week against a powerful Texans team. It'll be tough.
Bengals Browns Another close divisional game. I think the Browns have a good chance to win this one. But without Trent Richardson, it'll be rough.
Lions Bears The Bears are the first on my list to lose their unbeaten status. Divisional games are always tough, and these two teams are the frontrunners to win the NFC North.
Chiefs Giants 3-0, meet 0-3. Chiefs look great and will continue their dominance of the NFC East.
Buccaneers Cardinals If the Bucs ever have a chance to get back into the season, it's this game. This could go either way, but it's do or die time for Tampa Bay.
Colts Jaguars I hate to see a team go 0-4, but the Jags are facing a Colts team that will have a good shot at a Wild Card spot. Not looking good for them.
Texans Seahawks Houston will bounce back in a big way by toppling another 3-0 team. The Seahawks are fierce at home, but they struggle on the road.
Vikings Steelers The Vikings lost to the Browns. They will put on a performance against another AFC North team that will make us forget all about that loss.
Titans Jets The Titans are another Wild Card contender and while the Jets are eeking away at wins, they have yet to win by a comfortable margin against any of their opponents, good or bad.
Raiders Redskins Matt Flynn will probably start against a Redskins team on the road, battling 0-3 mentality. Should be a good game.
Broncos Eagles Chip Kelly is getting educated in the finer points of professional football by losing to every AFC West team. This won't stop until they play Oakland.
Chargers Cowboys Another good game. The NFC East leaders, if you can call them that, have a good chance at winning. But it is a road game against the revitalized Chargers team.
Falcons Patriots Yet another 3-0 team to fall. As much as I'd love to see the Falcons go 1-3, and it's still possible, a home game where they're backed against the wall will make this outcome unlikely. I will be cheering for the Pats though.
Saints Dolphins Obviously, we save the best for last. 3-0 against 3-0. The Dolphins look good and I have confidence that they'll be a huge threat to the Patriots to win the AFC East. Luckily, the Saints are playing them at home on MNF, where they dominate their opponents. Probably a close game, but not too close. My heart can't take much more of those.

Bye Teams - Packers, Panthers

Those are my pridections, let's hear yours. Keep it civil and fun. Best of luck!

Last Week's Predictions

Edit: Please post how you did last week. I really want to know how I'm standing up compared to the rest of you guys.

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Posted on 24 September 2013

Wild Card Game Thread: Indianapolis Colts at Baltimore Ravens

Wild Card Game

Indianapolis Colts (11-5) at Baltimore Ravens (10-6)


1:00 PM Eastern

12:00 PM Central

11:00 AM Mountain

10:00 AM Pacific


M&T Bank Stadium (Baltimore, MD)


~44°F, partly cloudy


TV Coverage: CBS

Stream: First Row | VipBox |

Radio: Sirius XM Radio Channel 88

Reddit Game Stream (auto-refreshes)


Spread: by 7

Over/Under: 46.5

Previous Season Record

2-14 [missed playoffs]

12-4 [lost AFCCG to (23-20)]

Headlines Gamecenter

Momentum for Colts, Ravens

Colts-Ravens Injury Report

Ray Lewis activated and ready to play

Reggie Wayne could be the difference-maker

Team Communities



Thread Notes

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Posted on 6 January 2013

Ok r/nfl, now that the schedule has been released, what is your teams W/L prediction?

Try to be as honest as possible (no 16-0).

Here is the schedule that was announced yesterday

I see my Seahawks going 9-7 with the potential to hit 10-6.

Week 1 @ - W

Week 2 vs - L

Week 3 vs - L

Week 4 @ - W

Week 5 @ - W

Week 6 vs - L

Week 7 @ - L

Week 8 @ - L

Week 9 vs - W

Week 10 vs - W


Week 12 @ - W

Week 13 @ - L

Week 14 vs - W

Week 15 @ - W

Week 16 vs - L

Week 17 vs - W

The potential for hitting 10-6 is if we split with SF. The games between us and the 49ers are always tough close games. I also see us maybe squeaking out a win against DAL, GB, or NE at home in the first half of the season. That is a big maybe though.

So what say you r/nfl?

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Posted on 18 April 2012