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Bobby Cannavale - Yahoo News Search Results

Bobby Cannavale - Yahoo News Search Results

The International Trailer for Annie

Sony Pictures has debuted the international trailer for Annie , which hits theaters on December 19. Directed by Will Gluck the new version stars Jamie Foxx, Quvenzhané Wallis, Rose Byrne, Bobby Cannavale and Cameron Diaz.

Posted on 14 April 2014

Rose Byrne: I'm rubbish at romance

Australian actress Rose Byrne, who is dating American actor Bobby Cannavale, says she's not a fan of manufactured romance.

Posted on 4 April 2014

Rose Byrne Opens Up About Boyfriend Bobby Cannavale, Admits She's "Trying to Get Better at Romance"

Even though Rose Byrne and Bobby Cannavale have been dating for several years, the actress has remained relatively tight-lipped about her relationship. The Australian actress, who stars...

Posted on 4 April 2014

Stars Evacuated From New York Gala Over Safety Concerns

Sally Field, Bobby Cannavale and Gretchen Mol were evacuated from a building in New York City on Monday night (31Mar14) over safety fears.The trio...

Posted on 1 April 2014

Bobby Cannavale Re-teams With Girlfriend Rose Byrne For New Comedy

Actor Bobby Cannavale and his girlfriend Rose Byrne are teaming up for their third film together in the upcoming comedy, Spy.The Blue Jasmine star...

Posted on 31 March 2014

Melissa McCarthy, Paul Feig 'Spy' comedy adds Bobby Cannavale, Nia Long

The cast for Spy , a 20th Century Fox comedy slated to star Melissa McCarthy with Paul Feig directing, continues to grow. read more

Posted on 29 March 2014

Bobby Cannavale to join Melissa McCarthy action comedy “Spy”

The movie centers on a CIA analyst who goes into the field to find the person responsible for the death of her lover.

Posted on 29 March 2014

Bobby Cannavale, Nia Long in Talks to Join 'Spy'

Melissa McCarthy is starring in the action comedy being directed by Paul Feig. read more

Posted on 28 March 2014

Bobby Cannavale to Join Melissa McCarthy, Rose Byrne in ‘Spy’ Comedy (Exclusive)

“Boardwalk Empire” star Bobby Cannavale is in negotiations to join Melissa McCarthy and real-life girlfriend Rose Byrne in Paul Feig's new comedy “Spy,” TheWrap has learned.

Posted on 28 March 2014

Bobby Cannavale, Rosie Perez and John Leguizamo Are Playing on Air March 24

Playing on Air which produces short plays by prominent, contemporary American playwrights for a national audience via public radio and the Internet records its broadcast in front of a live audiences for the first time March 24 at BRIC House in Brooklyn.

Posted on 23 March 2014


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[Table] IAmA: AMA with Billy Eichner, aka Billy on the Street!

