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Is this Apple’s secret weapon that could force Android users to buy an iPhone?

There are many reasons why Android users switch to iPhone, and vice-versa, but Apple may have a secret (or not-so-secret) weapon that could pressure some Android fans to considering a move to the other side. No, it’s not Apple Pay, an exclusive iPhone 6 feature that’s heavily marketed by various banks in the U.S., further helping Apple market its 2014 iPhones. It’s actually a stock iOS app that ...

Get ready, Apple fans: Benchmarks leak for iPhone 6 running iOS 9

There are two times of the year that are the most exciting for enthusiastic Apple fans. The first comes in June, when Apple uses its annual Worldwide Developers Conference each year to debut a brand new version of its iOS platform. The second, of course, is in the late summer or early fall, when Apple releases iOS alongside at least one new iPhone model — though moving forward, we’re likely ...

Apple Releases iOS 8.1.3, It Fixes Several Bugs

Apple has officially released iOS 8.1.3. The update can be downloaded by going to Settings > General > Software Update. You can also download and install the update through iTunes by plugging in your iPhone to your Mac or PC. The iOS 8.1.3 update contains bug fixes, stability enhancements and [...]

iOS 9 is already being tested on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

A recent report claimed that Apple is already testing iOS 9, the next-gen mobile operating system that’s supposed to be unveiled this summer and launch later in fall. Now, mobile app marketing platform Fiksu has confirmed that Apple is indeed testing the iOS on a variety of mobile devices including the brand new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. FROM EARLIER: Apple might already be testing its next ...

IOS 6's Facebook Wall

IOS 6's Facebook Wall


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¿Tienes problemas con la wifi en iOS 6? Aquí tienes una posible solución

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[PSA/HOW-TO] Successfully TETHER downgrade iPhone 4 from iOS 7 to iOS 6/5/4 WITHOUT SHSH. *GeekGrade method* WINDOWS ONLY

The wait is finally over guys! Downgrade all limera1n devices (from the iPhone 4 down) without the need for SHSH.

I myself have used this method and sucessfully downgraded my 32GB iPhone 4 on iOS 7.1.1 to iOS 6.1.3 without the SHSH! I will post pictures for you guys to see :)

Before attempting this, you guys will need everything on this list:

-A windows computer running any version of iTunes

-iReb (download)

-iTunes patched (32-bit) (64 bit)

-The IPSW_geekgrade custom firmware to which you want to return to. (download)

-Redsn0w (download)

-The original firmware that you want to go back (people going to iOS 4 won't need this)

Now for the guide, what I USED was a written instruction which can be found here

If you guys prefer to watch a how-to video, you may want to watch this


  • Cydia will be preinstalled! :D

  • This is a TETHERED downgrade. Meaning if you need to to restart the device or reboot, you will need to use redsnow.

  • If you're going to downgrade to iOS 6, you need the 6.0 IPSW for the 'original frimware you want to go back to' (it doesn't matter what version of the modified GreekGrade IPSW you have, but you need the original 6.0 IPSW regardless of what iOS 6 version you're downgrading to.

  • For the ones going to iOS 5, It will serve the IPSW for the version specification: EX. If you want to go back to iOS 5.1.1, you will need to also download the official firmware 5.1.1, if 5.0.1, you need the original 5.0.1 and so on. (Please note this is ONLY for iOS 5. For 6, again, you JUST need the original 6.0 IPSW)

  • For the ones who want tot go back to iOS 4, you JUST need the custom GeekGrade firmware.

If you guys have any questions, please feel free to ask me! I will do my best to reply to all of you :)

And now, here are pictures of my iPhone 4 during the downgrade process

EDIT: I want to add this to inform you guys that the device LOCKS like normal, nothing will happen. The phone will work exactly like how it's supposed to. The only issue that it's a tether downgrade, if the phone dies or you shut it off, you need to tether boot it through the computer.


submitted by ali0044 to jailbreak
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Posted on 24 April 2014

For those of you who had iOS 6 Jailbroken, and upgraded to iOS 7...Do you really miss anything? I had 60+ tweaks, and only miss maybe 2 or 3 - Curious on others' opinions

I jailbroke my iPhone 5 within a few days of evati0n release. After about 2 months I had upwards of 60 tweaks. I was really happy with it -- it made iOS 6 SO much better.

