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You can see right through News Corp's transparency

Wapping's Mike Darcey has come under fire for his partial take on paywalls: but, in truth, every paper must find its own path Transparency is a wonderful thing – at least according to Mike Darcey, pictured, News Corp's designated Master of Wapping (soon moving to be Sheriff of the Nether Shard). He has helped construct some fantastically buoyant figures behind the great paywall, as ordained by ...

'Game of Thrones' Sets Piracy World Record, But Does HBO Care?

Due to the relative inaccessibility of HBO in most parts of the world, hidden behind a cable subscription paywall, then a separate subscription just for the channel itself, the channel sees piracy rates like no other. That's especially true for its most popular show, Game of Thrones, which is usually the most pirated program of the year, every year.

Boston Globe lowers its paywall to build on 'success' when it was up

The Boston Globe has lowered its paywall. It is introducing the metered model, which will allow readers 10 free stories in a 30-day period. After that, if they wish to access more, they must pay. The paper's editor, Brian McGrory, said that the paywall had proved "successful" by attracting nearly 60,000 digital-only subscribers but was not successful enough. "The universal belief is that we can ...

The Sun attracts 117,000 paying subscribers to its Sun+ digital service

News UK's tabloid erected a paywall in August and analysts reckon it needs at least 250,000 subscribers to break even The Sun has attracted 117,000 paying subscribers to its £2-a-week digital service Sun+ since erecting a paywall around its website on 1 August. News UK's tabloid, the UK's biggest selling paper, reached 100,000 digital subscribers in four months – it took stablemates the Times ...

Guardian CEO: The paywall 'horse has bolted' for us

Andrew Miller, chief executive of Guardian Media Group tells Digital Media Strategies the time has passed for the news outlet to launch a paywall, but indicated that 'membership' could be a way of 'adding value'        

The Hoopla set to charge for content with paywall

Women’s website The Hoopla has erected a paywall introducing a subscription model after three years of providing news and opinion for free. The website co-founded by editor-in-chief Wendy Harmer and publisher Jane Waterhouse will relaunch with a new look on April 14 and offer subscriptions priced at 99 cents for a day pass, with monthly […] The post The Hoopla set to charge for content with ...

OC Register to Debut Newer, "Freer" Paywall

In a desperate bid to stop their revenue free-fall, the Orange County Register announced today the debut of a new paywall to replace the one it erected about a year ago, the one that owners swor...

My Paywall #3: Google Drive Drops My Price, Raises Blood Pressure

NOTE: The Internet has radically changed our notion of value for content and services. So when we pay for access to a site, an app, or any other kind of digital service, there’s usually a good reason for it. This is a monthly series in which I will examine my reasons behind paying

Washington Post expands digital access to local papers

The Washington Post said Tuesday it would offer free digital access to its news offerings to subscribers of six newspapers in other parts of the United States. The move comes nearly a year after the Post began a "paywall" charging those without a print subscription who view its content online, and six months after Amazon founder Jeff Bezos bought the daily. "The Post has long been a source for ...


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If paywalls accepted bitcoin, I'd be more likely to pay them.

After reading about the Chicago-Sun Times, I decided to write to my local newspaper about the idea. Here's what I wrote.

To whom it may concern:

I've been a long time reader of the LA Times. I enjoy the articles, but often get turned off on the paywalls. Though I've found ways around them with basic functionality included on all common browsers, my desire to stick exclusively around the site for its content has waned.

The fee to become a member is nominal, but my willingness to provide credit card information isn't. I never really considered this a deterrent to my purchases online, but since I've made payment using Bitcoin elsewhere, I'm beginning to note this difference, and would be more liberal with my purchases when it comes to paywalls.

The Chicago Sun Times recently ran an experiment with micropayments with Bitcoin in partnership with the payment processor Coinbase, and I understand it to have been successful. With Coinbase, retailers have the option to convert Bitcoin immediately into fiat currency, deflecting any risk on their part.

Please look into this as an option to increase revenue and readership, a way to reduce transaction fees, and perhaps a way to create buzz around the paper.

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Posted on 17 February 2014

As people who appreciate and love Xbox, I think it's time we became more vocal as a community and finally said no to the XBL app paywall.

Since the first Xbox I have been a huge supporter of Microsoft and their gaming console. I've put hundreds of hours into single and multiplayer halo, into curating my Viva Piñata garden, in exploring outside of my emerged bathosphere, and I regret none of that time spent.

I adore my Xbox One equally. I wouldn't trade the reliability of Xbox live for anything. And while I love the tech behind the machine, I find it painfully archaic that it still prevents people from using free services, that are available virtually everywhere, unless they pay for an annual online subscription.

As a next gen machine, it needs to stop relying on old policies. It needs to evolve and by making people pay to use apps like netflix, they are just reminding people of tired and old practices that harken back to a day that we've all matured away from.