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Date: 2014-03-19

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Questions Answers
Has anyone ever gotten physical during a bit? An old lady slapped me across the face when I used the phrase "blow job". I'm disgusting!!!
BILLY! if you were Bar Mitzvah'd, what was your theme? If you weren't, what would your theme be?! My theme was "Broadway meets Pop Music" cause i couldnt decide. My table was called "Madonna" and my parents table was called "Phantom of the Opera". I'm not kidding.
Russian President Putin and Crimean leaders signed an adoption treaty, but before parliament ratifies it I think they really need to know WOULD DREW BARRYMORE LIKE THAT? I love you, and I laugh myself to tears watching BOTS and Craig on Parks and Rec. You are THE BEST! Yes, I'm hoping to do Billy on the Street around the Kremlin sometime soon!!! Drew Barrymore HATES the Kremlin.
I love you on Parks and Rec. How has your experience been filming the show? Do you have more coming up? Also, this is my favorite tweet of all time. They are the best ensemble on TV I think. I was shocked to be asked to be on it and so honored and happy about the whole damn thing! It was intimidating at first but they could not be lovelier!!!
Hi Billy. Big fan of your show and your character on Parks and Recs. With Anne and Chris gone from Parks and Recs, are the writers looking to develop your character more? Possibly give you bigger story lines? Also how can you possibly gave a dollar to that woman who thought Denzel was in Phantom of the Opera? Thank You!! Craig is in the season finale working on some new things and interacting with a lot of different characters so we shall see!!! I'm having a blast doing it - thanks for watching!
How much are you obsessed with Amy Poehler? I mean...she is truly THE BEST. Everything you'd hope she'd be and so much more. And she is FUN.
What musical should Denzel Washington star in next? PIPPIN!!!
What do you think Meryl Streep is like in bed? Hot as fuck!
Also, I really hope Lorraine and Bruce are doing well. If they get married, you should officiate. One of my twitter followers said she saw Lorraine and Bruce on the subway! Im dying to see Bruce!!
What role will you be playing in the giver? Taylor Swift's acting coach and/or sheep herder.
Do you have people with you to catch people after you talk to them an have them sign a release? Yes.
Have you ever thought about doing standup or touring Billy on the Street live? Yes, I did live shows for years before I got busy with Billy and now Parks and Rec. I really want to tour - just have to find the time!!
Is twitter a force? You know it BITCH!
Do you plan on trying streets outside of NYC? YES!!!
What cities are you planning to come to? Hmmm...where do you think I should go?
How about SF??? YES!!!
Billy, is elena returning on season 3 ? YES - TONIGHT!!! She plays a game against Lena Dunham - and she's OVER THE TOP!!
Why not a wireless microphone? Not my style, babe. Deal with it!
I was in Barney's last weekend and saw Rashida Jones and while trying to do that LA-casual-ignore thing almost accidentally ran into a very pregnant Drew Barrymore. I assume you would have just burst into tears at this point? WHAT??? I'M SO JEALOUS!!!
For a Dollar: Revive 'Smash' or dinner with Meryl Streep? Revive Smash WITH Meryl Streep in the Christian Borle role.
Any hints on what celebrities will we see on BOTS this season? Also for a dollar: name a woman. Lena Dunham TONIGHT, next week Neil Patrick Harris and Lindsay Lohan, then Seth Meyers, Paul Rudd, Joel McHale, Amy Poehler, Nick Offerman, Sean Hayes, Patton Oswalt and more Olivia Wilde!
Billy do you think Drew Barrymore has shut up about True Detective since it premiered? Also is it basically the same as your twitter interactions when you are in the writer's room with Julie Klausner and Jake Fogelnest? Yes - Jake and Julie make me laugh more than anyone.
Who should have won the 2013 Daytime Emmy for outstanding game show host: Alex Trebek or Steve Harvey? Fuck You.
I remember reading an interview where you said you studied theater in college. So, my questions are theater (or theatre, if you’re into being highfalutin), questions: 1) What was your favorite role you ever played on stage? 2) What’s your favorite musical? Yes I was a theater major at Northwestern. Too many favorite roles and shows. Depends on my mood. Falsettos is a classic though. I'm looking forward to doing a play or musical again sometime soon...
Billy, for a dollar... Were you offered the role on Parks & Rec after the BOTS season 2 episode with Rasheeda Jones, or was that completely coincidental? I was offered the role last summer...I had fans among the Parks cast and creators I think...not sure exactly when they thought of me for it but I'm glad they did!
Do you think Elena is a redditor? God no. She doesnt have a computer and has a cell phone from 1998. I love her - she's back on the show TONIGHT!
Is reddit a force? Not like Twitter bitch!!!
What was your reaction when you found out that Kathie Lee Gifford followed you on twitter? Honestly it is a dream come true. Ive loved Kathie Lee forever.
I've read that your run on Parks is limited, but any chance of getting you back forever? Who do I need to talk to to make this happen? Okay, fine, you can give me Amy Poehler's direct phone number. We'll talk. Stay tuned...
Who are your comedy heroes? Martin Short, Steve Martin, Chris Rock, Tina and Amy, Sandra Bernhard, Julie Klausner, Pee Wee Herman.
Is Justin Bieber the black Jaden Smith? Yuck.
BILLY! You're awesome. LA or NYC? In and Out or Shake Shack? Subway or driving? I'm a New Yorker - born and raised. I do enjoy LA though. I'm an old lady who likes nice weather.
If you weren't in the entertainment industry, what would you do for a career? Homeless.
People say I am the Craig of our office, but I think you are the me of Parks and Rec. How do you respond? Hahahaha...I'm a little scared for you!!
What was Debra Messing like to, err, run with? Debra was so game and such a good sport - we shot that in 90 degree weather in NY - she could've been a bitch but she was SO nice!
*Hey Billy, I’ve been a fan for years and I’m also a huge Madonna fan. I saw you during her last tour Tel Aviv in the Golden Triangle before the show started and also at Yankee Stadium. How did you get such a coup to be one part of the very limited US promotion she allowed for the show. Did you get to meet her any other time beside from when you ambushed her soundcheck at Yankee Stadium? Vogue Motherfucker! * Madonna was amazing!! We did not plan our interaction at Yankee Stadium at all and she was so funny and game and Rocco was great too!! I am truly a lifelong fan.
Have you seen Spock in The Glass Menagerie!? Do you care? I did - Zach was BRILLIANT. Hoping he wins the Tony! He is also one of the sweetest people you'll ever meet. I love him.
Do you have any plans to take BOTS on the road across America? Hmmm... :)
Billy! So happy to find you. I just wanted to thank you for bringing funny back! You had me crying the other day-how on earth did you get that woman to go to sleep on the street? Thank you for using your powers for funny. Thank You!!! Its an insane show and I love that you love it!!!
I binge watched every episode of billy on the street this week, can you please validate my life choices? You made the right call!
What advice would you give to aspiring comedians and/or someone looking to get into the television business? Be funny. Work your ass off. Don't be delusional. And get out there and do it!!!
Oh, and do you really think Queen Latifah is full of shit? If you tell me it's so, I'll believe you. Yes, I do. Although I liked her in Living Out Loud. She's a pioneer in a way but wants to have her cake and eat it too and thats not my thing.
Hi Billy! You're HILARIOUS! I absolutely love you and your show, Billy on the Street (and Parks and Rec too, of course)! How did you come up with the show/did you come up with the idea? It's so original and I love the fact that anyone can do it as well! How the hell does your camera crew keep up with you and not trip?! Does that ever happen? Why does everyone hate Anne Hathaway? My camera crew is beyond, beyond incredible. I dont know how they do it. I am so grateful - they are fearless.
What are your thoughts on Beyonce? I enjoy her - super talented - glad she's finding her edge.
Craig is a Samantha in the board room and a Miranda in the bedroom, but who is Billy? That line will be engraved on my tombstone. Ha...that is a GREAT line. They write incredibly funny things for me to say.
Who is the next Madonna? There is no "next Madonna". There are other great people but she was the first. You cant copy it and succeed.
Edit: Also, are Retta and Aziz as awesome to hang out with in person as they are as characters on the show? Loved you as an addition to the cast! They are both awesome and very chill and fun - thank you!!
Who's your biggest celebrity crush? Gonzo.
As someone with a talent and passion for yelling, do you have any tips for easing a sore throat? YELL MORE!!!
What is Mr. Singh up to these days? I picture that he is hunting Lindsey Lohan down. I wish i knew...i'm in love with mr. singh.
What makes you laugh?? Hmmm...a lot of people...Poehler and Fey, Rachel Dratch, Martin Short, Steve Martin, Chris Rock, Sandra Bernhard, Julie Klaunser, Jake Fogelnest...list goes on and on...
Beach or mountains? Coffee or tea? Socks or barefoot? Boxers or briefs? Mani or pedi? Pick one of each. Beach, coffee or iced tea, socks, briefs, pedi.
Hugh jackman - man or myth? A myth in many ways, I think...
Scruff, Grindr, Growlr, Jack'd, manhunt, adam4adam, or abstinence club? All of the above and also Seamless Web.
Will Rob Kardashian ever turn his life around? No interest in those people whatsoever
Between Billy on the Street, Parks and Rec, and twitter you seem to have a pretty consistent personality. Are you always in character, or is that just who you are? Its a character that I developed in my live shows and eventually took outside for BOTS, and then it inspired the Parks and Rec writers to invent Craig. I'm not that way all the time, that would be CRAZY!!!
Do you have a tip on how to cope with having no cable (as of recently), therefore no Billy on the Street Season 3? I think I'm going crazy... I know, it sucks. I wish it was more accessible. Its not in my power unfortunately, but the entire season will be on iTunes in May and the first two season are there now!
I love your show!!! What are your top three favorite Meryl Streep films? Thats impossible to say. 3 performances that come to mind - Sophie's Choice, Kramer vs Kramer and Bridges of Madison County is a very underrated performance I think. And Devil Wears Prada. And Julie and Julia.
If Drew and Anne were in the same room together what would happen? They would fight till the death.
Hey Billy. I'm currently flying to Atlanta and my shuffle went from Beyoncé's "Partition" to Robert Palmer's "Simply Irresistible." Is this an omen for the what is going to happen during the duration of my flight? Also, where did Freddie Prinze Jr. Go? These are very tough questions. robert palmer is dead, btw. have a nice trip.
Does Amy Poehler smell as nice as I think she does? You guys really wanna know how celebrities smell!!
What do you think of Jake Fogelnest/will you be on his podcast? Love Jake - he writes on my show and yes of course - anytime!
When will Meryl be a guest on the show?! I hope one day!!!
thing that comes to mind when I say BARBRA STREISAND?!?! Icon.
I'm still waiting. Can I have your friend the slut's phone number? Haahahahah - so glad you remember BROOKE!
Are Adele Dazeem and Denzel Washington the latest thing on broadway? Yes - they're doing Of Mice and Men.
Had any more wet dreams about Ray Orbison!?!? Don't listen to Julie! THE PUBLIC NEEDS DETAILS!!! Hahahahaha.
What do you like most about doing your show? That people like it!!
If you had to cast the remake of Annie, who would you have playing Annie, Daddy Warbucks and Miss Hannigan? Well not the new cast, I'll tell ya that much! Except for Bobby Cannavale who I love! Bobby should have played Annie!
Besides Sarah Silverman, how many uncut Jews do you know? Not a ton - but some!!!
Billy- Courtney Love claims to have found Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. Why did it take her this long? SHE'S BUSY!!!
Hi Billy. If you were to have the REAL Philomena on your show, what game would you play? I would have to quiz the Real Philomena in the face, of course!
Billy, your show gives me so much joy! After a long, stupid, messy winter, laughing until I cry makes me so happy. Thank you so much! Here's my question - who benefited more from pre-internet fame: Baby Jessica or Ricky Schroder? Thank You!! I would love to do a Baby Jessica lightning round.
Billy was the Smash series finale gay enough or could it have been gayer? Nope, not gay enough.
When you're not doing your show and just walking around, do people ever run up to you and try to do bits? For a dollar! Name a Black person! Yup! A waitress last night asked me to name 3 white people. Not kidding.
Cats or dogs? Dogs. I'M VERY ALLERGIC TO CATS!
Billy, I absolutely love Billy On The Street, and was stoked to see you on Parks and Rec! What is your favorite response/reaction that you've gotten while doing BOTS? The guy from season 1 who had no teeth and loved glenn close. also elena. also mr singh. also lorraine. also the denzel/phantom lady. ugh there are SO many!!!
Is Bill Parker a good editor or a real son of a bitch? Are you intimidated by working with another tall coworker? He's a butthead.
Billy - what is Anne Hathaway is doing right now? ACTING UP A STORM I HOPE!
Billy, for a dollar will you please do my outgoing voice message? OK!
I love you and your show so much, I was lucky to go to the premire in ny . My question is when is Meryl going to be on? Hopefully one day!!!
Thoughts on the future of baby Arrow? I love that he's going to grow up and see that clip online forever!
What dorm(s) did you live in during your time at Northwestern? Lived in Bobb-Mcculloch freshman year than moved into at apt above Clarke's then an apt at Ridge and Davis!
What's your guilty pleasure? Hmmm...I really like morning talk shows. But I dont feel guilty about it TO TELL YOU THE TRUTH!
Will Mr. Singh ever come back for a cameo? He means business. God I hope so.
If you could go back in time where would you go? Studio 54.
Did you ever find out who farts more? Whoppi Goldberg or Blake Shelton? Whoopi.
Do you care about Spock? OF COURSE!
How do you still have your voice? Its a miracle.
How gay are you on a scale of 10 through 10? ;) Depends on the day :)
Billy -- who is going to win Dancing with the Stars this season??? Bruce Lee.
For a dollar, do you really hate Helen Hunt? Not really.
Orange juice or apple juice? GRAPEFRUIT!!!
BILLY! Why is you always just runnin' round dat Flatiron Building? Speaking of which, can you flatiron my weave sometime? Hahahahaha
Did you get weird in Austin at SXSW? Yup!
In the scene when you were adoring Ron's baby, was there a real baby in the buggy? SO PRECIOUS! Yes!
Billy! We love you over here. I especially loved the "Glitter & Ribs" Taylor Swift song you did. Any plans to do more like that? A whole album? Yes!!
When you're out and about, do fans walk up to you and ask random questions? Sometimes!
Innie or outtie? Innie!
Sir, SIRRR? Angelina Jolie or Demi Moore? Hmmm...thats hard. I'm the mood for a Demi Moore comeback so lets say Demi Moore.
I worked for Fuse for a few years. While I enjoyed your show, I have never worked for a company that cared so little about their employees. I wish you success Billy, but man...fuck Fuse. Wow.
True or False: if Kelly Clarkson and Rachael Ray met for lunch, they'd go to a Cheesecake Factory. DEFINITELY. And they'd order the avocado egg rolls. AS ANY NORMAL PERSON WOULD!
I am appreciating the way you write the same way you talk when you host. IT'S AMAZING!!! :)
Who was one celebrity that when you met you were absolutely star struck. Also, Does P!nk smell like roses and bubblegum; as I imagine she does in my dreams. Madonna, Meryl, Pink...Pink is so down to earth and fantastic, she's the best.

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Posted on 19 March 2014

I'm unemployed so I decided to cast X-Factor Investigations. I'm told it's wrong. I like it. [OC]

It really bothers me when I see a fan cast and its a huge list of the most famous actors. I never understood why people do that. It's like:

"Black superhero? Will Smith"

"But he's supposed to be from Africa and in his 30's"

"Ok. Denzel Washington".

So here's X-Factor Investigations. One of the most emotionally investing and incredibly written superhero books, in my opinion. Also, Jamie Madrox went from c-list backup to me crying for a day when he gets hurt. Which is weird.

They're not the best looking group or even the most famous but gosh darn it, they're the symbol for any washed-up and emotionally confused kid out there.

Let me know what you think.

Jamie Madrox - Ed Helms

Ok, hear me out. I know he's not chiseled jawline and deep bravado but this is Jamie Madrox we're talking about. The down-on-his-luck gumshoe with a constant headache.

Madrox was never leadership material. He's not a "follow my lead" kind of guy. His leadership falls on how much he cares and Madrox cares a LOT. Helms always had that "I'm an inch away from losing my shit" look. It might be a subconscious affect from his trajectory in The Office but Helms looks like the guy who will defend his sorry sack of a group.

Even if his defense is usually misguided. Stupid Scott and his judgmental eyes....eye.

Siryn/Banshee - Lauren Ambrose

You know that girl in high school. She was never the prettiest but she was nice to everyone, every now and then. She's usually your sister's friend or that girl that lent out pens when other people ran out. She was never bullied but she just sort of had her nice little corner of the world. That's what Siryn always felt like to me. Reliable but distant.

I'm not going to mention how similar they look or the matching Irish background but if anyone here was a Six Feet Under fan, I think you'll understand this one. Age was a big issue for me. Lauren Amrbose is 35 (I know, I feel old now). I've always been slightly peeved but how a lot of comic book adaptations tend to turn back the clock for characters. Everyone's either just starting out or in their 20's. X-Factor needs to have that smell of desperation. No one in that group imagined they'd end up there and they've all had long careers before they grouped up.

