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Justin Bieber Put In Chokehold By Coachella Security

Justin Bieber had a memorial exit from the Coachella Festival this weekend. The pop star was put in a chokehold by festival security and then kicked out of the event, according to Complex

Coachella 2015 Guide: Music Festival Map, After Parties, Directions, Food Vendors And More

The West Coast’s most anticipated concert series of the year is here: Coachella 2015, the desert festival that draws tens of thousands of music lovers and celebrities to Indio, California, for one of the biggest parties of the summer concert season. Here’s your complete guide to this year’s festivities, including festival maps, how to get there and the scoop on the best after-parties and food ...

Exit Festival's Facebook Wall

Exit Festival's Facebook Wall

TWITTER INTERVIEW with Noisia! On Thursday on 25 June @SeaDanceFest asks Main St...

On Thursday on 25 June @SeaDanceFest asks Main Stage performers Noisia (@Noisia_nl) your questions in a twitter interview! Until then, tweet us or ask in a comment of this post whatever it is you'd like us to ask them using #SDFAsks. The best ones will head straight to them on Thursday at 9 pm CET. And follow SDF on: https://twitter.com/SeaDanceFest

U četvrtak 25. juna @SeaDanceFest će postavljati vaša pitanja za ovogodišnje izvođače Main bine Sea Dance Festivala – Noisia (@Noisia_nl)! Do tad, putem twittera (ili u komentarima ovog posta) pitajte šta god želite uz hešteg #SDFAsks. Najzanimljivija pitanja postavljamo u četvrtak u 9 pm CET. I pratite SDF na: https://twitter.com/SeaDanceFest

Posted on 23 June 2015

See, listen, and turn up the greatest hits of the Exit Adventure in one spot! Fr...

See, listen, and turn up the greatest hits of the Exit Adventure in one spot! From the uncompromised leaders of the world's top charts to generational anthems, from rising stars to those whose light keeps shining for decades, from Petrovaradin Fortress to Jaz beach! Watch the whole video, share it and win special prizes! More info: http://bit.ly/1LnRLab

Exit Adventure 2015 Greatest Hits!

Posted on 22 June 2015

Posted on 22 June 2015

"Uvek se odlično provedemo u Srbiji i tako će biti i ovog puta. Imaćemo opak „Mo...

"Uvek se odlično provedemo u Srbiji i tako će biti i ovog puta. Imaćemo opak „Motorhead“ šou i nadamo se da će se i fanovima dopasti. Zaista se radujemo koncertu, naročito jer festival slavi jubilej. Samo nastavite pa ćete i vi dočekati 40 godina kao „Motorhead“. \m/

Lemi Kilmister za "Blic": Šljivovicu nikad više
Lemi Kilmister za Blic Šljivovicu nikad više Malo je ostalo istinskih muzičkih velikana poput frontmena sastava Motorhed O svom autentičnom životu rok zvezde muzici i nastupu na Egzitu (10 jul) ekskluzivno za Blic govori Lemi Kilmister

Posted on 22 June 2015

"Imao je svoje uspone, padove, prevrate, ali je iz svega izlazio i ponovo stajao...

"Imao je svoje uspone, padove, prevrate, ali je iz svega izlazio i ponovo stajao na noge. EXIT je deo savremenog života ove zemlje i regiona i takvog treba da ga negujemo. EXIT diše sa nama i za nas, a mi, publika, činimo festival i on nam uzvraća najbolje što ume" hvala VICE Srbija, podeli ljubav! ♥ #EXIT2015

Petnaest godina EXIT festivala u fotografijama | VICE | Srbija
Petnaest godina EXIT festivala u fotografijama.

Posted on 20 June 2015

Beatport is counting down the best 20 festival locations, and they featured us!...

Beatport is counting down the best 20 festival locations, and they featured us! We're blushing :3

20 Unbelievable Party Locations You Should Travel the World to See
“Trust me, it’s paradise. This is where the hungry come to feed. For mine is a generation that circles the globe and searches for something we haven’t tried before,” begins the opening monologue of Danny Boyle’s 2000 film The Beach, as sampled on Orbital’s contribution to the soundtrack, “Beached.”…

Posted on 19 June 2015


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Take part in the EXIT Survey 2011 
and win 2 x ticket to EXIT festival - GoRockfest.Com - The Latest Rockfest, Artist's Live News

Posted on 3 October 2011

Take part in the EXIT Survey 2011 
and win 2 x ticket to EXIT festival - GoRockfest.Com - The Latest Rockfest, Artist's Live News

Posted on 3 October 2011

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Top Answers About Exit Festival on Quora

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EXIT festival Novi Sad, Serbia LGBTQ area?

Hey myself and two friends are going to the Exit music festival this year and well I was wondering if there is a LGBTQ area as we are fairly obvious we aren't straight lol. Iv been to the Balkans before (Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia) so i have a general idea of what that part of the world is like towards gender non conforming/butch females such as myself. But as I have never been to Serbia what is it like when it comes to LGBTQ people, i imagine its fairly chill regardless but just to know would be great! Any advice/info would be greatly appreciated!

