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Moto X - Yahoo News Search Results

This is when we can expect the next-gen Moto X to be released

This month has been packed with exciting news for Android fans, but even with the release date and pricing of the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge and HTC One M9 out of the way, there’s still time for a few more smartphone revelations before the end of March. READ MORE: 10 things the Galaxy S6 can do that the iPhone 6 can’t On Tuesday, Motorola Mobility President Rick Osterloh responded to a question ...

Posted on 27 March 2015

No Moto tablet for you, company president says in Twitter chat

Motorola may have a lot of irons in the fire, but a new tablet isn’t one of them. That was one of several revelations from company president and COO Rick Osterloh, who hosted a Twitter chat with the hashtag #AskRickO . In response to a question about any Moto tablet plans, Osterloh said there are not any plans, and recommended models from Lenovo, such as the Yoga line. . @broota_sumer @Motorola ...

Posted on 26 March 2015

Moto X (Gen 3) to go official by Sept 2015

What this essentially means that we may see the next Moto X launch sometime in August or September of 2015, since the Moto X (Gen 2) was launched sometime around this period last year.

Posted on 26 March 2015

Motorola president says Moto X 2015 is on schedule, but Moto tablets aren’t planned

Motorola President Rick Osterloh has said the company is sticking to an annual refresh of its Moto X range, meaning we should see a 2015 version arrive around September. However, anyone hoping for a Moto tablet is going to be disappointed. The post Motorola president says Moto X 2015 is on schedule, but Moto tablets aren’t planned appeared first on Digital Trends .

Posted on 26 March 2015

New Moto X release date confirmed: 2015's underground hit?

Although the second-generation Moto X is only six months old, Motorola has been hard at work to bring us a new updated Moto X for this year, and we now know that we can expect it around August or September. That's thanks to comments made by Motorola's president, Rick Osterloh, who announced on Twitter that Motorola was going to "stay on a roughly annual cycle for all of our products, including ...

Posted on 26 March 2015

Motorola Moto Turbo Review: Smartphone Powerhouse Redefined

Motorola's latest flagship, the Moto Turbo, has a terrific specifications list and uses exquisite materials in its build.

Posted on 25 March 2015

Moto-Meter(TM) to Be Used in Project for Class Taught by Google-X Cofounder

World Moto, Inc. today announced that it has donated two Moto-Meters™ to be used for a student project in a graduate level class taught by Google-X cofounder Sebastian Thrun.

Posted on 24 March 2015

Moto X Challenge

Moto X Challenge is a exciting new game in which you get to command your very own Moto X bike!So jump on it and race your way through...

Posted on 19 March 2015

Moto E (2015) review: An adorable low-end phone with an absolutely abysmal camera

They say good things come in small packages and in the second-generation Moto E’s case, that’s mostly true. At $150, Motorola’s cute-as-a-button, low-end device packs all the essentials you need from a smartphone: a quad-core processor, a bright display, 4G LTE data speed, and a MicroSD expansion slot to tack on as much storage space as you damn well please. That cheapness comes at a cost ...

Posted on 17 March 2015

Report: Moto 360 Getting Moto Maker Treatment

The Moto 360 will join Motorola's Moto X within the company's "customize your own device" Moto Maker tool.

Posted on 8 March 2015


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What if Motorola made a tablet that you could customize like the Moto X?

Had my Moto X 2014 for about a week now, got it during their cyber Monday deal. I have been blown away by the build quality, especially the wood back. I was thinking that it would be awesome if Motorola made a 8-9 inch tablet that could be customized just like the Moto X. That's something I would be willing to pay a pretty penny for, especially considering their track record with updates has been so good.

Let me know if you guys agree! Or not!

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Posted on 11 December 2014

I own a new Moto X (2014), AMA

Hi everyone! This past Thursday and Friday I had an absolutely incredible opportunity to step inside Motorola Headquarters in downtown Chicago for an awesome tour of the facility and the company's latest offerings. I met so many amazing people and experienced so many awesome things.

Motorola definitely hooked me up with some goodies, including a brand new Moto X (2014), a Motorola Power Pack Micro, and tons of other good stuff:


I was chosen based on some of the stuff I've created over the last few months, namely my wallpapers, which I know many of you will be familiar with.