If the Xbox one is truly a console for everyone, then this is an obvious boundary that needs to come down.

Edit: Basically, Xbox live is a service worth paying for. But charging for access to other subscription services makes the platform look bad, especially considering that no other hardware on the planet does that.

Microsoft is creative. Create content and new features in place of holding these apps hostage behind a paywall to draw in paid users.

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Posted on 14 December 2013

Why Should Video Subscription Services be Behind a Paywall?

After Netflix, Hulu Plus, and various other subscription based services have remained behind the Xbox Live Gold paywall for such a long time, should that requirement be taken down with the launch of the Xbox One? It did make sense that Netflix was once behind a paywall solely for the fact that Microsoft was developing the Netflix app for the Xbox and it featured things such as Group Video Watching and such, but is there really any reason for it to still be as such?

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Posted on 1 August 2013

Side-stepping the SMH/Age paywall

Normally I wouldn't advocate for this sort of stuff, but Fairfax's subscription model is shitty (and expensive for what you get) and has left sub-holders like me without access past the wall.

Obviously in both Firefox and Chrome, you can just right click any articles and go 'Open in new Incognito Window' or 'Open in InPrivate Window' - but a much easier method is to just block all the SMH cookies from being set at all.

To do this in Chrome, click the favicon, and go to 'Show Cookies and Site Data'. Then just work through the cookies (any 'smh', 'age', or 'fairfax' ones) and click block.

Similarly in Firefox, click the favicon, click show more info, and then navigate to this screen where you can disable cookies from being set.

Now the SMH or Age will always work for you.

EDIT: I actually received two angry PMs about this so I will clarify. I have a paid subscription. Fairfax have decided my subscription tier (which last year was giving me home delivery) does not qualify as having 'paywall access'. That's my reason for evading the paywall, you are free to have your own.

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Posted on 13 July 2013

PerthNow introduces paywall, nothing of value lost

Looks like has just introduced a paywall to read their crappy content.

So now you have to pay to view their "stories", most of which are copied and pasted from one of the sources below:

  • Reddit
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Some affiliate American newspaper with stories that have nothing to do with Perth
  • Some other out of touch journalist that lives in Sydney and has never left NSW.

Good riddance off to Google News for me - with all of's sites excluded from the filter.

The sad thing is, lots of people will pay for this shit tier journalism. In the last 6 months I've only ever visited their site a couple of times a week when I was in need of a laugh. 1 less site I need to check now!

I guess I'll have to start going to /r/funny when I need some comedy.

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Posted on 24 June 2013

Anyone else think Microsoft should take things like Netflix and HBO out from behind the Live Gold Paywall?

Not everything obviously. But for apps that someone can get on a Roku or Apple TV or PS4 for that matter.

Make deals for exclusive content apps and keep them behind the paywall, but let's free up the popular ones that are on every connected device. Would give someone one less reason to avoid the One.

EDIT: I believe Microsoft's position on this is that they are more valuable on the Xbox due to kinect integration (motion & voice commands)

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Posted on 21 June 2013

Dear Reddit, We Changed Our Paywall Just for You

Redditors- really values the Reddit fantasy football community and so we changed the way our paywall works just to make it easier for you to read our articles without seeing a subscription message.

Our paywall was always meant to allow a free view per day to accommodate discussion forums like Reddit. But that didn't work in some cases because people would click to our site, then click back, and then try to click the site again after having used up their free view. We've changed the code on our site so that if you're clicking from Reddit, it should let you read the article you're clicking to even if you've already used a free view.

tldr: We like you guys and we changed the way our site works to make it easier for you to read it.

A great example of the kind of content we're trying to put out is this post on the Giants backfield and Tom Coughlin's historical use of running backs:

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Posted on 19 June 2013

[Rumor] New leaked information from MS conference


If you can't bother to decrypt his language I'll try to interpret it for you.

  1. Microsoft is buying out publishers to not mention the PS4 versions of multi-platform titles, so you can assume if the presenter does not say "EXCLUSIVE TO XBOX ONE", that it will also be on PS4.

  2. More in depth DRM info at Gamescom. There is no rental strategy, they're trying to just sweep it under the rug and hope people don't remember.

  3. Cloud power was designed as DRM. It was Microsoft's idea, and they approached other publishers. EA and Ubisoft support, Activision slightly less so.