Monet - Azita Ghanizada

A menacing woman of Arab decent who could probably out-sneer Emma Frost. Thing about Monet is she was as lost as Madrox. Only instead of bumbling along and hiding behind jokes, she yelled, punched, yelled, ignored and yelled some more. To be fair, she has every right to. She can probably walk into any team whenever she wants with her powers. Add to that having to deal with being a mutant under fire as well as a Muslim under fire, it can get stressful.

That being said, I remember watching Alphas and thinking how one dimensional Ghanizada's character was. She was just "worried Arab girl". That seemed to be her thing. Her backstory was why she was worried. I felt like if they just fixed her problems she'd shrug and go "why am I even in this club?". Which Monet really seems to have going for her.

Layla Miller - Brie Larson

Quite possibly the most interesting character in the Marvel Universe. At least, the Peter David version. There are two Brie Larson's I used here: 1) The "Short Term 12" (great movie) "Im a worried sick kid who's way in over her head" version. 2) The "Scott Pilgrim Vs The World" "I'm actually confused and in over my head but Im playing it cool and smart ass on the outside" version.

Julio Rictor - Diego Luna

I don't like Rictor with powers. He was a bit of a dick. Not the lovable kind that hides behind something. The kind that you just want to kick out of a window but you're worried Shatterstar will probably kill you. However, bearded and de-powered Rictor is a joy. Just watching him having to puff himself up and show his confidence when even Jamie frickin Madrox knows you're playing up, it's wonderful.

Diego Luna's in his 30's. He looks tired. Like, I haven't slept but Im ok to do this, tired. He's right on the background and let's be honest, he's played his fair share of gay characters (See: Y Tu Mama Tambien).

Guido Carosella/Strong Guy - Bobby Cannavale

This was the trickiest one for me. For a long time, whenever I read Carosella, I heard Bobby Cannavale's Voice. Cannavale's Italian-American, he's 6'2 and he's 43. That's what Guido is like for me. Older, wishes he had a better career, working class.

Thing is, Cannavale looks like your typical New York struggling actor. He's big but he's not Guido big. Guido always felt like Ben Grimm minus The Thing. I always thought The Wire's Domenick Lombardozzi had the look but something just about him. He's 6' and from The Bronx, he fits. But I honestly can't make my mind up on this.

Wolfbane - Kate Bracken

Scottish actress of "Being Human" fame. Here's the thing about Rahne Sinclair, she looks guilty. Even if she hasn't done anything wrong, she just looks like she's messed up and she's running away. A theme a lot of the group seem to share. I like how Rahne can switch between accents (I know it's only to hide how some writers tended to Americanize her for US readers but Peter David brought her back to her religious, Scottish roots). Bracken has that somewhere-between-American-and-Scottish accent. Also, the jumper in that interview and this tiny cover-crop, complete accident but lucky.

Sidenote: Why the hell do people keep picking Karen Gillen for every Scottish or Redhead role? How limited do they think hollywood is?

Second Wave:

Longshot - Aaron Stanton

This was a weird one for me. I'm not sure why my brain kept going back to him. I think it's the luck aspect. If you watch Mad Men, there's this funny little side story around Stanton's character. "The Trials and Failures of Ken Cosgrove". I don't imagine Longshot as this vision of physical perfection that women immediatly drift to. He's not the best looking guy or the best groomed or the best dressed.

He's confidant and unsure of himself. He pretends he knows what he's doing but actually he's lucky to have Luck powers as he's usually winging it. He also looks like someone who'll say the wrong thing and wonder for ages why everyone reacted poorly?

Shatterstar - Brian Geraghty

Squint your eyes. Does he look like Aaron Stanton? He does to me. I always thought if you shave Shatterstar and Longshot, strip away the tattoos and clothes, you can barely tell them apart. Sort of like how some twins are not identical but from an angle. Shatterstar's an art student who suddenly hit the gym. Put a pair of glasses on him and stick a copy of Allan Ginsberg under his arm and he could walk the hallways unnoticed. But that's not Shatterstar. Not now, anyways. Who he was and who he is now and far different.

Shatterstar's the first to jump into a fight but like Geraghty, he has that "Were my actions ok?" look permanently across his face.

Darwin - Jamie Hector

Yes, Jamie Hector of The Wire fame. I can never pin this guy down, for some reason. On The Wire, he never really seemed like a crime kingpin, did he? I always thought he just sort of walked up the ladder, rather than climbed it. Just in his own pace, never rushed, he knows his limits but he's not always right. Hector's usually great in everything he's in but he never looks like the guy's he playing, and I like that. I like that he's never what you imagine a kingpin or whatever role looks like. He's just...there. Unless he's not. In which case, he can be if he wants to.

Third Wave:

Havok - Ryan McPartlin

Yes, Captain Awesome himself. Here's the thing about Alex Summers, I liked the version in X-Men: First Class but a summers is not some sharp faced kid with a chip on his shoulder. Summers are leaders. Broad shoulders and chiseled chins. The old school leading man. Clean cut hair, deep voice, doesn't talk but says a lot. He can joke, sure. He doesn't need to but he can.

The difference between the Summer brothers (Gabriel excluded) is objective. On paper, Havok and Cyclops are very similar. Down to their look (hair excluded). Scott was pushed too far whereas Alex just did his own thing. The second you ask Alex to step up, bam, he's there and leading the army. But he doesn't need to. He's the leading man who shrugs his shoulders and wonders what's behind that corner.

Polaris - Caroline Dhavernas

The Mother. Here's my issue with Polaris, she's too tall. I know it's weird but just look at any group drawings she's in, she's huge. Like, 6'2 huge. I don't know why they made her that tall. Siryn looks tall, I can imagine her as tall and no one really ever stops and realizes how tall she is. Rahne's average but her wolf background affects her posture. She's hunched, most of the time but she's average. Like, 5'5 average. I always thoughts Polaris was right around the same height but with incredible posture. The height they have her in most comics, it's a wonder why she never became a Hulk family member.

Height aside, Dhavernas looks worried. Like "Someone stole my baby" worried. All the time. It's very worrying. For me, that is. I'm worried about why she's always worried. In most of her parts, she looks worried. And I think that fits Lorna. Lorna's the mother of any group, no matter how new she is to it. People easily drift towards he for advice or comfort, whathaveyou. It's understandable. She's been through hell but she keeps it wrapped up really nicely.

Wow, that is a long post. Sorry about that. I need a job.

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Posted on 24 January 2014

Woody Allen's Blue Jasmine and Boardwalk Empire

So I'm about 40 minutes into Blue Jasmine, and I just gotta mention this.

During the first 15 minutes, I saw George Remus talking in the background, and I'm like "Cool, it's Remus!!"

Then Bobby Cannavale appears as a central character and I'm like "Cool, 2 Boardwalk actors. Awesome coincidence."

And at the 35 minute mark, I see Michael Stuhlbarg walk on screen as a dentist.

Woody Allen is CLEARLY a Boardwalk Empire fan. He must have done this on purpose so people like me can get all giddy every time someone walks on screen.

If Stephen Graham appears on my screen in the next 10 minutes, I'm gonna pass out of Boardwalkgasm.

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Posted on 10 January 2014

[Table] IAmA: I'm Nick Kroll. I am here to answer the questions that are nice to me. Ask me anything.

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Date: 2014-01-10

Link to submission (Has self-text)