This AMA is for anyone who has any questions regarding the new flagship device, the Power Pack, or any of the other new Motorola products (I also had tons of hands on experience with the Moto 360, Hint, and new Moto G). I will do my best to answer questions (with no bias!) based on my own experience.

With that all said, ask me anything!

EDIT 1: Here is the full resolution image of the Chicago skyline taken on the new Moto X:

EDIT 2: Here is an album with some photos I took this afternoon of both Moto Xs. Enjoy!

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Posted on 7 September 2014

New Moto X Battery Theory

So we've all seen that the new Moto X is stuck with a paltry 2300mAh which really doesn't sound like much. I think that Motorola is hedging that the battery will last a day or more once Android L is released. Since they're supposed to building the next Nexus phone they have intimate knowledge of what kinda of power savings it supposed to have, with Project Volta and ART being the big improvements. Since they are the ones making the hardware and doing the testing they probably have already put a unreleased version of L onto the new Moto X and seen that the 2300mAh will last just as long as last year's X. This is just a theory but its what I would expect of them, being they are staying as close to stock as possible.

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Posted on 5 September 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5 review, 3 months later - or, why you should skip this phone, and the Moto X+1 can't come fast enough.

I should start off by saying I am nobody you've heard of. I have been an avid smartphone user since the OG Droid on Verizon. Since then I have owned plenty of devices; I'm not even sure I remember all of them. Lately I have owned a Nexus 4, Samsung Galaxy S3, iPhone 4s, 5s, HTC One, Moto X, and finally, a Galaxy S5.

I originally decided on the Galaxy S5 for the camera. I live in California and I am a very active person. My girlfriend is from Montana and is even more active than me. We go on hikes, we go to the beach, we cook fancy health food, and we like to take pictures to share with our friends our family. When the Galaxy S5 was released I upgraded from my Moto X immediately. I am on T-Mobile, so I bought my Moto X off contract (got it in on one of those $150 off deals way back in like October) so the upgrade process was a snap. Everything from here on is purely opinion, there are no benchmarks, color tests, or rundown tests here. Just a subjective review from a 3rd party. That being said:

Pros -

The camera was the main reason I got the phone, and it performs very well. There are a billion settings, which can get very annoying, but I will get into that later. Long story short, with a little bit of fiddling the camera takes very decent pictures in various different conditions. If literally your only requirement is for a smartphone to do smartphone stuff and take great pictures, that would be the only time I would recommend this phone.

Samples: (warning: bare manly ginger chest warning)

Water resistance is a nice little bonus, but you will see this show up in the cons too. On the positive side, setting my phone next to the sink so I can read an article while brushing my teeth, and being able to walk along the shoreline at the beach without worrying if kids splashing water or a rogue wave is going to ruin my phone is nice. Same with being able to pull out my phone in the rain to check maps or read a text is nice too. Ultimately this should not make or break your decision to buy this phone, as you can do a lot of that stuff with any random non-water resistant phone if you are just a little more careful.

The screen is gorgeous, very readable outdoors, and media looks great on it in general. The viewing angles are phenomenal. However this is going to show up on the cons as well for other reasons.

Included software is also going to be on the cons… you may notice a pattern here. Samsung seems to have a penchant for including incredibly useful features in the least useful possible way. Regardless, some of the included software, for example the Calendar application/widget(especially), are better than the stock Google implementations. Of course that doesn’t take much on the widget side, since Google apparently thinks Calendar widgets are too complicated. S Health is fairly basic, but works decently as a pedometer. Smart remote is a fun toy once you get passed the lag. EDIT: Forgot to mention the stellar phone answering pop-up, that pops up regardless of other apps you are using without getting in the way, to let you know someone is calling. You can easily answer or ignore the call from the little popup window without leaving the app you're in.

Removable battery/SD Card - Lumping these together because it seems like you get none or both these days, aside from the HTC One M8 of course. SD card expansion is welcome, I like to store podcasts and music on my phone for listening on the beach or in the hills where service can be spotty, and being able to hold 64GB of data has saved my ass a few times. The removable battery is nice too: buy an external charging pack with a second battery and you will never have to fiddle with the charging port.