Then... I dropped my phone in the ocean... It hit some rocks, broke the screen, then sunk to the bottom. I retrieved it, and fortunately I was dumb enough to buy the AppleCare+... So I got a new phone, but it was already on 6.1.4. LOST MY JAILBREAK!

So I went about a month with the stock iOS 6... I kinda thought I'd get used to it, but I was surprised how much I missed all of the tweaks.

Then I updated to iOS 7...Now I hardly miss my jailbroken iOS 6.

Not only does iOS 7 have a lot of the features I loved*, it also had some features that I couldn't find in Cydia.

For instance, I loved Zephyr and NCSettings, but iOS 7 integrated those seamlessly, PLUS I can finally swipe "right and left" to go "back and forward" in Safari. (I tried 3 or 4 tweaks to do so, and they were all buggy)

The only things I do miss, are Activator (loved being able to control my music with the (+) (-) buttons when the screen was off), the ability to swipe left/right to change tracks in the music player (forgot the name of the tweak), SwipeSelection, and adblock.

*I do credit the jailbreak community for a lot of the improvements made in iOS 7


Edit: Another thing I don't miss -- Although it didn't happen too often, I don't miss my iPhone randomly freezing/restarting, and having to tediously figure out which tweak/combination of tweaks caused it.


So, that's my spiel. Interested if others had similar/opposite reactions.

submitted by jimineyprickit to jailbreak
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Posted on 7 October 2013

Here's a tip for those who can't decide if they should stay on iOS 6 jailbroken or upgrade to iOS 7

I am not sure how many people I will help out with this post, but I am going to try and help out anyone who is stuck in the "upgrade or stay" predicament.

I cannot decide if I should upgrade to iOS 7 or stay on iOS 6 jailbroken so here is what I did: I made a list of all the tweaks that I jailbreak for. I then removed them UNLESS they will be on iOS 7. For example, I left NCSettings installed because I will have Control Center on iOS 7. I removed Activator because I will not have it on iOS 7. I made my phone as similar to iOS 7 as possible. iOS 7 will be released in three days. I'm seeing if I can live without those tweaks I removed. If I can, I will upgrade. If not, I am staying. I am just trying to help some people out because we don't know how long we have before an iOS 7 jailbreak, and no one wants to make the wrong decision.

Update: After doing this for almost 24 hours, I am surprised by my results. I can go without everything I thought I couldn't. Everything but f.lux. Why is f.lux not available on the App Store anyway? It's not a huge change to iOS is it?

submitted by galaxxxiz to jailbreak
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Posted on 15 September 2013

A few lesser known settings that may improve your battery life (iOS 6)

These are some settings that I have found to have helped with my battery life on my iPhone 4S running iOS 6.1.2. These settings may not necessarily be for everyone but, hopefully, they can be of help to others with similar battery issues that the standard battery drain guides cannot resolve.

Disable unnecessary Notification Centre (NC) widgets.

  • How: Settings -> Notifications -> Edit: drag unnecessary widgets out of the 'In Notification Centre' list and into the 'Not In Notification Centre' list.

  • Why: Widgets such as Calendar and Mail will frequently pull information to keep 'updated'. The fewer widgets you have, the better.

  • Why Not: You are in need of constant updates from all these applications (apps).

Disable 'Emergency Alerts'.

  • How: Settings -> Notifications: toggle 'Emergency Alerts' to OFF.

  • Why: Essentially a form of push notification that has a constantly open IP connection.

  • Why Not: You require or would like to have these notifications from your service provider.

Disable Siri's 'Raise to Speak'.

