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5 Simple Rules for Mobile Etiquette to Make You a Considerate Traveler

It's clear we are well into the mobile era: At every stop sign, traffic light and street corner, people are on their phones and tablets, tapping and swiping away But we're still figuring out the rules for what is and isn't appropriate in this connected age. In a study released Wednesday, Expedia and Egencia surveyed travelers in North America, South America, Europe and Asia about their ...

Yuzu in NYC: Where to try it

When life gives you lemons, well, maybe ask for yuzu. Yuzu, a Japanese citrus fruit, has a rough yellow skin and almost looks like a miniature grapefruit. Its juice is tart like that of a lemon, but has a tangy undertone totally different from any other citrus variety.

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TeeHeeHam II - Vortex Joins the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Hello my lovable dumplings! This is a continuation of my previous story about TeeHeeHam. Several weeks had passed since I met TeeHeeHam and, while her table manners hadn't improved much at all, her flirting with CrossFit and I started to get a bit more obvious - to the point that even oblivious me had to admit something was up. This particular story is probably her first right-out attempt at getting with me.

For a quick reintroduction, might I suggest being:

VortexLine. 5'11" and ~140 lbs of awkward high school kid. (Seriously. The photos are pretty bad.) Sophomore at the time.

Puma. 5'5" and maybe 170 lbs of your garden variety high school goth, sans makeup. Generally good person, though she'd never admit it. Friend of Vortex and

CrossFit. 6'0" and ~150 lbs of muscles. Genuinely nice kid, passionately into his church (But fortunately not preachy). Friend of Vortex and Puma

But really, do not be

TeeHeeHam. 5'1" and ~250 lbs of industrial strength Ability Toucan repellent. Moved to the school Sophomore year. Bonded quickly with Puma.

A few weeks after the previous story, TeeHeeHam came to the lunch table and said that her birthday was coming up, and that she'd like Puma, CrossFit, and I to come. There would be cake, and we'd play various games, and perhaps even a pinata! CrossFit said he had a family obligation that day and couldn't make it, but Puma and myself agreed to come.

The day arrives, and Puma lets me know that something had come up and she couldn't make it - so I would be the only one of my friends going. There were supposed to be a number of others whom I didn't know, so at least I wouldn't be the only person there. Ah well - I'd go just to show up, and go home. It was too far to walk, and I hadn't gotten my license yet, so my mom drove me to the party. She dropped me off and said she'd be back in 2 or so hours.

I walked into the party and found myself in the middle of a herd of cows hams probably about 8 or 10 teenage girls. Normally, a 15 year old guy would relish the idea of being the only guy at a party, but each of the other partygoers was a mini-moon in their own right, though they did not approach the planetary size of TeeHeeHam. The party was already underway at the time I arrived - and TeeHeeHam's mother was about to bring the cake out.

The cake was one of those big grocery store sheet cakes - the type meant to feed probably 15 or 20 people and covered in a quarter inch of beetus frosting. The hams were all captivated by the sight of the pile of sugar-coated goodness being brought out before them. Songs were sung, candles were blown out, and the cake was served. Except, of course, that TeeHeeHam had to go first, and took a slice that of the cake that probably would have been enough for 5 people. The others each took large slices themselves, which meant that the last people in line didn't get any cake.

Ham 1 (H1): Aww. There's no more cake.

Ham 2 (H2): TeeHeeHam took a huge slice, so that's where most of it went.

H1: Hey, TeeHeeHam, is there any chance you could share?

THH: No! I'm the birthday girl so I get the biggest slice. Besides, I need to eat to keep my figure! I don't want to get too skinny. Guys don't like little stick girls, right Vortex? teehee

VL: *barf*

After all the cake was eaten, there started to be discussions about going to see a movie. My mom was due to pick me up in a short time, so I would need to call her and tell her I was staying later if I went to see the movie. I asked what movie we were going to go see, and was told it would be either some action flick or a comedy out at the time, so I stepped out to call my parents and tell them I wouldn't need to be picked up until later, and we were going to see a movie. When I came back inside, I announced that I would be able to stay for the movie.