  4. DRM plans are worse than what they have said.

  5. Mirror's Edge 2 at MS conference. not shown, wait for EA conference.

  6. Prince of Persia (reboot?) at MS conference. not shown, wait for Ubisoft conference.

  7. Secret Phil Spencer game = World of Tanks. It is said that you still need Gold to play F2P games?

  8. Paywall for Xbox One.

  9. Dead Rising 3 as Xbox One exclusive. Exclusive DLC for another Capcom game.

  10. No paywall for PS4, but it's unconfirmed.

  11. Sony is very tight on their DRM policies, so no DRM info.

athanku alLL doubtersn ivirals, youre bitter tearzr are my bidet'

my balls, my wordd

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Posted on 9 June 2013

Hank Hates Paywall and So Do I

Hank Green was recently quoted in the Wall Street Journal as saying he really doesn't like paywalls, the irony of course is that this article is behind a paywall so very few people will ever see it. Youtube is now rolling out paid subscription channels which means that paywalls are now going to be all over Youtube, which really sucks. Paywalls pretty much kill sharing and sharing is what the internets are all about.

There are many people like myself who want to be able to support creators we love in a way that is easy, magnifies awesome, while minimizing world suck, but also that still facilitates sharing. Flattr is a service designed to support creators on the web. I think that giving micro-donations through Flattr to Youtube creators I love may be one solution to this issue. If you share things on the web I would suggest giving Flattr a try it's free and you may get a lot more support than you might expect. Yea for creators, boo for paywalls! Your thoughts?

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Posted on 9 May 2013

I've met former North Korean soldiers, AMA

After seeing so many posts about North Korea following Kim Jong Un's barrage of threats, I thought I'd do another AMA in case there's any interest--my previous ones had a lukewarm reception to say the least. My background: I was a professor of literature in Seoul for three years, and I volunteered at an organization that supported North Korean defectors living in South Korea.

You can read about me here: (paywall) and here: (non-paywall).

While I don't know all the details about the North Korean military, their capabilities, or how real these current threats are, I do have some insight from what former soldiers told me and about Korean culture in general--both in the North and South.

Edit: Time for me to sign off--thanks for the questions; I hope I delivered!

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Posted on 4 April 2013

Portals behind paywall; access controlled by Ingress player

In a city near me, a dozen or so portals are located in a local privately-owned paid-access botanical garden. An Ingress player works at the facility, and is able to grant free access to his team, but access costs $12 for members of the opposition. Behind this paywall, his team has set up multiple L7+ portals - the only ones in the region - which our team cannot access without paying, but which his team can access for free.

Am I right that this kind of sucks? Perhaps more to the point, is this a violation of the portal guidelines? What course of action, if any, would you recommend?

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Posted on 17 February 2013

Missoulian, Billings Gazette, Helena IR & MT Standard now have a paywall: Here's how to easily disable it.

*Article at NewsAndTech: *

I'm an employee of Lee who has made arguments against the "paywall" from the very beginning. My reasons include...

  • Our sites are already unattractive enough as it is, and offer little value to existing print-edition customers.

  • We sell local advertising on the basis of exposure (e.g. "Your add will receive 30,000 views a month in our 'Sports' section!") and the numbers of our most-viewed sections will now tank as a result of requiring people to pay after 15 articles. In turn, my department's revenue will also drop substantially.

  • Rather than taking suggestions from the people who actually work with the websites, it was simply decided that this is what we're doing, and it's non-negotiable.

The company who sold this to Lee, PressPlus (a subsidary of RR Donnelley) essentially sold us a bottle of snake oil, because the system relies entirely on JavaScript, which if blocked, disables the "paywall" entirely.

Disabling the Lee paywall in Google Chrome (All MT Sites):

  • Click the wrench icon in the upper-right corner, and chose 'Options'

  • Click 'Under the Hood' on the left, then click the 'Content Settings' button

  • On the 'JavaScript' section, you can leave the "Allow all sites to run JavaScript" selection, then click the 'Manage Exceptions' button

  • Add the following two entries to the "Pattern" field, with 'Block' in the dropdown box:



  • Close the 'Options' tab - You're done! No more paywall at any of the Montana Lee newspaper sites.

Disabling the Lee paywall in Firefox (All MT Sites):

  • Install "BlockSite" from the Mozilla Add-ons website (Just click the green 'Add to Firefox' button, then allow the add-on to install.)

  • Restart Firefox when prompted

  • Click the 'Tools' menu, then choose 'Add-Ons' (or in Firefox version 4+, click the orange Firefox menu in the upper-left, then choose 'Add-ons')

  • Click 'Extensions', then click 'BlockSite' and then 'Options'.

  • On the "BlockSite Preferences" window, click the 'Add' button to add each of the following (without the initial "http://" value):



  • Click the 'OK' button at the bottom of the "BlockSite Preferences" window, quit Firefox entirely, and then open Firefox again.

  • You're done! No more paywall at any of the Montana Lee newspaper sites.

Disabling the Lee paywall in Internet Explorer (All MT Sites):

  • Instructions forthcoming. For now, get Google Chrome or Firefox.


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Posted on 1 August 2011