Questions Answers
Are Ruxin's vinegar strokes a good representation of your real life vinegar strokes? Yes everytime i have had a vinegar stroke on the League it has been real.
What's your favorite scene that you've done on The League? Oh i love/hate doing scenes with jason who plays raffi because i can't keep a straight face with him.
Also, love you on Parks & Rec. Douche nation. That's right! DOUCHE NATION indeed.
How did you get so good at speaking spanish? Paul scheer smells great. he is a very clean,very nice, very well liked young man. he is nothing like Andre except for his unbelievable knowledge of bad pop culture.
Also, what does Paul Scheer smell like? I got good at speaking spanish because i was a nazi war criminal who had to move to Argentina to escape the nuremberg trials.
Mark Duplass, Steve Rannazzizi, Paul Scheer. Fuck, Marry, Kill? I would marry all of them. and then fuck them to death.
Are we going to see Jon Hamm this season as El Chupacabra's brother? I hope that one day El chupacabro will be able to do the show. Juan Jamon is one of the great spanish improvisers.
What was your favorite moment of the Franco Roast? Do you enjoy doing those? I enjoyed being a part of the roast because i think it was really good television. it was however kind of stressful to do. my favorite moment was making Seth Rogen laugh when i made fun of how unattractive his writing partner Evan Goldberg be to make Seth the face of the operation and then talking to Evan afterwards who really seemed to enjoy the joke.
What was the most difficult scene of The League to shoot because it was just too funny to get through? There's a scene of me and Jason where i'm trying to tell him that whitney houston died and he didn't know it, and then he asks me what michael Jackson thinks about it and there's a gif of us breaking. someone made it from the dvd extras but i literally couldn't do the scene.
How much tuna is too much? It depends on the tuna. if you are eating deli tuna, any tuna is too much tuna. deli tuna gives me immediate diarrhea. if it's premium line caught high end sushi tuna, then some tuna is enough tuna, but if it's tuna that's been soaked in japanese earthquake radiation, then nuclear tuna is too much tuna.
Who are some of the coolest, or funniest, or most interesting athletes you've met through The League? Anybody surprise you, or let you down? I met rg3 before his rookie season and was really impressed by him, thought he was really smart and funny. jj watt was on the show this season and i thought he was really impressive. ryan fitzpatrick is known for being smart and was. chad ochocinco had 4 different cell phones when he did the show.
1 for phone, 1 for twitter, 1 for email and 1 for terrell owens.
Will we see the return Wheels Ontario this season?? Yes more wheels ontario!! a lot more. there is sex. also we will meet the actors who play the characters in Wheels ontario in episode 2.
PS: You are the greatest!! Thanks for doing this AMA! Thank you, my existence is based on your approval and excitement.
How much Liz and Liz can we expect to see in the new season of Kroll Show? I seriously couldn't get enough in season 1. Your drag reminds me of the genius of the Kids in the Hall guys. I love kids in the hall! bruce mcculloch actually came in and did an extension of wheels ontario this year with a talent show called Show us your songs Toronto. So it was pretty amazing to have a canadian comedy god be in one of our sketches about comedy.
Do you think Mel Gibson has nightmares about you? I think Mel Gibson has nightmares about his own upbringing because i bet it was actually quite sad. and i think he probably has dreams about bottles of vodka chasing him in a hot tub.
Hey Nick, are you and the guys from the league in an actual fantasy football league outside the show? And who has the Shiva right now if you do? We are in a league. and I lost in the finals this year to Mark duplass, who cheated by beating me.
The trophy in our league is called the Aselton cup because Katie Aselton (who plays Jenny on the show) won the first year.
How's the ghost bouncing industry going? You know like the ghost busters, it's possible that bobby and peter bounced all the ghosts. so now they have to become gigolos.
Who is someone you would love to get on Kroll Show that you haven't gotten yet? We got Laura Dern this year to play C-zar's mom. I would really like alan Alda to be in an oh hello sketch.
How do you like your steak cooked? Myself and C-zar like our steaks cooked medium rurr.
Has Raffi ever carried on any of his on-stage antics to cast members off-stage? Because that would make my life. Jason is a real sweetheart, one of my dear dear friends, and i hate to disappoint you to let you know that he is anything but a psychopath. except when it comes to shitting while he comes. THAT is true.
Is there ever a way to clean yourself out of being forever unclean, or is it truly forever? Forever Unclean is a state of mind. but i always think it is helpful to find a chinatown urinal and really soak your skin in there.
What's your home wireless network called? Curiositykilledthecat.
What would you say your most rewarding job was throughout your years struggling to make a living as an actor? I taught at an after school program standup to kids. and it helped me distill what was funny but also realize that i just wanted to act and make comedy and that kids could go fuck themselves.
Okay so you already have said your favorite character is the one you're doing at the time, but when you go back and watch, which do you think it's the funniest? Love you!!! I love you too, whoever you are, wherever you are you are the love of my life. which goes for my characters as well. they are all the love of my life, and i feel like i am having an affair with all of them whenever i am doing another one of them, but that's love!!
Even though it was an act, how scary was it having JJ Watt pretend to be angry at you? And how is it getting to work with the NFL players who come on The League? One of the most fun things on the show is being able to talk shit to absolutely huge men who can't do anything about it except perhaps talk shit back.
My wife (who works in a kitchen) came home with a very minor burn blister on her finger. My reaction? I turned to the imaginary camera and said 'her skin bubbled' a la Bobby B. I crack myself up. Thanks for the ameezing comedy, Kroll. This is an amazingly gratifying story to hear. truly. i hope your wife is fine and that she continues to have minor burns for many years to come.
Hey Nick, what's your favorite memory of your time at Georgetown? Doing improv with amazing people who i'm still friends with was really helpful. Like Mike Birbiglia, John Mulaney, allson becker, ed herro, Brian donovan, Conrad Mulcahy, and every other irish catholic person i met.
Is Gary impressed yet? I don't know i'm going to text him right now to make sure he's on reddit. i will let you guys know when i know more. i will be giving you gary updates throughout this ama.
Was the James Franco Roast nerve racking? Were you afraid that people would be offended by some of your material? Yes and yes. im very glad to have been a part of it though.
What do you think will be the viewing audience's favorite sketch in season 2? I think people will be really psyched to see more Wheels Ontario, which is a parody of all those canadian degrassi shows. But i also think people will also like gigolo house with bobby bottleservice and hopefully all the other sketches too.
Will Gil & George ever bring their NYC walking tour to the TV show? I would love that. they're no longer allowed to walk the streets because of various criminal charges of indecent exposure and stalking and various restraining orders that have been filed against them. so being on the streets and in public is very difficult for them.
I still paraphrase the quote to this day (referring to an Ed Hardy t-shirt) “a dragon f***ing a tiger riding a skateboard.” Am I correct in remembering that was a Bobby Bottleservice quote? It was and someone actually got a tattoo of that!
Would you rather tongue-kiss Jon Daly or have a green card marriage with Scott Aukerman? (both result in a love-child) Last i checked Scott aukerman is from America and so he would not require a green card marriage. And Jon daly's tongue is made of delicious swedish fish so it's a win win either way. plus i have already had sex with both of them.
What is the strangest dream that you've ever had? asking for a friend... I barely ever remember my dreams. but the strangest dream i ever had was where i was Martin Luther King speaking at the lincoln memorial.
Thanks for being here. big fan of your work on Kroll Show and The League. Question about my favorite Kroll Show sketch: how did the drone pilot sketch come about? We were just sort of talking about the drone stuff that was starting to come out in the news and we were interested in that world and then thought it would be funny to do almost a top Gun excitement parody of something that is just a weird office desk job.
As someone who hasn't seen the Kroll Show yet, what's the best reason you can think of for me to start watching it? If you know me from The League, then just picture that Ruxin is one of many characters that i do that are awful and funny at the same time. i improvise a lot of the stuff on the League that i say, and i have a similar process for Kroll show, and i think my friends are hilarious and they're all over it like Jenny Slate, John Mulaney, Chelsea Peretti and many many more.
Did anyone ever respond to that craigslist ad you mentioned in the "I AM COMIC" doc? I don't remember. but people never respond to my Craigslist ads because they are usually asking if anyone wants me to cum on their food.
My husband is in a fantasy football league deigned around the league in the show. Any advice on where they should go for their next draft? To their wives' book club. and then they should all switch and the men should talk about the bridges of Madison county and the women should fight about who gets Peyton Manning.
How close are you and Jeff goldblum? I got to perform Me and My Shadow with Jeff Goldblum as jeff Goldblum. It was awesome. He does a slightly better Jeff goldblum than i do, but mine is close.
Who are/were your biggest comedic influences? Mel Brooks, SNL obviously, i watched Eddie Murphy's delirious a million times as a kid, i watched the movie Wayne's world 2 million times and the jon stewart and the daily show came out when i was in college and i thought it was so funny and smart.
If Bobby Bottleservice had his own cologne what would it smell like? We had an idea that Bobby bottleservice have a cologne/energy drink called Sweat. so you would drink the energy drink and that would start to leave your pores and start to create a cologne effect. i think it would smell like someone blended up bull's balls and pennies. with a just a hint of zokka.
Ok, this might seem weird, is Fabrice Fabrice male or female? and what is the inspiration for that character? I almost pissed myself when I saw the character on John Oliver's New York Standup Show, been a massive fan ever since, would love some back-story, Fabrice Fabrice is a male. the inspiration is kids i used to see in New York on Christopher street and then all the awful things and judgements that i have in my head that i can't say as myself.
What's your favorite scene or episode in The League? Let's see. the finale for season 2 when Ruxin wins the shiva and there is a solar eclipse, we had like many scenes the structure but basically improvised all the jokes and it felt really organic and fun to do and was the best version of when our show is clicking.
How many writers do you have on the show? Jon Daly as a writer and producer, he plays wendy in Rich Dicks and peter paparazzo and many other characters. John Levenstein is our showrunner and executive producer. Johnathan Kraisel is our director and they are all producers and writers. and there are 4 or 5 other writers like Gabe Liedeman and Joe wengert and Seth morris and Chrstine Nangle and Ron Funches and some other writers who have written for the show over the last couple of years.
What is the best position from which to view the Kroll Show? The Lotus position. or the pole position.
If you did drag in real life, not just on Kroll Show, what would your drag name be? It would be French Fry.
Can we expect more interactions between you and Jeff Goldblum in the future? I sure hope so! i hope that Jeff goldblum will interact with me in the future as long as he does not become an insect again. LOL!!!
Nicky Kroll, huge fan. Your intertwining plots to the sketches on your show are so brilliant. I am reading a book about podcasts and i like podcasts about books.
What are your favorite books and or podcasts? Honestly, I do love listening to Radiolab and this American life and i'm reading a swedish book about a 100 year old man right now but really i just sit on the toilet and scroll through twitter most of the day.
What are Consuelo's rates? A lot higher now that she is the made on DADS.
Who was the man of mystery behind Jennifer Business? I've been trying to figure it out for months, it haunts me. It's my friend Seth Morris who was Rennick in ponytales last year and is in hippie fights this year. he is also a character Bob Ducca which you should google and listen to because it's one of the funniest characters anyone has ever done.
I love it when my boyfriend does Baby. Mm-hm! SO FUCKING CUTE AND FUNNY. How did the Baby come into your brain? For those who don't know, the Baby is one of the characters that el Chupacabra does. and i think that the baby is largely the voice of reason as most babies are.
When you're on shows (other than the league) how much input do you have in designing your character? I hear you're good at improv and I've always thought you were great at different characters since the funnyordie skits. Depends on teh show, the amount of time they have and other factors. for the most part, though, people hire me because of how i do comedy adn that usually involves some of my ideas about how a character could be. that said, i always try and be respectful of the ppl making their show or movie since they know a lot more about it and what works than i do.
Do you feel that Adult Swim would be a better fit for your style than Comedy Central? Or, rather, do you have any skits you wish you could do that you don't think would float that well with CC? Comedy Central has literally let us do whatever we have wanted. they have been the absolute ideal folks for us to collaborate with to make the show we want to make.
Did Ken Marino really get arrested on the set for punching you? He did not. that was a bit and we had no idea ppl were going to actually believe it. also, ken was arrested for exposing himself to a group of co-eds at a mini mall.
How are you today? I'm pretty good. i'm doing a screening of Kroll show tonight, a premiere at Lacma with Elvis Mitchell which i am excited and nervous about (i'm excited because a bunch of my friends and fans will be able to see the show for the first time. we've been done with the show for many months and it's great to be able to finally show it to people.) I can't wait to see what happens to all these characters.
I hope the characters are not angry with me about how we edited them.
Hey Nick! I heard rumors of you and a couple buddies wrestling a bluefin tuna up on a mud flat or something like that? Any truth to this? Please tell me this is true that way I can envy you more than I already do? Also, pretty pumped for the return of Mikey and Toons!!! Thanks! We did wrestle the tuna but the tuna won because unfortunately there was just too much tuna.
Any plans on going back on How Did This Get Made podcast? I started listening because of you on the first episode. I still listen because it is amazing, but I keep hoping you will come back. Also, love the tunatini bit with John Mulaney on Thank You Very Cool. You're my favorite. Thank you! i love that podcast. 3 of the funniest smartest ppl i know - scheer mantzoukas and june. always fun to do.
When do you plan on doing a stand up tour again? And can you come to Baltimore when you do? Please do more Publizity (it's based off our names) Okay! i will hopefully keep touring when i can, right now i am about to go make a movie in New York with Rose Byrne and Bobby Cannavale directed by Ross katz. once i'm done with that i will come back to LA to begin writing the next season of Kroll show and then back to the League.
Can inuit andy please be the one who knocked up tunes??? please? Inuit andy definitely comes back this season. it will be made clear in episode 2 who got tunes pregnant.
Do you want to get into the movie scene or is TV and stand up very much good for you? Everyone wants to be in movies. they just dont make many of them. im about to make a movie ive been working on for a long time. mark duplass is producing it. im very excited to get it going!
What kind if vacuum do you have? I have a Regina steamer carpet cleaner. which is not true but the only one i can remember.
Any chance of a caveman sketch on Kroll Show? There's no chance of me ever putting that much makeup on my face ever again.
Are you still here? Barely.
Any new guest appearances in the next season of Kroll Show? So many its bananas. theres a montage on line where you can see some of them.
Did you win your real fantasy football league this year? No. i lost to mark duplass in the finals who cheated by beating me.
Nick, I am a huge fan of your work, especially Kroll Show. What is the most challenging part of portraying so many different characters? Kroll Show is unlike any other program on tv. Was it easy to sell the idea? I had made various examples of things like: bobby b, rich dicks, chupa, fabrice so Comedy Central kind of knew what i was goimg to do. that made it a lot easier than pitching a whole new group of characters and worlds.
How long did it take you to get what you consider to be your big break? And what was your big break (pre-kroll show) I love your stand up, characters, and of course the show!! stay awesome! -future comic. Been a long steady process. cant point to one job or event. just persistenly keeping at it.
Hey what's up were you excited when asked to go on jimmy kimmel live? I was indeed. jimmy has been very good to comedians over the years. and to be that close to guillermo was thrilling.
What was the OH, HELLO YOGA w/ George St. Geegland & Gil Faizon Short (Link to made for and where did you get the inspirations for George and Gil? Crossover Comedy Bang Bang Tv Show and Kroll Show - Can it happen? It was made for no money and Julie Klausner plays Mona Mimosa. it was made for 0 dollars in a friend's friend's apartment.
How do you relax? Doing AMA reddits. i like flipping through the channels from sportscenter to the cW to QVC to an HBO movie to workaholics to a south Korean soap opera.
Hi Nick Kroll. I like Dr. Armand? You do.
I watch the clip of your Fabrice Fabrice poem from the Comedy Bang! Bang! TV show at least once a week. No question. Just want to say I'm a huge fan. Thank you. fabrice says 'get bent.' he doesnt take compliments well.
It was and someone actually got a tattoo of that! Proof; Link to
Okay, So you've won an all expense trip to go to the moon and do research, and you have to pick your co-captain; Daniel Day Lewis, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, or Billiam H. Macy. Shoot. Is this P.T. Anderson asking this question? if so I love your films!! i don't believe in the moon!
I have a Regina steamer carpet cleaner. which is not true but the only one i can remember. Wait whatever vacuum cleaner the vacuum cleaner repairman recommends!
DOUUUCHE, you're funny as fuck on parks and rec. Thank you. Douche nation.
Not really a question but I think about you all the time. I think I love you. Oh, okay. very cool. VERY - aka Bobby Bottleservice.
The show premieres on my 23rd birthday! I love you man. You're seriously hilarious. If you replied to this just saying Happy Birthday, I would be happy. Thanks! Happy birthday yamohasclap!