THH: Oh good! We've decided to go see Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants! teehee


I wish I could say that I found a way to talk my way out of it - but no, I did not. I went to that movie, and I sat through it like a man while the teenage mutant hamplanets squee'd and giggled at the teenage heart throb on the screen. TeeHeeHam polished off a tub of popcorn and a movie-large cup of beetus juice, and then tried to get cuddly with me, which I rejected by shifting far enough in my seat that I have a scar in the shape of a cup holder on my left side. She didn't help her case by burping loudly as she tried to get my attention, which led to my right side being spattered with bits of chewed popcorn.

In hindsight, it's a miracle I didn't lose the cake I had eaten earlier.

At the end of the movie, I stepped into the bathroom and managed to make a call asking to be picked up from the diner down the road. I really didn't want to chance going back to TeeHeeHam's place and potentially being left alone with her. I made up a story about my family wanting to get dinner in the area, and we parted ways - not without TeeHeeHam attempting to kiss me, which turned into an awkward cheek-slurp as I dodged it.

Following the events of this story, I decided that there was no way I could say that TeeHeeHam wasn't flirting with me - so I made a point to tell her I wasn't interested in her. But this was only temporary. TeeHeeHam would have me, whether I knew it or not.

That's all for this tale. Thank you for reading! Coming up whenever grad school gives me free time soon (?) - TeeHeeHam tries to sabotage Vortex's budding relationship, and then makes a move on CrossFit!

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Posted on 20 September 2014

The best frituurs/friteries in Belgium: a list by r/Belgium

Introduction and a bit of history

The frituur or friterie is a phenomenon unique for Belgium (and the northern regions of France and the southern regions of The Netherland, but that's because they are close to the border). It's a place owned by a local where you can buy fries and other snacks. It's not owned by a chain. The local culture of frituur/friteries is one of the main reason why McDonald's isn't that popular in Belgium. Every village know has a churche, pub and frituur.

The tradition of frituurs is about as old as Belgium itself. The first one was in Antwerp according to some sources in 1842. Now there are about 5000 frituurs/friteries in Belgium, which is one for every 2500 Belgians.

your typical Belgian has one favourite Frituur/friterie to which he stays loyal. The owner knows his costumers like most pub owners know the regulars. When a Belgian moves, he encounters a great deal of stress when looking for a new frituur/friterie. Discussions about which place has the best fries are often very emotional, because it hits the very core of our national identity.

don't take this too serious.

How to order

The menu of a frituur/friterie is roughly the same, although differences occur. Some of them have local specialities like a homemade sauce like tartaar. Important to notice is that Belgians don't go to a frituur/friterie for culinary expeditions. Most of them order the very same thing every time. It's not a restaurant as well: don't expect a waiter that brings your order.

Step by step

  1. You enter the frituur and walk to the counter. Take a look at the menu above your head (the red thing). It's a list of what you can order here with the price next to it. If there's a line you should try and decide what you want whilst waiting in line. You pay after making your order. Sauce is not included in the price and should be ordered separately. Mayonaise and ketchup are popular, but for the more adventurous eater there are options as well.

  2. When you made your choice and the friturist is listening, you can tell him what you want in no particular order. He or she might ask extra questions, like Mag ter zout ip de frietjes or moet 't curry of tomaat zijn or ist om mee te pakken. Ask a local friend to translate if you don't understand their language. They often speak with a heavy accent. (Source: Come from West Flanders, tried to order fries in Leuven)

  3. Now you can take a seat. Often you can take your own drink out of the refrigerator. Some frituurs/friteries don't have a place to sit and are take-away only. If you're comfortable enough, you might do some small talk. They are often well aware of what's happening in the neighbourhood because everyone visits a frituur/friterie once in a while; rich or poor.

  4. When your order is ready, they might bring it to your table, but when it's busy, they might just shout some key elements of your order so you know yours is ready. Bicky met een cola light for instance. Get up to the counter and take your meal. Enjoy it.

  5. After your meal it's often expected to clean your table yourself.

To the essence of this post

I'm sorry for the long introduction, but let's go to the essential plan behind this post.

have you ever encountered the situation that you're in strange regions, that you are hungry for some fries but don't know which frituur/friterie? Here's your solution!