  • How: Settings -> General -> Siri: toggle 'Raise to Speak' to OFF.

  • Why: The raise to speak function utilizes the infrared proximity sensor to constantly check how close a surface is to the face of the phone, as well as the iPhone's accelerometers.

  • Why Not: You are a frequent user of Siri and its 'Raise to Speak' feature.

Disable Mobile Data/Cellular for iTunes, FaceTime, Passbook Updates, and Reading List.

  • How: Settings -> General -> Mobile Data (or 'Cellular'): under 'Use Mobile Data for:' list, toggle 'iTunes', 'FaceTime', 'Passbook Updates', and 'Reading List' to OFF.

  • Why: Your mobile data will be used for these apps or features and whenever they update in the background.

  • Why Not: You require these apps to have mobile data access (as opposed to wifi).

Disable automatic time zone setting.

  • How: Settings -> General -> Date & Time: toggle 'Set Automatically' to OFF.

  • Why: Location services will be used to check your position on a regular basis in order to adjust the time according to the time zone you are in.

  • Why Not: You frequently change time zones or require this feature.

Disable unnecessary System Services that require Location Services.

  • How: Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services -> System Services (Note: System services can only be accessed when Location Services is toggled ON): toggle any of these system services that you do not require to OFF (personally, I have left only Compass Calibration on).

  • Why: These system services are not essential to the phone's basic functions but utilize Location Services which can be a strong battery drain.

  • Why Not: You require or utilize these system services.

Disable Diagnostics & Usage reporting.

  • How: Settings -> General -> About -> Diagnostics & Usage: select 'Don't Send'.

  • Why: Whenever a crash or error report is generated, the log is automatically sent to Apple in order to help address the issue in future iOS updates, using mobile data and Location Services.

  • Why Not: You wish to help Apple address crashes or instabilities in iOS.

submitted by phuzybuny to iphone
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Posted on 1 March 2013

Compilation of free, minimal UI tweaks and apps for new jailbreakers (iOS 6.1) with video demos

I jailbroke my phone recently and spent a good amount of time researching free, minimal UI tweaks/apps. I've seen other compilation lists here, but none of them focused on the budget-minded, chaotic-good jailbreaker. So, here is my list for all the other newly jailbroken users out there who are frugal and don't want to pirate. There's gotta be at least a couple of you guys out there. Video links for your convenience.

  • StatusTab - allows you to pull down the status bar in full screen apps
  • NCTabClock - similar to StatusTab except shows only the clock
  • SwipeBack - brings swipe gesture navigation to iOS (similar to Alien Blue UI, for example)
  • SwipeSelection - keyboard modification to change the way selection and cursor movement are done (hard to describe, watch the video)
  • SwipeShiftCaret - simplier than SwipeSelection, good for non-English keyboards
  • Activator - create your own UI shortcuts with gestures, button presses, swipes, etc.
  • LastApp - use Activator to create shortcuts to your last app (I use double-tap on status bar)
  • NowNow - short press home to access Google voice search (needs Google search app installed)
  • DietBulletin - shrinks notification banners to the size of the status bar
  • LowPowerBanner - changes the lower power alert to a banner (so it doesn't take focus from app). Doesn't seem to play nice with DietBulletin at the moment.
  • BrightVol - change brightness with volume buttons, but only after pressing both of them simultaneously (press again to revert back to volume)
  • SwipeAway - close all apps in app switcher by swiping up; or close inidividual apps by swiping down
  • Better Switcher Position - switches music icon and lock orientation icon positions on app switcher (good for lefties)
  • f.lux - save your eyes at night, definitely worth installing
  • NCsettings - like SBSettings toggles, integrated in the notification center. Much more minimal looking.
  • Lorem - swipe notifications in notification center to dismiss them
  • QuickClear - single tap to clear notifications, a more subtle tweak than Lorem
  • BrowserChanger - change your default browser to Google Chrome, for example
  • MapsOpener - makes Google Maps the default maps app (doesn't work in Yelp unfortunately)
  • Bytafont - changes your default font (Geo Sans Light and Droid Sans are popular on /r/jailbreak)
  • Delete Word - do you use ctrl+backspace a lot? This brings shift+backspace similar functionality. I do notice a bit of lag with this one unfortunately.
  • DismissMyKeyboard - does your keyboard ever get in your way? Dismiss it by swiping right on the space button
  • Five Icon Dock - add a fifth icon to your dock
  • AutoProtect - poor man's CleverPin: won't ask for passcode at lockscreen when on home wifi
  • Wallpaper+ - did that subtle black gradient/shadow on your wallpaper ever bother you? This tweak gets rid of it and makes your wallpaper appear true to color.
  • AlbumArt on AppSwitcher - replaces the Music icon on the appswitcher with the now playing album art
  • NowListening - whenever a new song comes on, the track info will display via a notification banner