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Posted on 10 January 2014

Was anyone else disappointed in the 'Being: Mariano Rivera' documentary that aired Sunday on Fox? It was vague and hagiographic. Even narrator Bobby Cannavale sounded weird and overly corporate.

The only thing I learned about Mariano is that He Loves God. Oh also, He Loves His Family.

There was nothing about his pitching technique and form, nothing about catcher-pitcher relationships, nothing about his favorite/most hated batters, nothing about lefty vs right batters, nothing about the loneliness of being on the mound alone, nothing about what it was like to play for so long. Nothing about what it's like to practice, nothing about away teams and home teams.

It was just endless ass-kissing with Mariano talking about being a Great Man and others agreeing that he is in fact a Great Man.

Such bullshit.

Fox wasted my time.

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Posted on 22 October 2013

[No Spoilers] 2013 Emmy's Discussion Thread

Time: 8 PM ET/5 PM PT

Location: Nokia Theatre, Los Angeles, California

Host: Neil Patrick Harris

Network(s): CBS, CTV (Canada)


Outstanding Comedy Series

30 Rock (NBC)

The Big Bang Theory (CBS)

Girls (HBO)

Louie (FX)

Modern Family (ABC)

Veep (HBO)

Outstanding Drama Series

Breaking Bad (AMC)

Downton Abbey (PBS)

Game of Thrones (HBO)

Homeland (Showtime)

House of Cards (Netflix)

Mad Men (AMC)

Outstanding Variety Series

The Colbert Report (Comedy Central)

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (Comedy Central)

Jimmy Kimmel Live! (ABC)

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (NBC)

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Saturday Night Live (NBC)

Outstanding Miniseries or Movie American Horror Story: Asylum (FX)

Behind the Candelabra (HBO)

The Bible (History)

Phil Spector (HBO)

Political Animals (USA Network)

Top of the Lake (Sundance Channel)

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series

Alec Baldwin as Jack Donaghy on 30 Rock (NBC)

Jason Bateman as Michael Bluth on Arrested Development (Netflix)

Louis C.K. as Louie on Louie (FX)

Don Cheadle as Marty Kaan on House of Lies (Netflix)

Matt LeBlanc as Himself on Episodes (Showtime)

Jim Parsons as Dr. Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory (CBS)

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series

Laura Dern as Amy Jellicoe on Enlightened (HBO)

Lena Dunham as Hannah Horvath on Girls (HBO)

Edie Falco as Jackie Peyton on Nurse Jackie (Showtime)

Tina Fey as Liz Lemon on 30 Rock (NBC)

Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Selina Meyer on Veep (HBO)

Amy Poehler as Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation (NBC)

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series

Hugh Bonneville as Robert Crawley, Earl of Grantham on Downton Abbey (PBS)

Bryan Cranston as Walter White on Breaking Bad (AMC)

Jeff Daniels as Will McAvoy on The Newsroom (HBO)

Jon Hamm as Don Draper on Mad Men (AMC)

Damian Lewis as Nicholas Brody on Homeland (Showtime)

Kevin Spacey as Frank Underwood (Netflix)

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series

Connie Britton as Rayna Jaymes on Nashville (ABC)

Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison on Homeland (Showtime)

Michelle Dockery as Lady Mary Crawley on Downton Abbey (PBS)

Vera Farmiga as Norma Louise Bates on Bates Motel (A&E)

Elisabeth Moss as Peggy Olson on Mad Men (AMC)

Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope on Scandal (ABC)

Robin Wright as Claire Underwood on House of Cards (Netflix)

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series Ty Burrell as Phil Dunphy on Modern Family (ABC)

Adam Driver as Adam Sackler on Girls (HBO)

Jesse Tyler Ferguson as Mitchell Pritchett on Modern Family (ABC)

Tony Hale as Gary Walsh on Veep (HBO)

Bill Hader as Various Characters on Saturday Night Live (NBC)

Ed O'Neill as Jay Pritchett on Modern Family (ABC)

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series

Mayim Bialik as Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler on The Big Bang Theory (CBS)

Julie Bowen as Claire Dunphy on Modern Family (ABC)

Anna Chlumsky as Amy Brookheimer on Veep (HBO)

Jane Krakowski as Jenna Maroney on 30 Rock (NBC)

Jane Lynch as Sue Sylvester on Glee (Fox)

Sofía Vergara as Gloria Delgado-Pritchett on Modern Family (ABC)

Merritt Wever as Zoey Barkow on Nurse Jackie (Showtime)

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series

Jonathan Banks as Mike Ehrmantraut on Breaking Bad (AMC)

Bobby Cannavale as Gyp Rosetti on Boardwalk Empire (HBO)

Jim Carter as Charles Carson on Downton Abbey (PBS)

Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister on Game of Thrones (HBO)

Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman on Breaking Bad (AMC)

Mandy Patinkin as Saul Berenson on Homeland (Showtime)

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series

Morena Baccarin as Jessica Brody on Homeland (Showtime)

Christine Baranski as Diane Lockhart on The Good Wife (CBS)

Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen on Game of Thrones (HBO)

Anna Gunn as Skyler White on Breaking Bad (AMC)

Christina Hendricks as Joan Harris on Mad Men (AMC)

Maggie Smith as Violet Crawley, Dowager Countess of Grantham on Downton Abbey (PBS)

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Posted on 22 September 2013

Official 2013 Emmys Discussion Thread

Live updates available here.

Welcome to the /r/television discussion thread for the 65th Primetime Emmy Awards. Please post all discussion regarding this years event in this thread.

Do NOT post any spoilers regarding tonight's episodes of Dexter or Breaking Bad in the comments. Doing so may result in a ban.