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Posted on 3 January 2016

EXIT Festival in Serbia - please give me your opinions and insights!

EDIT: Thanks for the help, everyone! We got in contact with the folks from EXIT and as it turns out, the ticket price for US citizens (and some other countries) is actually about double (€122/person not including camping); meaning even if we did buy the cheap resale tickets, we would've been turned away at the gate. That seems super shady to us and we aren't sure that we'd want to be a part of the festival even if we did have the money!

If you buy or sell tickets from an individual next year, please be clear on the citizenship requirements so that no one gets screwed!

Hey everyone!

My boyfriend and I are considering going to EXIT this weekend, but we're a little unsure about some things.

From what we've read, it's pretty much impossible to sneak drugs or alcohol in, not to mention random drug searches at the campground and undercovers walking about. I suppose that's normal for most big festivals, but we've heard Serbia is pretty hardcore as far as drug control/penalties. Any word on this? Did you get drugs at the festival? How much are beers?

Secondly, there are more stages than just the pop music/dubstep right? Honestly, we don't know many of the artists playing and the headliners we do recognize don't look all that great to us. We're hoping someone can confirm there will be stages with different music, more like world/ethnic/gypsy beats and such.

We're also wondering about the camping...is it sucky? Will there be any shade to pitch a tent under? It's hot here right now, and we're worried that after partying all night, it'll be too hot to sleep at the campground, but there's no way we can afford a hostel.

We hope to hear from someone who has been before, since we obviously need some help making up our minds! We really want to go but it is quite a bit of money and we just want to make sure it will be worth it. Thanks to anyone who can answer our questions in advance :)&knlyd

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Posted on 6 July 2015

Show Me The List Of Festivals You've Gone To!

I'm always interested in where people have been and what they have seen. Here's my list. What I really like about my list is you can visibly see the evolution in my music tastes.

  • Bamboozle 2006
  • Bamboozle 2007
  • Bamboozle 2008
  • Warped Tour 2007
  • Warped Tour 2009
  • Electric Daisy Carnival NY 2012
  • Starscape 2012
  • Camp Bisco 2012
  • Identity Festival 2012
  • FreeFest 2012
  • Camp Bisco 2013
  • Summer Camp Music Festival 2013
  • Basslights 2013
  • CounterPoint Music Festival 2014
  • Jam On The River 2014
  • Mountain Jam 2014
  • Electric Forest 2014
  • Hudson Project 2014
  • Rootwire Music Festival 2014
  • Farm Fest Music Festival 2014
  • Gathering Of The Vibes 2014

Coming Up!

  • Be-In Festival 2015
  • Exit Festival 2015
  • Sea Dance Festival 2015
  • O.Z.O.R.A. Festival 2015
  • Outlook Festival 2015
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Posted on 11 April 2015

For all things related to Exit Music Festival and Sea Dance Festival

Exit Festival is an award winning 4 day music festival held in Novi Sad, Serbia every year at the Petrovaradin Fortress. Founded in 2000 by Dušan Kovačević, Bojan Bošković, Ivan Milivojev, as a student movement for fighting democracy and freedom in Serbia. It is home to 1,000 of different acts ranging from electronic, rock, hip hop, and everything in between.

Posted on 23 January 2015

Music festival in Europe suggestions?

Every summer I plan my vacations around a festival in Europe. Ive been to Pinkpop - The Netherlands, Rock Werchter - Belgium, Sziget - Hungary, Heineken Open'er, Poland, Positivus - Letland. Normally i've got my festival planned by now, but I really don't know where to go this year. Do you guys have some suggestions? I'm looking at Pohoda - Slovakia, Colors of Ostrava - Czech, but the flights dont match up. Unfortunately all festivals in Romania quitted last year (B'estfest and Peninsula). It needs to be in the end of july or beginning of august. I prefer great ambiance over big names. And i'm more a indierock person than a dance DJ guy. So Exit - Serbia and all the Croatian festivals arent my thing. Hope you guys can help me out!

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Posted on 13 January 2015

The lessons and extreme paranoia I've learned from following "watchpeopledie" for some time now...

1- I ALWAYS jump in and out of elevators. As soon as it stops, look around, it it staying there? Time to jump. No such thing as walking in or out. DOUBLE check if the elevator is there or not.

2- NEVER be close to a construction or a demolition site. A mile away? Still too close. Stay as far away as possible.

3- NEVER cross the street/train-tracks without looking BOTH ways.

4- NEVER wear headphones and play them at maximum volume ESPECIALLY when you're crossing the street or train-tracks.

5- ALWAYS wear the seat-belt when driving. ALWAYS.

6- Attending a concert/party/event/festival with fire-works? Stay as close to the emergency exit as possible. That means no bathroom for the entire event. You stay as near as possible to the emergency exit, no exceptions.