Battery life - It’s pretty damn good. I use my phone quite a lot; I am a smoker, so every 3 hours I take a 15 minute break and I am browsing constantly. I listen to podcasts for ~1 hour a day, music for about an hour a day, I take 5-15 pictures per day, I use my GPS while I’m driving most of the time (I live in LA, so the automatic route updates based on traffic are invaluable.) I use it while I’m cooking to look at ingredients nutrition facts and recipes. My day starts at 7:30 AM every day and ends at 11:30PM, when I go to bed. I usually plug it in around 10PM with somewhere near 20% charge left.

Cons -

The camera settings are way too complex. There are 5 shooting modes along with “auto” which is the most common of course. You can also download more from the Samsung store, with many being free. Hitting the Settings gear button is where it gets dirty: a 27 square grid in rows of 4 with a final row of 3 opens, each one an individual setting. Trying to figure out which one you need to change to make your picture come out better can be intimidating. Beyond that, there is a one touch HDR button with live-preview, however it doesn’t seem to make as much of a difference as it does on some other phones like the HTC One, where regular pictures come out with clear contrast and HDR come out with significantly more pronounced colors in dark areas, Samsung’s HDR mode seems to only wash out your pictures a bit, though it can make them look a bit more realistic when you’re not trying to capture something like a sunset or silhouette. Selective focus is decidedly gimmicky, and can take some decent pictures, but there are odd moments of random blur in objects you are trying to keep in the foreground; I wish the depth of field could be increased a little bit (or maybe even given a slider?) without ruining the majority of pictures.


Random Selective Focus fails (blurry part of my girlfriend’s back) (blurry stick should be in focus, ideally)

HDR mode example of making a picture more realistic (no HDR) (HDR)

Water resistance, while a definite pro in some situations, is decidedly a con in casual use. If you are a person without long fingernails, you will not be able to open the charging port without outside assistance. I either have my girlfriend do it, or I keep a scrap of thin packaging plastic from an SD card case to help me pry it open. I am afraid mine is going to break off; my Dad’s broke off within a month of him using it, but he tends to drain his phone battery a lot faster than me (lots of GPS usage and bluetooth devices, constant 4G usage because he’s never at home etc.) If you don’t have fingernails and need to charge your phone a lot, buy an extra battery and take advantage of one of the pros; swappable battery. Just make sure you seal the case completely when you replace it.

The screen is amazing yes, but there is one minor con: when viewing darker pictures it can be impossible to differentiate between shades of black. This can cause you to miss details in some pictures. At least once a week I am presented with a picture I have to download and artificially increase the brightness of, or transfer it to my laptop in order to see the details.

Included software/settings Tons of crap comes pre-installed on the phone. For every useful addition, there are 5 useless settings taking up space on your phone and making menus harder to navigate. The settings menu is an absolute mess. There are 8 different categories of settings, as well as a quick settings menu for the most commonly used settings, battery stats are like 3/4 of the way to the bottom. Forget trying to find the right menu for the “developer options” unlock tapping thing, it’s near battery somewhere. Don’t get lost. Luckily there are few good ROMs out for the T-Mobile variant. I am using Infinity Rom and it works very well.

Fingerprint sensor is useless: not because of accuracy, but because you have to swipe your finger and the positioning is not nearly as forgiving as the iPhone 5s, which is both forgiving and incredibly accurate. It's not so much disappointing in how it works, only that we had seen it done SO well 6 months earlier already.

Lag throughout the system, incredibly randomly. The animations on the device are incredibly slow, making it feel sluggish. It takes easily twice as long as the Moto X, with a much less powerful processor, to open simple apps like Chrome and Google Plus. The recent apps button takes a good half a second to even register what it’s supposed to be doing. Very disappointing when phones like the HTC One M8 use a weaker version of the same processor, with a manufacturer skin, and still manage to be snappy, while the Moto X is using a significantly older processor (albeit on a smaller resolution screen) and does just fine. That being said, once the apps are open, they run fine, games look gorgeous, and all is good with the world. Just speed up the animations.

Size doesn't necessarily mean that I don't think phones can be made comfortably around 5". The HTC One M8 fits comfortably in hand, but can still be difficult to use one handed. The Galaxy S5 is too wide and flat to be held comfortably in most cases without using two hands, or contorting your fingers in strange ways. I have nearly dropped the phone at least 5 times just trying to reach a button. Phones need to be either small or large and designed with ergonomics (and not necessarily efficiency or branding) in mind.