These DO NOT work with iOS 6.1 right now, but keep an eye out for them in the future:

  • WeatherIcon - add weather to your status bar and then some
  • AppSlide - makes your home button act more like a back button
  • Ipsum - double-swipe nofications in lock screen to dismiss them (swipe right then back left)

I hope some of you find this useful. I'd love to hear about other free and minimal tweaks people have found.

EDIT: Added NCTabClock, Five Icon Dock, AutoProtect, QuickClear, AlbumArt on AppSwitcher, NowListening, and Wallpaper+.

submitted by danthedude to jailbreak
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Posted on 10 February 2013

Neat little detail in iOS 6.1 that I haven't seen anyone mention yet.

When iOS 6 was released, a lot of people commented on how the knob for the volume controls 'shimmers'. iOS 6 uses the iPhone's accelerometer to detect when you're tilting the phone, and it quickly replaces the image of the knob to make it looking like the knob is shimmering like how a real metal knob does.

Well, I just noticed something brand new like that in iOS 6.1. If you look at the lock screen music controls, there is a glowing line between the controls and the volume slider. At first, I thought the glow was off-center and that this was a error on Apple's part. But now, I've realized that the glow actually shifts left and right based on how you tilt the phone.

Try it out. When your phone is locked, double click the home button to bring up the lock screen controls. Then, while looking at that glowing line, tilt your iPhone into landscape mode and then back into portrait mode.

Image 1

Image 2

Neat. Obviously this is an extremely minor detail, but I haven't seen anyone mention it yet. It's comforting to know that Apple still cares about such tiny details that the vast majority of people will never even notice.

submitted by heyyoudvd to apple
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Posted on 29 January 2013

Get an alert when the iOS 6 jailbreak comes out!

Edit 1/27/2012: Since planetbeing, pod2g, pimskeks, and Musclenerd have formed a new team called Evad3rs, there's no guarantee the new jailbreak tool will be posted to the Dev Team blog. The best thing you can do is to follow the four of them and their new twitter @evad3rs.

This post by /u/bottledLighting prompted me to think if there was a way to get an instant alert when the iOS 6 jailbreak is out. And there is!

Just head over to IFTTT and make an account. Link your email and phone number (if you have texting). After you're ready to go, use this recipe I just made. It'll send you an email when the Dev Team posts a new article to their blog. Alternatively, you can use this recipe which will send you a text.

This is more for people (which I believe is most) who have lives (I don't) and don't have all the time in the world to constantly browse /r/jailbreak, and jailbreak related sites. It's also for people who would just love to have something like this.

If you're not already using IFTTT, why aren't you? Seriously. It's awesome.

This post will also be linked to in the sidebar, for your future viewing pleasure.

Shamless plugging once again, but for our Alien Blue subscribers, here's how to view subreddit sidebars in the app.

Edit: Words.

submitted by hizinfiz to jailbreak
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Posted on 1 December 2012

Awesome iOS 6 feature you probably hadn't noticed.