Time: 8 PM ET/5 PM PT

Location: Nokia Theatre, Los Angeles, California

Host: Neil Patrick Harris

Network(s): CBS, CTV (Canada)


Outstanding Comedy Series

  • 30 Rock (NBC)
  • The Big Bang Theory (CBS)
  • Girls (HBO)
  • Louie (FX)
  • Modern Family (ABC)
  • Veep (HBO)

Outstanding Drama Series

  • Breaking Bad (AMC)
  • Downton Abbey (PBS)
  • Game of Thrones (HBO)
  • Homeland (Showtime)
  • House of Cards (Netflix)
  • Mad Men (AMC)

Outstanding Variety Series

  • The Colbert Report (Comedy Central)
  • The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (Comedy Central)
  • Jimmy Kimmel Live! (ABC)
  • Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (NBC)
  • Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)
  • Saturday Night Live (NBC)

Outstanding Miniseries or Movie

  • American Horror Story: Asylum (FX)
  • Behind the Candelabra (HBO)
  • The Bible (History)
  • Phil Spector (HBO)
  • Political Animals (USA Network)
  • Top of the Lake (Sundance Channel)

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series

  • Alec Baldwin as Jack Donaghy on 30 Rock (NBC)
  • Jason Bateman as Michael Bluth on Arrested Development (Netflix)
  • Louis C.K. as Louie on Louie (FX)
  • Don Cheadle as Marty Kaan on House of Lies (Netflix)
  • Matt LeBlanc as Himself on Episodes (Showtime)
  • Jim Parsons as Dr. Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory (CBS)

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series

  • Laura Dern as Amy Jellicoe on Enlightened (HBO)
  • Lena Dunham as Hannah Horvath on Girls (HBO)
  • Edie Falco as Jackie Peyton on Nurse Jackie (Showtime)
  • Tina Fey as Liz Lemon on 30 Rock (NBC)
  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Selina Meyer on Veep (HBO)
  • Amy Poehler as Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation (NBC)

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series

  • Hugh Bonneville as Robert Crawley, Earl of Grantham on Downton Abbey (PBS)
  • Bryan Cranston as Walter White on Breaking Bad (AMC)
  • Jeff Daniels as Will McAvoy on The Newsroom (HBO)
  • Jon Hamm as Don Draper on Mad Men (AMC)
  • Damian Lewis as Nicholas Brody on Homeland (Showtime)
  • Kevin Spacey as Frank Underwood (Netflix)

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series

  • Connie Britton as Rayna Jaymes on Nashville (ABC)
  • Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison on Homeland (Showtime)
  • Michelle Dockery as Lady Mary Crawley on Downton Abbey (PBS)
  • Vera Farmiga as Norma Louise Bates on Bates Motel (A&E)
  • Elisabeth Moss as Peggy Olson on Mad Men (AMC)
  • Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope on Scandal (ABC)
  • Robin Wright as Claire Underwood on House of Cards (Netflix)

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series

  • Ty Burrell as Phil Dunphy on Modern Family (ABC)
  • Adam Driver as Adam Sackler on Girls (HBO)
  • Jesse Tyler Ferguson as Mitchell Pritchett on Modern Family (ABC)
  • Tony Hale as Gary Walsh on Veep (HBO)
  • Bill Hader as Various Characters on Saturday Night Live (NBC)
  • Ed O'Neill as Jay Pritchett on Modern Family (ABC)

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series

  • Mayim Bialik as Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler on The Big Bang Theory (CBS)
  • Julie Bowen as Claire Dunphy on Modern Family (ABC)
  • Anna Chlumsky as Amy Brookheimer on Veep (HBO)
  • Jane Krakowski as Jenna Maroney on 30 Rock (NBC)
  • Jane Lynch as Sue Sylvester on Glee (Fox)
  • Sofía Vergara as Gloria Delgado-Pritchett on Modern Family (ABC)
  • Merritt Wever as Zoey Barkow on Nurse Jackie (Showtime)

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series

  • Jonathan Banks as Mike Ehrmantraut on Breaking Bad (AMC)
  • Bobby Cannavale as Gyp Rosetti on Boardwalk Empire (HBO)
  • Jim Carter as Charles Carson on Downton Abbey (PBS)
  • Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister on Game of Thrones (HBO)
  • Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman on Breaking Bad (AMC)
  • Mandy Patinkin as Saul Berenson on Homeland (Showtime)

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series

  • Morena Baccarin as Jessica Brody on Homeland (Showtime)
  • Christine Baranski as Diane Lockhart on The Good Wife (CBS)
  • Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen on Game of Thrones (HBO)
  • Anna Gunn as Skyler White on Breaking Bad (AMC)
  • Christina Hendricks as Joan Harris on Mad Men (AMC)
  • Maggie Smith as Violet Crawley, Dowager Countess of Grantham on Downton Abbey (PBS)

For a full-list of categories and nominees please visit the official site or Wikipedia.

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Posted on 22 September 2013

IJW: Lovelace (2013)

Originally posted (by me) here:

Linda Boreman aka Linda Lovelace basically had one trick that made her the star of the most profitable and popular porn movie of all time. And the objectified Deep Throat version of Linda Lovelace instantly and unnervingly subsumed the real person inside in a way nothing could have prepared her for.

Lovelace is the story of how she tried very hard, with uneven results, to rehumanize herself. It's not perfect. It's one-sided, and lacking the nuance of a really great picture, but Lovelace successfully jolts its audience into seeing its subject as a person. This is the film's greatest merit, and it's achieved through dogged monomania. Any subtleties in the story, like Linda Lovelace's real-life return to modeling or the complexities of the people around her, are sacrificed in the name of delivering one message: Linda Lovelace was a person.

The central narrative conceit of Lovelace is that you get the story twice. The first time you get the glammed up version of events: the lights, the fans, Hugh Hefner embracing her on a red carpet. The second time you get the seedy underbelly: the husband/pimp who would beat her if she didn't do as she was told; the mafia insisting she do another movie; and a shadier side to Hefner. That second time through is a surprisingly effective emotional bitchslap.

Yes you can feel the ham-handed symbolism in the structure (two sides to the coin, the story, the person). The whole thing hinges on the audience's willingness to take this journey twice. Fortunately Amanda Seyfried keeps it interesting even when the next plot point has been telegraphed from 20 miles away.

Seyfried's not the only one keeping it interesting, either. Linda's husband and abuser, Chuck Traynor, is written as a sort of melodramatic caricature, but Peter Sarsgaard's special gift for playing creeps keeps the audience off balance. The supporting cast is one big exercise in stunt casting, but I can't help but love seeing Adam Brody as Linda's super nice-guy co-star; or Bobby Cannavale, who so expertly terrorized everyone in Boardwalk Empire last season, playing the mafia-connected porn producer. As Linda's mom, Sharon Stone ratchets up the tension in every scene she's in even if her character isn't given any room to grow.

A lot of comparisons are going to be made between Lovelace and Boogie Nights mostly because they're both about porn and they're both set in the 1970s. But beyond those two superficial traits, they don't have much in common, and the comparisons don't flatter either movie.

Lovelace does get you to see its subject at a person, even if some of the shading hasn't been filled in. To me that feels like an admirable accomplishment for such a lean movie, and I see its value most in piquing the audience's curiosity about the subject. It's a conversation-starter of a movie, and it feels like a conversation worth having.

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Posted on 11 August 2013

Blue Jasmine (dir. Woody Allen)

Woody Allen's films have always dealt with neurotic people going through the anxieties that life has thrown at them. He's become a master at it, which is fitting, given that the man spent decades undergoing psychoanalysis. And with Blue Jasmine, with Cate Blanchett giving a terrific performance as the titular character, he's created another neurotic that I'd rank among the best character's he's written.

Jasmine is wrecked after her Ponzi scheming millionaire husband goes down, loses her damn mind, and tries to get her life back together by moving in with her much less well off sister, who has problems of her own. Allen's script uses this to craft a story about people trying to take control of their lives, for better or for worse, and coming to terms how much control they actually have over things. Jasmine can't control her public ramblings and descents into her traumatic marriage. She needs a job, wants to go back to school and ultimately heal her broken mind, albeit with some alcohol and Xanax thrown in.

It sounds depressing, but the movie is frequently hilarious and shifts between humor and drama naturally. The cast is a big part of that, and everyone is great here, even Louis C.K. in his small role. Bobby Cannavale's character might be in the running for Worst Haircut of All Fucking Time, but he humanizes what could have easily been a stereotypical blue collar grease monkey. And Andrew Dice Clay is good, too! Yay for the Diceman! But Blanchett is the star of the show, and shows us the flighty, hoity-toity, pre downfall Jasmine with as much conviction as the post downfall, slightly insane one, giving us a full performance and creating a character I'll remember for quite sometime. My favorite performance of the year so far.

The movie is well shot, as with most Allen pictures, featuring his usual long takes and tracking shots, naturally keeping a certain pace to the scenes while putting us right in the mix with the characters. There's a particular shot with Jasmine and a dentist, who she's gotten a receptionist job from, that is filmed in one long take, lasting easily for a few minutes as it pans and adjusts to the characters, maintaining a sense of unease and awkwardness that you would get in a scene with a bunch of cuts. Woody Allen has perfected these types scenes with intricate blocking and framing, so it shouldn't come as a surprise, but he still deserves praise for it, especially when compared to other filmmakers.

This is a great character study, folks. Sure, it borrows from A Streetcar Named Desire, as a lot of people have said, but really only on a framework level. And borrowing from Tennessee Williams is hardly a bad thing. I'd rank Woody Allen in the top 5 American screenwriters of all time, because I think his writing, when on point, is as good as anybodies. Sure, his movies have their flaws, but I feel that people can be really unfair to his work, especially his newer stuff. His recent work might not approach "classic" Woody Allen levels, but compared to other filmmakers, its pretty good.

Blue Jasmine has something different about it that makes it stand out from the rest of his filmography. Maybe its a little more cynical, or harsher, particularly on the main character. But it definitely stands out, and is one of my most enjoyed movies this year. See it when you can.