What I’ve learned and why I’m really excited to see what Motorola can do with newer hardware

The Galaxy S5 is supposed to be newer and better in almost every way, but here’s the thing: I miss the crap out of my Moto X. I wish I had never switched. The camera, while no slouch (for example, I took these pictures in Glacier National Park: Sorry for the weird aspect ratio, I had to crop out my stupid index finger)

it could definitely use some more finesse. I would love to see a happy medium between the ultra-complex Samsung Galaxy S5 camera settings and the ultra-simple one-touch Moto X controls. Hardware Optical Image Stabilization might even be enough on it’s own to make the Moto X camera a great camera.

The battery on the Moto X, while also respectable, needs a bump. While the Samsung Galaxy S5 makes it through the day almost every single day, barring extreme circumstance, the Moto X did struggle sometimes on long day in beautiful places, where the camera was being used often. Android L should help with this, of course, but I’d like to see more capacity. Hopefully the larger screen of the X+1 will accommodate this.

Please, PLEASE don’t go any bigger than you already have Moto! Like I said before, the 5.1” GS5 with it’s thin profile and physical buttons makes it nearly impossible for even a large person like me (6’0”) to use it exclusively one-handed. I have confidence in your ability to make a larger phone feel comfortable and work well, but 5.2” is seriously pushing the limit of that confidence.

I know everyone is sick of hearing this, but SD Card support really is more convenient than MTP (especially for mac users). I don’t want to always have to buy the highest capacity model! Of course this could be against their profit goals, so eh.

TL;DR The Galaxy S5 is a good phone plagued with drawbacks to all of its best features. The Moto X is an okay phone that gets almost every feature right. If you want both, I would seriously consider waiting on the Moto X+1 and seeing if it meets your needs. Motorola has come very far in making good phones, and I think they will meet most peoples’ needs and more with the evolution of the Moto X.

EDIT: Formatting.

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Posted on 19 August 2014

I have owned the M8, S5, OPO, N6, LG3, Moto X. My take on the best.

I’m addicted to new phones. I purchase every new device to hit the market, if I don’t like it I return it in two weeks. I usually end up selling on Swappa if I’ve owned for more than two weeks.

My take on the best feature of each of these phones:

  • M8: Looks (I love holding it and showing it to people)
  • S5: Screen (the level of dimness and brightness are fantastic)
  • N5: Software (I love direct updates free of carriers)
  • G3: Camera (It’s fast, clear and accurate. Great camera experience)
  • MotoX: Size (I love how it feels in my hand and pocket)
  • OPO: Caseback & Battery (the sandpaper grip is amazing)

My rating from best to worst: G3, OPO, N5, M8, S5, MX

My thoughts on what people criticize each of these phones for:

  • M8: Camera. I found it was pretty terrible compared to the other flagships. You have to take photos in a way that forces you to shoot to prevent cropping. Most of the disparaging remarks are accurate.

  • S5: Plastic & lag. It feels slimy, better than the S4, but still slimy. The lag is noticeable, especially with carrier bloat. Remarks are accurate.

  • N5: Camera & Battery. In my experience, the camera is actually pretty decent. I gave the phone to my wife, and she takes great pictures. I’m consistently surprised by how great her photos turn out. Battery life wasn’t great when I was using the phone. Since software updates, battery seems very decent. Most complaints not warranted.

  • OPO: Company. I got an early invite, and I stay away from the forums for the most part. My device isn’t faulty, no yellow screen issues. For the price, the device is amazing. Great screen, great camera, amazing caseback. I think most complaints on the device are not warranted. I might sing a different tune if mine was faulty and had to RMA. Most complaints about the company seem to be accurate.

  • G3: Screen. The screen looks fantastic to me. I don’t notice the halo most people complain about. Battery life has been consistently GREAT. I do sometimes run into the screen being force dimmed due to heat issues. If I had to work in sunlight, it would be an issue. Complaints are warranted on dimming issues, but don’t hinder my use. Complaints aren’t especially warranted on battery.

  • MX: Hardware/Screen. I think that for $400.00 it’s overpriced. The camera needs a lot of work. The software experience and size just doesn’t overcome its age right now.

I’m using the G3 as my daily driver and have no plans to switch… until maybe that Moto X+1. ☺

Edit: Obviously I meant N5. Reading articles on the N6 made me goof. Brain fart.