This is for people who use different keyboard layouts/languages on their phone. I'm French and I used to switch between French AZERTY and English QWERTY all_the_time depending on which language I wanted to use, which meant that texting two different people speaking two different languages at the same time was an absolute pain in the ass.

BUT THOSE DAYS ARE OVER. Yes, because iOS 6 remembers which layout you use for which contact or even which application. It knows to stay in QWERTY for Alien Blue and my English-speaking classmates, but also to revert back to AZERTY when I'm texting my dad.

APPLE EVERYONE. inb4 "android's had this for ages"

submitted by obvious_karma_whore to apple
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Posted on 8 October 2012

Why you should keep 5.1.1 instead of iOS 6.

Hi everyone!

As a lot of iDevice users, I'm thinking about upgrading my iPhone to iOS 6. But I'm also thinking about a big part of my iPhone : the jailbreak.

Actually, I think a non-jailbroken iPhone/iPad is useless. Because you can't really enjoy those kind of devices with such restrictions (Thanks, Apple <3).

But I did it anyway. I'm currently running a jailbroken iOS 6. Yeah. Cool. What now?

Tethered jailbreak (means I have to start my iPhone from a computer), had to install Cydia via SSH (and didn't worked several times. Took me 1hour to success, instead of 5mn with a finished jailbreak), and, most of all : ALMOST NO TWEAKS COMPATIBLE.

Actually, I run my iPhone with Zephyr, Winterboard, Activator, ManualCorrectPro, and an early BiteSMS beta (7.0b1). Almost all the tweaks says "Not compatible with iOS 6", or install, but doesn't work (IntelliScreenX is doing that). Themes are not doing fine too. Loop respring, or it stays in Exit Safe Mode.

So, if you don't want to be in this kind of troubles, please trust me: Be patient, and wait for a real jailbreak, with compatible tweaks.

Hope it makes you think 'bout that.

submitted by Ekitchi to jailbreak
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Posted on 27 September 2012

AMA Request: iOS6 Maps developer

Whose idea was it to ditch Google Maps? How much time/planning went iOS6 Maps? How quickly are reported problems being fixed? What mapping systems was it based on, or was it an attempt from scratch? Were you surprised by all the negative feedback?

submitted by thlayli_x to IAmA
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Posted on 24 September 2012

Cool new "hidden" iOS 6 feature.

I've seen here and there a lot threads about issues with app switching and double home click action in iOS.

I discovered this feature accidentally, since I haven't seen any blog or thread here talking about it.

Here it is : Go to settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Home click speed, and choose "slow". WOW ! THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING !

Ever since I've made the switch, no more accidentally ending on the home screen when alternating between apps, ! Reaching the lock rotation button no longer takes me 3 tries...

Well for my iPhone 4, this might be one of the best iOS 6 features.

submitted by zrll to apple
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Posted on 22 September 2012

I don't think Google Maps got enough credit until now...iOS 6 Maps is horrible.

Let me just say this. I have a Galaxy S2 running CM10 and the iPad (3rd gen) running iOS 6 since yesterday. Android phones are just better for me, so I have an android phone. The iPad is an unrivaled tablet, so I have an iPad (though i'm looking into getting a Nexus tablet because it works better with Google services that i use constantly).

I compared iOS 6 maps with Google Maps on my phone last night and the difference is night and day. There is no nicer way to say it other than to's horrible. A huge step back. I use Google Maps everyday and all the feature I use constantly is no where to be found in iOS 6 maps.

I keep hearing people say that Google is going to bring a Maps app to iOS, but those are all wishful thinking. They have never said anything like that. I've been seeing lots of ads for Google Maps with no sign of a iOS app. They said they would release a YouTube app which they did, but never said anything about a maps app.

I look at it both ways, there are 2 ways of doing this. Release an app because it makes good business sense, or don't release one, which forces people over to Android.

People are going to be pissed.