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Posted on 27 July 2013

Emmy nomination discussion thread

I thought it would be a good idea (especially with all of the new subscribers) to keep posts about Emmy nominations to a minimum.


Blog with live updates

Nominees for outstanding drama series

Breaking Bad • AMC

Downton Abbey • PBS & ITV

Game of Thrones • HBO

Homeland • Showtime

House of Cards • Netflix

Mad Men • AMC

Nominees for Lead Actor In A Drama Series

Bryan Cranston as Walter White • Breaking Bad

Hugh Bonneville as Robert, Earl of Grantham • Downton Abbey

Damian Lewis as Nicholas Brody • Homeland

Kevin Spacey as Francis Underwood • House of Cards

Jon Hamm as Don Draper • Mad Men

Jeff Daniels as Will McAvoy • The News Room

Nominees for lead actress in a drama series

Elisabeth Moss, as Peggy Olson • Mad Men

Michelle Dockery, as Lady Mary Crawley • Downton Abbey

Claire Danes, as Carrie Mathison • Homeland

Vera Farmiga, as Norma Bates • Bates Motel

Kerry Washington, as Olivia Pope • Scandal

Connie Britton, as Rayna James • Nashville

Robin Wright, as Claire Underwood • House of Cards

Nominees for supporting actor in a drama series

Bobby Cannavale, as Gyp Rosetti • Boardwalk Empire

Jonathan Banks, as Mike Ehrmantraut • Breaking Bad

Aaron Paul, as Jesse Pinkman • Breaking Bad

Jim Carter, as Mr. Carson • Downton Abbey

Peter Dinklage, as Tyrion Lannisterin • Game Of Thrones

Mandy Patinkin, as Saul Berenson • Homeland

Nominees for supporting actress in a drama series

Anna Gunn as Skyler White • Breaking Bad

Maggie Smith as Violet, Dowager Countess of Grantham • Downton Abbey

Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen • Game of Thrones

Christine Baranski as Diane Lockhart • The Good Wife

Morena Baccarin as Jessica Brody • Homeland

Christina Hendricks as Joan Harris • Mad Men

Outstanding Miniseries Or Movie

American Horror Story: Asylum • FX Networks

Behind The Candelabra • HBO

The Bible • HISTORY

Phil Spector • HBO

Political Animals • USA

Top Of The Lake • Sundance Channel

Nominees for lead actor in a miniseries or a movie

Michael Douglas as Liberace • Behind the Candelabra

Matt Damon as Scott Thorson • Behind the Candelabra

Toby Jones as Alfred Hitchcock • The Girl

Benedict Cumberbatch as Christopher Tietjens • Parade's End

Al Pacino as Phil Spector • Phil Spector

Nominees for lead actress in a miniseries or movie

Elisabeth Moss, as Robin • Top of the Lake

Jessica Lange, as Sister Jude Martin • American Horror Story: Asylum

Sigourney Weaver, as Elaine Barrish Hammond • Political Animals

Helen Mirren, as Linda Kenney-Baden • Phil Spector

Laura Linney, as Cathy Jamison • The Big C: Hereafter

Outstanding Comedy Series

The Big Bang Theory • CBS • Chuck Lorre Productions, Inc. in association with Warner Bros. Television and Satan himself

Girls • HBO

Louie • FX Networks

Modern Family • ABC

30 Rock • NBC

Veep • HBO

Nominees for lead actor in a comedy series

Jason Bateman as Michael Bluth • Arrested Development

Jim Parsons as Sheldon Cooper boo • The Big Bang Theory

Matt LeBlanc as Matt LeBlanc • Episodes

Don Cheadle as Marty Kaan • House of Lies

Louis C.K. as Louie • Louie

Alec Baldwin as Jack Donaghy • 30 Rock

Nominees for lead actress in a comedy series

Laura Dern, as Amy • Enlightened

Lena Dunham, as Hannah Horvath • Girls

Tina Fey, as Liz Lemon • 30 Rock

Amy Poehler, as Leslie Knope • Parks And Recreation

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, as Selina Meyer • Veep

Edie Falco, as Jackie Peyton • Nurse Jackie

Outstanding Reality-Competition Program

The Amazing Race • CBS

Dancing With The Stars • ABC

Project Runway • Lifetime

So You Think You Can Dance • FOX

Top Chef • Bravo

The Voice • NBC

Nominees for most outstanding host for a Reality or Reality-Competition program

Betty White • Betty White's Off Their Rockers

Tom Bergeron • Dancing With The Stars

Anthony Bourdain • The Taste

Cat Deeley • So You Think You Can Dance

Ryan Seacrest • American Idol

Heidi Klum, Tim Gun • Project Runway

Outstanding Variety Series

The Colbert Report • Comedy Central

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart • Comedy Central

Jimmy Kimmel Live • ABC

Late Night With Jimmy Fallon • NBC

Real Time With Bill Maher • HBO

Saturday Night Live • NBC

I did the major ones you can find the full list here

Edit: I reformatted the post and took out some information. If you would like me to change anything else please pm me

EDIT 2: /u/hero0fwar made a great comment summarizing the number of nominations for each show. You can find it here

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Posted on 18 July 2013

[Contest] Who wants to play an interactive Flash contest for a $15-ish prize? I'm celebrating the fact that my computer isn't crashing every other second today, and hoping it holds out through this contest. So, Who Am I? (Details inside)


Okay, this is basically like 20 questions. Try to figure out the famous person that I am thinking of by asking yes or no questions. Unlimited questions and guesses, but each question/guess must be posted as a TOP LINE reply. I will not be going back through posts to check for second-tier follow-up questions/guesses.

First person to correctly guess the person I am thinking of wins a $15-ish prize from their WL (including shipping, but I have Prime).

Ready, set, GO!!!




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Posted on 17 June 2013


Verified? (This bot cannot verify AMAs just yet)

Date: 2012-10-15

Link to submission (Has self-text)