Edit 2: I'm glad there has been a lot of productive input here! Lot's of great comments. Anyone who is on the fence with one of these devices can learn a lot reading through these comments.

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Posted on 20 July 2014

Android Device Manger got back my Moto X after it was stolen in Vietnam

I've been living in Vietnam for the last six months. Two weeks ago my Moto X was stolen off a beach while I was swimming at dusk. It was stupid on my part, but it was pretty isolated beach, with few people around, and I had become complacent about worrying about that kind of thing here. In total, 4 phones were taken (mine was the only smartphone), along with my wallet and a few other small things.

Luckily, I had google+ photo back up enabled, along with location turned on. For about a week I let him take pictures of himself, his friends and his family, while watching the location habits using maps location history. After a few days I had a good idea of where he lived and what he looked like.

I thought about going to his house myself to try to recover the phone, but a local friend here advised me not to, and informed me that he had a cousin who worked for the police. So I talked to this policeman one night, gave him the info I had, and showed him the photos and maps. Nothing happened for about a week. I gave up hope and decided to try to move on and accept that I would buy a new phone upon my return to the states.

Then today my friend came into my office with three of the four phones, including my Moto X, along with my headphones(!?). I have yet to hear the full story of what happened to get our phones back, but I'm thrilled.

Thanks to photo back up, location history and android device manager, I recovered a phone stolen in a small town in Vietnam.

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Posted on 8 July 2014

So it's been half a year now. What do you guys NOT like about the Moto X?

I'm due for an upgrade and I'm pretty convinced to getting the Moto X. Just want to know what's bad about this phone as I've heard all the good.

Edit: To those thinking about getting the Moto X, keep in mind you're about to read some really nit picky stuff and some people have also complained about the android ui itself, not the phone. Keep this in mind while you read.

Coming from a Galaxy Nexus, I was deciding between the Nexus 5 and the Moto X. I have concluded to switch to Moto X.

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Posted on 17 March 2014

Gather Useful Moto X Links

Hey guys, I was thinking it might be helpful for new Moto X people if we had a set of links to useful things to do with their Moto X. I was thinking this could include:

  • Rooting
  • Features and tricks
  • Cases
  • Etc

I think this subreddit is a great place for newcomers, but I think we'd get better posts if half the front page wasn't asking how to root their phone. I'll update the original post with any comments people leave for links!

Sorry it took me so long to update this. Message me if you have anything that you think would be useful to add!



Features and Tricks


XDA Articles


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Posted on 16 January 2014

Moto X's Active Display and Motorola Assist aren't gimmicks; they're killer apps!

Quick overview: this is my first week as an owner of a Moto X device, I ordered mine with a navy back/black front/black accent, I soon became nervous that I was too conservative in choosing the color scheme but once it arrived those fears went away, the device is beautiful, its shape was one of the factors that made me want one, and it’s even handsomer in the flesh, it’s also smaller and thinner than I thought.

(My second choice for a color scheme was olive back/black front/orange accent, feel free to use it, I've seen pictures of this arrangement and it’s a looker).

So as I mentioned the shape of the Moto X was one factor that drew me to it, it’s curved back, reasonable size, and the almost “all-screen” front. The bells and whistles I didn’t take too seriously, I just wanted a proper phone with decent battery life and near stock Android.

Active Display is the first thing you notice, an elegant circle in the middle of the screen with a digit clock inside it, you tap it and a “lock” icon appears at the bottom of the screen you swipe towards it to unlock the phone, when there is a notification the digital clock is replaced with the relevant app icon and when tapped a snippet of the text or email or whatever the notification is appears on the top of the screen and if you swipe towards it you open the relevant app, you can also dismiss notifications by swiping sideways. I find it delightful to see the clock in that elegant way whenever I pick up the device, and it’s very battery friendly as only the needed pixels are activated, and you can choose which apps you want to see notifications from, I love it.

As for Motorola Assist it’s basically how they solved contextual behaviour of the device in the most straightforward way:

It kicks in when you add an event to your calendar, so during that time period your phone is silent or set to vibrate only if you want it too, you could also dictate an auto reply to send to those trying to contact you that you are at a meeting or busy or something, and you can allow “favorite” contacts or those that call twice to always be able to reach you during meetings and appointments.