EDIT: WOW, I did not expect this to get so big!!

submitted by yomama84 to Android
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Posted on 20 September 2012

iOS 6: Huge UX Disappointment... (x/post from /r/ios)

I can't believe I'm saying this, but there are some horrible functionality downgrades in iOS6, to the point that I am concerned for the direction of Apple. I never was, until this morning when my install finished. The App Store search is useless now. If you're an app developer and your app isn't in the first 5-10 results, you will never be seen.

As you can see, search now displays ONE result at a time. Can you imagine Google showing one result at a time and having to switch through pages for more? This is absurd, if I swipe through 50 apps and decide I'm interested in that 3rd app I saw, I have to swipe back through 47 apps I've already looked at, one by one. They reduced information density to almost zero, the exact opposite of what they need to do with the app store. Presenting a list view is superior for many reasons, you can compare apps, prices and ratings at a glance, you can view 10x as many apps with a single swipe to load a new page of results, and more. They have also removed transit from maps, so if you rely on maps to get you home from the bars DO NOT UPDATE. When you select the icon for transit directions, it loads the app store with 3rd party transit apps. They have made iOS 6 significantly worse from a UX standpoint, I immediately regret upgrading. I love apple, and have never doubted their direction, until now.


Some people don't seem to understand why the new search is bad UX, and this picture sums it up nicely:

Even if you know EXACTLY what you are looking for, you would never want google to simply return one result per page. "But they added a screenshot of the website, now its better!" No it's not, it's much, much worse, more tedious, and overall less informative. Even if you know precisely what you're after, it's possible that other content is better, or otherwise appealing to your tastes. Think of any context of search, google, steam store, amazon, and have them return one single result per page...unacceptable.

submitted by chewp911 to apple
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Posted on 19 September 2012

Latest iOS 6 beta adds 'Wi-Fi Plus Cellular' option to keep data flowing around weak hotspots


This is something that has irritated me since my first iPhone, as it hits me almost every single day. I usually remember that I want to listen to the Audible highlights from the New York Times just as I'm leaving my house. While this is fully streamable from where I live over 3g, when I'm in my car, the wifi at my house is still in range at 1 bar, preventing anything from happening until I drive away / turn off wifi.

I encounter a similar problem when I leave work and attempt to use Siri to make a call. I'm outside my work building, but still baaaaaaaarely connected to the work WiFi, which means Siri pinwheels for about 30 seconds.

I'm crossing my fingers that this will solve my damn problems.

submitted by sausagemancer to apple
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Posted on 9 August 2012

YouTube app disappears from iOS 6 beta 4.

EDIT: Verge reports: Apple: YouTube app will not be included in iOS 6, Google working on standalone version

Apple's entire statement is below.

Our license to include the YouTube app in iOS has ended, customers can use YouTube in the Safari browser and Google is working on a new YouTube app to be on the App Store.

More Update:

Engadget has also heard from Apple and learned that while iOS 6 devices will lose the stock YouTube app, iOS 5 devices will not. It seems that either Google's licensing agreement permits it to stay on the older OS, Apple didn't want to go to the trouble to push out a point update that takes away a feature, or some combination of both.

UPDATE 2: from Engadget

A YouTube spokesperson has provided us with the following quote: "We are working with Apple to ensure we have the best possible YouTube experience for iOS users." Not much to go on, really, but reassuring that the company's actively forging ahead with a new effort. Something tells us it'll take every opportunity to trumpet the awesomeness of its standalone app after being quietly pushed / left out of the latest iOS 6 beta.

Also, the ability to upload video to YouTube from iOS 6 beta 4 is still present.

submitted by nmpraveen to iphone
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Posted on 6 August 2012

Those with iOS 6 Beta: Any update on the Maps quality?

There were a ton of immediate reports saying how inferior the apple maps option was.

Have you all felt any improvement has been made in that area since then?

I still have really low hopes from what i've seen.

Google nailed maps and set the standard REALLY high.


I found a link I was looking for. These links address how info is managed on Google maps and what makes it so great.