If everyone on /r/belgium lists up which frituur/friterie (s)he likes and what some local specialities are, we could build an extensive list. So that no one should ever have to deal with the stressful situation of what frituur/friterie to choose.

I shall make top level answers with every province and Brussels to keep this organized. Answer underneath in the right province. This is the best way to support your local frituur/friterie.

How to respond

  • Name of the village where it's located

  • name of the frituur/friterie

  • why is it good? What should we order there? Is the owner friendly? Additional information?

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Posted on 12 August 2014

How to Make Fast-Food Style Biscuits?

If possible, let us leave aside the endless debate about whether or not fast food is "good food" or even "real food" and just accept that sometimes, some people like it!

If you've ever had a McDonalds or Hardy's (/Carl's Jr.) biscuit during breakfast hours, or snacked on a buttery crispy side from Bojangles or Popeyes, you should know what I seek: a biscuit which is low and even, crispy/flaky/buttery at the very exterior portions, and thick, fluffy, and "melt-in-your-mouth" tender within.

It tears easily, squishes well, but nonetheless, that thin layer of crispy, yellow exterior provides just enough of a juxtaposition to take these things from "good" to "addictive."

Canned biscuits come out crunchy on the outside (different than crispy) and dense and unsatisfying within. Handmade biscuits come out bumpy or lumpy and lack the subtle crispness on the exterior, or, if you manage it, never quite have the clean division between that and the pillowy interior.

So, regardless of how unhealthy, unwieldy, or unwise it may be, how can I make a fast food biscuit at home?

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Posted on 25 April 2014

online store/eatery reviews

(Firstly apologies for any formatting issues - I'm typing on my phone)

Every so often I will review a food establishment on Urbanspoon, Foodspotting, even on Facebook. These reviews are both positive and negative depending on my experience. I try to be as objective as possible. If it is a poor experience I will try and highlight some positives.

Fast forward to today. I went to a cafe that won best new cafe for my city for 2013. I ordered my meal and was left underwhelmed. I proceeded to Facebook and Foodspotting it with both negative and positives that I experienced.

This evening while checking my Facebook feed I noticed the page of the cafe complaining about negative social media reviews posted 30mins ago. I'm always of the opinion that negatives and positives should be reported to ensure any future patrons can see all views. Much like what a restaurant critic does.

So TFTC, what is your stance on the use of social media to review businesses (especially when done in a balanced way). Should businesses become all precious about it? Or should they take it as constructive criticism and aim to improve?

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Posted on 8 October 2013

App and website/blog based on user generated content-- is this unrealistic?

I am in the process of starting my own blog/website. I am providing the initial content (photos of certain types of products, for illustrative purposes, let's say they are red hats) with my commentary, but in order for the site to grow (and for me to release a corresponding app) I will need users to submit content (photos of their red hats, which I would approve and provide commentary for), as it is impossible for me to create enough content to create an entire searchable, and helpful database.

I am starting with a blog, and for this, I do not need a huge database, I will describe the products as I go. I think people will be very interested in reading about these products and their descriptions because there really is nothing like out there-- it requires an editorial eye (only the best "red hats") so it's not something just anyone can do.

But, as I build my blog, is it unrealistic to think that I can get users interested in submitting their "red hat" photos, which is what the success of my future business depends on? I am actually very surprised that no current database exists and I know for certain there would be interest in the end result. I've read here that the first one in will just get copied etc. by later developers. So that concerns me-- but I'm not sure you could just start with a bare app and ask users to provide 100% of the content-- I am hoping my blog and start on the content will provide the necessary inspiration and participation.

But I want to take a step back and ask others more experienced with user generated content if this is a realistic plan? I think about apps like FoodSpotting-- they had to start from somewhere.

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Posted on 13 July 2013

Mountainous mountain climbers.

I am currently packing a bag to go climb Kili, and in doing so have been reminded of a FPS that I experienced, but did not recognise in my pre-Reddit state. I'll try keep it short and sweet, so as not to turn it into a fat people hate story.

Be me last year (18, at the time, 5"3 and mid-relapse skinny)

Be climbing a big mountain in Africa with a group of people I've never met before.

MFW I meet them at the airport and only two look able to climb mountains.

MFW the others look like mountains.