Driving mode aptly enough kicks in when you're driving, it can read your messages out loud, it can also be made to auto reply saying your unreachable, and it can resume playing your tracks via bluetooth or headphone jack.

Usually these additon are useless bloat but this stuff is extremely useful, in fact I think they are a must for every mobile device.

Also a notable mention is warranted for a slightly less useful feature but the interactive “Windy Day” animation made everyone I showed it to smile.

Needless to say the I’m very happy with my Moto X and recommend it to everyone.

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Posted on 8 January 2014

Unused Moto X codes Thread!

Hey everyone,

As many of us have done (myself included), we have picked up more moto x discount codes than we needed today, be it out of paranoia or for a friend who is on the fence. But I figured it'd be good to have a centralized place where people can post and decide how they want to distribute their extra codes!

Edit: Good to see that this idea is taking off! Just to note, I haven't received my codes yet, so not sure if anyone else has or not. But I'll keep everyone posted!

Edit 2: Got my first code, but my extra hasn't come in yet...

Edit 3: Still no signs of my second code... sorry everyone! Hope I can make someone's day soon!

Edit 4: Gave the code away! Sorry about the long wait, was away from comp. But a few people reached out to me and I picked one at random. Best of luck to everyone on Monday!

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Posted on 4 December 2013

Unofficial Moto X Webby Wednesday Order Thread

Link to the Unused Codes Thread


2nd time's the charm, right?

Welcome back everyone! This is a thread for all of us to discuss what's going on with our Moto X orders, what color combos we're getting, if any issues are arising, etc.

For those who do not know, the deal will be going on today at noon EST, and Monday, 12/9 at noon EST.

You will not have to rush through checkout like you did on Cyber Monday, you'll just register for a one time use code that Motorola will email you, which you will use on checkout. More information can be found here.

That's all I got, so lets get ready to order our brand new phones!

Never forget Motopocalypse 2013

Now begins the long wait for the email.

Useful links:

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Posted on 4 December 2013

Unofficial Moto X Cyber Monday Order Thread


I'm bored of waiting, and still in a Football mindset. Here's the unofficial Moto X Cyber Monday thread. Post what's happening on your end, talk about color combos, whatever.

Good luck everyone.


FINAL EDIT: If Moto Maker is not up by 9:30 EST, they will be delaying it to Wednesday at Noon EST and next Monday. Looks like the hug of death killed Moto today. Hopefully Wednesday will go much smoother, and we won't have to have a whole 1000 comment thread detailing our woes on getting the moto x. It was a pleasure waiting with you gentlemen, see you Wednesday.

EDIT 17: Moto Maker still down, Moto promises extra stock for when it does come back online.

EDIT 16: Coming up on hour 10.

EDIT 15: Site officially showing GSM and VZW DE phones out of stock. Still working on Moto Maker, according to MotoSupport.

EDIT 1004 (well, it feels like it): MotoSupport is just telling us that they're working on stuff. No need to spam them, they're not the ones working on it. Hopefully it'll be back up today, but there's a possibility it won't be.

EDIT 13: Moto is working on getting the Moto Maker service back up today.

EDIT 12: MotoSupport is back up and keepin' us informed.

EDIT 11: @MotorolaSupport hit their tweet limit. We're on our own now, gentlemen.

EDIT 10: 5 hours. Yay....

EDIT 9: What we know so far: We broke their site. They tried to fix it. DE phones sold out. They doubled the stock of Moto Maker phones. We're waiting for fix #2 right now.

EDIT 8: We had a brief period where it worked for some people, but we're back to where we started.

EDIT 7: Looks like VZW DE is sold out. Meanwhile, us Moto Makers are still waiting.

EDIT 6: Looks like Dev Editions can check out, Moto Makers cannot.

EDIT 5: THE DEAL IS ON! Wait for it...

EDIT 4 : Motorola's in the process of getting everything back online.

EDIT EDIT EDIT: 2 hours in. I still haven't left my bed. Thank god I don't have class until 2.

EDIT EDIT: "You cannot check out with a Moto X right now" itshappening.gif?

EDIT: Yes, we know the site is down. No need to link us to Moto's tweet, we know about it. All we can do at this point is wait and then mash checkout once we see the promo applied.