Once you view this, you can't "un-see" how revolutionary Google Maps is as a mapping service. If nothing else, Google is THE standard right now. I don't see how you can dispute this.

EDIT 2: Look at some of the complaints from other forums:

EDIT 3: Since the release of Beta 3 we've seen some improvement:

Video 1:

Video 2:

submitted by Negro_Napoleon to iphone
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Posted on 15 July 2012

Hidden Features of iOS 6 Beta

UPDATE: Some images for fellow redditors! Clicky!

I figured it would be nice to make a thread to share some hidden features or features that weren't really talked about iOS 6 Beta at WWDC. Some things I noticed:

  • Downloading an app no longer pushes you back to the home screen.
  • An app that has been updated will get a blue ribbon overlaid in the corner that says "New" (similar to a newsstand app).
  • In the app store if an app is already installed the button will say "Open" instead of "Installed" and pressing it will open the app on your phone.
  • In iMessage you will be able to link your email address to a phone number.
  • Music app has been changed to look more like the iPad Music app.
  • iTunes/App Store apps have been changed.
  • The status bar now is a light semi transparent color and the color changes based off of whatever color the navigation bar color of the app you are using is.
  • iPad gets a really nice default clock app.
  • You can choose to show an iMessage alert from everyone or just numbers/emails you have in your
  • Bluetooth on/off toggle now directly at the top of the next to Wifi toggle


  • now uses a Photo Stream tab to access your photo stream instead of doing it as an album.
  • Share buttons now use a grid like way to select where you want to share (iMessage, email, twitter, facebook, etc) instead of popping up as a list.
  • In the iPad Clock app the temperature of a city shows up in the World Clocks view in addition to the time in that city.

Edit #2:

  • keypad is now a light colored theme instead of dark.
  • now has a dark bottom bar, along with a black shutter button.

Edit #3:

  • When Do Not Disturb is active a moon icon will appear next to the clock. You can also set a time to turn on/off the DND feature automatically and can allow/block repeated calls within 3 minutes to go through.

Edit #4:

  • A lot more emoji icons!
  • iPad has a thicker gray bar between the "categories" of the settings on the left scrolling table.

Edit #5:

  • has a slightly different font (less bold) and the blue background kind of has a glow/gradient.

Edit #6:

  • With the new zooming out all the way will show a 3D Earth instead of a 2D map. (only for Satellite/Hybrid view)

Edit #7:

  • In you can pick a song in your to be used as an alarm.

Edit #8:

  • Don't recall if this was mentioned but in you can set a different signature for each mail account now.

Edit #9:

  • Lost mode of Find my iPhone: When this is enabled the default wallpaper changes to a lock icon and a phone number can be input that will be displayed in addition to a message. A user can tap a button and if the device is an iPhone it will call the phone number you chose. In addition you will be able to see a location trail of the device if it changing location.
  • Find my iPhone now shows the battery state of a device (how full the battery is and whether it is plugged in or not).

Edit #10:

  • You can now adjust the speed required to activate Double and Triple-click Home from Default, Slow, and Slowest settings.

Edit #11:

  • When selecting a location for location based reminders you are no longer limited to locations in your address book. You can type a location manually.
  • You can have the phone notify a contact through a push notification automatically when you arrive or leave at a certain location. You no longer have to set up a reminder and then manually message them. I believe the caveat is that the other user has to have installed on their phone as it goes as a push notification through that app.

Edit #12:

  • When a device is locked a lock icon no longer shows up in the status bar.

Edit #13:

  • Searching for an app in spotlight now also shows you the folder it is in.
  • Adding a new tab in will create it to the right of your current tab instead of all the way to the right.
  • allows attaching of photos/videos from within the application.
  • The shutdown spinner indicator has been updated to retina quality.

Edit #14:

  • If you started push by turn navigation and moved to a different app you will receive a local banner as a notification when its time to make a turn.

Edit #15:

  • Formatting (bold, italics, underline) is available for email signatures.