Try not to judge, maybe they're all really strong and good climbers with a bit of weight. It happens.

fly to Africa. fuckyeahgonnabethebestexperienceofmylife.gif

After flight, take 2 hour coach to village, then 40 minute walk uphill to gite.

MFW we have to stop 3 times for one girl, (5"8, 300lbs, S) in 40 minutes.

We're supposed to be climbing a 4,167m mountain.

Spoiler alert; She's not going to make it.

She bitches about the food non-stop. The food is incredible.

"I only eat chicken and chips"

We stumble up the hill; average day of walking takes 30% longer than it ought to.

S moans about knees. Z moans about heat. S2 moans about feet. N moans about not stopping enough.

Reach base camp, tomorrow we summit! FUCKYEAH.

Out of the 8 kids on the trip, 5 decided to stay at base camp rather than attempt the summit.

MFW you've paid to NOT summit the mountain.

Summit day, me, Tall Guy and Dopey wake up super early to climb


Without other members of the team, climbing is suddenly very speedy.

What ought to have been a 9 hour round trip took 5.

We made it.

We stumble back down the mountain and spend a day in Marrakech.

S spends entire day guzzling this Fanta, with about 8x the sugar of normal.

Tastes like orange scented beetus syrup.

Admits that she didn't read anything about the trip; had no idea it was a summit trek. Thought it was safari.

I have no face.

And now I'm going to go and climb a mountain with people who are actually prepared to do so! I cannot wait to come home to pages and pages of yummy blue beetus!

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Posted on 21 June 2013

Getting a nice thick breading on tofu, like catfish.

A favorite restaurant in the area has a "southern fried tofu" that is a vegan version. Think corn meal breaded catfish. I've found that I can do this with cajun seasoning, egg in milk, flour, and cornmeal (edit: a non vegan version, though I would be interested in a vegan one), however I can never get a good thick ultra crispy crust. It gets on there for sure, but it's very cube like, and it is crispy, but not as much as the restauraunt. Is this because I don't use a legit deep frier? How do I get it on the tofu better? Here is a picture for reference:

You are the best.

Edit: Thanks for all your comments. See sentence above.

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Posted on 9 June 2013

Writing an iOS beer app along the lines of Food Spotting. Would like some feedback from /r/beer

Hello folks!

Like the title says, I'd like to make a beer logging application along the lines of Foodspotting. Here're my thoughts on some of the features. Would love it if you guys could comment on what you'd like to see in the application:

  • Log beers, rate them, optionally tag them at a bar / restaurant.
  • (Undecided) Social integration via Facebook / Custom backend infrastructure. (Friends, make lists, view lists, find the highest rated beers in the app etc.)
  • I see quite a few apps integrated with brewery db that help you find local breweries etc. Maybe that could get rolled in as a feature?
  • Scan a bar code to get beer reviews before you buy?

Thanks in advance!

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Posted on 6 May 2013

Coming to Japan from the US. Never been out of the country, needing some suggestions/help.

Me and my Mom are heading to Tokyo/Kyoto/Osaka in January. We have a pretty hefty budget and we are only going to be there for about 10 days so Im hoping to be able to do alot. Like I said in the title, I've never even been out of the country, so Im trying to prepare for the culture shock, but Im really excited.

I know that we're going to watch the Sumo Tournament and really check out Tokyo for the first 4 days or so, then Kyoto for 2 days or so, then Osaka or back to Tokyo, but I dont know about our plans 100% yet.

We are HUGE food people. Street food, High end, and all in between. We dont get freaked out by much. I know we want to do AT LEAST 2 high end meals, and a TON of street food. We want to try local cuisine and drink. I'd love to get drunk at one of those Tiny little 8 person ally-way bars in Tokyo I always read about. Ive also seen a lot about places like this: Do they all serve chicken? is there better to be had than this place? Can we get in? I have some many question. My anxiety is running crazy!

Also, any info on Osaka would be great.

So any help would be awesome!

Im just getting more and more excited to go, Im ready to see what this big ass world has to offer!

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Posted on 11 October 2012

Launching a new restaurant discovery and review site. What do you think?