Link to my post

Questions Answers
What followed for me was probably an hour of analysis trying to ascertain exactly how big a douche move I made and if I just creeped out John Hodgman so much that I caused him to forego eating at a place he wanted to eat. I went back to my hotel and changed shirts, because it was very hot, and on balance, that was probably a better use of my time than eating scrapple covered in sweat.
The simple answer is: I was starving, and just wanted to quietly eat scrapple as soon as possible.
Thank you for your kind attention, is all I mean to say.
If you had an amazing catchphrase like "Shut Your Piehole," on whom would you use it? (Note that this does not constitute permission to use said catchphrase.) I do have such a catchphrase.
That is all.
Can I get your honorable discharge? (If it pleases the court.) That is the most disgusting euphemism I have ever heard. and YES.
I played Scrabble against you to benefit 826. I tried to play it cool and not reference the fact that you're famous. In forced social situations like that, would you prefer people commented on the famous/non-famous awkwardness or just let it float around like a fart in a crowded room? A) I am not really that famous.
B) Fame is not something worth commenting on on its own. If there is something I have done that you like (or hate), by all means express yourself. In the same way I might compliment you on your wardrobe or scrabble skills. The only difference is that have a little bit more information about me than I do about you, which may seem awkward. But in fact it helps you open a conversation.
But if you have nothing to say, that's fine too.
My friend Noel and I have a long-standing argument at The A.V. Club over whether you should watch a television show from S1E1 or whether it's okay to dive in whenever you like. I concede that certain standalone shows, like sitcoms or procedurals, can be watched at any time, since they don't rely so heavily on the context of previous plotlines/mythology. But Noel believes you can dive into anything, even shows like LOST and, if I may pander to you, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. Can we get a ruling on this? I just started watching Boardwalk Empire with the beginning of season 3. I didn't love the pilot. But Bobby Cannavale has brought the whole show to life for me. Now I'm going back and rewatching what I missed. People should watch and enjoy culture in whatever way they like and, frankly, can. NOT EVERYONE IN THE WORLD IS YOUNG AND SINGLE AND HAS TIME TO JUST WATCH MOVIES AND STUFF>
How did you land your spot on the Daily Show? How did the transition from publishing to minor celebritihood work? I'll take my answer off-air. I went to promote my first book, THE AREAS OF MY EXPERTISE. We talked about hoboes, had a good time. I was asked back and said "sure." I thought they were being polite.
Two spaces between sentences or one? One.
Does it reflect well or poorly on a person to use coupons on a first date? Why ask questions you know the answer to?
A while ago I unfollowed a friend of mine on Twitter because the stuff he posted didn't fit with the way I wanted to be using Twitter. He got really angry and thought it was some kind of huge insult. I didn't think it was a big deal since we don't rely on Twitter as a source of communication. Should I have continued to follow him as a gesture of friendship? Am I secretly a jerk for unfollowing my friend? Every one just needs to be a little cooler about this stuff. The internet sometimes seems like a perfect rage engine and perpetual indignation motor. Time is too short for these fights.
BARRING Flight or Invisibility, what would be your superpower of choice? Would you use it to fight crime? If neither flight nor invisibility, super speed.
Hey Max, When you started filming the Mac ads, did you ever think you'd end up working with Tony Danza? How was working with him? Did you watch Cheers? I loved him as Coach on the love boat.
A matter of serious (and utterly irrelevant) concern: in your more literary endeavors, you make some pretty strong gestures towards Borges. Death and the Compass was extremely meaningful to me, but I've read Pierre Menard more often. mr penumbra's 24 hour bookstore is pretty amazing.
Do you think an unattached person can remain friends with someone who has recently gotten married, especially if they are of different genders? Yes. Just stop having sex with that person.
Bicyclists riding their bikes on sidewalks: is this okay or not okay? NOT OK.
Thank you for doing this AMA. I've waited a long time to ask you this question. Would you please bring me a coffee, Mr. Hodgman? I am not your coffee footman.
Judge, I was wondering how you felt about giving gift cards as presents. My dad thinks its a good idea because giving someone a card you know they will use because of their interests/hobbies is thoughtful, but I would argue it's not thoughtful -enough-, and I only use gift cards as a last resort if I seriously cannot think of a physical gift to give someone (because I would never just give someone cash, that is terrible). What is your verdict? I think they pretty much only convey laziness and lack of imagination. But when giving gifts, the best thing is to either share something of your own taste, or get something the person would never quite be willing to buy for themselves. If a gift card fits either of those bills, go for it.
Just between you and me, for real... Mac or PC? Apart from a period in the wilderness from 1997-2004, I have been a mac user since 1984.
Do you listen to each episode merely to hear what gavel sound is edited in at the end? I trust Jesse and our editor Mark McConville to make the right choice. I am not a monster.
Are Dirigibles terribly expensive to house over the winter months? I think that's a very fine idea. But the Bugle is written, and JJHO is riffed, and so I would be terrified.
Also, the dream of a cross-podcast pollination where John Oliver guest Bailiff's Judge John Hodgman and you go on pun runs on The Bugle keeps me up with childish delight. No comment on dirigibles.
Your honor, here's a quick one: can children get sick by going outside with wet hair? If they go out and their hair freezes, then they have a little helmet, so that's pretty good.
In today's TMZ/E!/NYGov'sOffice/ZumbaClass society, is promiscuity a virtue or a vice? To quote Paul F Tompkins, don't get drunk and fight one another. Otherwise, I am neutral on almost all adult behavior.
How can I grow an amazing moustache? If you are growing it on your face, you need nothing but time, a certain minimum testosterone level, I suppose, and the willingness to look awful for the first two months as it grows in, and then also for every month thereafter. If you are growing it in a petri dish, you need agar.
Kind of a bland question, but what do you think about Twitter? I follow you on there and enjoy your updates and RT's, very informative. Maybe: Twitter vs. Facebook? vs. Reddit? Twitter is the tool that I take the most pleasure in using, and that is all I really have time for when it comes to choosing a social network platform.
I created a Reddit account 48 seconds ago. How long until I understand all these strange and wonderful acronyms? This is such a fascinating subculture/cult. Also, sometimes I wash garments labeled for warm water in cold water. What is your reaction to these anythings which I have asked you? Everything you are doing is fine.
Do you have any plans to visit the United Kingdom anytime soon? I've heard nothing but positive things about your talks and shows. Would be grand if you appeared on QI again too - the show has lacked a grand moustache for a while now. Will you be doing the annual Christmas show on the TWiT network this year? Thanks for your time, take care. I want to do ALL of those things. The question is: DO THEY WANT ME?
I know, i know, THAT IS ALL, but isn't there more? I mean, i'd like some more please. I am currently holding to my prediction that the world will end on 12/21/12. If it doesn't, I will be really mad. Because I will have to think of something else to do. And so will you.
What is the meaning of life? I have a policy of not taking this particular nerd bait. You know the answer as well as I do.
How does it feel being the greatest mustache in entertainment? Brimley still has me beat.
Is "The Exorcist" your favorite horror movie? If so, can you expand on that? No. Rosemary's Baby. All of them witches.
How do you feel about this? As I say above, I am still digesting. Literally opened the article minutes before this was scheduled.
When you hear about a case you will be recording soon do you automatically have an idea for the intro act as you enter the courtroom, or do you usually have to think back to pop culture related to the topic and maybe do some Googling to find something to modify? I am usually frantically googling moments before Jesse does the introduction.
What do you think is next for you and your career/public life? I have no idea, and I have learned it is futile to make predictions. I just want to continue a life of creativity, fun, and productive terror.
Favorite poet? Favorite comic book arc? A) Borges.
B) I am really digging Darwyn Cooke at the moment. Like everyone else.
I was a fan of both PutThisOn and Judge John Hodgman for far too long before realizing the Jesse Thorn connection. Have you, like so many of us, been influenced at all by the bailiff's sartorial wisdom? I no longer wear undershirts under open collar button down shirts. He shamed that out of me.
Seeing as how this is the last bit of prose we read from you in your last book of fake trivia, is it safe to say your future written endeavors will be more like this and less like, well, everything else? So it points as much backwards as forwards. But I always try to write in a way that feels most honest to me. For a time, that meant fakery. What happens next, I do not know.
Is Dick Cavett good at fencing? He is better at the pommel horse.
Do you have a favorite Maximum Fun podcast (other than your own)? How about a favorite non-MaxFun podcast? Bullseye. SYSK. The Best Show. Pod F Tompkast. How Was Your Week.
When you began Areas of My Expertise, did you have the stunning end of That is All in mind? There is this beautiful tonal shift that happens over the course of the three books, and I'd love to know if that was something you planned from the beginning or something that developed as you went along. Not planned. I figured out that THAT IS ALL would deal with RAGNAROK and the end of the world the summer before I started writing it in 2010. So I also knew that it would have to deal with the subject of mortality in some honest way. Everyone in the world dying isn't ALL jokes.
Any idea when your next in-studio appearance on The Best Show will be? Not tomorrow, as I will be in Atlanta. But now that I know Spike is a fan of JJHO, I need to offer some response.
What is the most important rite, ritual, or ceremony of your day-to-day life? Nap time.
Macbook Air or Macbook Pro? I bought a Macbook air with my own money and am using it now to type TO YOU.
I was "Amy" at the University of South Carolina, and I'm just curious, since I was onstage to witness its full glory, how long did it take you to grow out that 'stache? About six months from initial colonization.
Which is superior: Johnny Williams' Season 1, or Season 2 main title theme from "Land of the Giants"? I need to know now, more than ever. Best opening sequence ever: Link to
Your honor, I put to the court the following issue for snap judgment: if one is using a one person-wide escalator and they are at the "front of the line" so to speak, should they not walk up the escalator rather than ride, in case someone behind them wishes to do the same? I rule in your favor.
Which of the My Little Pony main characters is the best pony? I am not a member of the brony community, alas.
What is the best television show, webcomic, living actor, dead actor, pants maker? Also what are you wearing? Jeans and a western shirt shall serve as my answer for all those impossible questions.
How much time, on average, do you spend preparing for an episode of Judge John Hodgman, particularly research for possible references and jokes? Some days 1-2 hours. Some days 10 minutes. The latter is usually what works best. The point of the show is to have a real conversation and truly listen to both parties and figure out what their real stories are. It's not about getting my jokes in.
What's going on with Felipe Olivera? Are you HIM? I wouldn't put it past him/you.
Since you've kind of answered this one above. Your rulings tend to develop very smoothly. Do you have a sense of exactly what you're going to say as soon as you "re-enter the courtroom" or do you sort of wing it? Wing it.
My office mate is Republican and he says not voting for Mitt Romney is throwing away my vote, help please? Is your office mate the Koch brothers? Link to
Yes. Just stop having sex with that person. Or that person's new spouse.
Look, I don't know anything about hook up culture. Be good to one another.
I asked Ira Glass this and he didn't respond, so I need a real judge to decide. Jesse Thorne, Jad Abumrad, and Roman Mars. Kill. Marry. Bang. I cannot play a game that endorses murder or marriage.
Judge John Hodgman. I was a guest on your podcast and as a result of your verdict, I am now divorced. Where can I send my lawyer fees. Thank you. If what you are saying is true, I am very sorry to hear that. I hope you are OK.
I know its not throwing my vote away and I plan on voting for Obama I was just hoping the good Judge would come up with a good rebuttal. I have tired of arguing with my office mate. Tell him politics is personal.
I respect you a lot, John, and I’m disappointed to see you engaging reddit, a community widely known for its misogyny, racism, and other unpleasantness I hardly need to get into. Is it really worth it? Is your asking me that question ON REDDIT a kind of performance art? If so, bravo.
See my comment at the top. Here is gawker's point of view. Link to
I am still making up my own mind about I feel about all this. As should you.
But without commenting further on the merits of this particular case, I am simply exhausted of being told in so many different ways how I am using the internet wrong. Most of the time, concern trolling is still just trolling.

Last updated: 2012-10-20 03:51 UTC

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Posted on 15 October 2012

Gears of War

Okay so some of these are purely based on how they look the part, but a fair amount have the acting chops to pull it off. I will list them in the order in which I would call them for the role.

Anya Stroud * rosamund pike * diane kruger * naomi watts * kristen bell, almost entirely on looks though

Marcus Fenix * randy couture * dominic purcell * gerard butler * nick chinlund

Dominic Santiago * franky g * jon seda * jesse garcia * amaury nolasco * edgar ramirez * [adam rodriguez]) * wilmer valderrama * javier bardem

Augustus Cole "Train" * lester speight/terry tate * terry crews * bob sapp * michael clarke duncan of course * ronnie coleman

Damon Baird * chris pine * bradley cooper * josh duhamel * mike vogel * paul walker

Victor Hoffman * ed lauter * stephen lang * r. lee ermey of course, put him last though because he is so type-cast

Mihn Young Kim * robin shou * jason scott lee * ken watanabe

Tai Kaliso * gary nickens * pomaika brown * setu taase * lobo sebastian * kevin durand

Anthony Carmine just about anyone

Benjamin Carmine just about anyone

Maria Santiago * paula garces * paz vega * Cristina Valenzuela * natalie martinez * cerina vincent

Carlos Santiago * danny pino * bobby cannavale * mark consuelos * jay hernandez

Helena Stroud * elizabeth shue * allison janney * sigourney weaver * demi moore * helen hunt

Adam Fenix * david strathairn * stanley tucci.jpg) * scott glenn * christopher plummer * david morse * ed harris * jeff bridges

Bernadette Mataki * jane lynch this is probably way off, because if I remember right, she is an islander, but i know Lynch is pulls off sarcastic very well.

Dizzy Wallin * kris kristofferson * sam elliot * bruce willis * jeff bridges

Chairman Richard Prescott * will patton * edward burns * jason isaacs * len wiseman

Locust Queen * cate blanchett * tilda swinton

I think I need to do a little bit of searching, I thought of some of these before they had images to go along with them via the comic books and I still haven't played Gears 3, but I have read Aspho Fields, Jacinto's Remnant, and Anvil Gate.

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Posted on 16 July 2012