Edit #16: Credit to Corrie9

  • While listening to podcasts or audiobooks, the skip buttons on the lockscreen and multitasking bar will change to rewind 15sec/skip 15sec.

  • The current date will be shown in notification center (only if there are upcomming events).

  • Double tap on an date in the calendar will take you to the day view of that date

  • With auto-brightness enabled, the brightness slider now represents the current brightness, is live updating. The setting you manually choose is the lowest it will go.

  • In Setting -> General -> About, the Serial Number and Wi-Fi-Adress (and some other long values too) can be copied (tab and hold)

  • The European volume limit is currently disabled, can be turned on and off in the music settings (button not working). Music through headphones is much louder on european devices now.

  • New EQ Setting: Late Night Mode. Reduces loudness by aprox. 50% allowing finer volume controll, may or may not reduce bass.

  • Updating apps via the appstore does not require a password anymore

  • Installing already purchased apps work without password too

  • Remote Web Inspector through Desktop Safari

Edit #16:

  • When searching for a song in you can "Continue search in store."
  • For iTunes match users there is no longer a cloud button to download a song, instead tapping the song will start playing it and download it to your phone.

Edit #17:

  • now can use badges
  • You can now rearrange mailboxes in
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Posted on 11 June 2012

The iOS 6 announcement is killing me!

I will admit that I am a huge Apple fanboy. But, for my phone I chose Android. I do own an iPad, and 2 Macs, so I have my fair share of Apple branded devices in the house.

So, I am watching the liveblog of the iOS 6 announcement. And the other fanboys are killing me.

Apple finally introduces a maps application that is on-par with the Android one and everyone screaming like this is something revolutionary.

Then I see VIP. VIP is pretty much Priority Inbox. Had that for a while on Android.

Next they start touting how iMessage is awesome and how you can reply to an iMessage on your iPhone, iPad or Mac. And I see that and I say to myself that I've been doing that with Google Voice for over 2 years now, except I can do it on my PC, my Android phone, my Mac, my Linux laptop, my iPad and pretty much any other device I ever buy.

Then they show the new answer call screen where you can reply via text or send a reminder. Now I know that send a reminder is new, but I know I have run ROMs on my phone that had a reply via text option. Again not seeing anything new here.

I'm sure all these "new" features will be polished and made to be smooth as butter. One of things people say about Apple is that it doesn't get it first, but it does get it right. And I do agree with that.

I do like iOS a lot. I bought an iPad. But I really think Apple needs to go fix core OS components like Notification Center. It might be because I am an Android user, but I never check notification center, because there is no visible notification that there is anything in the notification center (isn't that statement quite ironic).

Ok, my rant is done. Thanks for hearing me out.

EDIT: Ok, if Apple had just come out and said, here are our new features, then I would be OK with it. What rubs me the wrong way is how they take digs at Android first, and then proceed to show you a bunch of features that the OS you just attacked has had for a while.

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Posted on 11 June 2012

Sanity Reminder: We should only expect iOS 6 and 10.8 at WWDC. Anything else is an unlikely surprise. No Apple TV Apps, or entire Mac line refresh, or new iPhone, is not grounds for disappointment.

The level of insanity before this WWDC is higher than I've ever seen before. People are seriously thinking Apple is going to show iOS 6, and 10.8, and AppleTV with apps, and an entire Mac line refresh, and a new iPhone form factor, etc. It is beyond unlikely that they'll do all of that. It is very unlikely they'll even just do most of that. We should expect iOS 6 and 10.8 details, that's it. Anything else would be a complete shock. We should be excited to see the next OSes we're going to get for our iPhones, iPods, iPads, and Macs. If we let ourselves be "disapointed" with the imaginary stuff they didn't show rather than the awesome stuff they do show then that's pretty sad.

TL;DR: Don't expect anything other than iOS 6 and 10.8. If that's "all" we get that's pretty kick ass.

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Posted on 8 June 2012