We just beta launched cualy.We've tried to combine elements of Pinterest, Yelp and Foodspotting into a site that focuses on interaction with the individual dishes offered at restaurants. People can search for, like, review, and add photos for dishes they've tried or want to try. You can also make lists like "Best of" or any other category you can think of by just clicking on an item and adding it to a list. Do you think you would use something like this? Any feedback, good or bad would be great. Thanks.

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Posted on 26 September 2012

Can we make a list of useful travel apps ? (iDevices & Android)

Many of us rely on our cellphones (or mp3 players) when travelling, as they can have very useful applications installed, with lots of informations displayed clearly and quickly, as most of them allow Internet access too while being, if not cheap, always light. Applications such as Offline Maps, MapDroyd, CouchSurfing, TripAdvisor, Currency converters are obvious choices, but while I have seen some people mention them, I haven't seen a thread on this subject yet. So /r/travel, what are some of your most useful app ?

Edit : Thank you all ! Here are the most common & useful apps used by the community (based on 17 comments, but still). They are all free, and some are ad-supported :


Android does have a huge advantage since version 2.5 (2012/08/10) since it can read and translate text through the cellphone camera and its pictures).


Trip Organizer


Currency Converter



  • Google Maps (Online, Wi-Fi or 3G connection required) | Android | iDevice (the 'Plans' application replaces Google Maps from iOS5)


City Guides (with Offline Maps)

  • WikiSherpa (Free) (Mash-up of Wikitravel, Wikipedia, and OpenStreetMap) | Android | iDevices


Find Gas Stations, ATM, Bars, Cafés, Hospitals, Movie Theaters & Supermarkets near you


Find Restaurants near you (US, UK, Canada and Australia only)


Find the best dishes, not just restaurants.


Flights, Hotels & Restaurants reservations


Flights & Hotels Reservations, Car Rent


Flights Reservations




Homestay Rent


Stay Connected!

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Posted on 14 August 2012

La Perrada De Chalo why did I wait so long?

I think it was fear, I was afraid of what a hot dog topped lettuce, tomato, pineapple, cheese, bologna, green sauce, pink sauce, kechup mayo and a generous sprinkling of crushed potato chips. might taste like.

I finally decided to try.

It was glorious. Surprisingly balanced, and the chips added a nice crunchy texture. It sounds totally over the top and it is, but in a good way. Worth trekking a few blocks over from Roosevelt to Northern Blvd.

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Posted on 25 March 2012

what are your favorite foodporn / recipe / foodie sites?

one of my addictions over the past year has definitely been browsing food and foodporny sites. what are your guys' favorites? my go-tos lately have been:

here are a few other food-porn type walls

you'll see me submitting my favorites to /r/Foodporn from time to time!

there are also a bunch of unbelievable blogs (too many to mention!) like, but i'll leave those for another day!

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Posted on 25 October 2011

Great keto food: chicharrones con carne

The corner store around from my office has super good chicharrones con carne. These are not like the typical chicharrones or pork rinds you find in bags in the snack aisle... they're chunks of fatty pork that have had most of the liquid hog fat fried out of them. They look more like pieces of roasted bacon or pork shoulder, skin-on, than the puffy type you usually see.

This is what they look like, not my photo but basically identical to what they have here locally.

Tough to find nutritional information, but I'm assuming they're about 50/50 protein/fat by weight. Might be hard to find outside of SoCal or the southwest, but something to try if you can find them or want to just fry up some skin-on pork.

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Posted on 26 July 2011

Help! I'm looking for application ideas for my university project


so here it goes. I need to think of some kind-of unique idea involving mobile platform (Android is my choice), GPS and maps (Google Maps) and create an application. I have only two months and even less working time so it can't be very complicated and, so, the hardest part - to think of an idea which wouldn't exist in mobile application form yet.

I was going to create sightseeing map, but done absolutely everything what I had in mind. Then I've thought of "food map", but there is already. Now I'm thinking about "public toilet map" (in my country there's serious problem with finding one) and while there are some competing applications ( being the strongest one) I could beat them with additional functionality.

Unless, someone will suggest something less "shitty" :) Or, if I go with toilet app you could think of any outstanding functionality for that application, so I could prove to my professors that it is better than the competition.

Thanks in advance!

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Posted on 13 April 2010