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Posted on 2 December 2013

Moto X for 349.99 No contract through moto-maker starting at 9am eastern on "cyber monday"

Just spoke to Moto Maker customer service. They confirmed 350 for custom moto x. Remember you have 14 days after you receive it to return it. Making it a great early christmas present. Custom, no contract, any carrier, awesome cyber monday deal.


12:30pm eastern - Looks like everyone can add to cart, and they see the discount price, but it does not allow you to checkout. Motorolas twitter still hasn't said anything about the deal going live yet.

If this deal takes any longer to take effect... I officially declare tomorrow Cyber Tuesday. Maybe they'll have it sorted out by then.

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Posted on 2 December 2013

The Moto X establishes a concept. The Moto G is the first mass product

By making the Moto X the way they did and where they did Motorola set out to introduce their take on the smartphone. They proved that you don’t need high end innards to deliver a high end smartphone experience, and they made a great device (just ask an owner).

Nevertheless you only have to take a look at it’s GPU benchmarks to understand that it’s far from dull under the skin, not to mention the X8 system that allows for the “always listening” mode without sacrificing the battery, in fact it has a great battery life, among the best you can buy.

With the X Motorola experimented with new methods of customization, and a new ordering experience. The phone is assembled in a factory in Texas garnering Motorola a great deal of good faith.

Now as for the recent report about analysts estimating that Moto sold around half a million devices and how that might be considered as underperforming, that seems like a narrow sighted view of the role of the Moto X, some comments also didn't fail to mention that carrier exclusivity for the customization features might have contributed to the sales figures, but they don’t even consider that 500,000 units might be well within range of Motorola expectations and that they did actually benefit from the exclusivity deal as they were paid for it while assessing their unusual production and sales methods.

There are many obvious factors to indicate that the X wasn't meant to achieve the sales figures of Apple or Samsung products, the main one being that it was produced in a US factory with relatively more expensive labor, and that it was sold only within the United States, but as mentioned above there are many corporate benefits of doing something like that.

Moto X was the first Motorola product under Google and it was the device that established the company’s new direction, their design language, their software and hardware additions, and a way to calibrate and explore their manufacturing capabilities.

It’s a phone that looks great, runs great with more than respectable battery life, now if they could take these qualities or something very similar and do away with the cost by making it with more conventional means and offering it in more countries. Well … here is where the Moto G comes in.

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Posted on 13 November 2013

Do you think the Moto X is still worth considering since the Nexus 5 came out?

My Verizon contract is about to expire, so I'm going to move to T-Mobile. Obviously the Nexus 5 is a good phone, but for someone like me that just favors simplicity and a phone that could do basic things, is it worth going with the Moto X? I really like the customization for it, but also love the pureness of the Nexus 5. Thoughts anyone?

EDIT #1: Thanks for all the suggestions guys. I'm a geeky guy myself and I was drooling all over my screen when they announced the Nexus 5. The thing that I noticed is that I barely use my phone for anything other than texts, calls, and tethering. I dont really need all the speed that the Nexus 5 offers, I have a Nexus 7 for that. The Moto X seems like a better device for my needs, and I'll be getting that. Thanks again for all the submissions.

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Posted on 11 November 2013

Just bought a Moto X for $19.99 at Verizon. What happened?

So, I finally decided to upgrade my Galaxy Nexus to the Moto X through Verizon. I arranged for my Device to be picked up after purchasing it online with the "Verizon30" coupon code, making it $140. I showed up at the store, was told I was next in line, and spent an hour looking at accessories while the salesmen took forever. Eventually he asked me what phone I was purchasing and went into the back to get it. He came back up to the iPad/register and brought up my sale. All of a sudden he looks up at me and says "What the hell? How did you do that?" and I asked him what he was talking about. He then flipped his iPad over and showed me that I somehow had the Moto X, originally $200, for $19.99 in my order. He and I were both stunned. So, he had me sign twice, and then handed over my Moto X. We both laughed and he was happy to give me the sweet deal. Did I just get extremely lucky or what?

My receipt from myVerizon

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Posted on 7 October 2013

Possibility of Moto X features getting merged into AOSP?

I have been using all Google Devices since I have had a smart phone: OG Droid, GNEX, and finally the Nexus 4. I have never seen any manufacturer's skins or add-ons that really seemed to outweigh the clean STOCK experience especially up until recently.