Life's too short fellas to waste it making any of the dumb-ass mistakes we see so commonly here. Feel free to add your own rules here.

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Posted on 6 January 2015

Wacken Open Air First Timer

Hello everyone, I will be attending W.O.A in 2014 for the very first time. I am coming from the United States. A couple of questions, What should i take with me (as far as the festival is concerned), and also, are we allowed to enter,and exit to and from the festival for those three days?? Thanks so much for the help.

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Posted on 10 November 2013

Stuck with around 42,000 dinars left over from Exit festival. Help!

So I realise this sound completely dodgy but I can assure you its legit. The money was left over after me and a van full of friends went to Exit festival last year and didn't realise it was a closed currency until we arrived in Croatia.

Its just sitting here in my house taunting me. I would be happy to sell it for a reduced rate through somewhere safe, like ebay for instance.

I know this is a long shot but thought I'd give it a go. Any help would be massively appreciated.

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Posted on 12 April 2013

Christian Street Preacher put a curse on me in order to prove God's existence. Two weeks left.

One week ago, I was attending a large music festival that took place Friday through Sunday 11 AM to around 11 PM. On each of the nights, a group of Evangelical Christians (I'd guess around 15-20) would stand around the only exit of this festival and talk with people, hand out pamphlets, etc.

I had no intention to get into it with any of them, so I always just walked on by. However, on Saturday night my sandal re-broke (I broke it earlier that day watching a band) just outside the festival exit. As I was fixing it, a young man wearing a white shirt, tie, and a sandwich board sign approached me. I can't remember what the sandwich board sign said, but I believe it was to the tune of "Be saved or burn for eternity" or something like that.

He approached:

Street Preacher: Do you like sin?

Me (baffled by this question): What?

SP: Do you like sin?

Me: Could you elaborate? Like, do I like that sin is a thing? Or do I like doing sin?

SP: Do you like doing sin?

Me: I still need more information. Do I like doing all sin? Some sins? I mean, I don't like murdering people or anything.

SP: Well, sure. But do you ever lust after a woman that is not your wife?

Me: Well, I'm not married.

SP: OK. So do you lust after any women?

Me: Of course. I did a good deal of that today.

SP: And did you like it?

Me: Yes I did.

SP: OK, so that's a sin. And the Bible says that you're going to Hell unless you've accepted Jesus Christ into your heart.

Me (Deciding that this wasn't going to go anywhere and just ready to get back to my hotel): Alright, look. I don't want to waste any of your time tonight. I'm a staunch atheist and I've been that way for eight years. I have fully committed myself to the idea that there are no spiritual entities enforcing their will onto this world.

We then discussed the consistency/inconsistency of the Bible, a bit about prophecies, fossil records, and a bit about the simultaneous falsehood of Islam yet truthfulness of Christianity.

Eventually, the SP puts forward a challenge:

SP: Would you like me to prove it?

Me: Prove what?

SP: Prove that God is real.

Me: Yes. I would very much like that please.

SP: Alright. I have a good friend named Ryan. Ryan prays a lot and prays for me pretty frequently. What's your name?

It was at this point that I was assuming that what would come next would be something like, "I'm going to pray that something very good happens to you in the next month. And when it does, you'll know that it was through God that this good thing has happened!"

Me: [I say my name].

SP: Alight, I'm going to pray for you and I'm going to ask Ryan to pray for you.. I'm going to pray that you become ill. Miserably ill.

Me (I can only imagine the look on my face at this point): Uhh.. haha what?!

SP: Yes. I'm going to pray that you become miserably ill. Let's put a time limit on it. How about three weeks?

Me: Three weeks? Miserably ill like what? Like staying-in-bed-home-from-work-ill?

SP: Yes.

Me: Uhhh.. OK. You've got a deal. Three weeks it is.

At this point I couldn't control myself and I was chuckling quite a bit.

SP: I mean, I don't want to have something bad happen to you. Are you sure there's not anything else you'd like me to pray to God for you for?

Me (baffled and unable to think of anything): Uhh, no the illness sounds good to me.

SP: Alright then. Do you have a pen? I'm going to give you my phone number. I want you to call me in three weeks.

I get SP's phone number.

Me: Alright man. Have a good night.

That is about it. We made a little small talk at the end about digging out fence post holes and then I went on my way. He seemed like he'd be pretty decent guy when he doesn't have a big sandwich board sign strapped on.

The three week period ends on October 13th.

My friend (who's usually only sees a gag in a situation) suggested that in three weeks I call him and say, "Hey, remember me from the festival? Well, you were right. I got sick and I died and I'm in Hell. I believe in God now; what's my next move to get out of here?"

Should I just call him at the end of the period and tell him that I am perfectly OK?

tl;dr: Christian street preacher said he'd pray I get ill in the next three weeks to prove God's existence. Two weeks remain.

10/07 edit: one week left. Still feeling good.

10/14 edit: time's up! It was a pretty normal set of three weeks.

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Posted on 30 September 2012