I have had the opportunity to use the Moto X for a few days and it is obvious to me that it is the future direction of smart phones. It is the little things and the polish that set this phone apart.

The hands-free talking/hotword activation is CLEARLY the direction Google Now should be headed.

Active Notifications are IMHO the best part about the phone. Any time I pick the phone up, it knows and is ready to be unlocked. No more clicking of buttons. It sounds incredibly simple and it is but it has made such an impression on me.

My question is.. Does this stuff make it to all Android Phones eventually, or will it be secluded to Goog/Moto devices. On one hand I am happy for Moto to make such a stride and want to see them succeed. But at the same time I would like to see these features on the Nexus 5 or other phones in the future..

EDIT: Is there a way to change the title? This was meant as a question, not a lead on... Sorry for any confusion/hope

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Posted on 7 October 2013

I love this thing. (Moto X)

I haven't really been able to vent my happiness about this to anybody (wifey doesn't get it, coworkers simply don't care). So I'm going to vent to most likely next to nobody here as well.

I got my new Moto X yesterday... and I could not be happier with it. I know it has gotten some flak for not lighting up the spec sheets, but I'll be damned if this isn't functional as hell and just simply works.

I like how there is some nice heft to it, coming from my GSIII's cheap and light feeling plastic. I really enjoy the form factor on it. It feels good to hold. The screen is not 1080p. It is also not 5+ inches. It looks great. It fits in my pocket. I now believe that 1080p does not matter to me on a phone with screen this size.

The active display is great. It stops the compulsive phone checking all day long. I surprisingly found the always on voice commands useful as well. I never really used them on my GSIII, and didn't care too much for the idea of voice command in general (I'd rather just use my fingers), but I'm actually using and liking it now.

Minimal carrier bloat is so nice, and close to vanilla android looks SO much better than the Samsung version.

In closing, I'm finding myself on the same train of thinking that it looks like Google/Motorola is on... specs are nice and all, but that is not what makes a phone great for the user. I was a bit hesitant to get the Moto X because of the lack of truly top of the line specs/processor/screen but I am so glad that I got it.

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Posted on 26 September 2013

Bought Black AT&T Moto X, First impressions.

So, to start with, I've owned a ton of smartphones and devices. Right now within reach I have a Moto X, iPhone 5, GS4, HTC One, Lumia 920... etc.

I was excited about the Moto X after checking out it's size and the touchless voice features. I love Google now and the idea of activating it with my voice is amazing.

I've had it for an little while now and I'm going to randomly list some impressions on the device, I'll be happy to answer any questions.

  • The form factor is pretty fantastic, it feels wonderful in hand.
  • The display is good, not great and amazing, but good.
  • I love software buttons so much, especially with a black front and AMOLED.
  • Touchless Google now is just everything I wanted it to be, Love it.
  • The camera seems pretty shit.
  • Volume seems good, but I still prefer the One's speakers.
  • Active notifications are cool, but I have a pebble so it's not blowing me away.
  • The AT&T logo in the top left is driving me absolutely certifiably insane, if there is no way to remove it soon it's going back.
  • Default wallpapers are really really bad.
  • The vibration doesn't feel great, it's rough and harsh. It's definitely not a linear vibrator like on Samsungs.
  • The woven material feels a billion times better than the soft touch to me. It made me discount the soft touch material immediately (all the colors...)
  • AT&T Address Book is malware. They should be totally ashamed of it and remove it yesterday from everything

EDIT: Some comparison shots:

EDIT 2: I've also discovered the right side rim around the screen is "raised" just a tiny bit and is quite annoyingly catching my finger every time I swipe (which is a lot).

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Posted on 24 August 2013

A quick comparison image of the size of the Moto X to other popular phones

Based on all the leaks and measurements it's possible to make a pretty accurate comparison. If you're interested in how the Moto X's size is going to compare to your phone (or a phone you're thinking about), here you go.

The black boxes are a comparison of screen sizes (which include on screen buttons, if they exist)

Edit: to get an idea of what effect small changes in the measure of the body size can have on how big the screen ends up being, I redid the image, but used a measurement of 4 15/16" (instead of 4 13/16" for the first one) for the height. The screen ends up being about the same size as the Gnex:

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Posted on 20 July 2013